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  1. It is a bad idea to put your email address in a WTB add. Bad people surf web forums like ours looking for this. Then they search the web and find a picture of what you are looking for and send it to you like they have it for sale. Once you send the money you never hear from them again. At least with a PM you stand a chance of knowing if they have a presence on the forum and can see how long they have been a member. Just my two cents.
  2. Dakota, I am afraid that you are in the same boat as the rest of us. LPP & SPP are as scarce as hens teeth.
  3. Dude, is this gun still available?


    Abilene Slim a.k.a Jay Henning


    913-485-2450 Central time

  4. For some reason only the ladle on the 66 has had problems. I have not heard of any problems on the 73.
  5. Is that good or bad? Actually I think is was made in China.
  6. It only looked to me like the bolt was touching the chamber. A cartridge will chamber and fire just fine but the lever is hard to work for the last ¼ inch. I am sending it to Winchester for repair.
  7. I talked to Winchester and refuse to send me a toggle and they also refused to sell me one. My only recourse is to send it back to Winchester for repair. They told me that it could take up to 6 weeks to get it back. At least they sent me a UPS shipping label because it is a new gun.
  8. TJ I did as you suggested and while the plates were off the left toggle assembly came off and the lever worked as it should. Perhaps the toggle is the problem because when I put the left toggle back on, the lever needed that extra umph to close. With both the toggles in place and that extra umph is exerted on the lever the links are lined up correctly. I have a call into Winchester in the hopes that they will send me a new toggle and that will cure the problem. NCD
  9. I have a new Winchester Miroku 1873 and the lever needs a little extra umph to get it to close at the end of the stroke. At first I thought it was the trigger safety spring but upon closer examination I found that the bolt was touching the chamber and then the extra umph was needed to finish raising the lever. I think that the head space is wrong on the gun. It chambers and fires OK but even without a round in the chamber that extra umph is necessary to close the bolt. Is this common on the Miroku 1873’s? It doesn’t happen on my Uberti 1873. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. TF How much is it necessary to tear down the gun to get to the safety spring? I have taken my 1860 Henry apart but never an 1873 and I am having trouble finding a video that addresses taking down just the trigger group.
  11. Russ, I am sorry but I am having trouble understanding your reply.
  12. Do you know if Pioneer also has a lighter spring for the lever safety?
  13. I recently acquired a Miroku Winchester and the rear sight is horrible. I would like to replace it with a full Buckhorn one. I need some info as to where I can get one that will fit the Miroku. Also when levering the gun one needs to put a little extra effort at the end to get the lever to go all the way up to the stock. Is there any way to lighten this up? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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