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  1. Pistol only, thanks for the advice. With any luck, our lockdown will be over by the time the state match rolls around
  2. Can those of you who lightened the lever safety spring elaborate? Did you modify the existing spring or replace it? In regards to the sightless rifle, it is my understanding a number of guns were offered “in the white” primarily as base guns for custom engraving or finishing. The sights wouldn’t be installed until the end of the project. This is internet wisdom, so take it for what it’s worth. I bought my Mirowin as a backup to my Uberti and for pistol caliber rifle side matches. It shoots well and is a nice gun, but that lever safety is a bear. Comparing t
  3. Thanks, I suspected that someone would have already given this some thought and deliberation.
  4. For reasons I won't bore you with I'm curious if anyone has a pet 45 Schofield load using a 180gr bullet and either WST or Trailboss powder.
  5. I recently had the opportunity to handle a Taylor’s & Co New Model 3 Frontier (a Uberti top break revolver with a significantly different grip profile than the Schofield). I really liked the way it looked and felt in my hand, but it has an adjustable rear sight which makes it a no go in my chosen shooting categories. It occurred to me that a couple of minutes with a soldering iron or some JB weld and the rear sight would be very much “fixed”. Further reflection on this dastardly notion made me think that although I might then meet the technical requirement of fixed si
  6. Paul Combest of Reddog Leather made a nice Mexican loop holster for my EMF Sheriff’s model. His prices are very reasonable for the quality of leather craft. I also like the look of JM Leather’s Doc Holiday holster for shorty revolvers. http://www.jm-leather.com/doc_holiday.htm
  7. TSS says they have 4 in stock. Several Gunbroker vendors have them listed. As noted, all in 45 Colt so far. There was mention of the 44 chambering, but none have made it to the shelves thus far (to my knowledge).
  8. I see they are available to some degree. Anybody have one? Shot one? Handled one? They appeal to my appreciation of the eclectic.
  9. I tried to find Boomstick Jay’s comments on the Pakistani 1878, but there is just too much clutter on FB. As I recall, he likes them. Thinner wrist and lighter weight than the Chinese version. Needed some minor spring work. If you email Boomstick Arms I am sure he’d fill you in. The last email I had for them was boomstickarmsco@gmail.com For what it’s worth, I did get to handle one at Winter Range 2020 and it does FEEL nice.
  10. One for every occasion 194affa0-80e6-4dad-9081-8c0aef2995ec.pdf
  11. Would this be what your looking for ? See pic. $87  shipped  or $67 for sheath


  12. I do knife sheaths that look more cowboy than what most come with nowadays. You can see some of my work at www.whyteleatherworks.com  Thanks, Springfield Slim

    1. Cibola Al

      Cibola Al

      Thanks, I'll take a look! 

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