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  1. Fireplaces are not that efficient. If I were going from scratch, I'd get a free standing stove. Just my thoughts, BS
  2. If you really want to save ammo just go up to the line with empty firearms. At the beep, draw, pull the trigger and shout Bang, wait a split second and shout clang. To make it realistic you could even skip a clang here and there to give yourself a miss. Have a great day, BS
  3. So, a couple of months back I ordered some Federal SPP and LPP off an internet dealer (for those wondering, I paid a ridiculous price of $56/1K). Received the primers, no issues. Here's what is different - the individual boxes (100 count) for both the large and small primers are marked "Not for Resale". It is not on the box for the brick (1K), just the individual boxes. I'm not going to be selling them, just curious if anyone has come across that before. Thanks for any responses, BS
  4. My first thought is, what are you using it for? Match gun, carry, plinking? BS
  5. It depends on where you are as to when or if the vacuum tube era ended. In '92 I toured a relatively new Russian cruiser. It was set up with vacuum tubes all over the place. BS
  6. Back in the "Good Old Days", winter of '76, I was going thru a tech school at Great Lakes. The wind chill was -72 and the boiler went out. If you remember the old wool blankets from the military - they gave us one extra blanket to keep us warm. Not. There are reasons why my better half and I retired in Arizona vs Iowa where we grew up. It's a little cool this morning, about 45. Should get up to 70 by midday. Stay warm, BS
  7. Back in my day, everyone earned their spot. It's a new year and everyone starts from scratch. I might add that you also needed to work & follow team rules to keep your position. My junior year I missed a Thursday practice (day before game) to go get my drivers license. I thought I would be back in time. Anyway, when I walked out on the practice field in my civvies the coach grabbed one of the other running backs and said "Here's tomorrows starting fullback". Nothing is given. BS
  8. Think about what you see on TV today. Back in the day there was violence, but morals were also taught. Pinball machines were played, but video games hadn't been invented as yet. Again, morals went down the tubes with many of today's video games. Today no one is responsible for their own actions or their children's actions. There are many things that make today better than back then. But mindset is not one of them. BS
  9. I like how the patina makes it blend right in. BS
  10. I had to renew my driver's license last year. The MVD has a long list of items needed for renewal (SS card, bill, etc). I had my pile of paperwork and told the MVD person that I just wanted a "regular" driver's license. They said that since I had all the paperwork I might as well get federal license. A federal approved license was like $10 extra. I'm retired military, my military ID card is also on the federal list for flying. BS
  11. I'll take them off your hands. I'll send you a PM.
  12. I'll say no to double. They have yet to state what the standard/specification is for any mask. I still feel that the mask is more of a control item than a safety or health item. Just my two cents, BS
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