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  1. I really enjoyed shootin' with Old Bob and he built Really Nice Carts too !!!!!!! Lotta folks didn't know Bob was in several Hollywood Movies....... Here's Old Bob in Action getting shot off the Roof by Van Heflin while he's guarding Glenn Ford in the original 3:10 to Yuma..... Old Bob shows up at about the 2:15 point in the trailer
  2. Not SASS, but there might be some cycling nuts here interested in an old Race Bike ............. Paramount PDG (Pro Design Group) OS, I believe it is a Series 7 Size is 56cm..... medium/large Ultegra crank, shifters & brakes, Mavic Helium wheels, Selle Italia Flite Titanium two tone seat, Thompson Elite seatpost, Profile Design stem and Ritchey Bio Max bars. It was pretty much "state of the art" for the 90's and will still be an awesome Ride for someone today. It hasn't been ridden in over a Qtr of a Century and the RH shifter is sticking it p
  3. You could just make a brass drift.... Like Larson sez...... That's what I did about 40 years ago. I took a 3/8" brass bolt over to the bench grinder and had myself a nice little Brass Drift in about 2 minutes It still works as well now as it did back then.
  4. Many of the early "Short Frame" Navy Arms '66's came with the scooped out Hammer you're speaking of...... They are good guns and can be made to be competitive...... But, You cannot get parts for them and many smiths will not work on them !!! Most parts from the later production '66's will not fit in the Early short frame 1866 My best advice if you plan to use it for CAS is to STAY AWAY from the short Frame Navy Arms 1866 !!!!
  5. Whatever it is, It's Friggin' Awesome.... I Love It
  6. Josey Wales w/ a 1911... That would be fun to watch...... After I saw this first post back in April, I thought that the Pike category at some clubs sounded like fun, so I proposed it at two of the Clubs I shoot at regularly. We've shot it now at both Club's monthly shoots and it was very well received and went really smooth. We had zero issues on every stage during the running of the matches. Several more folks said they want to try it now too........ Here is a pdf copy of the Rules we made up for both Clubs, PIKE Rules PDF.... 6:21.pdf
  7. That looks almost identical to a Henry...... Wonder if you can SS It ?
  8. Yep..... Really nice Gun Cart Wheels, a pair of em, lightweight and very strong, 24" outer diameter, 1" wide solid Hard rubber tires (no flats) for 1/2" dia. axle, w/ ball bearings... Ready to mount to your Cart!! Got em for a Cart I was building. And they Look Great, roll Really Easy and were pretty much Perfect !!! EXCEPT, As soon as I put the Cart into the back of my little PU Truck.... I couldn't close the Lid on the bed. Ya Need to Measure Before You Build... Don'tCha........ So if you don't have a Lid on your Pickup or you drive a big
  9. Got ahold of my personal Guru... And got several questions answered also got several informational links and a copy of the Rules. Looks like most every group that runs an Autocross has some different rules though...... Many do accept M rated Helmets, but not all .... They All do accept SA2020 rated ones. And now I have to buy Two of em..... Kalamity Kathy sez since we're using Her Car, she wants to drive too..... This is gettin' expensive!! Oh Yea.... My Guru sez he will let me ride with him on one of his early runs.... He drives one of these.
  10. I've walked out of the theater several times over the years. But they were all so bad I don't remember the names..... I one I do remember was the very first one I walked out on .... "The Lion in Winter" Years later I tried it once more ..... I had heard so many people say it was a Masterpiece with Great performances by Katheryn Hepburn and Peter O'Toole They were WRONG.... It Stinks!!!!
  11. Thanks, I THINK the events here require a Snell A rated helmet, an M Rated wont cut it, And I KNOW they have to be 2015 or newer............ I've have located a Local Autocross Guru ............ he said I could call him tomorrow.... Hopefully I can get my questions answered............ THANKS !!!!!
  12. A Helmet is one of the things I have questions about, you're right using a Loaner is not a great idea. But the rules say it has to be Snell approved SA2015 or newer.... And that leaves out All of my old Racing Helmets and every Helmet I've looked at in several Motorcycle Shops. I've found some online But they are $$$$$ and I've never gotten a new Helmet without trying several on first. There has got to be a good source somewhere ??? And the only forum I've found online that even mentions Autocross is a Porsche Owners forum .... Anyone know of a good
  13. Wayback in the Dark Ages I did some Autocross on my off racing weekends..... And now that I'm officially Retired and looking for some other activities besides CAS and Yardwork I'm too Old & Fat to get back into Motocross..... But Autocross was a lot of Fun. The last time I did an autocross Carter had just been sworn in....... I bet there is a Lot I need to brush up on. So....... anyone here recently into that Sport ??????
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