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  1. OK HC, I will bring it with me.... I'll PM you my cell # & we can hook up there. Hoss, See you at TH Pard .......
  2. Hells Comin' spoke first.... CU at WR! Anybody need a Cabelas Brass Dryer??....... It's like Brand New has 5 trays and will dry several hundred pieces of Brass in a Jiffy. I got it as a Christmas present about 4 years ago, but I'd just bought another one & the box it came in got thrown out with the wrappings...... I used it Once, it works like a Champ! I don't need two and I've run outta room to store it... So It's Gotta Go!!!! $30 ???? But I'm not gonna ship it.... I can take it to WR, Trailhead, Comancheria Days or Land Run..... Or a local N. Texas Shoot Don't let Cabelas know, But you can also make Jerky with it too
  3. Seems like I read that Bear River Powder Co. will be selling Goex BP at Winter Range...... ??? Anybody know fer sure?
  4. And they did it with a .22 ...... And a Really Ugly .22 at That!
  5. Fireball, It Works!!! I got my Rifle Brass back Today Yippeeee !!! Thank You Pard !!!!!
  6. Fireball, I just did one of mine and on all the empties I tried, they all went straight up and back and landed on my Hat. Mite need a little tweaking, but it looks Very Promising !!!! I'll try it in a Shoot tomorrow, Thanks
  7. Fireball, Is there supposed to be sound with that? Or just follow the Pics.... It looks a lot like what was floating around in my imagination... But I was'nt brave enuf to do it to one of mine Now that you've volunteered your gun to be the Guinea Pig I think I'll give it a shot.
  8. Wayyyyyy Back when Wally sold Black Dawge Powder Co. to Powder Inc./Goex and they were selling Loaded Black Powder Ammo.... I thought they would have had some Mega Heavy Duty industrial Loader or two.... I went to the Facility...... and there was a long loading table there with a Grabber at each station. So a Grabber is what I bought & 20 years later it's still popping out Great Shells!
  9. I had an early Miroku Winchester 38/357 and the top of the Carrier was shaped pretty much like an Original or an Uberti Carrier And it threw most all of the brass forward.... I now have two later production Miroku's and the top of the Carriers are shaped slightly differently, on the right side it's slightly rounded. They throw about 1/3 of the brass straight up about 1/3 of it to the right and most of the rest goes forward........... So in short.... I don't have a clue how to fix the issue My Ubertis and my Originals throw most of it on my Hat
  10. Mine went out yesterday, Lookin forward to it !!!!!!
  11. Yes, the price is negotiable and I will consider 'reasonable' offers and possibly 'partial' trades.......
  12. I have a Pair of em, started out w/ 15 lb and would get an occasional no fire.... 16 lb seem to have taken care of the issue for me..... I have a pair of 17 lb Wolff's on my workbench........ just in case. I use whatever ammo I can get thats Cheap.
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