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  1. What material can be substituted for a lead bullet that will work as well as lead?
  2. Armisport use to make a Spencer in 44 Russian.
  3. So I take it that because you did not include a price that they are free?
  4. I shot a Henry for N-SSA for many years. I found that the best caliber is 44-40. Because of the better seal the 44-40 gives it. I shot it with 25gr of 3F black powder and 5gr of Cream of wheat for filler. I used a lead lubed bullet that was .429. They are a great gun for shooting and you get style points besides.
  5. I am subscribed to several topics and a few months ago all email notifications stoped compleatly.
  6. Ruger is very good a customer support. If you call them on Monday they may send you one free.
  7. I have a case feeder and a bullet feeder on my Dillon 75&650. Both work very good but to use the bullet feeder you need to give up a die position and if I am correct the 550 only has 4 to start with. The Mr Bullet feeder that I use can only use jacket or poly coated bullets, greasy lead bullets will gum up the workings. Don’t buy the aftermarket case feeder because it tends to jam a lot. The one from Dillon is very dependable.
  8. take a check 


    send gold to 



    12141 7th st

    Houston,Tx 77072


    send me your shipping inform

    1. Nickel City Dude

      Nickel City Dude

      The gold is on the way.

      My shipping address is:

      Terry Schultz

      258 Zimmerman St.

      N. Tonawanda, NY  14120-4509


  9. I am real interested in your Bond barrel.  If it is possible to shoot .32 S&W out of it I will take it.



    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Dakota Fox 24875

      Dakota Fox 24875

      It will go out today


      Thanks   Terry

    3. Nickel City Dude

      Nickel City Dude


      When you ship could you please send me the tracking number? Thanks,


    4. Dakota Fox 24875

      Dakota Fox 24875

      Tracking number    9405 5036 9930 0459 7117 23


  10. Kitty I am sorry but I don't have any idea how to ship to New Zealand. Terry
  11. Still waitin on email and address of where to send the money

    1. Nickel City Dude

      Nickel City Dude

      Big Sage

      Sorry I thought I had replied to you already.  They are $18 + $7.50 shipping for a total of $25.50  Please send your check to:

      Terry Schultz

      258 Zimmerman St.

      N. Tonawanda. NY  14120-4509

      my email it t.schultz5@roadrunner.com


  12. Let me know when your Masonic temples become available.  I would gladly pay $18 plus shipping for one.


    aka Donald Jackson

    Bershba 449 and Palo Duro 1239



    1. Nickel City Dude

      Nickel City Dude


      The wood ones are available now.  I only have one white one as it is an experament.  If you would like one of the wood ones they are $18 + $7.50 shipping to the 50 states.  You can send me a check or use my Paypal account which is the same as my email address  t.schultz5@roadrunner.com .

      My mailing address is: Terry Schultz

      258 Zimmerman St.

      N. Tonawanda, NY  14120-4509

      Thanks for the interest.


  13. good question email jimrobinsonjr@hotmail.com

  14. DC

    I can get you a brand new Spencer Rifle in 44-40 for 1620. + shipping.  If you are interested please let me know.  My email is t.schultz5@roadrunner.com


  15. Smokey

    I will take the 3x heavy tan duster.  My email is t.schultz5@roadrunner.com  I can do paypal if it is good for you.



    1. Smokey Shayne

      Smokey Shayne

      ok, will get with you tomorrow with info


    2. Smokey Shayne

      Smokey Shayne

      sorry, I dont have a paypal set up


    3. Smokey Shayne

      Smokey Shayne

      Nevermind...just set up a paypal account



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