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  1. Sold to Zeb Gray !!!! A pair of Cimarron Pietta Eliminator C's ..... Factory Short Stroke & Low/Wide Hammers, Tuned by Cimarron, Full Race, 4 3/4", 38/357, Blue & CCH Very Smooth Actions, Crisp 2 lb Trigger pull on each gun, Wide Hi Viz polished brass covers on the front sights. These are True 4 click Colt Clones w/ Hammer mounted Firing Pins. Backstraps engraved by Aspen Filly... one sez "TEXAS" the other "LIBERTY" Eliminator C's have the Navy Grips and Round Barrels. I've shot them a fair amount and there is a little wear showing on the finish, but they Look Really Nice !!!! VERY Smooth & Ready to Rock!..... Shipped in the Original boxes with the Really Nice Cimarron Soft Cases included... Get Yourself or your Better Half a NICE Christmas Present !!! $1000 for the pair plus shipping to your FFL.... Your FFL must accept pistols shipped from an individual. Not really looking for any trades rite now... Thanks! I will post some more pics later...........
  2. We have a WB Open Class here and I shoot Mild Bunch in it sometimes....... Shootin' a .22 1911 is a Hoot!!! Sometimes with the .22's we make ALL the shots Double Taps...... It sounds like a Mad Sewing Machine and Drives the Spotters Crazy ..... I Love It !!!
  3. It's Not easy, but it can be done..... I had to turn down almost 1/2 of the liner in this 20" '73 Carbine barrel and the tip of the original barrel is paper thin. I did this about 18 years ago and have shot many thousands of rounds through it since then.... Mostly BP but its seen it's share of light smokeless loads too........ it's 38WCF
  4. Yul, I've done some liners before, I still have my 38WCF Reamer, and it's "possible" but not likely that I'd settle for a "Cheap" '92 to convert.... In fact my current WB '73 has a lined barrel that I did...... I'm hoping just maybe sumbody has what I'm lookin for....... worth a shot. If I do decide to go the liner route, I mite take you up on borrowing the drill bit........ Thanks!
  5. Yep, 66's & 73's though not really plentiful, are available.... A '92 is what I'm really lookin' for. I've seen two Originals in the last few days at Pawn Shops.... Thanks Goody!!.... But they were wanting Crazy $$$ for em.... One may have been worth 1/2 of what the proprietor wanted, the other was a cobbled together POS And I have a teenytiny budget for this......
  6. Warden, A re-pop is what I had in mind... But I certainly wouldn't turn up my nose to an Original..... If the price wuz rite anywho...... Goody, Ya-know I was 99.9% sure they never did a 38WCF too.... but the other nite I was on the Rossi website and stumbled across one version of their '92 listed in 38WCF... plain as day. Ya never know.... there mite be one out there ???? And This Project is'nt budgeted to include lining the barrel..... It needs to be a 38-40 now.
  7. Whoops... Just realized I posted on the Wrong Forum........... Don't suppose one a you Moderators would wanna move this to the Classified ..... Would Ya ?
  8. Yep, I'd like a nice little Carbine (saddle ring or no) a short rifle mite do.... just in 38WCF .... A '92 would be Nice.... maybe a '66 or '73.... I'm not really into a Marlin, although they are Very Sweet Shooters, just not my cup'O tea.... Don't have a big budget... an older Rossi '92 would work fine for what I'm wantin'.... gotta be a 38-40 I mite have sumpin you'd be interested in tradin' for... Never hurts to ask.
  9. Deal Pending with Palouse............ I ended up with a 2nd copy of of Kuhnhausen's Colt Shop Manual.... My original is dog eared but still reads as well as a New One !!! So if you shoot Colts or any of the countless Clones......... Then You Need This Book !!!! It Should be Standard Issue for Any CAS Shooter that shoots Colts. It's Brand New!!! and can be Yours for the measly sum of $30... plus shipping... If you've ever priced one you know... That's a Deal !
  10. Jess, I looked at those Rodeo's, they're 38 spl. and the actions on em are very smooth... I believe Blue Thorn use to shoot em pretty regular........ Like it sez in the original post... these are Blue Thorn's guns and he lives down by Austin....... I'm in Dallas, so I cant just drop by and check em out for you..... Anyone that's interested just Give Him a Call........... His # is at the top of the 1st List. It's not a cell phone either, he still has a Land Line, so texting wont work....... strictly Old School !!!! Thanks.........
  11. I doubt that Blue Thorn will see your request... and if he did, I really doubt that he would be able to figure out how to send a PM. Just call him............ I did take a quik look at the Derringer, I know it was not a Bond... But it looked like Brand New!!!
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