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    CAS, Shooting, Electric Mountain Biking, Motorcycles, Jeeps, RC Racing, Steam Trains & collecting Vintage Pocket Watches.... and "LET'S GO, BRANDON"

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  1. You've got both the Lonestar Frontier Shooting Club and Comanche Valley Vigilantes in Cleburne which would be the closest to you. And the Texas Ten Horns in Leonard. Plus the Arlington Sportsman Club in Arlington (not SASS affiliated but shoot CAS) And then there's the Texas Doughboys that shoot Wild Bunch.... I think they're up in Saginaw or Watauga
  2. Right around the spring of 1956 when I was about 8 years old, my older sister's boyfriend showed up on our front lawn to pick her up. My sister of course was Not yet Ready. So I went out to say Hi…. And he was on his New (to him) motorcycle…… To this day I still have that image burned into my memory……. It was Identical to Yours! Same color, same Indian Chief on the front fender, everything…. He saw me drooling and said "Hop On" He scooted back in the seat and I jumped on in front straddling the seat and tank and we took off before my Mom could get out of the door to stop us.… And OMG I was in Heaven! I fell instantly In Love with Motorcycles! And still am almost 70 years later………. Wish I had an extra $33 Grand laying around…. Thanks for Posting!!!!!!
  3. Funny thing about that Billy is several folks thought we Hated each other and kept wanting to put us on separate Posse's
  4. I do miss my regular "arguments" with Goody... I think we both enjoyed those almost as much as the Shootin' I met Jim wayyyy back in about 71'... Him and sometimes with his brother would stop by the motorcycle shop I worked at to drool all over the bikes and ask about how the weekend's MX races went. Years later I went to my first CAS Shoot to just Look around and see what it was all about..... At the shooters meeting I heard some kid holler my name out and it was Goody! The "Dirty Rat" announced that I was gonna Shoot not just watch. Then he strapped some guns on my hips and got me started in CAS... I never forgave him I do Miss Goody!!
  5. I ordered One from Mayhem's .... It showed up yesterday.... It Is the same length as the stock lever, but it puts my thumb in a better position for opening the gun. It does not change anything relating to opening the gun but the position of the lever to your thumb....... and it looks sorta cool. I still went into the gun and lightened the spring a smidgen more. Bottom line for me is It made just enough difference to allow me to open the gun....... So I'm Happy! Now I just hope my Doc is correct that if I keep up on my rehab I should get most of my strength back in another 6 months or so........ Life does throw some interesting curve balls at'cha from time to time...............
  6. I agree Lassy.... I would Highly NOT Recommend this mod to anyone !
  7. I can see how that would certainly shorten the amount of movement needed to Open the Gun..... But, I sure hope you don't shoot anything but super light loads in it.... Good Luck!
  8. As Archimedes said... "With a long enough Lever you could lift the World" But as PaleWolf sez.... It wouldn't be Legal
  9. That's helpful.... Thanks! Both mine have already been lightened up pretty close to the Max....... And I've tried "Bent" levers too. My thinking on the "speed lever" It's bent a little more than a standard lever is usually bent..... Plus it's bent back where it meets the thumb. It appears to maintain the same Overall Length as a straight stock lever. Where a stock bent lever will loose a slight amount of overall length.... Thus slightly less leverage. So in theory it appears give you the exact same Overall Length and Leverage as a Stock Lever while placing the Lever in a better thumb position for opening the gun...... Anywho, That's what I'm hoping for.
  10. Thanks Doc..... I ASSUME one of the reasons you like it is because it takes less thumb strength to Open the Gun ?? For those that aren't familiar, Here's a Pic....
  11. Old Age, Old Broken Bones and recent Heart Attacks are starting to catch up with Me...... My SKB's have both been "slicked up" including smoothing and lightening the Top Barrel Release Levers on both of em. They use to be a Breeze to open em up..... No More! I can barely make the lever move any longer without dropping the SxS from my shoulder and pressing hard on the lever. Doc Sez It will take at least a Year for me to gain back the strength I lost from a heart attack 5 months ago... But I'd still like to make opening up my Shotgun a little easier ! Sooooo..... Anyone have experience with the Heartless Speed Lever??? I know Mayhem's Mercantile sells em on the Merchant Corner...... I sent em an email, no reply yet.... Anyone else make them or have them for sale ??? But for now, Who has used one? And do they make it easier to open the gun? Had any Issues? Any helpful input will be Appreciated.
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