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  1. Ol Number4

    Cap jams

    Take the J-B weld route and simply clean the "Safety" notch on the face of the hammer and fill it in with the J-B. It is Waaaay better if you file that notch with a reverse bevel so the weld mixture is thicker at the rear than front. I have two sets that I've shot for years with only filling the notch and using the Slix Nipples. Perhaps about a dozen cap jams in ten years. Your mileage may vary.. Ol' #4
  2. Hey Kiddo!! Great shooting and at the same time showing that REAL powder can work as well as that foo-foo stuff.. I'm glad that getting older means you can't reach my category much more! Hope to see ya and shoot together later this year. Ol' #4
  3. Another great shooter who is a PLEASURE to have on your Posse!!!! Ol' #4
  4. Like T. W. This guy is great to shoot with and have on a Posse!! Ol' #4
  5. Not only a great shooter, BUT a great guy to have on a posse!!!! Ol' #4
  6. Big Boston, You hit the practice I have used for over 50 years of stock work. The Tru-Oil top coat does seal and protect better than Tung or Teak oil. The Tung and, better yet, Teak oil is best for soaking the wood. Your mileage and finish may vary!! Ol' #4
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