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  1. Barry Sloe

    Night shoot

    Somehow I think that my night vision would be completely gone after shooting that! Maybe one of these days. BS
  2. Sending prayers for Shirley and Bob. Barry Sloe and Trizzlie
  3. PWB, I did keep up with the OP. Go ahead and lock this thread. There are a few WTCs that I don't understand how they got to the resolution they did. I'll leave this one the same way.
  4. I understand they were all rifle targets. I also understand that all the rifle targets were not hit (5th shot was a miss) and 4th alternating shot was not made. It's like the 5th shot didn't even happen. Widder- I know what you're saying. BS
  5. Trying to summarize. Stage instructions - with rifle shoot the plate rack (6 knockdowns) then alternate 4 shots on 2 stationary targets. Any plates left standing could be made up with the SG. In a very recent WTC: shooter missed a shot at a rifle knockdown plate, then earned a P by using 7 shots to knockdown the 6 knockdowns. Shooter only used 3 shots vs 4 on the alternating targets because of the missed shot. Stage instructions allowed misses on rifle knockdowns to be made up by shotgun. At the end of the string TO made shooter shoot 1 SG makeup. during the discussion of the WTC it was said that since the shooter had wasted the extra time shooting the SG makeup (all the rifle knockdowns were down) that there was no extra penalty earned. Only penalty earned was the P for the extra shot on the knockdown plate. I've got two problems with the logic. 1) Shooter got a re-shoot for being made to engage the SG makeup target (remember that all the knockdowns were down). Ruled as TO interference. This not only doesn't penalize the shooter for the miss, but actually gives them a bonus. 2) Remember the rifle miss on the plate rack. Go to the Miss Flow Chart. 1st question - "DID THE SHOOTER HIT ALL THE CORRECT TYPE OF TARGETS WITH LEGALLY ACQUIRED AMMO?" Since the question has the word "ALL" it makes my answer NO because the 4th alternating target was not shot at. Flow chart states - assess misses. The 4th alternating shot was not made because of the miss on the plate. I know the old adage that a Miss cannot cause a P. Here we had a Miss (missed the knockdown), THEN a P (using 7 shots vs 6 on the knockdowns instead of using the SG makeup). The miss here counts because there was not a round to engage the 4th alternating shot. ALL the correct type of target were not hit. I do spend time trying to get the rules straight. It doesn't work all the time. Regards, Barry Sloe
  6. I'll take the Ten X. I'll be at WR on Wednesday. PM to follow. BS
  7. Barry Sloe


    For PWB: The first question in the Miss Flow Chart is "Did shooter hit all the correct type of targets with legally acquired ammo". The answer is no. ALL of the rifle targets were not hit. That should be a miss. The fact that the shooter had shot 10 rounds should be moot. I stick with 1 miss and a P. Respectfully, BS
  8. I've been on 81mg aspirin for years now. Aspirin acts as a blood thinner. Any little cut and I bleed alot. Nicked myself on my shotgun two weeks ago and had to beg for a bandaid (usually keep them on the cart, but had swapped carts around). Wife said we need to get the liquid bandaid. Splatter not a big thing. BS
  9. Barry Sloe


    How about from the Miss Flow Chart. - Did the shooter hit all the correct type of targets with legally acquired ammo? My answer is no, shooter did not engage or hit a buffalo with a 4th shot. Assess Misses (1). - Were the targets hit in the correct order except for any misses? No, target #5 was shot at twice. - Did the target placement give the shooter the opportunity for a clean miss to be scored without argument? Yes. Assess Procedural. The initial miss on the plate rack was allowed to be made up with the SG and it was. Shooter should receive one miss for the 4th buffalo and a procedural for shooting 7 rounds at the 6 plate targets. That's what I see from my seat in the stands, BS
  10. Barry Sloe


    Quite a bit of difference in the answers. Instructions were: shoot 6 plate targets, then alternate the 2 stationary targets for 4 rounds. Shooter shot 7 rounds at the plate rack, that's a P. Shooter shot 3 rounds at stationary targets, that's 1 miss. Shooter would have had 2 misses if he had not used the shotgun for a makeup (plate rack #5 miss). P and a miss. BS
  11. The Democrats dream: 1) Impeach President Trump. 2) Impeach then President Pence. 3) Install "President" Pelosi. Think about it. There were already talks of investigating Pence. We need to hold the line. BS
  12. Two years ago I made the same resolution - no guns. I made it 2 days. On a phone call with an old classmate he mentioned that he had helped a friend by buying a .45 Ruger for $350. I told him I'd give him at least $375 for it and he said "sold". So much for resolutions. BS PS. Great looking Schofields.
  13. My reloading shed was rebuilt for that purpose. It includes: - full insulation. - double floor (thought I'd have the safe out there). - window shaker a/c (when it fails I'll get a window shaker that is combination a/c & heat). - steel door. - of course, the work bench is heavy duty to mount the presses to. Add a 2 or 4 drawer cabinet ($10 at the University's surplus store) and you are on the way. Good luck, BS
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