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  1. Early Uberti '66 some smoothing and a medium short stroke, I regret not short stroking it from the get\go. 45colt
  2. one obvious thing they keep 'improving'..not in my book...is the powder bar return mechanism.I"m still using just 2 springs and 1 rod that is redundnant to the springs. The new C series has all kinds of gobbledy gook things on it for that. I sent mine for refurb and kept my OLD powdermeasure and told them I would, they were fine with that,and it's still running great.
  3. starting loads of almost any powder suck in .45 colt, because it's a huge case.sooooo don't load a thousand and wish you hadn't .Just a thought.(no,not something I did. )
  4. that is the die bodies, the sizer should have a different colored ring at the mouth opening, that is the carbide that is referred to in 'carbide dies' i'ts actually only the one die.so no lube required
  5. just curious, I can only find these dies listed as carbide sizer,are you sure they are not a carbide set ?
  6. ok so I tried some out today, very gentle recoil compared to many other powders, I think hp38 is.....great! lol thanks all !!
  7. I have books its personal experience I seek. thanks though,that is a lower starting point than my books, i'll try it
  8. I have a bit of some others but acquired 2 full jugs of hp38, how do it work in cowboy level 45 colt loads. shooting 200 grain rnfp, pistol level loads. anyone anyone...and PLEEEZE don't suggest others, I have others. thanks
  9. would never bother to swage them, no swager and not enough to mess with, Was just wondering if the ACP brass was supposed to be spp, because they seat spooky hard. oh well., they were free
  10. long time reloader but...it's always something... tried to reload some blazer brass, and really had to push HARD to seat a small primer, in fact I stopped...just in case. They do take std spp's, right ? man the pockets are tight !!! ..it's 45 acp small primer stuff.....pockets measure .005 smaller than a small primer, fyi ..... are some of their yellow brass cases NOT reloadable. ?? thanks !!!!
  11. Badman bullets in Oregon features free shipping on orders of one thousand, excellent SASS Pards' outfit, they can fix u up as can the ones already mentioned.
  12. fyi for those who say 'too 'late', I"m on several reloading pages on Facebook,and the number of newbies to reloading might just surprise ya. 8 years ago when ammo all but dried up,the number of newbs was thousands. It's backed off some,but they are still out there.
  13. The same situation drove me nuts a few years back,and yup, Mo powder was the answer in my .45's.
  14. Good luck to ya, 4 !! Have enjoyed shootin' with ya all these years. !
  15. "Visualize the MD asking for fly inspection volunteers to go into the crowd and check everyone's crotch" uh,,that would be a...............NO !! lol for as long as this game has been around, we are still making rules. Ah well, makes for lively Wire convo .
  16. unless you need a wall hanger,don't even thing about the Thunderbolt. The rossi 92's are good little carbines,I only gave mine up because a '66 came along at a great price. I"m not familiar with Tradition's single actions,but my old Uberti's have many many miles on them,and still going. Welcome to the fun !
  17. I"ve only seen a few used at matches,and they were slow and clunky compared to all other rifles/carbines.If it is all they can afford,or they just want it, it's better than not shooting.
  18. I"ve never felt the need to own a gauge for .38's or .357. why? All my bullets I shoot are cast ,with a crimp groove. And all my . 38's are shot in .357 Blackhawks.Just never seen the need. You may not either, depending on your circumstances.
  19. Prayers for a successful surgery,and fast recovery, Pard
  20. Prayers, and condolences to his family and friends. Ride easy,Pard.
  21. Doc S. has shaky hands these days,and has had for a while,so pretty much got out of shooting, I chat with him on Facebook,he's into mountain bike riding these days, rides a lot,from his fb posts. he's on facebook under his 'other' name, Joel Shapiro.
  22. Marlin of those you've listed. and '92 over a marlin? no thankew.
  23. howdy buckey,when I bought that norinco from you..love it btw...u said u might have an extra mag for it,with ssn engraved on it? I"d like to have it if it's still around,i'll pay the postage.



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