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  1. Thanks Red, But I found a Home for em... Have fun at RR.... Wish I was going!
  2. I was planning to go to RR but turns out I cant make it Thanks Everyone for the ideas..... I will make sure it finds a Good Home !!!
  3. I found 5 boxes (250 Rounds) of Black Dawge Powder Company Loaded BP Ammo Hiding in the back of my Ammo Closet..... 180 Gr RNFP Big Lube SPG, loaded with Goex Cowboy..... 100 of em are Full Loads w/ 38 gr of Black Powder And 150 are Black Dawge's Low Recoil Loads w/ 28 gr of Black and Walnut Filler....... As I remember the recoil is not much less than the Full Loads. These all have to be 20 years old! It was mfg when Black Dawge was still in Sachse Tx before Wally sold the company.... I'd shoot em myself but they all have Winchester Primers........ And My Guns Don't Like that My question is, How is the best way to sell it locally? The moderators won't let us sell ammo here .... And I don't want to put it on Gunbroker and have to ship it. What would you do with em ??????????
  4. Ahhhhhh......... NO! In fact there are plenty more of those imbeciles here we'd Love to sent you..... OK?
  5. Just FYI.... You can shorten a new style Carrier to fit into the older "short" frame '66 It just takes a Lot of filing ... But it works fine!
  6. I prefer over the top reloads.... For 38 spl. It's easy with a "short" 38 round... just push the carrier down, close the lever & shoot..... No Problem I takes a little practice with a 38-40 You push the carrier down first with the nose of the bullet, then drop the bullet in nose first. Having the gun tilted slightly downward helps some. It takes a little practice, but for me it's quicker than going through the gate. I've never tried a 44-40 or 45...........
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