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  1. There is a nice 73 in 44-40 in the merchants classifieds.
  2. I would just file it down but a call to the importer would be in order especialy if it happens again. Are the firing pin strikes in the center of the primer?
  3. I bought 1000 pieces of Starline 45acp brass a few months ago and I am changing everything I do with a 1911 to 9mm. I don’t need this brass so it is up for sale for the same price it cost me. $171.50 shipped to the 48. This price is just a little cheaper then the current price from Starline. It is all still sealed in the original box. I can take paypal or Postal MO.
  4. Try ebay they have them for 17.99 with free shipping.
  6. Dillon makes a die set for 38/357 that includes a decaping/sizing die, seating die and a really nice crimp die so you would not have to buy a separate die for crimping. But when you order get the conversion kit at the same time to save some shipping $$.
  7. What caliber do you want to load?
  8. If you are going to shoot Black Powder then you might want to consider 44-40 instead of 44 Spl. The thinner bottle neck brass is better at preventing blow back than the straight thicker wall of the 44Spl.
  9. Billy Boots, do you have the Primer filler from Double Alpha also? If so how does it work compaired to the Dillon?
  10. I understand that Double Alpha (Mr. Bullet Feeder) also makes a primer feeder and it suppose to be cheaper than the Dillon. I think that it only works with small primers. I have not heard from anyone that has one as to how well it works. Anybody have one that can fill us in?
  11. Lately Ruger seams to have had problems with Quality Control for there products. They have a great customer care service but you would think that they would catch problems before they left the factory.
  12. I know that I can get a new one but I am hoping to find one used for less money and available right away.
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