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  1. I like to shoot Wild Bunch and so I have my 1911, my 1873 and my derringer in 45acp. This way I only have to load one caliber. But bullets I load the the derringer are less powerful than for the 1911 & 1873.
  2. They also make 45acp brass that use a small pistol primer. Might want to take a look into that.
  3. Sent you an email with pictures. BTW It is a bad idea to put your email address or phone number in a WTB add. Bad people surf web forums like ours looking for this. Then they search the web and find a picture of what you are looking for and send it to you like they have it for sale. Once you send the money you never hear from them again. At least with a PM you stand a chance of knowing if they have a presence on the forum and can see how long they have been a member. And if you receive a PM telling you that they have a friend that has just what you are looking for and here is a link to his email address check to see how many posts they have because if the only post they have is the PM they just sent to you, you can bet that they are out to steel your money. Just my two cents.
  4. I was at the Gun Club today and was told that the Judge that was unable to rule on the lawsuit presented last month because they did not have the necessary standing is now willing to rehear the complaint and maybe make a ruling on it by Thursday. Does anyone have any more information on this possibility?
  5. I heard somewhere that Cody does the work for Taylor's & Co when they sell a Taylor tuned gun. I don't have any proof of this just what I have heard.
  6. Not that it's going to matter to the Gun grabbers but I don't have that information and don't know where to go to get it. Besides they don't want to hear it. As the Demorats say.... "We don't need facts we know the truth"!
  7. I thought that kids drowning in back yard pools was the largest cause of accidental child death.
  8. What you are saying is true to a point. If he decides to shoot Black powder in it then it will be necessary to remove the side plates often to clean it. He was also interested in replacing a few parts so this would also require removing the side plates. It might be better to have a gunsmith that is familiar with 1873's try to repair the side plate damage. But if the OP is a DIY kind of person then he might be able to put some new threads on the side plate and install a new screw (with a slightly larger diameter). If it were my gun I would try to fix it myself because I like this kind of a challenge and I feel I have the necessary knowledge and tools to do the job, but the course of action on this gun is up to the OP to decide.
  9. If the threads were still in the side plate and if this is a pin then the threads are probably already messed up. If it is a screw then it should have a head on it that will accept some type of tool to turn it. But I do agree with you that a pin would do a pore job of holding on the side plates.
  10. Larsen, It does not look like a screw so it is logical to assume that it is a pin. A light tap with a punch to see if it starts to move is a logical next step. If it does not move with a light tap then it could be rusted in. If it is a screw then using a dremel tool to cut a grove in the head so a straight slot screw driver could be used to turn it might also work. I see no reason to try to preserve the pin/screw as it is not original to the gun.
  11. From looking at the pictures you posted, It looks to me that what you have is a pin and not a screw. It might be possible to drive the pin out from the side that the pin is flush. Might be worth a try but don't get to carried away if the pin does not move with just a little coaxing.
  12. You may have a problem trying to read it. It let me read it once but when i went back to read it again it wanted me to Subscribe. If you run into this I am sorry but I have no control over the article.
  13. Here is a great article about the new NY gun laws and how they will likely soon be gone. https://buffalonews.com/news/local/rod-watson-hochul-on-borrowed-time-with-unconstitutional-gun-law/article_c21e3770-2e3c-11ed-951f-bf9bb0411e67.html Nickel City Dude
  14. You did not state what press you are using but if it is a progressive then there are some solutions to this problem. If a Dillon 650 or 750 then they have a device that will warn you of a faulty powder drop. If you are using a turret press then you can get a lockout die that will also tell you if your powder charge is correct. I am not sure what is available for a single stage press.
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