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  1. It's good to see someone older than me. BS
  2. We've got 2 apps in for January, both in Arizona. One app in for May, out of state. Now we sit, hold our breath, and cross our fingers that the match(s) is/are not canceled. Deep breath, BS
  3. Think positive, more time to dial it in. BS
  4. You know that small rifle and small pistol primers are virtually interchangeable. Just saying, BS
  5. Ruger website only shows 3 3/4" barrel lengths with either birdshead or plow handle grips. It would be nice if they came out with 4 5/8" or 5 1/2" barrel lengths. BS
  6. But, do you see any mosquitoes around?? Nobody talks about the positive points of shooting black. BS
  7. Used the tubing style speed loader today at a match. Works great. Only problem I had was that I can't count. Almost loaded 6 chambers vs 5. Caught it before I put the ball in. I'll be using this technique again. Oh, and I had a clean match. BS
  8. Check with Sandy at Thunderstick Trading Company (520-290-8599). I believe that I saw one in their rack. Good luck, BS
  9. Let's see. If they tag a death as COVID, they get paid a premium. That'll cover a few bonuses. BS
  10. Just received my shipment of SPP and LPP. Anyone know how to read the date code, if that is what it is? The only code that I see is: 24A091 Thoughts? Regards, BS
  11. Let's cross our collective fingers and hope that comes true. Some forecast it's still a year out. And don't forget that some of the top Dems said that riots should continue, that is the way for change to come about. Sad. Be prepared for any situation, BS
  12. To go off on a tangent, I have an '87 within reach for home defense. I like the idea of whomever is entering my home hearing the shotgun cycle in the dark. Their next move should be to leave. BS
  13. I like a TO that is quiet unless I need a nudge. I dislike a TO that will not ever give that nudge. BS
  14. I'm going to have to try that (the tubing method). BS
  15. Barry Sloe


    The only question I have about a mask is this: what specifications must they meet? Government has not stated a spec, just that we wear one. BS
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