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  1. APP does tend to clump up.... Before I start Loading I always pour mine into a large clean plastic bowl and check if for clumps.... Any I find I crush em with a plastic spoon. Then I pour it into the Hopper.
  2. That's one reason Wally quit selling 'em, then he Sold the Company... Lock Stock & Barrel to Powder Inc..... Heck he gave me mine for FREE Actually, I think I bought the 1st one, then he gave me another..... Then he showed me how to make one for my MEC out of trash can left overs I sure do miss Old Wally (Dawge Nose)... He was a Great Buddy!!!!
  3. Yep, I still use the machined Aluminum powder hoppers on my loaders that Black Dawge use to sell.
  4. You Are Correct, It will start Grassfires.... And it will get you Banned from shooting BP at certain Clubs in N. TEXAS in the Summertime & Fall.... I Know !!!
  5. I just sat down after spending the last hour loading 8 boxes of BP shells on my MEC Grabber..... Yes, I load Real Black on a progressive MEC Grabber and have been for about 20 years..... I use the Exact same set up that Black Dawge Powder Company used to load Commercially for several years. One hour total time, 200 shells in 8 boxes, ready to Go, including set up before and cleanup after..... Plastic Hulls.... Red or Green... whatever I pick up after a Match, with 32gr. of Real 2F BP, Claybuster CB1100-12 wads and 1oz reclaimed shot.
  6. I'm with Sedalia Dave, only thing I use 3f for is my Cap & Ball..... 2F clogs up in my Flask. Although..... I have mixed 2F & 3F together and that does meter through my Flask OK....
  7. It's Snowing & Colder than a Witch's booby in a brass bra...... How do you Yankees handle month's of this Misery ???? Anyway between watching old Roy Rogers Movies, I ran across a couple of pieces of heavy scrap Leather, 3/16" thick.... Then had an idea that it would be the perfect size to make a couple of CAS .22 loading blocks. So here's what I came up with, the holes made with a 1/4" drill bit are tight enough that the ammo stays put, but loose enough for it to slide out easy at the Loading Table I believe they'll work Really Well....
  8. I think it was Seawolf Fletcher that owned one a Them..... He claimed that Stevens misnamed Em......... Should'a been "Miserable Loader" not Visible Loader
  9. Check out the video of Missouri Lefty with the 'Widder Soft Stroke' Henry
  10. I got a pair of Ruger Wranglers..... They are basically Aluminum frame Single Sixes They lightened up pretty good with some Wolfe springs and a little polishing & tuning. And the fit my Holsters reasonably well. For a Rifle for ".22" CAS I think a Henry is probably the best choice available..... I got a Silver Boy and did a Widdermatic Short/Soft Stroke to it.... WOW.... is it Smooth and capable of running Way Faster than I could ever handle.
  11. Sounds like Wes... He was a Great Guy & Gunsmith.
  12. I replaced the loading lever with these............ https://www.howellarms.com/parts/1858-remington-cylinder-pin-quick-release
  13. Maybe.... There's a bit of LunarTic in All of Us... Thats why we do this Crazy Game
  14. Looks like Lizard is OK with LunarTic gettin' em......... So SOLD to LunarTic Pete... I Love that Handle Sent you a PM !!!!!
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