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  1. Thanks, Phantom, You re right on.. It wasn't just that they were "The Folks" back them. It IS that they established a community, a philosophy and the character for what we enjoy today. It surely isn't the same as they started in action and maybe goals, but the character and community have certainly lasted. At least around here. Best to them all and us for carrying it along. Ol' #4
  2. Boy some variety. I use 45 gr by weight and 1-1/16 oz shot and any wad that makes it all fit. Never failed against a KD!!! Nor failed a "Smoke Test". Ol' #4
  3. I believe at one EOT a few years a go it was decided for the time to allow both ladies and juniors to "cock" with the off hand but shoot with the strong/grip hand. We have followed that determination at all the Plainsman events we gave sponsored and entered since. And, personally, I will keep recognizing that behavior for ladies nd juniors. Ol' #4
  4. The old adage of: "Try before you buy" is never more appropriate that getting into C&B and shooting one-handed. Go to a few shoots, hold them all, load them all. and clean them all then decide/ Ol' #4
  5. Ol Number4

    Sixgun Shorty

    Shorty, Thanks for bringing us up to speed on you life. Sorry for all your pain physical and emotional. Stay with us old timers here for awhile, we miss your comments! By The Way, The Bonny? let me know.... Ol' #4
  6. OOOOPs. These kits are for Uberti, NOT the Miruko Winchester. And they are all gone. #4
  7. Ol Number4

    Sixgun Shorty

    Wish I did, he was a real source for Colts info!! Ol' #4
  8. I think a #1 early.. but I am not a very good judge. I have an offer in a PM...... #4
  9. More "memoirs" from the shop bench. As it says, an original Remington Rolling Block action waiting for someone's else's next project. I will even throw in that cute wooden box! $200 or any reasonable offer Ol' #4
  10. Levi, Can do... send a PM olnumber4@gmail.com. Ol' #4
  11. Chuck, If you still want one , I can include an un-fit non-filed, new lifter arm that you can use to time the kit for 45 sized ammo. Ol' #4
  12. Chuck These will fit to any Uberti 73 or 66. These came out of 32-20 rifles. should time to either 32 or 38 caliber. BTW one gone three to go. Ol' #4
  13. Being retired has allowed me to clean out some drawers, so look for some deals. These are the original Standard Short Stroke Kits from Pioneer Gun Works. They were replaced with the Super-Short Stoke Kits that came later. I have four (4) of these that have been used but are not abused and have a good long life left in them. Really, how can you ruin a SSK? I'm asking $116 each, which includes shipping to your address. Ol' #4
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