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  1. Billy... Bet you're referring to the same East Texas Drug & Gun Dealer that I got many of my Cowboy Guns from That shore is a Purdy Shotgun !!!!!!! And here's a couple more Hard Chrome Beauties (USFA Rodeo's) from APW for Snakebite to drool over...........
  2. Yep, The shank of the proper size drill bit works well, I've done a couple like that. Just take the bolt down to a GOOD Hardware store... if you can find one... and get a bit that's a snug fit in the hole, trim it to length and you're good to go!!
  3. To help answer your question....... I currently have two Winchester/Miroku 66's both in 38/357 And Both with 18" octagon barrel's (cut down from 20") Both are super slick, with cut & weld short strokes. They Are SWEET!!! I much prefer the feel of the '66 over the '73.... I've owned several 66's and 73's from both Miroku and Uberti Personally I feel the Miroku is a slightly better made gun than the Uberti.... And a '66 Miroku short rifle just fits Me Perfect! I also have 3 original '73's that I shoot from time to time. Sorry, but nothing is for Sale at this time.
  4. I have guns hand engraved by Aspen Filly, Larry Hopewell, D.W. Harris and Jim Downing.... All of them are absolutely Beautiful !! I recently had one of my Miroku Winchester's Laser Engraved.... It looks Really Nice. BUT sitting side by side with the others.......... It looks like a Ford Pinto sitting in a group of Ferrari's
  5. I had a similar problem using APP and finally determined that there was an excessive amount of very fine "dust" in the APP. The fine dust was causing the charge Bar on my 550 to bind. So I went outside with a small electric fan and a large clean bowl from the kitchen. I poured the APP from the original container into the bowl in front of the fan on low setting. The Fan would blow the dust away and the heavier powder would fall into the Bowl. Then the Powder went into my 550 Hopper and metered perfectly after that........ I use the small bar on 38 Spl. & Colt and the large bar on 38WCF I wondered just how much of the APP was getting "Blown Away" So I weighed a 1 lb. can... before and after, surprisingly it still weighed 1 lb You may have the same issue.....
  6. Way to go Dylan, Congratulations !!!!! Ya know, you really haven't changed that much over the Years... You're still taking home the Gold
  7. Ditto to all the above... It was a Great Match and we had a Blast!!! Too many to name em all, so just Thanks to Everyone involved in putting it on! And Posse 20 was a Hoot!
  8. Top is a Double, Bottom is a Single....... With a Lot of Patience and some Luck You might be able to make it work on your double lug Receiver, BUT, you could also ruin the barrel.... I'd suggest selling it to someone that needs a Single Lug Barrel and keep Looking for a Double Lug.... They're are a few out there.
  9. I have both also.... Personally I prefer the Miroku and both of my Miroku's are slicked up w/ cut & weld short strokes..... But the Uberti is Really Nice too and I did have 3 Uberti's.... After I got my First Miroku I sold two of the Uberti's The one Uberti I still have is slicked up with a Pioneer SS in it, it's a 38WCF and Really Sweet.... If Miroku was to release a 38WCF I might be tempted to replace it............ But it's really Nice, so I may not. Bottom Line is they're Both Great, the Miroku may be slightly closer to CAS ready out of the Box... But if you're like Me and want to shoot the slickest gun available... then they Both need work. It's Nice to have Choices
  10. I recently was loading some more BP Cartridges on my 550C. As I was getting low on Goex Cartridge, I poured Grafs 2F into the hopper to finish off the rounds I was loading. The two powders are almost identical in grain size, one is a slightly lighter shade of black when the two powders are side to side. But whats most important is they Shoot the Same. I cant tell which ones are Grafs, which ones are Goex and which ones are a Mix of the two. Thats all that matters to Me!
  11. Well it Could be Exactly like that.... But most likely it will be Beautiful Sunny Fall Days with highs in the 60's Then again, it mite be pushin' 100........... But It will be GREAT whatever it is, I Promise As far as "Red Shirt" Fridays... Lots of Folks do it, But I'm not aware of anything "Official" about it.
  12. Altamont makes the OEM Grips for Ruger and they also make a "Slim" Grip for the Old Model Vaquero / Blackhawk in a few versions. It's very close to the Eagle Gunfighters. Here's a link and a Pic of one version below............ https://www.altamontco.com/pistol-grips/ruger/blackhawk/
  13. That is an Early Mfg Uberti... Very Early... Many smiths wont work on em and finding parts can be a problem. It has a short carrier and internally the links, pins, bolt and most other parts are all different and for the most part unavailable I've owned 3 of em & they shoot fine........ but I would not recommend one to someone UNLESS its Real Cheap and you want a project that you can tinker with.
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