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  1. Here is what I found. STAY AWAY.There are multiple indicators that this recently-created Component-Connection enterprise is not to be trusted:English language spelling errorsNo BBB ratingNo User feedbackNo Physical store address listedNo indication of how email addresses were obtained800 Number registered to Vodaphone account in IndiaAlso member Highpower-Fclass observed:- The domain name was registered 2 weeks ago- No information on where they are located- Only contact information is a 800 phone number and email address- The so called 'Inventory' page shows no information other th
  2. I have three of these only in black and a longer belt. They are top notch. I rotate them for the firearm, new model, old model, and black powder.
  3. You two guys scare me, just a little. But, for the good news, Dawg said I could come again this year.
  4. I have two and they are built very strong.. Some pards say they are too heavy, but that depends on the shooter. At a reasonable price, they would make fine black powder sxs for that event.
  5. I just bought one from Cody which already included his short stroke and action job for $1,548. Cody Conagher Gunsmith Home Of The "Cody-Matic" The Only Generation You Need to Know SPECIALS GOOD THRU July 31, 2021 Model 1873 pistol grip deluxe rifles - 20" and my new 18" (Taylor's Exclusive) model - with choice of front sites and SASS compliant "Cody-Matic" action job - $1,548 plus shipping also; New Mod Model 1873 20 inch straight stock, checkered grip and forearm with choice of front sites
  6. EMF, Cimarron, Uberti, Taylors, of course these are really all Ubertis. Winchester, Marlins & Rossi (Puma, Brazetech), etc.
  7. Check the time for the recorded firing string. How many shots were recorded? No guessing.
  8. A bargain, but the wrong caliber. Now if that had been a 44-40 we would let the bidding begin. Hi Mike and John
  9. I used to be a hoarder, now I am known as a Prepper.
  10. Cody backs his work with a lifetime a guarantee. I have taken around 14 or so rifles over to Cody for myself and a pard. Being in my 70s, my hope is that Cody outlives me so as to honor those Lifetime Warrantees. So far, so good.
  11. Plus, Pards, don't forget to round out your High Noon Shooting Experience with a stop at the Long Range up on the hill. Just come up and have some fun a shooting.
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