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  1. If you were close I would be willing to sell the flat (10 boxes) I have. But I would need to get a premium price before I would let them go.
  2. I am not sure but for the cost of a phone call you can find out if they will fix it or not. I had one that I didn't know how old it was and they asked for the serial number and said that they would fix it for free. Worth a try.
  3. Call Stoger. Sometimes they will fix a problem for free.
  4. One solution to your problem is to start reloading. Even though some components are hard to find, if you reload this will give you another avenue of possible supply. It also lets you load a softer shooting shell. I load my 12 ga. with 7/8 of shot and the lightest powder load I was able to find on the charts. My advice is free and worth every penny.
  5. It's good to have friends, especially if they have primers.
  6. Thanks for the info. I went to there web site and it states that it cannot ship to the US at this time.
  7. Did you check the spring that closes the lever to make sure it is not bent or broken?
  8. I have been using Simplegreen on both my BP muskets and my smokeless arms. It is cheep and works well.
  9. I tried using coated bullets in my musket and it was a disaster. After about 5 conical bullets it was very hard to get the next one down the bore. I went back to lubed bullets when I shoot BP.
  10. Sounds like the ammo not the gun. Are you sure you are getting a good crimp on the cartridges. Maybe adding some filler like cream of wheat would help keep the bullet from going inside the brass. Just my 2 cents.
  11. It has been discussed before on this forum that small rifle and small pistol primers are interchangeable.
  12. Lots of time we incorporate the pocket pistol/derringer into our local stages.
  13. Why not go for a Bond Derringer. I have had several double action pocket pistols and have not been able to get a reliable one so I got a Bond Texas Defender and never looked back.
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