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  1. R. J., I sent ya a PM, see if it clicks with you. Ol' #4
  2. Sold the JEEP!!!!! now need to move the rear Vault. New was $1139 + S&H SELLING for $875 I am in the Tucson Area and can meet within 50 miles or so. OR; we are going to do some traveling soon and may be heading your way. Thanks for looking, Ol' #4
  3. Way to go Leadfinger. It would be easier if you had a lighter, faster "Feather" finger!!! Ol' #4
  4. Bad B, Check your PM I sent a note. I have had made a custom wire torsion replacement. Ol' #4
  5. X Mark, Any day except Thursday. As a matter of fact anytime as well. Try me at olnumber4@gmail.com #4
  6. 2013 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara 56K miles $24,500 Upgrades 2” “Old Man Emu” Lift/Level suspension Kit Bilstein Shacks, 2” Wheel Spacers (to track behind an RV) Cloth Seat Covers Road Master Tow Bracket "TRUCKVAULT" Safe in rear cargo space Remember, We are in Tucson, AZ! PM or "I'll Take it" Thanks for looking -- Ol' #4 & Blackfire Opal (yes, I would accept a respectable offer }
  7. Yes indeed, this 29 foot RV has been all across the Western half of the USA touring to SASS shoots. It is well experienced in providing comfort and space for the shooting couple. We are down-sizing to a smaller trailer so need a new home for this old friend. Ford E450 W/ Banks Power Upgrade! Automatic Leveling, Rear Camera, Upgraded Queen Mattress, Two Slide-Outs Nearly all NEW: Michelin Tires, Bilstein Shocks, Oversize Front & Rear Torsion Stabilizer Bars, Air Conditioner , Awning Motor, Front Seat Upholstering, Generator Service w/new Carburetor & Fuel pump.
  8. KH24 said it clearly, the later ones used the 38/357 bolt. I have five 32WCF 73's of which four are the very early ones. They do have a smaller bolt head designed for the smaller case rim . I have had no problems with neither feeding nor extraction. The one with the 38/357 head does get carbon under the extractor way more than the early style. And, it does take some extra "re-fit" care to get an extractor to work right with any replacement extractor on the later bolts. The statement about dealing with the feed chamfer at the chamber mouth is correct too. It is also possible t
  9. Folks, I have been hunting with BP for over 55 years. Deer, elk, antelope, rockchucks, coyotes and finally "Africa"!! I used a 40-70 Sharps Straight with hand cast medium soft lead bullet powered by BP (Snakebite, check it out) Federal Magnum primer and a combination of wads and lube. It was effective to 350M for an Gemsbok, 200m Waterbuck, 130(+-)m Impala (x3), 70m Zebra, 120m Eland, 276m Blesbok, a running Warthog at 50m, a 200m Kudo and a few incidental camp animals by the land owner. What a hoot! Upon arrival and a trip to the shooti
  10. How come the grandest shoot of all has to fall in conflict with the Four Corners Regional Championships?????!!! Tully, you're killing me with a drastic decision! Oh, woe is me..... Ol' #4
  11. Just as a point of departure, I understand that when Colts re-introduced the 1873 they used Uberti small parts to build them. The Uberti's I have worked on over the years resemble the early Colts very closely. That said the, Quality of the units lately swings a different direction. Ol' #4
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