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  1. When shooting in any of the Gunfighter categories you have the option of shooting either Gunfighter or Double Duelist style. When shooting Duelist category you have the option of shooting either Duelist or Double Duelist style. The B Western category is the only category that you could shoot two handed on one stage, duelist on the next stage, and shoot gunfighter on the third stage. Good luck, Barry Sloe
  2. Always watch the sky. If it turns green, you've got problems. BS
  3. Trizzlee and I will be there. Somebody's got to keep the mosquitoes away. BS
  4. Isn't it amazing how when a person makes a comment that a rule needs to be changed, all these Monday morning quarterbacks come out of the woodwork with all their expertise, wisdom, and opinions. Tell me when did: Rubber soled boots come about? How about belt loops and belts? (I know that has been bounced around before) Sunglasses? Some of the snaps and zippers on those fancy chaps? When were those invented? The lower contoured hammers on some of those revolvers. Yes, they're legal. But period correct - not. And of course there is smokeless powder. Not necessarily Cowboy. This is supposed to be a game. A game that is truly competitive, but a game none the less. What harm would it cause to allow adjustable sights in the Frontiersman category?? More competition. That should be welcomed. If the argument is strictly "it doesn't look Cowboy", then maybe we need to figure out exactly what "Cowboy" is. Now I need to open the safe and look at the Rugers with the SBH hammers, the Uberti '66s & '73s with short strokes, and the doubles with polished and beveled chambers. Yep, sure feels traditional Cowboy. Everyone stay safe, BS
  5. Throw your thoughts at Sassy and have her bring them up at the next TG meeting for debate/vote. BS
  6. Glad to hear about the stores. Brenda and I have to do a little work on the long gun racks at the Livery. Maybe after we can swing into town for a cold one. BS
  7. I happen to know that there is a pair for sale at Thunderstick Trading Co. in Tucson. You can contact Sandy or Mike at (520) 290-8599 on Monday. They're good people to work with and they are also cowboy shooters. No, I'm not affiliated with the store. I just spend a lot of money there. Take care, Barry Sloe
  8. As some others have noted, it's the bottle necked case. The bottle neck seals the case to the chamber not allowing blow back. When I'm cleaning my rifle: 1) spray a mixture of water and dish soap down the barrel; 2) run a clean patch down the barrel to get the gunk out; 3) run a patch that has Breakfree CLR on it down the barrel, this will protect the barrel. Done. There are times when you'll have to give it a deeper cleaning. But 9 out of 10 times a quick cleaning will be enough. Good luck with your new rifle, BS P.S. When I was looking at switching to BP, I did a little research. I found that the 44-40 and 38-40 had the best reputation for being the cleanest calibers. As I am somewhat lazy, I picked the 38-40 to switch to.
  9. I've got 3 Yellowboys in 38-40. Nice and smooth. A great thing about the 38-40s is that you will have minimal amount of cleaning when you have finished shooting. BS
  10. Let's see. If I go out to the garage I can look at one of those doohickey's on the floor of my Impala. I'll have to test it one of these days. Sometimes you have to pump real fast to get the windshield fluid to come out. BS
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