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  1. Yep, Thats what I Figger'd..... I was just sittin' around the house, wit nuttin' ta Do! Wait'n to Shoot Wild Bunch Tomorrow !!!!!!!!!!!!! YeeHawwwww You coming to CVV this weekend ?
  2. Like others said, it should have been a no call & OK for the Shooter to leave and acquire the needed shells.... BUT.... I have been at "Large Matches" when the Club Officers stated at the shooters meeting......... Once a Shooter is "On the Stage"... even though the Timer had not yet started... The Shooter would Not be allowed to leave the Stage before completing it for any reason. Including having forgotten needed shotgun shells......... They added that it was because of time constraints and the need to keep the Posse's moving as smoothly as Possible. Then added... " Check Yer Stuff ahead of time and keep things Moving" So There Ya Go..... It "could" have been the correct call....... depending on the situation...........
  3. SOLD to Dallas McP.......................................... These are Genuine Elk, One-Piece Grips.... I believe from Grashorn Gunworks. They were initially made for a pair of Colt SAA's..... Then were put on a Pair of USFA's and last were on a pair of Cimarron Uberti Model P's And now they've been sitting in my Safe for nearly 5 years............. They NEED to be on Somebody's Pistols !!!!! I'm including One new Uberti Blued Backstrap.... each pair fits nicely into that backstrap... it's in some of the Pics..... Both Pairs shipped to Ya for $220........ Here they are mounted on the Ubertis..... Here with the included Backstrap And here not on anything........
  4. Dutch & Billy........ Honestly we ran it pretty much the same as normal with some minor adjustments. Here's how it went...... OFP had stated beforehand that Masks would be mandatory while you're on the stage, I assumed it was acceptable to remove them when you went back to your Cart. Masks would be available at sign-up. They were there and they were very Nice ones, made by a Club Member... So we All had them! Don't show up if you're feeling sick. Small Posses... 10 per was suggested, Please maintain appropriate social distancing. And the Timer's and score pads would be handled by as few people as possible. That's about it. So that's what we did !!!!! With One Exception............ We took a Vote during the Shooters Meeting about wearing Masks. It was Unanimous to Ditch the Masks !!!!!!!!!!!! We did a fair amount of elbow & fist bumping, we all spread out & kept our distance. The TO leaned in with his arm out to Start the Timer and again to Catch the last shot. There were a few "train wrecks" attributed to a long lay off. But it was basically the same as It always has been............ It Was Great Fun !!!!!!!!
  5. Goody, Hang in there Pard and keep up your Positive Attitude that I know you've had since we first met... What was it nearly 50 years ago now..... HolyCow.... You must be gittin' Old You know Kathy & I are praying for the Best for Ya !!!!
  6. Yep & I will be There, probably Both Days. WB Saturday and CAS on Sunday. Goody, It sure would be nice to C U .... How you been doin'?
  7. Yep, Ft. Parker Patriots Shot Today.... The Weather was Perfect, the Match was Great, everything ran Smooth and We ALL had an Absolute Blast !!!!!!!!! YeeeeHawwwwww !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Late is My Middle Name And for ONCE I agree with Goody....... I betcha that Lever is repairable !!!
  9. There has been a couple of times when I needed something that showed NA and I called em... and Sure Nuff they found one... Worth a Shot!!
  10. This is your best source for SKB SxS Parts............... IF they're available. https://www.skbshotguns.com/parts-tools/japan/side-x-side/12-ga-parts And their customer service folks are Very Helpful too !!! Surprisingly enough, Many SKB parts are available on....... ebay ........ of all places People Buy Em, Strip Em and sell the parts on ebay.... I've found several impossible to find parts there before when all other sources were Dry. I'm pretty sure your Royal cocking lever is the same as the ones on a 100....... Good Luck!!
  11. I mean Com'on........ Dont Everybody Know that the reason the Hammer is wider on one side than the other is to Balance the Gun.... If it shoots to the Right then a little extra weight on the Left side of the Hammer will straighten it out or vicey-versey !!!
  12. I think You'z Guy'z Seriously need to Go Outside .... The Cabin Fever is Gittin' To Ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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