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  1. Flies across half the country and it is not a threat. Don't you just love these people who are for love and happiness?! Shoot it down after it has transmitted all the information. I can't really express what I really want to say. BS
  2. Soooo, if those aren't really guns... I don't think that I'll be able to convince the wife that my eight "not guns" don't count towards the total. It may have worked before she got into CAS, but definitely not now. But it's a thought. BS
  3. Maybe they are just looking at all the agricultural land that they have purchased in the last few years. BS
  4. One of the meds that I take is the "water pill". That got me out of jury duty. They didn’t want me making multiple trips to the head every hour. BS
  5. It was snowing this morning in Tucson!! Kinda crazy. BS
  6. The 3 pair look like "universal" holsters that are sold. Fit just about anything. I've a pair on my gun cart. BS
  7. If you have a Cal Ranch nearby check to see if they have any in stock. The new store in Tucson was selling Federal LP and SP primers for $60 per 1000. You may have to check on a regular basis, they go quickly. BS
  8. I've taken the RO I & 2 classes and even a refresher. I prefer not to be the TO. There is a lot more to being the Timer Operator than just running the timer. BS
  9. I believe they are either open or opening soon. Give them a call at (520) 883-0100. BS
  10. My thought is to leave it as it is. If Juniors want to try out Gunfighter, they can. All they have to do is sign up for the Gunfighter category. And if they are testing the waters that should be done at a monthly match vs a State or higher match. Let me go at this from a different direction. Only Gunfighters or B-Western shooters can have two loaded revolvers in hand. The way that the change is written any Junior could have two loaded revolvers out, he/she is thinking about shooting GF but changed their mind. Penalty? For any other age category that would be a progressive P. Not needed. BS
  11. I like seeing the full-face helmet, shorts, tee shirt, and tennis shoes. Brings a smile to my face. BS
  12. I was a Chief Petty Officer for close to 9 years. I was addressed as Chief Berry or just Chief. I was a Chief Warrant Officer for 3 years. I was addressed as Warrant Berry or Warrant. That is the way it works. Merry Christmas, Barry Sloe
  13. I'm still waiting on the 38-40. BS
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