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  1. from the shooter's handbook....I:M sure local clubs <can> allow the 1901 but as I read the rules, and at bigger /regional/ matches they would/should not be allowed. No ?
  2. I have a very early 1901,shoot it now and then ,curious why they made the finger lever 2 piece ? wiki intimates that it and the lever safety have something to do with each other, Not that I can tell unless it's after the safety 'button' goes into it's hole in the lever,and magic occurs in there ? f..AHA,further examination reveals that the tip of the safety is broken off. mystery solved. the shells i have are roll crimped, Western Expert, and on the side is 4 1/4-, 1 1/4-6.the last two I get..the 1st number is actual drams or dram equivelent ? IE: smokeless shells. ? I fired a few last year and got the strong impression they are black powder shells, look to be factory rounds. again...AHA. watcching videos of it being shot I have to go with smokeless shells. MVI_2098.MP4 thanks Pards and no I don't shoot it at matches altho our local group would allow it.
  3. oal 1.180, rim dia. 605..case mouth .452... case dia. at base, .544, case dia near mouth, .511 basically it looks like a short ,slightly fatter....thicker brass ?? 45 colt with a bit wider rim taking spp primers
  4. per google all dimensions wrong for schoefield. It's a good 1/8" shorter than a Colt,no extractor groove, rim is several thou. wider than Colt
  5. visually it's a fat looking 45 colt case EXCEPT no extractor groove, it looks to take small primer...I didn't want to actually seat it, but diameter is right. the main body is tapered, skinnier on top by .030 or so . A .452 bullet fits just right,in the case mouth. The headstamp looks like gibberish...maybe a pattern of some sort. ? Just curious what I found lurking, I have no recollection of where it came from
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