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  1. Sweeps and stage design can contribute to this I believe. Combination rifle and pistol sweeps, that can be done several different ways, you try to anticipate what the shooter is going to do, and they go off the reservation with some weird mathematical way of shooting it, you get lost, the shooter gets lost, and asks you for guidance, end result, P, shooter blames the TO. This does not happen often, but it is one example.... Another example, shooter is in a confined space / prop / building, barely enough room for the shooter to do anything let alone the TO, it can make it hard to see everything going on with the guns in play, by the time you might notice a hull in the double, or cocked pistol returned to leather, the next firearm is in play and it's too late.
  2. I have seen that happen more than once recently.....
  3. I have noticed a trend over the last couple years, I have asked a couple other cowboys over the last couple months in parts of the midwest if they have noticed it, and they agreed with me on this matter. Shooters holding the TO's responsible for their mistakes on a stage. It seems to be a growing trend. Due to this trend I see many unwilling to take the timer on a posse. Anyone else noticing this trend?
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