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  1. In my neck of the woods, beer can launchers have been popular for a long time. The now-closed Shady Creek Shootists club had two, permanently located at on Stage 1, that threw cans 12-15 feet, straight up. Very satisfying to shoot the trip plate, watch the can soar, then blow it to smithereens in a spray of foam - and very embarrassing if it fell to the ground with a thud, due to a clean miss. Almost as good were the times when a single "golden BB" managed to catch the can and send it pinwheeling around. The knockdown plates on these throwers were heavy, and mounted on long arms for maximu
  2. Welcome back! FWIW: the prohibition against posting loads went away a awhile ago. Rules for Pale Rider and for Sultan of Smoke (same thing, different geographical location) call for 60 grains of powder by volume and 1 1/8 oz. shot. I use these along with a Winchester WAA-12R (red) wad or Claybuster equiv. in STS hulls. I don't have my Lee Dipper chart handy to convert to CC's CS
  3. Certainly worked for Captain Kirk! Good thing the Metrons knew the formula... CS
  4. At a BP match a couple of years ago, we had a Plainsman on our posse. Pistol and shotgun targets engaged same as stage instructions. Rifle varied from 4-6 rounds, depending on the stage and available space for the distant targets that were much further out than regular rifle. The shooter used a Handi-rifle in one of the smaller calibers, spent a fair bit of time manipulating the rounds, as Hoss says. CS
  5. JWH: Standard procedure at Milan - a bird that comes out broken, doesn't come out at all, or fires back toward the shooter is a hit as long as the round is expended safely downrange. If it's a bonus round, the bonus is recorded. CS
  6. Trivia: Both the female leads in this turkey went on to roles in western movies/TV shows. Andra Martin played Wahleeah in Yellowstone Kelly, and appeared in Wagon Train, Tales of Wells Fargo, Maverick, and Cheyenne, among others. Carolyn Kearney appeared in Zane Gray Theater, Wagon Train. The Virginian, and Colt .45. CS
  7. Team Sass - the two came up consecutively in "unread content." CS
  8. Pennsylvania Democrat has right idea to fight crime, Wrasslin.
  9. Scout: Congrats on making the EOT list! I'm glad to see that you are planning to shoot with us the Sunday before EOT begins. In case you haven't come across it, the link below is to the official Irregulars website - all the information you might need. https://illowairregulars.com Count Sandor TG, Illowa Irregulars
  10. Not necessarily, my info appears to have been wrong! Latest list shows 408 entrants with 97 holds left, but I have moved up 9 spots on the wait list. Folks that were ahead of me on the wait list have been added to the shooters list. My apologies! CS
  11. The published list of entrants stands at 384. That leaves 116 spots left to be filled. As I understand it, those 116 slots represent the held over entries from the cancelled New Mexico EOT. Those of us on the official wait list (I am #79, and was never going to New Mexico!) will move up only as any of those original entrants decline, or if any of those on the list of 384 have to back out. CS
  12. Unfortunately, we haven't seen much of each other for a while, and I suspect the resemblance may have faded - I am no longer the svelte fellow portrayed in the avatar! There was a time, however, when we did have some fun confusing folks... True story - A big match at Sparta, Illinois a few years ago (back before the state slipped even further into the cesspool). Early Sunday morning while walking/studying the stages, I stopped at the food vendor for a cup of coffee. I was greeted unusually warmly. I handed over my $1, and received $5 back in change, along with the explanation th
  13. A basic tool kit as above, plus, if in the budget, a good quality code reader/scan tool. On two different occasions I have effected temporary "fixes" alongside the road simply by shutting down, reading and then clearing a code, then restarting. Even if that doesn't work, the scan tool will tell you what code has been set, and what system is affected...Potentially valuable info if you are stuck 30 miles from East Nowhere, and will be trusting an unknown mechanic to diagnose and fix the problem without maxing out that credit card. CS
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