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  1. I took a nice doe with the .50 270 grain Federal Premium BOR Lock. I was using a Traditions Vortex inline with two triple 7 pellets. Center punched the heart and the deer dropped in place. The bullet completely penetrated.
  2. From what's been reported here in SE WI, he was being pursed after shooting someone just prior to the beginning of video footage.
  3. Kenny Howell made the conversions for that movie, he also designed the conversion cylinders that we are discussing.
  4. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/antifa-nazi-flags/
  5. I have a fair amount of experience with both SA and DA Starr repos. You should not use your thumb to SA cock a double action Starr. The DA Starr actually has two "triggers." The first trigger cocks the revolver, as it is pulled back past the cocking point it contacts the firing trigger at the rear of the trigger guard. There is a toggle switch on the rear of the cocking trigger which acts as a DA/SA selector. When set to SA mode, the travel of the cocking trigger is restricted and cannot reach the firing trigger. To SA fire the gun, you set the selector to SA, pulling the "trigger" only cocks the revolver, then reach behind the cocking trigger with your trigger finger to pull the firing trigger. Using your thumb to cock a DA Starr will most likely jam it. The single action Starrs work just like any SA revolver.
  6. Hi Dusty, The one in the roll is for a Swiss K31. Most likely dates back to when we picked up a pair of them back in 08.
  7. It’s my understanding that if you buy a TC Encore with a muzzleloading barrel a 4473 is required because it can also take barrels chambered for modern cartridges, however if the in-line is ONLY capable of being a muzzleloader, a 4473 is not required. I imagine different states might also have their own requirements.
  8. I have used a 2nd model Merill carbine and 5th model Burnside carbine for Plainsmen matches. I have also shot a 1860 Colt Army and a 1874 Sharps Military rifle. I have successfully bear hunted with Winchester 1895 SRC, manufactured in 1901, in .30 Army.
  9. Actually “Return to Lonesome Dove” doesn’t really fit in the timeline. McMurtry makes it very clear, in “Streets of Laredo”, that Newt was dead by the time of the major events of “Return to Lonesome Dove.”
  10. Its based on the the same incident, but not a remake of the movie.
  11. You may find this video entertaining: https://www.full30.com/video/6afd3affeea07031b08c3dcb5cfc3604
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