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  1. If you have Spectrum cable, it was available on their “On Demand.”
  2. So a woman is only worth praise if she is a mother or a wife?
  3. Actually the builder was out of Wisconsin, http://www.peabodyrifle.com/home.html I don't believe they are making the rifle anymore.
  4. This reminds me a lot of the .276 round the British developed after the Boer War and chambered in the P13 rifle. Ballistically it was very close to a modern 7mm Remington Magnum. The project ended with the start of WW1 and the rifles were rechambered in .303 as the P14 and in .30-06 as the US M17. Personally I feel the new weapon has more to do with the mountains of Afghanistan then a possible future war in Eastern Europe.
  5. Most AKs don't lock open on an empty magazine. The only exception I know of is the Yugoslavian M70 series. The hold open device is on the magazine follower.
  6. Actually the PLA fought a war, very poorly, against the Vietnamese in 1979.
  7. You might want to look at the IWI Galil Ace, its an updated version of the IMI Galil. They available in 7.62x39, 5.56 and 7.62x51 and I heard they are good shooters. After that if your looking for accuracy out of an AK the Valmet M62s, M76s and the original IMI Galil are probably your best options, unfortunately they are pretty collectable and expensive. I got lucky back in the early 90s and picked up a Valmet M62s before they became popular with collectors. I still need to find a bayonet for it.
  8. I prefer darker also but I do have a weakness for New Belgium Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA.
  9. He’s taking his kids to the library, that means more to me then his haircut!
  10. One of my favorites, we made this with both venison and black bear: https://www.themeateater.com/cook/recipes/meat-loaf-recipe
  11. Agreed and unless NATO becomes involved, Russia will most likely have air superiority.
  12. Making a decision based on anger is usually not a good decision in the long run.
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