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  1. I can afford a SKB, Browning, Fox, or Charles Dailey but I shoot a Stoeger Supreme. I sold my Fox and Charles Dailey and still shoot my Stoeger. I prefer a shotgun with a double trigger and I have yet to find a SKB or Browning with other than a single. My Fox and CD both had double triggers, but I still prefer the Stoeger. While some folks look down on Stoegers, some of us shoot them as our preferred shotgun. I can purchase two to three Stoegers for what one would pay for a SKB or CD. MGW sells replacement stocks for those that might need to cut a stock down. If I
  2. Most clubs shoot six stages which will require 60 revolver, 60 rifle, and 4 plus shotgun per match. Many shooters use the Ruger Blackhawk as their main match firearm of choice. Welcome to the madness.
  3. That is a pretty one John. Now you need another one to make a pair. That looks like one of my old model Vaqueros. I have several, we probably should talk.
  4. I have a friend who has a sports store and use to sell the Heritage. The early ones had a soft firing pin which would mushroom and stop firing. He couldn't get the replacement parts to fix the firearm, so he dropped the line.
  5. I just ordered two of these yesterday to have at the range for beginners. When they arrive, I will try this experiment with them. I will also be awaiting your follow-up article with baited breath.
  6. Now that was about right. Good deal.
  7. I have bought 8 pairs of the stainless firing pins here, but noticed today, after following this link, that he now has slightly Extended Firing Pins. I have had a couple of the slightly dented primers recently and thought that little extension might solve my problem.
  8. Cowboy Dies are specifically made to work with the lead bullets we load and shoot. Dawg is a straight shooter and a real cowboy to deal with.
  9. I have contacted Stoeger on a number of occasions with the Coach gun Supremes. They have yet to fix or send parts on any of them. Their only suggestion was to buy a new one. I have several stoegers, but I do not depend on stoeger for any help.
  10. I have four, but prefer the Stoegers for my main match shotguns. The Bakails have very thin barrel walls in my opinion. The Bakails cocking levers are not true hammers. They set internal hammers as these external hammers do not actually strike the firing pins.
  11. I traveled out on Friday and stayed at the Red Roof. The weather forecast was for 28 degrees and I thought, just where am I? It turns out that forecast was a Cleveland station and Tusco is way South of there. It turned out to be a beautiful day with very blue skies (yes I heard that comment by Seamus). At 8:00 it was 34 degrees, but that felt like 50 when you are getting everything set-up. It was 64 degrees by the time we were finishing. A very desirable shooting temperature. Thank you, Bubba, Dawg, and all that puts this shoot on. It is true what they
  12. I bought a couple pairs when I first got started. I tried to walk down a spiraled stair case and almost broke my neck. I have not had them on since.
  13. I just sold 600 for $20 to two new shooters. I sold them 2,000 for $50/1000 and was happy to help them stay in the game.
  14. I have bought after market ones, but you can tell the difference.
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