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  1. Sorry, should have included it! https://illowairregulars.com/
  2. H.K., the Illowa Irregulars would be happy to have you join us for Fall Round-Up! Five in the mag, one in the chamber, finger outside the trigger guard until the "beep," shotgun at low ready. Engage the trip plate to start the star moving (rotation is clockwise) and fire away on the birds. No reloads, unbroken birds are misses, fastest time wins. Fall Round-Up side matches (except the 4-stage warm-up match) are included in the entry, and allow unlimited tries as your time, number of competitors - and ammo - permit. An announcement listing the rules for all our side m
  3. We've had several requests for this from some of our shooters since our new website went online last year. This year we decided to experiment by publishing the stages on the Monday before our Sunday shoots, and the response has been very favorable, with a large number of "thank-you's," even from the veteran shooters. We have been very fortunate to have several new/newer shooters this year, and they especially seem to like the posting. Being able to read through and get a handle on the sequences ahead of time allows them to concentrate on their routines/procedures without the additiona
  4. We used to have a mail lady who would deliver some fairly heavy boxes right to the door. My current mail guy does not fetch and tote. When an order from Missouri Bullet arrives, I find a yellow "Sorry we missed you!" slip in the mailbox. As soon as I find it, I throw the two-wheeler in the van and head for the local post office, where the lady behind the counter is only too happy to shove the two-wheeler under the boxes and roll them out to me, having done no lifting at all. CS
  5. The I-80 route is usually very hectic south of Chicago and in the Gary, IN area. A large number of trucks of all descriptions, and any number of people in a much bigger hurry than the posted speed limit - and the traffic flow - suggests. Typical "big city" driving conditions. The U.S. 30 route is much slower, travelling through mostly built-up areas with a LOT of traffic lights until you get past Merrillville, IN, which makes it a good bit of a pain if you are towing a camper. The road surface in the Chicago Heights and Ford Heights area has been very rough in the past, and the
  6. MMC: Price is supposed to be listed for classified ads...let me know and I'll take them and save you the trouble of carrying them to the Pass. CS
  7. And traffic on I-55 is very much stacked up during anything resembling normal hours. I took that route on the way to the Mississippi State shoot in Byhalia. At around noon on Thursday, 5/27, it took 46 crawling-bumper-to-bumper minutes to get from West Memphis to Crump Blvd. on the east side of the river. Be prepared if you have to go that way. The flip side is that there was no traffic at all when I left at 5:00 AM to head back home on Monday, 5/31... CS
  8. AS RE another thread: By any chance did this date happen to be Irish? CS
  9. SGT., P.29 of the Shooters' Handbook: "This event requires two .36 caliber or larger Frontiersman Category style percussion revolvers, shot Duelist style. - Must use a SASS legal single shot rifle firing a traditional blackpowder rifle or revolver caliber cartridge (e.g., not a .30-.30). The rifle may have spring actuated ejectors if they are standard for that rifle. .38 Special is legal. - Must use a side by side or single shot shotgun, with or without exposed hammers, or a lever action shotgun. - Must use blackpowder in all loads (rifle, revolver, and shotgun)." CS
  10. WHO decided it must be "i before e except after c," and WHY did he/she make so many exceptions? CS
  11. The Illowa Irregulars and the Illinois River City Regulators are sad to report that our long-time friend and competitor, Will Dunn., aka Robert Gauley, passed away on Saturday, May 1, 2021. Will was a highly competitive shooter, who posted wins in every category in which he competed, often dropping down to a better-supported category, just to take on - and often beat - the "youngsters," even when he was eligible for "El Patron." He was always ready with a good story, or joke -or three- and was hardly ever seen without a smile on his face. An accomplished amateur gunsmith, Will was always ava
  12. I tried this with one of our old targets - admittedly with a Harbor Freight shop press. With the plate supported at the corners, the convex portion would flatten out under full pressure, but would spring right back when pressure was released. A diligent attempt to force the plate past flat in order to compensate for the spring-back failed, as it resulted in the top I-beam on the press being forced into a lovely -and permanent - upward arc! Being no metallurgist/engineer, I wonder if the resistance to being straightened is some form of work-hardening of the steel. CS
  13. In my neck of the woods, beer can launchers have been popular for a long time. The now-closed Shady Creek Shootists club had two, permanently located at on Stage 1, that threw cans 12-15 feet, straight up. Very satisfying to shoot the trip plate, watch the can soar, then blow it to smithereens in a spray of foam - and very embarrassing if it fell to the ground with a thud, due to a clean miss. Almost as good were the times when a single "golden BB" managed to catch the can and send it pinwheeling around. The knockdown plates on these throwers were heavy, and mounted on long arms for maximu
  14. Welcome back! FWIW: the prohibition against posting loads went away a awhile ago. Rules for Pale Rider and for Sultan of Smoke (same thing, different geographical location) call for 60 grains of powder by volume and 1 1/8 oz. shot. I use these along with a Winchester WAA-12R (red) wad or Claybuster equiv. in STS hulls. I don't have my Lee Dipper chart handy to convert to CC's CS
  15. Certainly worked for Captain Kirk! Good thing the Metrons knew the formula... CS
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