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  1. My thought is that the Rules of Engagement need to be adjusted for these times. As long as these a$$holes are on a catch and release program, nothing will change. If they are hit with the same type of "punch" as they are throwing, most of these wannabes will go home. And, someone needs to discover who is financing these people, then find a very deep hole. My two cents, BS
  2. SASS HQ may be able to help you out. BS
  3. I shoot 44 Russians in both 44 special and 44 magnum revolvers. No issues whatsoever. I believe that the thing to remember is that you need to clean the chamber really well. Otherwise, you could get a buildup that would prevent you from loading the longer cases. BS
  4. It sounds like the County is going to take it over. Don't know if that will be good or bad. BS
  5. I always weigh 145 lbs. It's that extra 100 lbs that the doctor bitches at me about. BS
  6. From the ROI: "The Posse Marshal & Deputy The Posse Marshal Is in charge of a posse and are required to ensure all positions are manned to safely and efficiently run the posse through each course of fire. Ensures that all rules and regulations are being followed. Must understand all stages, conduct a walk-through, and answer all questions before each stage. Will appoint at least one Posse Marshal deputy to assist if one is not assigned." Also from the ROI: the last line under "The Timer Operator" Final assessment regarding the assessment of penalties is made by the TO. The posse marshal/leader is there to ensure that everything goes smoothly and they are the first line in disputes. I see NOTHING that gives a posse leader the authority to assess penalties when they are not one of the Range Officers. Perhaps PWB can shed some wisdom. BS
  7. People that know me know that I lean hard towards Republican values. But, I do not put signs in my yard just like I do not put gun related stickers on my truck. I may be incognito, but my voice will be heard on election day. BS
  8. Doc Marks are you out there? Check your mailbox. BS
  9. ANTIFA?? Just thinking, BS
  10. My better half recently acquired a Ruger PC9. I dusted off some 9mm brass and bullets that had been collecting dust. Next thing you know she has 2500 9mm loaded up. And she's smiling. BS
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