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  1. Several years ago at a monthly match one of my shootin' buddies Blew Up his Cimarron model P on the First Stage of the day...... Literally Blew it up... we never found some of the cylinder or backstrap. He was allrite, just shook up. I asked him if he had any idea what he'd done..... Double, Triple Charge or What??? He said he'd run out of his normal powder so he simply poured the new powder he was switching to into the hopper & kept loading..... He said both powders called for roughly the same amount in the load, so he thought he was OK... He wasn't ...
  2. This was the First pair of spurs that I WANTED.... But I didn't get em, they were reserved for the Rich Kids. I did make myself a pair out of some wire coat hangers and an old belt.... I was Proud of them puppies
  3. That is correct... At least thats what we did here in N. Texas But remember before SASS got involved in WB, every Club had their own rules........ so what was the norm here may have been completely different somewhere else. I like the Pike category idea.... I think I'll bring it up at the Clubs I shoot at......
  4. Those little firing pin safety's are a major pita......... That retaining pin "will" come out, but good luck getting it to stay once you get it back in.... What I've done on a few is remove the pin and all and the pieces, then weld the plunger back into place so the gun will fire. But the best solution is to toss the whole extension in the trash and replace it with the one Pioneer makes.
  5. Ain't Dunit has a sister or something that makes really nice custom shirts for Cowpokes.... He doesn't get on the wire much, but I bet Phantom or Colorado Jackson will know how to get ahold of him for Ya.......
  6. I also have hand and wrist issues and I find for me that an SKB is easier to handle than a BSS........ For me, the straight stock doesn't work as well as the pistol grip.... And a Beavertail is a Big Positive ........ IF you plan to shoot BP. But everyone is different, so As Roy L Pain suggests "Try before you Buy"
  7. When I first got into CAS 20 plus years ago the Only firearm I owned was a 9422. I sold it to help finance my 1st set of Cowboy Guns... It paid in full or a 45 cal. Rossi '92 and a pretty slick little 12 ga. Spanish SxS..... But now I wish I had the 9422 back....
  8. Happy Jack, I respect the Judge, General Grant & Hipshot immensely. And I respect your desire to keep their Vision alive. I Love Cowboy Action Shooting!! Wild Bunch can be Great Fun also..... And before the arthritis got so bad in my hands I loved shooting it too.... But a “serious shooting sport” I don’t see it... You’re just not going to attract a lot of top notch shooters when they have to dress as something like a Doughboy or Mexican Bandit and can’t advertise their Sponsors. IMHO CAS and WB are and should be a Fun and Friendly A
  9. Under the "original" Rules I believe that would have been Legal.... I certainly would have given it the OK
  10. I remember Evil Roy being not really happy at the '08 Regional and telling me at the shooters meeting "this is not how we do WB in Colorado...." I told him that's how we do it here in Texas and it's too late to change the rules now.......... Needless to say, I wasn't invited to join in on the SASS WB Rules committee First I found out about it was a few months later when Goat Neck Clem was putting on the First SASS Wild Bunch Texas State Championship.... At sign up I was told none of my guns were legal and I couldn't shoot..... That day I was the one Not H
  11. Sometime around '02 or '03 Goody and myself had heard about "Wild Bunch" and we decided we needed it at our Club. So we looked at what some other folks were doing and put together a set of rules for LSFSC........... It started out as a side match and then was incorporated into a category that could be shot in a match along with everyone else... That was the reason we limited the pistol to 5 rounds.... so we could shoot the same scenarios as everyone else. We shot it Only at our monthly matches and it was a Blast and well received by "almost" everyone...... In 20
  12. BTT....... I located some 1 Qt. containers....... So if your interested, $20 a Quart or Two for $30..... FTF
  13. It will kill the crabgrass but it needs to be sprayed in a narrow stream directly onto each clump of crabgrass, because any of the spray that gets on the St Augustine will kill it too. Think of it as Target Practice...... You will have brown spots in the grass until the St Augustine has some time to fill it in. And yes it is used in all types of Sod Farms including St Augustine to get the grass ready to harvest & sell
  14. I've had a question regarding MSMA....... There is no MSMA any longer that is labeled for Home Use... And MSMA cant be sold in some states, like California!!! But in Texas and Most Normal States it is available for sale at many Lawn Care DIY stores or directly from the manufacturer or even online thru Amazon, ebay and several other places. I'm only offering this locally FTF.....
  15. All Gone !!!!!!!! I bought some weed killer to get rid of a bunch of crab grass, dallis grass and cockleburrs But I ended up with over 2 gallons of it left and at a mix ratio of 1 oz. per gallon of water... Thats a LOT of Weeds !!!! It kills crabgrass, dallisgrass, johnsongrass, nutsedge, pigweed, sandburrs, chickweed & more So if you have several acres of land or several Friends that need to kill some weeds then I'm your man. This Stuff WORKS !!! It's Drexel MSMA 6 Plus and IF you can find it.......
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