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  1. The best easiest solution I have found is a mix of DAWN Platinum and water it cuts the BP grime, crud and soot. I use it on cleaning patches throughout a match in both rifle and pistol barrels, I used it more thinly mixed mixed for my brass jug for spent cases and with a couple rinses they are all cleaned out and ready for the tumbler, after drying. I have used the Windex to release the melted shot wads in the shotgun barrel a time or two, or several. Never had a bleached bluing problem, but I wipe as soon as I'm done washing. The key, as mentioned above, is water.. Hotter is better!! Ol' #4
  2. We talked to the folks who run it yesterday, it's open and they were excited to be back and running. Ol' #4
  3. Sleepy, I sent you a PM.. Ol' #4
  4. J. J., I have two different styles that I can't use anymore. Send me a PM with your e address and I can send pics if you are interested. O'l #4
  5. So sorry to hear about Wrangler Ron, we went back a long way with him, RIP.

    Miss Hattie WIld

  6. For those in SASS who have been around awhile, we will all know "Ronnie" as a competitor, cooperator, mentor, helper and most any other positive characteristic we cowboys respect and appreciate. Wrangler Ron was already a legend when I met him in the very early 20's. Through all the time I was able to shoot and visit with him since, he never changed his attitude about this sport. It was FUN, you got to play with your gear, share the activity with like minded, and compete for mere trinkets. The most important issue of the shooting was "braggin' rights" among your fellows. I am certain a lot you will have as many great memories of Ron as I have. Perhaps at the next shoot we will be able to share those memories with our friends and fellow shooters I know I will miss his great stories, coaching and subtle criticisms. Mostly, I miss a great old friend... Ol' #4 P S feel free to continue the topic with any comments about "Ron"
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