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  1. Learned that from my dad a long time ago. NO dealer logos allowed on any of the roughly 25 cars I've owned. Used to be tough though, way back in the day when some of the local dealers had pot metal plates that attached with a couple of pins through drilled holes in the trunk lid or rear fascia. CS
  2. I can't speak to the Feed & Grain - had one miss...the "last pistol, last round" thing! - but the Depot stage was tough for several reasons. For one, the nature of the stage - a quite narrow bay with natural side berms covered in trees. There were just two black targets, not outlined. Left one in deep shade, right one in bright sunlight, rifle was first, engaged from the right side of the stage. For BP shooters at least, the first rifle round filled the bay with smoke that had no way to dissipate, and the bright overhead sun only added to the effect. There was both lateral and large downrange movement, and the pistol targets presented the same visibility problems, with the added factor that they were further downrange than any of the pistol targets on the other 9 stages. I was just guessing on the right-hand pistol target...I guessed poorly! The rest of the match was as expected from the Mississippi River Rangers - beautiful range, good stages, great people! CS
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