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  1. Illinois River City Regulators at Chillicothe - $10, five stages, 2nd Sunday. Illowa Irregulars at Milan - $10, six stages, 3rd Sunday.
  2. Link below should work, Patron scores on Page 12. If not, then go to SASS home page, click on the EOT box (doesn't matter that it says 2020), click on match results, then 2019, then category scores. CS https://www.sassnet.com/EoT/downloads/Scores by Category Main Match 062019.pdf
  3. Both of the clubs I represent exist as disciplines under the auspices of parent private gun clubs. Neither "cowboy" club collects membership dues, with income being completely from monthly entry fees, and also, in the case of Club #1, from our annual, which averages 110 shooters/year. Club 1: 1. Yes 2. Annually, in January. 3. Yes, primarily due to older members passing away, and in a few cases lately, to folks escaping the "great" state of Illinois. 4. Yes, if anything major. 5. Yes, but primarily in regards to profit/loss from our annual, and to our total yearly contribution to the parent gun club. Club 2: 1. Yes 2. No, except informally if some issue arises. 3. Yes, but gained others, so the total number hardly varies. 4. No 5. No CS
  4. But then you wouldn't have the single slot to put in perfect vertical alignment... CS
  5. But Checkov did mention Russia, quite often! E.g.: The Cheshire Cat was a Russian story about a disappearing cat from Minsk - The Garden of Eden was located just outside of Moscow, "a wery nice place" - "Fool me once, shame on you..." was actually a Russian proverb, etc. CS
  6. Found this explanation, which fits with the dialogue in the video. The underlining is mine. "There are three general types of inertia starters: hand, electric, and combination hand and electric. The operation of all types of inertia starters depends on the kinetic energy stored in a rapidly rotating flywheel for cranking ability. Kinetic energy is energy possessed by a body by virtue of its state of motion, which may be movement along a line or spinning action. In the inertia starter, energy is stored slowly during an energizing process by a manual hand crank or electrically with a small motor. The flywheel and movable gears of a combination hand electric inertia starter are shown in Figure 1. The electrical circuit for an electric inertia starter is shown in Figure 2. During the energizing of the starter, all movable parts within it, including the flywheel, are set in motion. After the starter has been fully energized, it is engaged to the crankshaft of the engine by a cable pulled manually or by a meshing solenoid that is energized electrically. When the starter is engaged, or meshed, flywheel energy is transferred to the engine through sets of reduction gears and a torque overload release clutch." From Aircraftsystemstech.com CS
  7. Local otherwise-excellent sandwich shop uses MW instead of the real thing. I'm usually there once a week, same general time, doesn't phase them any more when I pull out a small squeeze bottle of Hellmann's and properly doctor the sandwich myself. SO much better with the real thing! CS
  8. I have a large round heavy wooden table ($25 at Goodwill) that we disassembled, then put back together with Gorilla Glue and screws. It easily holds all four guns for a stand-and-deliver, if desired. Shooter sits on a very heavy straight-backed chair that also got the glue/screw treatment. All four table legs are screwed to the wooden deck. If needed, shooter can use his/her arms on the table top to help push to a standing position - the thing is not going to move. Pistols are always staged on the table. Last time, the starting position was " Shooter seated behind the table, playing cards in one hand, shot glass in the other. Say the line, at the beep..." I've used it three times during our annual matches, haven't had any problems...and no complaints - at least that I know of! CS
  9. We generally use 16"X16" targets, standard 24" cowboy silhouettes, and buffalo silhouettes, with a few other shapes/sizes thrown in on occasion. Due to the nature of our target stands - targets hang vertically - we've set minimum distances at 5 yards pistol, 8 yards shotgun, 11 yards rifle. Any closer and we get too many splatter complaints...moving them more than a yard or two further out, we get a lot of "too far out" complaints. Each of our 7 monthlies has a different match director, with each being free to extend those distances at his/her own peril, but I actively discourage going much past the above range on more than one or two stages (of six). Again, keep the customer wanting to come back! CS
  10. My son, Colonel Kit Coyote...anyone remember the source of the alias?
  11. Finally! The photo really I wanted to include back in Post #5 - found the thumb drive lurking in the bottom of my travel bag! Also, adding a photo of Bookworm Sandy, who passed away a few years ago.
  12. Alias: Count Sandor SASS # 74075 From: Rock Island, IL Shooting: 10 years
  13. My diploma reads "Bachelor of Science in Education in Geography." That meant that I would spend the first eight years of my career teaching only literature, grammar, spelling, and anything else that was covered by my minor in English. The rules were such that both the major and minor fields were covered by the "in Education" part. Of course, I taught a number of other subjects, but had to have more than 1/2 my class load in the major/minor fields. CS
  14. Creeker: This past September, the theme for our annual, Fall Round-Up, was "New School vs. Old School." Half the stages incorporated some things we don't usually do much any more. According to the surveys I received, the "Old School" stages were well received. One example: a full sized cutout of "Little Johnny," the brat who tormented you all through grade school. Shooter started standing in school house doorway with an old fashioned felt chalkboard eraser in one hand, ready for revenge. Starting line..."Hey, Johnny!" At the beep, toss the eraser at Little Johnny, step forward and retrieve rifle. etc. I awarded a 3 second time reduction for the stage for a "hit" on the brat - about the same amount of time it took to react, throw, and actually start shooting. Most everyone hit Johnny, but some of the misses were monumental, and provided some interesting "talking points" at the socials. CS
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