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  1. Ray can you give us a prediction on the weather? We won't hold you to it.
  2. Thank you to William C. Knight (Chad) aka Ornery Oaf and the other officers involved in the Dayton, Ohio shooting for your bravery. We are proud of you and happy to call you are friend. Chad is a former Marine. Semper Fi! They took the shooter down within 30 seconds of the first shot! With honor, Wilbur & Rose Louise
  3. Calico,you might try Stoner Holsters its north of Middletown on Rt 4 right before you turn onto Trenton -Franklin Rd. the road you turn onto for Middletown Sportsmans Club Big Irons home range I work there part time.
  4. 4 Win 97's all have serial numbers over 1 million all are 12 ga. The 97's have never been to a cowboy match. Over the past 23 yrs I found these, bought them and put them in the back of the safe. If 2 or 3 don't sell this weekend at the Ohio State match I will list them with pictures on the SASS wire next week. All 4 are takedown models.$700 apiece. Win 97 solid frame brush gun 12ga mag tube is one shell shorter than normal gun. The barrel is 22 inches long. Barrel was originally 26 inch factory $600. 1 BSS 12 ga 28 inch barrels $1200. 1 pair Ruger Old Army's stainless fixed sights 7 1/2 Inch barrels .These were shot in 2 or 3 matches 20 some years ago $1600 for the pair .Sold pending funds. 12 or 13 colt single action barrels all are .38 spec or.357 mag 2nd & 3 third gen 4 3/4, 5 1/2, 7 1/2 . All are blue .$ 80 apiece Wilbur Rexroat
  5. Fargo we would love to see you in Ohio.
  6. The Wilmington Rough Riders will be shooting Saturday the 21st.The weather is predicted upper 50s.Registration 8.30 safety meeting 9.45.
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