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  1. what ever happened to RJ Poteet? Wasn’t he the master of ceremony’s of the early end of trail?
  2. I found another box of this brass have about 140 pcs. Same price as before.
  3. Hard cast, 200 gr, sized .429. Approx 850 bullets. $75 shipped. One box of 500 unopened at 14lbs and one opened at 10.5 lbs. so I figure about 150 used form the open box.
  4. Used pieces in good condition. Approx 40 to 41 inch belt and loops are for 44wcf or 45 Colt, holster is for a 5 1/2 barrel, 8 round 12 ga shotgun shell slide. Belt and holster are made by T. Christensen, Slide by Western Leather. $65 shipped priority mail. http://s25.photobucket.com/user/mental_mayhem/library/Holster%20and%20Slide
  5. New unfired brass. 20/$25 plus USPS Flat rate shipping. Looks like this is going for $30+ for 20 online now. I have 200 available. 100 remaining
  6. Used in good condition. $45 shipped http://s25.photobucket.com/user/mental_mayhem/library/Lightening%20Grips
  7. Inbox cleaned up. Let me check on how many I have. There are some sold that are not in the post
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