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  1. S&W mdl 29, 2" or 4" barrel (I can't remember which), and full house 44 magnum loads. I was a novice way back then and didn't know about all the loads that could be used. Short story, it went away. Wish I had it now. BS
  2. When you look at the list they're going after just about every semiautomatic rifle made and most semiautomatic pistols are going to fall into the same category. Hopefully, this will get flushed. BS
  3. What is/defines a "Professional Match "? BS
  4. Military IDs are on the list of real IDs. Just throwing it out there. BS
  5. I can't say anything about the 44-40, but I've got a few 38-40s. When I first started thinking about going the BP route I read up on it a bit. Most said that the 38-40 sealed better and, therefore, was easier to clean. Since I lean towards being lazy I opted for the 38-40. BS
  6. Social media is both connecting us and dividing us. The connection is obvious. The division is when people can't turn off Facebook or whatever and have a face to face conversation at the dinner table. BS
  7. Some of you may know my older brother, Hugo Bear. Friday he is having surgery to have a football size cancerous tumor removed from the area of his abdomen. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. Barry Sloe Update: Hugo is in recovery after a 3 1/2 hour surgery. The tumor came out clean, which is a blessing. On to rehab and recovery. Thank you for all the prayers. BS
  8. Revolvers have to be holstered at the end of the revolver string. Which means that when you are done shooting the second revolver you must holster your revolvers. It would seem that if you holster the second revolver and then go pick up and holster the first revolver, you have conformed to the rules. That's my thoughts, BS
  9. I found out that my brothers unit recieved this award when in country. Thanks again. BS
  10. Thanks UB. I'm going to pass this on to my brother. BS
  11. Just finished. BS
  12. Pork and bean sandwich. Bush's is the best. Always get a "look " when I make one. BS
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