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  1. Would you be interested in a 20 ga version of this?
  2. I have used them too for about 3 years. Never had to file a claim so I don't know how good they are about paying out.
  3. Check your sear spring, It may be in backwards.
  4. I am 71 and my ability to remember names let along an alias is very limited. I keep away from doing the scoring for this reason. I am perfectly happy to spot or pick brass I even do the timer sometimes. I prefer to shoot in order, but I can do it either way.
  5. We many times have new shooters and not everyone knows the alias of every shooter so we always have a shoot order. This way there isn't any confusion as to who the score should go down in the book for.
  6. Yes, they have them but they get $75 per 1000 + hazmat & shipping. Also they are limiting you to one box of 1000 so with the hazmat fee & shipping they are well over $100 per 1000. I am not that desperate yet.
  7. Nice video. I don't have a Henry but it was interesting to look at.
  8. Oh, sorry I thought that they made a Henry that had a wood forarm and that was what I thought was being referred to as a transitional. I guess I was wrong.
  9. I thought the transitional stocks were 2 piece so the Fowler could still be accessed.
  10. I went to a local shoot some time ago and they had 3 bays working. The posse I was on had only 8 shooters and one of them was shooting Cap & Ball revolvers so most of his non shooting time was spent reloading. This was not a good situation as it did not give us sufficient time to restock our loading blocks and also do spotting, picking, timing & unloading table. I think that 12 is a more workable number.
  11. Sometimes it is possible to use a Dremil tool with a small cutoff wheel to make a new slot in the screw so you can get a screwdriver in there to remove the screw. This method sometimes puts marks on the area around the screw so be carefull.
  12. Once you have the screw out. There is a small block that it screws into under the cover. You may have to replace this piece also. Also watch out for the spring and indent ball when you remove the cover sometimes they can pop out and get lost.
  13. It is a bad idea to put your email address or phone number in a WTB add. Bad people surf web forums like ours looking for this. Then they search the web and find a picture of what you are looking for and send it to you like they have it for sale. Once you send the money you never hear from them again. At least with a PM you stand a chance of knowing if they have a presence on the forum and can see how long they have been a member. Just my two cents.
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