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  1. I use Huberd’s Shoe Grease to treat footwear. Kiwi shoe polish if I wear them to church. These HH square toes have almost a decade of daily wear in NM and still take a shine.
  2. Young man named Joseph Kienholz. He works under the name “Yesteryear Leather”. He is a CAS shooter and he sells through Facebook and Instagram. If you don’t use either of those, I can probably come up with an email for you. I have half a dozen of his holsters now, both cowboy and other, and I can very much attest to the quality of his work.
  3. If I remember I’ll take a picture tomorrow of how far a Schofield goes into an OMV holster, but as I recall (like Boulder Canyon said) it doesn’t fit at all.
  4. My Bisley Vaqueros were done by Boomstick Jay several years ago and I have no complaints.
  5. Bang and Clang sells loaded lead 9mm ammo for “steel challenge” matches, so I suspect the velocity would be higher than what we like for cowboy matches. Since the velocity isn’t listed, you’d have to contact him to see what’s what. https://bangandclangllc.com/match-ammunition/ considerably more expensive than the Syntec ammo as well. Pietta does offer a dual cylinder model that is occasionally available, but I would do a little investigating since a few Pietta models have a transfer bar type safety. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1025835974
  6. You probably can’t tell, but I’m pretty pumped about this gig. My only concern is that my trailer doesn’t have AC (only a vent fan) and I’m guessing TX in late June gets pretty warm.
  7. Sub category unique to this year’s Showdown: “For the first time we will be offering an "Ol Skool" buckle in the CC Category at the 2023 CC SHOWDOWN! "Ol Skool" Classic Category: Shooters of non - 1873 Single Action Army and Clone pistols. Eligible pistols include but not limited to, Remington '75s, Schofield's, '72 Open Tops, '58 Remington Conversion, '60 Richard/Mason Conversion, Ruger Old Armies, and any Cap N Ball revolver of .36 caliber or Larger. Must shoot non-1873 SAAs for entire match. So if you wanna try something different, dust off them Ol Skool pistols and get signed up when entries are available!”
  8. I’ll probably shoot the “Ol Skool” sub category if that’s still a thing. Major, you going to update The who’s coming list soon?
  9. I’m sure I’m in the minority, but I feel like a clean match should be a pretty big deal. 10-15% clean out of the total shooters is about right for me. I also like variety in stages. Close, fast, and furious stages can be fun but they should be balanced with stages that require a different approach than just seeing how fast you can work your hammer/lever. Again, I’m sure I’m in the minority. Speaking of clean matches, I’ve seen some pretty cool clean match pins, but I think my favorite is the clean match rock I got at a Tres Rios Bandidos monthly match
  10. Finally got around to testing some loads. Ruger large frame Bisley Vaquero, 5.5” barrel. Temps in the mid 40’s. Bang and Clang 165gr bullets (which weigh around 171gr), Federal LPP. 3.8gr, average 382.5 fps for 5 shots 4.0gr, average 429.7 fps 4.2gr, average 522.6 fps 4.4gr average 618.9 fps For comparison, 3.8gr of Trail Boss under Scarlett’s 160gr bullets averaged 652.6 fps and 3.4gr of Trail Boss under the B&C 165gr bullets averaged 598.3 fps. All of the Clean Shot loads were about 3 to 4 inches low at 15 yards. As noted by others there was fair amount of unburnt powder or flash retardant left in the chambers and barrel until I reached the 4.4gr load, then there was quite a bit less. The 4.0gr load was the most accurate with a 5 shot group just over 2” off hand at 15 yards. It is possible I just held better for those 5 rounds.
  11. From their Facebook post: Tentative Schedule: June 20-21: 8 Stage Wild Bunch Match (4 stages each day) June 22: Warm-Ups & Side Matches June 23-24: Main Match June 24th: Awards Banquet Dinner
  12. I don’t have a plainsman ammo belt, but I have had good luck with both Jax Leather and JM Leather when it comes to custom order canvas belts. Figure out where you want your loops and what caliber, and they build exactly what you want. http://www.jaxleather.com/Canvas Products.htm http://www.jm-leather.com/canvas_belt.htm
  13. Personally I could care less. I do think it is weird that we have a rule that nobody enforces. Just strike it from the book.
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