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  1. My experience has been with TTNs. The hammers are close enough that you should be able to cock them with one hand. I also have a Pedersoli "Doc Holliday", it is a beautiful shotgun but the hammers are spread apart. I cock these one at a time. A thought - make sure that the hammered shotgun that you choose is a true external hammered gun. There are some that have fake external hammers. They have the look but would not be legal for Classic. Good luck in your search, BS
  2. It depends on how much you want to do and spend. To see the town, OK Corral, Boothill, etc., one day will probably do it. If you want to add a horseback ride add another day. The Tombstone Livery (where the local SASS clubs shoot) is about a mile out of town. Enjoy, BS
  3. I'll take it. I'll give you a call Monday. That is, assuming it is not sold to Mr. Flats. BS edit: added the assumption.
  4. Rance covered it pretty well. One thing I would add: once I'm loaded up and waiting my turn, I will close my eyes and go over the stage as one of the shooters ahead of me shoots it. Don't watch them, they might screw it up and that won't help you. Good luck, BS
  5. Okra, still can't get past that first time I saw it all stringy. BS
  6. On the BP side: Black MZ by Alliant is dwindling. BS
  7. Many times your rifle can run faster than you can. A 66 is usually nice and smooth. Back off the speed a little and then speed up a little at a time. Good luck, BS
  8. I'm also glad they sold. My self control was wearing down. Beautiful pair at a great price. BS
  9. Camping at the range depends on whether it has rained or not. If there's been a lot of rain the number of range camping spots will drop considerably. It's always good to have a plan A and B. BS
  10. Jackaroo, Thank you for giving us the exact verbiage. BS
  11. It's called baby steps. I proposed the original rule change to a TG at least a year ago. Trying to get too many rules changed would bring the changes to a standstill. BS
  12. The reason is simple - the rules. It's not that it is unsafe because in none of those instances are the firearms going to go bang, they are empty. And it is easy enough for any RO to check/verify that the firearm is in-fact empty. There seem to be a lot of people more than willing to go over the top on safety. That's not always a bad thing, but unless common sense is allowed in, then the over the top is beyond what is needed. Explain what is unsafe about having a spent hull in a shotgun chamber? Or a spent casing on the carrier or stove-piped in a rifle? Nothing is going to go bang, the round has been expended. But it is a RULE and the penalty is a Minor Safety Violation. Safety is a good thing. Applying rules without a dose of common sense can make things a bit ridiculous. Be safe, BS
  13. Perhaps the SG should be addressed next. I'm definitely for safety, but let's ensure that a bit of common sense is used when drawing up the rules. Some examples : empty closed SG, spent hull in SG, spent brass on carrier. None of these can cause any harm to an individual. But each carries a safety penalty. Sorry for going off on a tangent. BS
  14. When I re-stage my SG and it goes closed what does the TO do? He has me open it and show empty to him/her. This change would follow along those lines. As far as "rifle being treated differently than a unloaded shotgun" - currently the rifle is being treated differently. From the SHB, pg 16, under "Safe Conditions During a Course of FIre - Shotguns" "A shotgun is considered SAFE for movement (in hand, while moving through a stage in the following condition only: - Action open, round in chamber or on carrier. - Hammer(s) fully down on an empty chamber(s) or expended round(s), action closed." So, a shotgun can be moved from point A to point B with the action closed and empty chamber. A rifle, however, with the action closed, empty chamber, and hammer cocked will get you a SDQ. That is part of the reasoning for the modification to the rule. Not to throw the rule out. But to penalize when there is indeed a safety hazard. BS
  15. I checked the safe and most of my rifles have the straight stock. At the same time I noticed that my shotguns have a pistol grip. I don't think that there is a lot of difference in feel. Find what is most comfortable for you. BS
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