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  1. Also check Gunbroker for the latest "sold" prices. BS
  2. This was a great shoot. Good stages matched with good target placement. It was on my bucket list, but don't think I'll scratch it off just yet. Going to go back. Hoss, enjoyed shooting with you. BS
  3. CC, Thank you for the kind words. I hope that I live up to them. BS
  4. My better half and I are looking forward to it. We'll see you at the range. BS
  5. My grandson just turned 8 and enjoys shooting. I haven't started him on Cowboy as yet. I might introduce him to a monthly match, but would not consider any other match if he could not properly handle the firearms himself. Safety should be first and foremost. BS
  6. GQ is not something you want to hear at 6 am on a Sunday morning. Ours was a engineering main space fire, two days west of Hawaii. And you don't dial 911 for the fire department. BS
  7. "Rifle at the ready " means different things to people. It is not defined. I leave it at whatever position is comfortable to the shooter (and it meets stage description). For me, aimed downrange. For others it has been just held in hands. BS
  8. Thanks for the clarification of terms. BS
  9. The penalties seem to be conflicting. BS
  10. While I was digging through the SHB trying to find information I stumbled onto this tidbit: SHB, page 22, Penalties Overview Minor Safety Violation (MSV) infractions include: - Open, empty long guns that slip and fall - but do not break the 170 degree safety rule or sweep anyone. BS
  11. SDQ. As you noted, if it had happened after all the guns had been cleared it would have been a No Call. BS
  12. TW Not sure where you got: "It has been determined that the gun from a holster is still IN HAND until re-holstered regardless if its 20 feet away on a table." If a revolver is drawn from a holster it is considered "in hand" from the time it clears the holster until it is re-holstered. That statement ASSUMES that the shooter draws, fires, and holsters the revolver. If the shooter draws, fires, and then lays the revolver on a prop - it is no longer "in hand". BS
  13. You've added a new twist to the OP. The OP was about staging, now you add cocked revolvers. ANY cocked revolver that is either set down or re-holstered is a SDQ as soon as the shooter releases their hand from the revolver (be it on a prop or holster). BS
  14. From PWBs notation, I would say that it's a "No Call" for the scenario where the revolvers were staged on the table, but a "P" for having 2 loaded revolvers out of the holsters at one time. BS
  15. Per the OP, he did not transfer the revolver. He dropped the supporting hand and continued to fire the revolver with the hand it was originally held in. It did not leave his hand, therefore, no call. BS
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