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    Love the outdoors including hunting, fishing, shooting anything that smells of gun powder. Around the sport of wrestling most of life. SASS is a new adventure in my life. Watch for Cody James and SASS Kicker.

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  1. Hat condoms kept the moisture out one way or another. Laugh on. $5.00 condom rather than $40.00 to reshape. Just cannot find one to match my slicker!!!!!
  2. Kirk James

    Sixgun Shorty

    Great to hear from you Shorty. Always a wealth of knowledge. I appreciate all the advice you have given over the years.
  3. Rain slicker, hat protector, water proof gloves, rifle and shotgun , (leave on till you are staging your firearms), can of rem guard or WD-40, when you stage your firearms don't look down and drop all that water from you hat into your actions, spray protective lubricants after each day throughout the actions, be ready to strip and clean once home,(and I don't mean you). During the hail storm at Winter Range my brother Tom Elder was up to shoot and son Cody James was loading on an open table. I had an extra rain slicker to put over Cody's firearms and my brother took his off and covered his. Tom Elder was cold and shaking while Cody stayed warm. Be prepared Once we got the ok to shoot again, we uncovered everything and surprisingly everything was fairly dry, other than Tom. Be prepared.
  4. I have a Mernickle web shotgun belt for 38 in 12 gauge. Has 38 slide. Brown color. Almost new, few scrap marks. Six double loups and 38 slide. $100.00 plus shipping. Center hole is 42.
  5. Beautiful rifle at a great price. Enjoy!!!!!
  6. Never know when you 7 year old will join in. Happens sooner than you think. Winter Range, EOT and Bordertown are all my favorites. I love the environment and hard work put into each match. They are different, but wouldn't want it any other way. They all have their strengths and it is hard to find any weakness. Great matches!!!
  7. Click on Tyrel Cody's link by Deuce Stevens. This was a real gift to CAS shooters. My advice is to use this and only this. Look through the names of world class champions such as Duece and others and copy what they do. They have tried everything and shoot only the best recipe for what we do! Tyrel, where did you find this attachment?
  8. 1976-1983 Shiloh Products Inc( Farmingdale era). 1980 C Sharps is formed by John Schoffstall and moves to Big Timber. I know that in the break up Schoffstall retained the "Old Reliable trademark". Wolfgang retained the Shiloh name. I am guessing time in court held up a great deal of time. In the 90's I ordered a Shiloh and a C Sharps at the NRA show in Phoenix. They did not like each other. Both made promises; C Sharps company kept theirs. Both rifles are of upmost accuracy and well made. I sold my Shiloh and kept my C Sharps. Both had a 5 year waiting list at the time and both arrived around the 5 year mark. Even though I had a problem there are many who love their Shiloh and evidenced by the 1000 yard matches they make an incredible rifle. The Farmingdale's are an incredible buy if you can find them. Not to many who want to get rid of them.
  9. You may have been looking at a Farmingdale Shiloh Sharps when the two partners, Wolfgang Droegie and John Schoffstall were partners. After a bad break up they both moved to Big Timber Montana and formed their own separate companies. John Schoffstall still owns C Sharps. Wolfgang Droegie used to own Shiloh Sharps, but later sold it to the Bryant brothers who I understand have it up for sale. The two companies are right across from each other. I recommend the 45-70. They are both excellent rifles. Check the prices to get into the 1874 action, and the price of the sights and you are looking at over $3500.
  10. Bordertown is about transitions, transitions, transition. That more than anything else defines the match. Positions come up on you quickly and you better have your firearm ready to go. Targets are big and close yet many shooters miss. As far as Creeker's groups, I once beat one of my kid:, rifle broke and left 9 so I must be in group two. lol yet reality!!! Some times we forget that there are an incredible no. of shooters that love most every match. In AZ you can find a match with many different size targets placed at different distances. Some of my favorite matches place the targets according to big matches coming up. We are seeing targets placed closer to get ready for Eldorado and Bordertown. After Bordertown we will see them placed a different distances to get ready for Winter Range and it will be interesting to see how they will prepare us for EOT. Going back to Creeker's thread, I think he did a good job. Distance and target size will not slow down the top shooters. Have fun!!!!
  11. Forgot to mention the current staff at Bordertown is to be commended for their hard work and success with Bordertown. We appreciate all you do!!!!!
  12. Not only do they travel from many states, but they also travel from other countries to attend Bordertown. Not saying every match should be a Bordertown match, but it sells. A lot of credit should go to TA Chance who has been successful where every he goes. I have never been to one of his matches that didn't get incredible reviews. Not saying everyone love them, but I have never heard a complaint. I realize there are many other individuals who contributed with him and they should be commended also.
  13. If they go ding, it's a hit. Just make sure they meet the minimum power factor!!! 3.5 puts you safely in there. Just remember, if you think it is a ding it is a hit.
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