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  1. High Noon's Long Range is just two days away. Come up to stage 1 and shoot with Dawg, then mosey on over to Stage 2 and shoot your black powder firearms in the Long Range. We have separate Categories for those shooting Black Powder. Relax and have fun shooting, this Friday at High Noon. Frontier Lone Rider
  2. Any shotgun that is slicked up for SASS will have the warrantee voided. Or, you can put it over your knee to get it open.
  3. I shot with Cody this past weekend. He is still going strong providing the same level of skilled work as always. I have purchased nine of his rifles and they all still run just fine. Cody guarantees his work. He just replaced some springs on a rifle my friend bought used, at no charge. I had one ejector go bad and Cody fixed it immediately. He fabricates some parts that are not in the supply chain. An all-around gun smith.
  4. A Listing of the Rules and Categories for those Pards attending High Noon who are also competing in the Long Range. We will follow the SASS Guidelines for this Competition. The Long Range will be conducted on Stage 2, right beside Prairie Dawg's Modified Plainsman Match on Stage 1. I thought I would add our Course of Fire to the Instructions. LONG RANGE RIFLE COURSE OF FIRE SHOOTER TO START: Rifle may be shouldered at the Ready Position with a round in the chamber. FOR LEVER ACTION RIFLES THE MAGAZINE IS LOADED WITH: Revolver Caliber - 10 Rifle Caliber – 05 Single Shot - 01 Shooter will notify the T.O. when ready. On Signal the Shooter will fire continuously at the target. The Shooter is not allowed to rest your elbows on the table while Firing. SHOOTER MAY FIRE COURSE FROM ANY SAFE FIRING POSITION; Standing, Sitting, or Prone. ADDITIONAL ROUNDS FOR SINGLE SHOT TO BE LOADED ON THE CLOCK AND MAY COME FROM THE BODY, POCKETS, LOADING BLOCKS, BELTS, THE TABLE, OR BOXES ETC. ADDITIONAL ROUNDS CANNOT COME FROM ANOTHER INDIVIDUAL OR ANY BODY ORIFICES! High Noon Long Range Categories Main Match Revolver Black Powder Male/Female Main Match Revolver Smokeless Male/Female Revolver Caliber Lever Action Black Powder Male/Female Revolver Caliber Lever Action Smokeless Male/Female Rifle Caliber Lever Action Black Powder Male/Female Rifle Caliber Lever Action Smokeless Male/Female Rifle Caliber Single Shot Smokeless Modern Male/Female Rifle Caliber Single Shot Smokeless Traditional Male/Female Rifle Caliber Single Shot Black Powder Modern Male/Female Rifle Caliber Single Shot Black Powder Traditional Male/Female High Noon Long Range at Tusco Single Shot Rifles have two Categories, Traditional or Modern Basically it’s EJECTORS (Modern) vs EXTRACTORS (Traditional) If you hold the gun level and open the action, if the empty casing clears the chamber, its Modern. Trap doors because of the complex nature of opening, fall into Traditional even though they eject Original 1885s that do not eject are Traditional Rolling Block - Traditional Handi rifles (1871 Buffalo & Target Classics) with extractor or ejector deactivated Traditional Sharps - Traditional Newer 1885s or Browning 78s fall into Modern Handi rifles (1871 Buffalo & Target Classics) with ejectors Modern For those shooting 1871 Buffalo or Target Classics, the Williams Barrel Mounted Peep Sight is not legal. But, if you remove the Peep Sight and replace it with an Open Leaf Sight Blade, that sight in that location is now legal. Frontier Lone Rider PaleWolf Brunelle, #2495L Rear sights must either be open iron sights mounted on the barrel or original style tang or stock wrist mounted peep sights. Long range rear barrel mounted sights of the flip-up ladder type may use a peephole drilled through the sliding sight leaf. An example of this is the various ladder type sights used on the Springfield trapdoors. This barrel-mounted peep sight is NOT LEGAL: Kid Rich All of the part of the barrel that the cartridge fits in is the receiver. Sounds picky to me but that's the way it was explained to me. PaleWolf Brunelle, #2495L It's still part of the barrel...NOT the receiver. The length of the CHAMBER is included when measuring barrel length on a break-open long gun. I posted definitions (with illustrations) from the ATF website. Which would convert the "barrel-mounted peep sight" to an "open iron sight mounted on the barrel". ATF: Figure 6 to Paragraph (a) (4) (vi) Frontier Lone Rider Referencing the above illustration for Break Action Firearms, the sight mounted on the rear of the barrel is still mounted on the barrel as the receiver is the part that the barrel is connected to, but not a part of. So, are you saying that one can remove the peep sight leaving the base and insert an open leaf sight blade on that base and it would be acceptable? I believe the Willams Sight that comes on the Buffalo Classic or Target Classic in actually mounted on the barrel. However, Peep Sights are not allowed in that position. They are allowed on the Wrist (Tang) or modified Ladder Sight with a hole drilled in the slide.
  5. Taylors has sold these for years. I have seen several at the West Virginia state Match which is only a short drive from Taylors. They said it was just never blued in the finishing process. So, yes it will readily rust if not provided with the proper care and kept oiled. Yes, they do look different, but don't for a minute think they are stainless.
  6. Tell Woody Shootem that we said hello and we will see him at High Noon.
  7. I ordered on AUG 27th, and they arrived yesterday on SEP 7th. The folks at Starline are good people and easy to deal with. If they have the caliber you want, they waste no time in getting it to you.
  8. I don't know about Ohio, but this West Virginian plans to be there.
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