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  1. That is less then the price tag that is on the box from when I purchased them. I am sure there is someone out there that wants them.
  2. I only have the one box and I am not sure when I bought them.
  3. I know that $70 + shipping is high but have you seen what they are going for on Gunbroker?
  4. I have a box of .22 Remington Thunderbolt for sale for $70 + shipping. Or if you are in the Western NY area you can pick them up.Let me know if you are interested.
  5. If this gun is for SASS then the above info will be good. But if you are only interested in a good starter gun for general shooting then you might want to consider the Savage Rascal single shot bolt action gun. It is a youth gun with a 11" LOP and weighs under 3 pounds. I got one for my 10 year old grand kid and the 3rd time he shot it he looked up at his father and said " boy this is fun" They are under $200 and come in a bunch of colors.
  6. Good to know. I was always under the impression that both small pistol and small rifle primers had different dimensions just like large pistol and large rifle primers have different dimensions.
  7. Of course this is all academic because all primers are almost impossible to find.
  8. I agree that they are a thicker walled primer but I just wanted to point out that is has been agreed by most that shoot and reload that the SPP was the best choice for use in a tubular magazine because they seat deeper in the pocket then SRP. I used LRP in my 1860 Henry for a long time until someone I felt was more knowledgeable than me filled me in on the difference.
  9. You are right, he did show only 9mm loads. But since this is a SASS wire thread I think we should consider the use of these primers in our long guns and use caution when we substitute SRP in our loads.
  10. He didn't discuss the possible problem with using a SRP in a tubular magazine.
  11. When powder was hard to find a couple of years ago I got some Vectan Prima V for my shotgun loads and it worked just fine.
  12. If you can't find the shell you want then you might want to look into reloading your own. Some components are hard to fine at the moment but with a little due diligent you should be able to come up with what you need.
  13. I have a used Lyman single stage press for sale. It have everything except the primer dohicky. Need to get $100 + shipping and Ins. for it. It does not come with the board it is attached to unless you want to pay the extra freight for it.
  14. Would you be interested in a Lyman single stage press for $100 + shipping and Ins?
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