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  1. New Ruger Vaqueros with Shotgun Boogie kits!
  2. Try replacing your springs for a slightly heaver spring for practice and use your Winchester primers. Switch them back for matches.
  3. Maybe you could have each club member purchase two targets each as replacements. Had our clubs AR 400 cut into 16 by 16 and I had 4 more made for me in AR 500. Cost me approximate $10 a target more for AR500. This was approx. 4 or 5 years ago. You have to compare the price of sheets and see what the difference of the two is today. Welding brackets and making stands of course will be the same. This could be in place of monthly dues. Let the club know these replacements are for your use also and are replacing your investment. Thanks for assisting in getting your club going!!!
  4. Just do not get a DQ during the match!!!
  5. Bear Creek may have what you are looking for.
  6. Kirk James

    TO question

    No problem. Glad he/she is shooting!!!
  7. We started Cody James when he was 10. My advice would be to get him a quality belt that can be extended. Muscle memory on the shotgun is hard to change. We tried the 22 route which lasted for two matches. Once someone let him use their 38's there was not going back. Even though he was a small 10 year old, Ruger Vaqueros worked great. We just had to convince him that Santa belonged to the NRA!!!
  8. Just received a parcial order from Dillon. The 9mm dies and conversion kit are on back order. Hope to get them soon.
  9. I do not like stories or someone interrupting my preparation process because I didn't remember a line. I have never come away from a match remembering any stories. I like the way the large matches publish stories in the handbook. Never heard a shooter complain that there was not a story behind a stage, but I have heard shooters complain they had to listen to non-sense jokes or stories before shooting. Just an opinion.
  10. I know this was a tough decision to make. The Bordertown crews put on an exceptional match and are all highly dedicated to CAS. Put Cody and I in for 2021.
  11. Pushing your edge in practice and not practicing backing it off before big matches.
  12. You can use your SAA 44 specials and your 44 mag Browning 92. In your Browning 92 you can use 44 Mag or 44 special. Use light loads to be friendly on your clubs steel. Your Colt Frontiers will work great. Don't worry about the 38 specials, just shoot and have fun. If you decide to change to 38 caliber later if you decide.
  13. I try to establish a baseline for different transitions (ex one shot out of each revolver, one shot out of the rifle and 4 to 6 shots out of the shotgun going right to left (for me the shotgun is the hardest firearm to master). Once I can complete a training session time consistently, being as honest as possible that my sights are on each target, I set the par time 1/2 to 1 second faster than my baseline. If I am not making progress I get help from faster shooters. Gateway Kid gave me a dry fire transition scenario a few years back that I used for over a year that added several transition techniques I was not using. Twelve Mile Reb stated earlier the importance of live firing your dry fire techniques to keep you honest. Great luck and have fun!
  14. Don't touch the top 16 at big matches. Very exciting to watch or participate.
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