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  1. Well, I did call Hodgdon and their suggestion was "Dont Do It" He said the case volume of 38WCF is too long & too large for WST And I would probably get very inconsistent results or possibly worse. I suspect some of that was "Lawyer Talk" that they are instructed to give out. BUT, I'll go another route anywho............... Thanks for the Help !
  2. I have the same one also and as Will sez it works just Fine on 58's If you take a flat washer and a 3" or so section of a mag tube spring and place it over the vertical ram, it's easier to operate
  3. Tex, Thats a good idea, I'll see if they have any knowledge they want to share. GJ & TFJ, If a call to Hodgdon isn't any help...... I was already thinking that 4.5 gr would be a safe place to start. So, I believe I'll dust off my Chronograph & make up a few rounds to see what happens. Wish Me Luck!!!
  4. I've loaded tons of 38WCF smokeless with, Titegroup (I'm real low on), Trailboss (I'm out of) and Clays (Is all gone too).... and Lots of Real BP & Subs..... I've got good load data on all of those powders. Now I need to load up some more Smokeless Cowboy 38/40 Loads, And looking in my Powder Magazine, I have several lbs of Winchester WST that's just begging to get used. I suspect it would work very well in 38WCF.... I've used it in 357, 38 spl, 38 Super, 45 ACP and a few others. But, I'm having a hard time finding any WST load info on 38WCF ........... Anybody wanna share your knowledge?
  5. I have 4 cartridge loops on my belt & I only use two of em. In 20 years of CAS I can count on one hand the times I have actually needed 2 rounds. Let me add, my 4 loops are on my Shotgun Belt... where I can reach them easy & quick. None on my pistol belt.
  6. I have 8 unopened packages left of CCI # 11 Caps..... your's for $9 each... what I paid for em. FTF in N. Texas.... could meet you maybe at Comin' at Cha.... or Land Run... Ft Parker... CVV... Tin Horns ?
  7. I assume this is what you're looking for.... Rite? https://powderinc.com/product/cylinder-loader/ The "tower of power" threw me at first.... Then I remembered thats what some folks called these. I have the #1 .... they work Great and are built to last Forever..........
  8. I just placed an order for another one.... Not because anything is wrong with my 1st one.... Over 4 years and it still looks and works like New! But now I need another with Bigger Holes for 38wcf Rifle Ammo. These Loading Blocks Are Great!!! Thank You MM
  9. I have dispatched many a Tree Rat with the Aguila Colibri .22 powderless ammo in a lever action .22 Henry It's no louder than a pellet gun and very accurate up to about 100 ft. The ammo wont cycle a semi auto but works just fine in any lever, pump or single shot .22 And the neighbors never hear a thing The Super Colibri has a little more Punch... But it also makes a noticeable Pop.
  10. Very Nice !!! More Pics would be Even Nicer Where did you find the correct spring?
  11. It does resemble a Spooky Skull Dont It ..... I think its pretty Cool It is more obvious in the Pics.... In Person it's a little more subtile.
  12. Well apparently You, Sixgun Seamus and Steve McQueen are All more coordinated than I am........
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