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  1. I just run it better... maybe it’s the barrel layout or something, I do like the weight of the SKB, I had the chance to buy this and did ran it two matches put it back in the safe, and went back to the SKB, it’s heavier and I like that... the Charles Daly is very light in comparison
  2. Henry Lever Frontier 22 magnum NRA Edition New in box.... I know “non-sass” but hey, it’s a lever gun! $575 shipping to your FFL from me Make sure your FFL will accept from a private seller with ID enclosed
  3. Marlin 1894, 32 mag, wife’s original rifle, she’s now shooting a 38... It has handling marks, nicks & dings One piece firing pin & springs Some action work done It has always ran very well Box included, original parts included $1550.00 shipped to your FFL from me Make sure your FFL will accept from a private seller...
  4. Charles Daly 512, shot 2 matches, decided to stick with my SKB... Work done by Lassiter $1025.00 shipped to your FFL from me.. make sure your FFL will accept from a private party with ID
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