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  1. Dusty If you need bullets that are .580 or larger the ones that I have will not give you very good accuracy. I can still send them to you but I think they are too small for your barrel. Nickel City Dude
  2. I have some semi-wadcutter mine balls. They are pure lead and come out of my mold at about .576. I can size them down to pretty much any size you need. I use them in my target musket and I size them to .560. You can have the six you need just for the postage.
  3. I will take them even if you don't take paypal.
  4. Here is one of the primer cutoff switches on ebay. I got mine from a US company but don't see it now. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Dillon-XL650-Primer-Stop-Switch-Slide-with-Ball-Bearing-Mechanism-Easy-On-Off/153729703079?hash=item23cb011ca7:g:zywAAOSwJ9Vd42Lj
  5. I have both a 650 and a 750. The 650 is set up for small pistol primers and the 750 is set up for large pistol primers. The only real difference between the two that I can see is the primer setup. I like the fact that on the 750 it will not keep feeding primers when the one on the arm is still in place. But on my 650 I got a neat little switch from ebay that turns off the primer feed with just a little click and stops if from feeding primers when none are needed. I was told my Dillon that the 750 has had some re-engineering done to it to make it smoother but I haven’t notices the difference. If I were you I would stay with the 650 and get the primer shutoff switch from ebay.
  6. I tried electronic ear muffs for Cowboy but they didn’t work out well. When you are spotting the ear muff cuts out the sound of the bullet going off but it doesn’t recover fast enough to hear the ding. Just my humble experience with them.
  7. I keep getting a lot of "Researching" when I do the nics. But withing a couple of hours I get either a "Proceed" or "Delayed". I usually do them on the computer.
  8. The problem with the lever was that when you were returning it to the closed position it would bind for the last 3/8 of an inch. It would still close but an extra effort was necessary to get it to fully closed position. The problem was in the bolt. There is a block half way back on the bolt that buts up against the frame and there was too much meat on the face of the bolt where it touched the frame. It was necessary to take off about .003 of a inch so the bold could close without the binding. It was taken care of and now it works great. This is a known problem with the Japan Winchesters and an easy fix.
  9. You can't go wrong with a Bond. I have a Texas Defender and it works great. I purchased it with a 357 barrel but have since gotten one in 32. Most of the Bond derringers come in 45LC.
  10. Is there anyway to save what is left and build on that or is it just too gone?
  11. I changed calibers from 44-40 to 357. I have an un-opened box of 1000 new Starline 44-40 brass, I would be willing to trade for 1000 new Starline brass in 357. Or sell the 44-40 brass for $250 shipped to the 48. I can take paypal.
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