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    Love the outdoors including hunting, fishing, shooting anything that smells of gun powder. Around the sport of wrestling most of life. SASS is a new adventure in my life. Watch for Cody James and SASS Kicker. Youngest members of the James Gang.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the videos Colt! That is impressive. Say hello to Matt for us.
  2. Save your 158 for knockdowns. 2.6 grains of clays will do. Save overall length as above.
  3. I use 38 cases, but at a length of 1.510-1.515 with a 105 gr. bullet. Use 125 for knockdowns at the same length. Try different loads and find out how the work in your rifle.
  4. Get started and rest will work itself out. Good luck and let us know how it works out. You should not have any problem. I a have seen shooters with different barrel lengths that shoot fine. If you just want to have fun, have fun with what you have.
  5. SASS Kicker was taken so I settled for Kirk James
  6. Kirk James

    Sharps Rifles.

    I am a big fan of John Schoffstaff of C Sharps. I have two 74s in 45-70. They both shoot excellent. He is still president of C Sharps and is a previous owner in the Farmingdale Sharps. I have also owned a Shiloh. They are about the same price. I bought all two of mine back in the 5 year wait period. They were worth it.
  7. Some of my favorite creative stages were at El Dorado where we had large steal plates moving across on a garage door opener and another coming at you. Also Creeker had a great deal of down range movement shooting in and out of doorways. At EOT there was a moving train you had to hit with your rifle with no hit targets where you would have to stop and resume on the other side when the train was visible. Winter Range had a lever with a bowling ball that moved across a platform and activated pop up. Cowtown has stages with rifle reloads across the wash that remind you to stay on top of your reload skills. While I never shot it, it was the one event that convinced me to CAS. At a top 16 Winter Range two contestants had to enter into a room where a Colt was sitting on a table with two rounds and only one overlapping drop plate remaining. For me, it was the shooting that got me involved.
  8. Nice, went out and bought it for Cody James before I got to the end. All we need is one more video game in this house. Thanks Jed I!
  9. See if you try one stock and one slicked up. See if the value is there and how much you're willing to practice to make the value pay off. Good luck in making the decision. Last weekend I grabbed my son's rifle ( a Palo Verde 5th gen) rather than mine (a Palo Verde 4th gen). I was repeatedly jacking out rounds until I looked at the forearm and figured it out. Even though they are the same length, they feel different. I am sure that if I spent the time with the 5th I could get use to it. As soon as I went back to the rifle I practice with, the problem stopped.
  10. If you cannot see the miss then it is a hit. Just kidding.
  11. This will be an incredible event. Thank you!
  12. We enjoy our Rugers for competition. Cody James shot a stock Ruger for years and was competitive. We now all have Rugers with Shotgun Boogie kits. Love them. We own Colts and also enjoy them. When it comes to competition we all go Boogie!!!!
  13. Thanks Stan-I will start now. Mental Training for Peak Performance was excellent. Thank you for your suggestion. Looking forward to Thinking Practical Shooting! Appreciate your response on the wire. Had this conversation with Ray Heartless concerning auto pilot vs awareness while he was in AZ. I will start practicing reloads with dummies and I don't mean the friends I shoot with. No offense kids either! LOL Thanks for the advise.
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