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  1. The overall scores sort out the best shooters. A competitive shooter can use this information to set goals and recognize overall achievement. If your going to have age group categories then I feel you should shoot your age group. We do have a great deal of awards for every style of shooting and every age. If these awards motivate shooters to attend more matches and help fund our sport, then it maybe necessary. It maybe is an important marketing strategy. If someone wants to challenge themselves against the "younger shooters" simply look at your overall scores. I am not sure why our big events go ten deep in every category and make more categories so more shooters get awards.
  2. Congrats on an outstanding match!!!!
  3. Incredible shoot Dylan. Congratulations to you. What a tough crowd!!! Appreciate your friendship.
  4. Thank you for a great match. Had a blast. Appreciate all the hard work you and the club put into it. Kirk
  5. Love Cowboy Action Shooting and those who give back. Drove 10 hours total to a two day match in Tombstone: “It’s not Bordertown”. It was a match with with no awards; only great stages, 90 shooters, a great deal of work, big and close targets and the many friends we all appreciate. A special congratulations to Johnny Meadows and his crew for putting on a remarkable match to assist the folks at the Tombstone Livery after the cancellation of Bordertown. They raised over $3200. Now it’s time to assist Winter Range by getting in your applications to our National Championship.!
  6. Rye-Try 1.510 to 1.515 with any bullet between 105 and 147 and feel free to call me. We have been shooting 105 and 125 in 5 different 73's. Only one of them was ok with 1.46. The rest will not shoot smoothly. I know there are a no. of great shooters who shoot shorter rds. but this length has been dependable for us. Never felt the need for change.
  7. Congratulations on your championship!!!
  8. For years I have been asking my son, Cody James and daughter, SASS Kicker for help. They have always advised me to shoot faster and move my a__. I have always replied, "thanks kids". I just got this special message from my son Cody on the 1st day of the Eldorado Cowboys main match, "Just focus and relax for the main match! Shoot your own match and don't worry about anyone else! Don’t overwork yourself either and you will shoot amazing! Slow is smooth and smooth is fast! FRONT SIGHTS!, " I will type it up and keep it in my cart. This is a tread to share any advise that has assisted you with the mental game and you wish to share with others.
  9. I would like to thank everyone for their hard work at the Nevada State Championships. Competition was fierce with challenging stages. Quickly Down Under did a remarkable violin tribute to this great country to start us out. The hospitality was also great. Thank you Cowboys!!!!
  10. Congrats on an outstanding match!!!!
  11. New Ruger Vaqueros with Shotgun Boogie kits!
  12. Try replacing your springs for a slightly heaver spring for practice and use your Winchester primers. Switch them back for matches.
  13. Maybe you could have each club member purchase two targets each as replacements. Had our clubs AR 400 cut into 16 by 16 and I had 4 more made for me in AR 500. Cost me approximate $10 a target more for AR500. This was approx. 4 or 5 years ago. You have to compare the price of sheets and see what the difference of the two is today. Welding brackets and making stands of course will be the same. This could be in place of monthly dues. Let the club know these replacements are for your use also and are replacing your investment. Thanks for assisting in getting your club going!!!
  14. Just do not get a DQ during the match!!!
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