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  1. Platform boots! Worn for the intimidation factor by all three high school wrestling coaches at all our meets. All of us were over 6' tall anyway, and three inch platforms served the purpose...School colors of red vests, gold pants (slightly flared, of course). I actually got used to walking on the things...
  2. The big TV in the living room is on cable, through a digital box for all the extra packages. Bedroom TV is straight, Basic cable. If (when) the feed to the fancy digital box goes haywire - it's Mediacom after all - Basic usually stays on, and most of the channels I usually watch are available. Also, bedroom TV is convenient for Weather Channel in the morning on bad weather days...no "weather APPs" on the flip phone! CS
  3. +1...#74 on the left, #75 on the right! CS
  4. Never! Not necessary for those of us who still use flip phones...I do! Short story - Saturday past, after our "Iron Cowboy" mid-winter shoot, sitting at a restaurant with the Match Director and his Buckarette daughter. Looked like she was getting bored while most all the other folks were posting pictures to Facebook, texting, and generally using all that "smart" tech to connect with the digital world. I got out my old faithful LG flip phone and held it up for the young lady to see. "What is THAT?" was the response. Had a fun time showing her how we old geezers can text - heck, it only takes 11 key strokes to type out her 5-letter first name...Much better brain exercise than just sitting there "thumbing" a digital keyboard! CS
  5. Great camera position and breeze, easy to see the ball. We have had a couple of folks shoot with us before for whom it was very easy to spot...every round could be visually followed as it gracefully arced downrange - smokeless shooters, of course...! CS
  6. Arkansas, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Tennessee, and Wisconsin. "To Do List" includes Kentucky, Ohio, and a trip through the South/Southeastern states. The beauty of the CAS game is that I have been to very near 25 different venues, and have felt genuinely welcome in all but one. CS
  7. Before she retired, Joyce, the long-time cashier at the local old-time hardware store, had all the regulars trained...if someone handed her a bunch of disorganized bills, she would give that over-the-glasses look and hand the bills back with the order to "fix that." Of course, she was also there every day, with a smile and a good joke or two, and knew the exact location of everything in the store...and the first names of every one of us. Good deal for her, but a bit sad for the customers when she finally did retire. CS
  8. Agreed, but I do manage to get through part of it by whiling away a few hours doing the full season's reloading. Time in the nice warm gun room makes the blowing snow and -20's seem a bit farther away...at least until I have to go out and shovel! CS
  9. Try 2,500 pcs. of 250 grain...ships in two flat rate boxes. In-town delivery mailman leaves a yellow "we missed you" slip in the box. I toss the two-wheeler in the van and head for the post office. Guy at the counter uses the two-wheeler to fetch the boxes from the back room, and is very happy he doesn't have to lift them. CS
  10. Just type SASS in the discount box... CS
  11. My son, Colonel Kit Coyote...anyone remember the source of the alias?
  12. Finally! The photo really I wanted to include back in Post #5 - found the thumb drive lurking in the bottom of my travel bag! Also, adding a photo of Bookworm Sandy, who passed away a few years ago.
  13. Alias: Count Sandor SASS # 74075 From: Rock Island, IL Shooting: 10 years
  14. My diploma reads "Bachelor of Science in Education in Geography." That meant that I would spend the first eight years of my career teaching only literature, grammar, spelling, and anything else that was covered by my minor in English. The rules were such that both the major and minor fields were covered by the "in Education" part. Of course, I taught a number of other subjects, but had to have more than 1/2 my class load in the major/minor fields. CS
  15. Creeker: This past September, the theme for our annual, Fall Round-Up, was "New School vs. Old School." Half the stages incorporated some things we don't usually do much any more. According to the surveys I received, the "Old School" stages were well received. One example: a full sized cutout of "Little Johnny," the brat who tormented you all through grade school. Shooter started standing in school house doorway with an old fashioned felt chalkboard eraser in one hand, ready for revenge. Starting line..."Hey, Johnny!" At the beep, toss the eraser at Little Johnny, step forward and retrieve rifle. etc. I awarded a 3 second time reduction for the stage for a "hit" on the brat - about the same amount of time it took to react, throw, and actually start shooting. Most everyone hit Johnny, but some of the misses were monumental, and provided some interesting "talking points" at the socials. CS
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