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  1. I am OP. He could not find the original hand so I went to work on the hand that is in there now. I took out the hand and marked the side edge with a marker pen so I would know how much I have taken off and proceeded to grind of some off the tip of the hand. I had to reassemble and disassemble several times but I finally got the cylinder to index properly. I had some trouble with determing when it was fixed because when I cocked slowly it would index OK but when I cocked fast it would still over travel. After several times dissasembling grinding some off and then reassembling I go it to work fast or slow. Thanks for the advice and help.
  2. I know that he has relined 1860 Henry rifles I assume that yours would be about the same. You will have to call him and find out. BTW he may be away for hunting season.
  3. When I was shooting N-SSA and needed a barrel relined most of us sent our guns to Bob Hoyt in PA. I never had a bad job done by him. His phone is 717 642-6696
  4. The Winchester is a fine gun but there are more parts available for the Uberti when it comes time to make them race ready. I have all Uberti guns and I am very happy with them. I had a Winchester 73 and it had a problem. I fixed the problem but it should never have left the factory with this defect.
  5. If it has already had some work done to it he will not do the race ready work on the gun, I all ready asked him. But here is his number 806-342-0000
  6. I got one that was used and race ready and I am very happy with it.
  7. They charged my card 184.28 but I haven't opened the box yet to see just what I got.
  8. Injun Rider I also had a Armisport Spender in 44 Russian and never could get it to work reliably. The two paddle extractors were the worst design that AS ever came up with. The cartridge would wind up on the wrong side of the paddle very often and jam the works. When they came out with the 44-40 version they employed the "Lane extractor" design and that worked great. I used my 44-40 for Civil War reenacting for many years and had a ball doing it. I only shot it live a few times just for giggles and never in competition.
  9. I shot an original Spencer for N-SSA and it was fun but I was not competitive with this gun against all the Henry's. I used an Armisport in 44-40 for reenacting and that was a real hoot. They are certainly a special animal but a real piece of history.
  10. My bench is 32" high and I have the strong mount. It is easier for me to stand using the press.
  11. Looking for a backup coachgun. Single trigger. Race ready would be a plus.
  12. What trouble did you have with the primer seating on the 750 and how did you fix it? I haven't used my 750 much but I haven't run into any problems with the primer seating.
  13. Are you sure it came from APP and is not some scam from some off shore low life? I know you are sincere but I would like to make sure it is legit.
  14. I have both a 650 and a 750 and I like them both. Dillon told me that they changed the geometry on the 750 so it would run smoother and not spill powder. I am not sure that the 750 works any better then the 650. I like the primer feeder on the 750 because it is safer and it will not advance a second primer if there is already one staged to go into the case. I solved that problem with my 650 by putting on a manual primer shut off I got on ebay, but you have to remember to shut it off and then turn it back on. All the accessories for the 650 work on the 750. I have the 750 set up for large primers and the 650 set up for small primers. I no longer load much that uses large primers so I have been thinking about selling my 650 and just swap out the parts in the 750 when I need to load something that uses large primers. YMMV
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