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  1. Willy, I just looked and I still have a brand new "Take-Out" from years ago, I have no idea of cost or value. Make me a reasonable offer and I;ll send it out. Please PM if you are interested. Ol' #4
  2. MC C. I have two pairs of Uberti model "P" jr, in 32 WCF. One set has both cylinders, 32 WCF 32 HR mag. The other set is modified a bit to shoot BP, with only 32 WCF cylinder. Reply PM for more info, if interested. Anybody.... Ol' #4
  3. D, H. D., I am not a Purist CC shooter but I have seen several who have done all required and more at their respective state and regional level and have inspired other, bot men and women to give it a try. One cowboy who immediately comes to mind is a cowboy who images as close to Doc baker as I have ever seen, and who has )to my info) never ever shot a match since about 2002 or 2004 as a fully attired CC with at least 20 of the required accoutrements is "Boothill Bandit" from up in Oregon/ He not only exemplifies the category but has taken on tuning and repairing the special equipment necessary to compete, and assists those giving it a try toward being a good CC. So, being just an 'OLD' FC guy I'd like consideration for Boots. BTW all the nominees are class folks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ol' #4
  4. For what it might be worth: I have loaded BP ammunition since 1959 using plastic tubed powder measures, never a problem. Some ammo using over 100 gr of 3 f GOEX, Swiss and DuPont. For the past 22 years I have been using Dillon products for my mass SASS ammo. namely the 10 - 15 K rounds per year in 32WCF. Most through a 1050 with never an incident BUT!!!! after some period of mass loading I remove the powder measure, empty it, blow it out with air THEN wipe it with dryer cling-free wipes to de-static it the run another 3 to 6 months of loading. Just don't smoke and be careful.. Your mileage and success may vary but don't be afraid!!! Ol' #4
  5. After a lifetime of picking primers by hand, I decided I wanted an easier system. I tried a couple cheapo ideas and settled on the PALVIK after a demonstration by a fellow Cowboy. It was/is the only system I have seen that allows "flipping" to proper position in its own tray; and absolute continual observation of each individual primer from flip to drop into the tubes. the clear plastic lid lets me watch every primer throughout turning to dropping and notice any anomoly AND an easy stop and remove for any suspect primer before it drops. On an earlier post I thought I was using about 15 minutes to fill my 7 tubes, BUT I timed it yesterday and it took 8 mi. 37 sec to do 7 Dillon primer tubes. Your mileage may vary.. Ol' #4
  6. I just watched the Video! It was 11 M "Daylight" T. Ol' #4
  7. I use the SliX trigger in all of mine and the wife's rifles (5) I have seen the SB trigger and agree a fine piece of product. A couple big differences are the ease of assembly and the cost. Doing five rifles made the cost an issue. Ol' #4
  8. Bladesmith, Look at cottage craft woks https://www.cottagecraftworks.com/browning-bss-stock Ol' #4
  9. Hey Snakebite. You hit the nail for me. I agree, play your game within the framework provided. Good treatise, thank you, Ol' 4
  10. Dakota, I sent a PM with an offer. Ol' #4
  11. Just a Bump for one more round! Anybody want to make an honest big on ALL the remaining stuff??? Thanks for looking Folks. Ol' #4
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