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  1. I had a 500C with a prism finder, it was a great workhorse!
  2. Their misdeeds are often blamed on murder hornets!
  3. As the daughter is underage, a pistol is not an option.
  4. I’d like to see more serious research on that.....
  5. She also appears to have an agenda in regards to wild horses and the Indigenous Species Act.
  6. Never had a problem with this, though mainly shot local matches. Someone shooting a Spencer in any form is hardly a threat of being a “gamer”.
  7. Yes, you only have handle one extra object rather then digging out three loose rounds. Keep in mind you must handle the carbine/rifle and magazine spring with one hand while loading with the other. I carry the reload tube in a repro Dyer pouch.
  8. I have one of the early .45 Schofield guns, and it would hold 8, but I usually only load 7 for better reliability. I reload on the clock with small copper tube that holds 3 rounds like a miniature Blakeslee tube. As mentioned earlier, Spencers are very OAL dependent. One of the nice things about the .45 Schofield Spencers was for reenacting, you could load very cheap blanks using .44 magnum brass.
  9. At the moment, Ballistol appears readily available on Amazon.
  10. a SAR B6c (Turkish CZ75 clone) and a IWI Tavor, both virtual of course.
  11. You may find this video entertaining: https://www.full30.com/video/6afd3affeea07031b08c3dcb5cfc3604
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