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  1. High quality, custom made to order loadin blocks. Hand crafted with pride since 2004. Cowboys & Cowgirls in every state, , as well as Australia, Denmark, Canada and France own Missouri Marshal's Loadin Blocks. As of this updated posting, I have made 3603 loadin blocks. A lot of these being returning customers so I must be doing something right. You don't pay for them until you get them and are happy with them. If you ever have a problem with one of my loadin blocks just let me know and I will repair or replace it free of charge. The loadin blocks are $30.00 each plus shipping. I use USPS one rate so I can ship up to 4 loadin blocks for $8.45 For more information or to place an order go to http://www.missourimarshal.com http://i1166.photobucket.com/albums/q604/ronnieturnbull/4d75c9ad-d05e-442d-b06d-7799acb2b1b3.jpghttp://i1166.photobucket.com/albums/q604/ronnieturnbull/413d8033-dbc9-4c4c-afc9-cf7a8bb680d8.jpg
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