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  1. Never heard of it.... But I do know what Mild Bunch Shooting is And It's Fun! here are the Loosey Goosey Rules......... Lone Star Frontier Shooting Club Comanche Valley Vigilantes New Category for CAS Monthly Matches only category name: PIKE The ONLY difference is instead of 2 Revolvers the shooter carries One 1911 Pistol in any caliber and at least two magazines with 5 rounds each The match is shot and scored exactly the same as written for CAS There is no change in how both Rifle and Shotgun are loaded and shot **All 1911 magazines loaded with a maximum of 5 rounds each** START: Magazine loaded, slide closed with Hammer down on Empty Chamber. Pistol holstered or staged, per stage instructions FINISH: Slide locked back, pistol open and empty or Slide forward with Hammer down on Empty Chamber then re-holster or stage Lead bullets only, per SASS Rules All Safety Rules still apply. ** In the case of an “On The Clock” pistol reload, Shooter must have a magazine ready loaded with only One Round This is not Wild Bunch.... It is Cowboy Action with a 1911 This category is not intended to replace Wild Bunch. It is for fun only. If you’re interested in starting a Wild Bunch group at LSFSC or CVV please feel free to bring it up to one of the Club Officers preview0.pdf
  2. I've owned em both. I prefer the SKB because it's lighter and Handles better for me. But the BSS is great too! Generally speaking Larger Folks seem to prefer the BSS... So it all boils down to personal preference. Try em both and see which one fits You better! They are both Excellent Choices for CAS!
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