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    Love the outdoors including hunting, fishing, shooting anything that smells of gun powder. Around the sport of wrestling most of life. Also love shooting with my kids SASS Kicker and Cody James.

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  1. Outstanding FJT!! Appreciate everything you do for our sport.
  2. Jim contributed so much for the AZ Yavapai Rangers and our family getting involved. Many great memories of shooting with Jim and his family. Thank you for all you have done and look forward to shooting with you again, God Bless.
  3. 22 grains of XMP 5744 with a 405 grain bullet
  4. If the load goes "ding" every time I do my part it is a good powder and good load. We have used Clays for over 9 years. It is more "dirty" sense they changed plants. When we first got started we asked some of the more experienced shooter's what they shot and tried their loads. As long as they keep going "ding" we are good. Deuce Steven's had a thread several years ago with shooters favorite loads. There was a great deal of information to be learned. Chronographs are great to check your loads power factor.
  5. I have had trouble with Federal primers seating in both my Dillon and Warren presses with STS hulls. No problem with in Winchester AA 's. Trying Cheddite. They seem to be close to factory. Have not shot them yet. Just picked up some Winchester primers but have not tried loading them. Anyone have similar problems?
  6. Tag and title says it all. Congrats to Skrap P, Gut C Gunman and Chicken George; all in the same family, made it in the top 10 at Bordertown. Incredible!!!!! Wait till the rest of the family gets there and there is no room for anyone else!
  7. Congrats to both of you. Your hard work and dedication to CAS is outstanding!!! Your friendship is so valuable to all our lives.
  8. Fantastic Shoot! Thank you everyone for their hard work. Outstanding
  9. Incredible shoot Matt, Congrats from all of us. Lets get together at EOT again. Look forward to seeing you and your dad
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