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  1. Fireball, I emptied my message center. Anyway, sent a PM about payment. Please reply. #4
  2. Fireball, If # 11 is still in play, I'll Take it! lease PM with info. Ol' #4
  3. Rye,


    I have a WinMir '73 with new safety/trigger spring 24' UNFIRED deluxe for sale.


    We used it to see about replacement springs,  Some did some didn't.

    If interested just reply.... or  olnumber4@gmail.com


    Ol'  #4  (Recently from SliXprings LLC)

  4. Kid, Up near Show Low see if you can find Rowdy Lane. He doing some "fixits" for folks guns up that way. If you head toward Buckeye, I'm close. Ol' #4
  5. Try lightening the main spring. Too heavy and it tends to "bend" the nose and burr it/\\Good luck.. Ol' #4
  6. An earlier ad reminded me that I had a 32 in Marlin laying around. Well, I found it. This is a 357 relined to 32 H&R with all the bolt face and extractor mods to match. Don't ask me any more about it. I took it as is as part for some other work. Needs; 1) buttstock 2) magazine tube, & magazine tube liner? 3) magazine spring and follower 4) lower tang screw My parts, your project. Asking $740 + S&H reasonable offers or trades considered. Ol' #4
  7. Coffin Maker said it all! Better gear makes it funner!!! Dependable gear makes it more successful. SLICKER, FUNNER, DENDABLE GEAR MAKES IT A LOT MORE SUCCESSFUL. And, funner, dependable, slicker, smoother, faster, more dependable gear make it a WINNER!!!!! Regardless of where you place in any event!!!! To try and WIN with all 9 top gear equipment variables and leave the tenth as an ungiven is asking for runner-up. Nine out of ten is like running NASCAR wIth re- treads!!! Ol' #4
  8. Barkeep, As far as I am concerned the SKB is a great SG for this game. The only alternative, and a far better piece of equipment, is the Browning BSS. Try one sometime, I dare ya! PS; don't use Chucky Peanut Butter!! Ol' #4
  9. I got lucky early in CAS shooting and picked up a Browning BSS. Single mechanical trigger. Now I have a nice Sporter, selectable trigger with inter-changeable chokes that works for all the events. This was after discouraging experiences with several other less expensive brands. Today, expensive, but they last almost forever. I still see them running after 22 years of good work. You get what you pay for.. Ol' #4
  10. I worked in an old gun shop back a loong time ago, The remedy was just what folks are telling: you get a silver dime and fit it. Ol' #4
  11. Warden, The crown looks right to me and the sight blade looks as original as the older one I have. I it has been cut, they did a factory correct job of it. I have no real history on this barrel; it was in of a basket of parts I traded into for some work back in the 70's. Ol' #4
  12. Pictures added Anyone confirm the vintage ?? Thanks, Ol' #4
  13. It has 20TPI Roll stamp is: COLT'S PT. F.A. MFG Co HARTORD CT U.S.A. caliber marking left side 32 W.C.F. The ejector rod uses an insert stud Any help on year and application? Will see about pictures Ol' #4
  14. Just as the title implies, a 4-5/8" original Colts 32WCF barrel, Been used, shows holster wear and some outside pitting, Bore, I rate as Excellent. $68.30 shipped Ol' #4
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