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  1. The .190" and .220" SliX-Beads from SlixPrings are the std 6-48 thread as well. Ol' #4
  2. Larsen, As Usual, Very Clever... Ol' #4
  3. The biggest cantankerous heart there ever was. But one of the heartiest supporters of SASS I knew. Ace,, RIP> Ol' #4 & Blackfire Opal Annie
  4. I got a confirmation today via e-mail. So, they must be getting to the pile after the electronic rush. Ol' #4
  5. I live in Tucson and my watch, phone and PC all say it is 4:17 right now. But no portal
  6. Folks, Thanks for looking and I hope I haven't PO'd anyone, but I have too much other stuff going on to pack and ship all the extra stuff I am getting rid of. I will be doing some travelling in August, Nevada/Utah and AZ in October if arrangements along those lines can help, I'll do my best to meet you. I am now in the Tucson, AZ area and I can arrange to meet anyone on their way through any time in the future. ALL SOLD IN “LOTS’ AS LISTED and FTF ONLY (Please no asking to split lots) Lot #1 $210 20GA Steel 6 boxes 5-
  7. Grayrock, I just re-checked it with fired hulls from my own SXS. I use STS hulls and shoot BP. They pop right out as well as some other misc hulls laying around. These chambers were reamed and honed the same as mine. I don't exactly know what Fred shot but it worked well for him. I could get to the range to test it but that will be next week at the earliest. My best assessment right now is yes, they shuck easily. Ol' #4
  8. I see several different models for sale between 395$ and 695$ Please notice this gun is the premier side-lock model, not the basic box lock field gun, plus work. I just have had it too long and would like to see it go to work, or play. SO!!! $595 + S&H A trade-in from the past, and just found during unpacking from the latest move. It is : Spanish made 12 ga SXS Single, selective, mechanical trigger Beautiful side-lock actions Basic Cowboy Action prepared, (this isn't an SKB or Browning; nor a less $$$ shotgun) It open
  9. Snake, The stirrup is different and the spring is longer. No, no interchange. Ol' #4
  10. I, like most folks in the early days, started with good pistols, a good rifle and any shotgun I had. I went through five, read 5, shotguns the first two years, two the next year then a kind soul lent me his Browning BSS to finish a match. It took me five minutes the next night to bid one one! From there it was a three year learning curve to tune and fit it and make it smooth light and most of it DEPENDABLE. I have never looked back and am still shooting that BSS after 19 years!!!! Oh, by the way, my placements went up the podium immediately.
  11. Just as it says, We are heading his way to the Oregon coast and would like to see him. Ol' #4
  12. Just as it says, We are heading to the his way on the Oregon coast and would like to see him. Ol' #4
  13. R. J., I sent ya a PM, see if it clicks with you. Ol' #4
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