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  1. I believe Stalin’s daughter lived in Spring Green, WI, for a while.
  2. Must be time for the quarterly "let's bash EV" thread.........
  3. I somewhat question the picture, I got my masters from UW-Milwaukee and that scene doesn’t look right. Note the bottom image is the only one that has a distinct building in it…….
  4. In Wisconsin, it used to that the warden didn't need permission, the context was that the game animals on the property belonged to the people of the State, not the land owner. Recently that has changed somewhat to more favor the land owner, though I don't the details.
  5. But that is not the main mission. The main mission is say going to Mars. You won't need the fuel to blast off from Earth for the Mars shot. Yes you will still need stock the lunar base camp from Earth, but will be done with ships designed for hauling cargo, not a flight to Mars.
  6. Schuetzen style shooting was very popular in Wisconsin, especially in the Milwaukee area, due to the large number of German emigrants that settled in the state.
  7. She is off duty Israeli military, not an armed civilian.
  8. Off duty IDF are required to have their issued rifles with them and yes they are also required to carry empty chamber with a chamber flag.
  9. You may find this video entertaining: https://www.full30.com/video/6afd3affeea07031b08c3dcb5cfc3604
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