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  1. No, I think it should be a separate competition. That is what I meant by scored separately. The Rattlesnake Wrangler rule was a joke, maybe not that funny, but still a joke. The Rattlesnake Wrangler rule was never enforced in any big competition my kids competed in. In all the World and National Competitions my kids competed in they were never asked to declare it. A big deal was made on the wire, but never came out in too many matches. None that I know off. What I was trying to get at was that we should be doing everything to recruit for CAS. If it means allowing a shooter to shoot in
  2. Like the idea of a 22 class, Should be scored separately. Just has to hit the knockdowns. Just no wrangler plinkers, 49r plinkers, senior plinkers, double duelist plinkers, etc..... Just let them shoot and have a blast!!!! And no Rattlesnake Wrangler rule!!!! Love the idea SASS already has covered the topic. We will see what happens 5 years from now and discuss it again.
  3. I like you ideas Creeker. Now how do we make them a reality? We need to find out if the members of the board are interested in brainstorming proposals. If they are not interested in looking at these types of changes, then we need to here if they have other ideas we can assist them with. What I like about your idea is that for most shooters SASS will be the same. The same ideas that have brought shooters to SASS, shooting the old firearms, the dress, the friendly competition, the friendships and the many celebrations(there is a lot of categories which are ok if there bringing more individu
  4. You would have a blast. Have several firearms I collected but none are more precious than the ones I shoot. There are many shooters in SASS that just like shooting the earlier firearms. There is something in SASS for everyone. See you on the range.
  5. People will not join a game they do not know exists. Passion overcomes budget. Had to get a loan to get the three of us in the game. Have never looked back. Did not know SASS existed until my brother asked if I wanted to come watch. First thing I knew my 10 year old had someone else rifle in his hands. Had more than one offer to let us shoot their firearms. Shared firearms for a while. I do think the game needs to have more exposure. Like Creekers idea of brainstorming. Would love to try Western 3 Gun. Cody tried it in California and loved it. Would not want to replace what we do
  6. I have an SKB 100 rear stock semi inletted by Macon if you are interested. Take $150 plus shipping. Nice color and figure in wood. Will get pictures tomorrow. Kirk
  7. Need a good gunsmith to short stroke my Ruger Bearcats, Henry 22 and open up my Rossi 410. I am in!!!! Just kidding. However there could be a 22 category if that is what it takes to grow the sport. But you have to get rid of 10 old categories from the past.
  8. Take the top 16 at the EOT or our National Championship. We have had duelist and gunfights in the top 16. I love the idea. I agree it would make it interesting to allow shooters to advertise sponsors. Just like EOT, the targets can be all knockdowns with plate racks etc. I've never understood why the top 16 is not the major showcase with sponsored awards. I remember when Missouri Lefty received an incredible set of holsters at EOT for winning the top 16. I have always felt this should have been the major focus of Shooting USA. An incredible rifle for the top male and female. The film
  9. I agree with Creeker. Monthly matches should prepare you for the big matches and be fun. Shooters come from all over the world to shoot big matches. For many shooters monthly matches are an opportunity to work on skills, yet walk away feeling good about your shooting. World and National matches have been pretty consistent in the past and most repeat shooters know what to expect. There is always exceptions, but for the most part I have seen most stages prior to the big match. I look for monthly matches that are well designed. Shooters in AZ can find matches to meet most of their needs and
  10. Can you call me at 928-202-0044?  I had trouble finding the length of the pull the way you measured it.  

    1. Kirk James

      Kirk James

      I haven't grabbed it cause I am pretty sure this is a 3rd gen.  Cannot tell for sure.

  11. Can you call me at 928-202-0044?  I had trouble finding the length of the pull the way you measured it.  

  12. I will take it if it is a super short or C and I fifth gen. Kirk James, gkirkham@iccs-k8.org. Was it put togeter by Boodie?
  13. Kirk James


    Shooter starts with rifle. Shoots one on target one, two on target two, and two on target three when his rifle breaks. He declares the break as he sits it down. In order to avoid a "P" is there more than one option to finish with his pistols? Stage may be shot in any order, rifle must not be last. Start anywhere behind the tables with one hand touching any gun the other hand touching shotgun shells. Open and empty shotgun staged anywhere safely, rifle loaded with 10 rounds staged at Pos 2, pistols loaded with 5 rounds each and holstered. To signify ready, shooter says: ”
  14. I try and keep close to 2000 for big matches and 2000 for monthly matches. If three of us shoot fire and ice and EOT it eats up close to 1500+ rds. I usually keep 500 to 1000 for practice. Covid has changed that. I would most likely need more primers in order to shoot Land Run next year. See how it goes.
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