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  1. I enjoyed shooting there, it was a nice place to dry camp, and I will always appreciate the new pards I met there.
  2. The fit and finish of my Pietta E.M.F. GWII sheriff is superior to a Uberti revolver I owned. Not much difference when shooting them, but I never really cared for the hammer safety on the Uberti. Also E.M.F. response to inquiries was far quicker and more comprehensive than either Taylors or Cimarron.
  3. One for every occasion 194affa0-80e6-4dad-9081-8c0aef2995ec.pdf
  4. Would this be what your looking for ? See pic. $87  shipped  or $67 for sheath


  5. I do knife sheaths that look more cowboy than what most come with nowadays. You can see some of my work at www.whyteleatherworks.com  Thanks, Springfield Slim

    1. Cibola Al

      Cibola Al

      Thanks, I'll take a look! 

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