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  1. No silly personal attack. Just stating the obvious. BS
  2. If engaging has nothing to do with shooting AT a target, then maybe you have a point. If the shooter had intended to engage the KD, then the SG would have been pointed in that direction. But, your arguments are usually just to argue or stir the pot. BS
  3. If the "down" target was never shot at, then I can't see how anyone could say that it had been engaged. At this point I would call a miss because one SG target had not been engaged/shot where it was. BS
  4. I thought Baby Ruth was the better choice. BS
  5. WD-40 is a corrosive. Don't let it get around your primers. We use it lightly in the SG chamber in between stages. BS
  6. Good advice. I purchased a sawed off SG at a BATF auction years ago. Barrels are 18 3/8" long. Take care, BS
  7. Instead of letting the hammer hit the nipples, just go to half-cock and rotate the cylinder by hand. BS
  8. Numbers can be bent around. A person gets tested, it's positive, that's one new case. Same person waits a few days and gets tested again just to be sure, again positive, that's two new cases by the numbers. Main Stream Media is pushing the vaccine. They don't come out and say it but the impression they give is that you will be immune once you have been vaccinated. Take care, BS
  9. Covid is one issue. Primers/components is another perhaps more influential issue. BS
  10. And to all the other reasons listed above, let us not forget that fuel prices have gone up. When transportation costs go up, the cost of everything goes up. Take care, BS
  11. You could look at Busqudaro rigs or have your favorite holster maker build a holster with the drop built in. If you like the revolver, change your rig. My two cents, BS
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