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  1. Howdy Will Burn Powder, they are in the mail. Will Burn Powder.jpg - OneDrive (live.com)
  2. Sure will, started working on them today. Thanks Jake!
  3. Sometime after 14 December 2016 my web site quit sending my orders to me. I didn't find out about it until 26 December. I have fixed it and it is now sending the orders to me. If you placed an order during that time and haven't gotten it yet then I didn't get your order. Please re submit your order at www.missourimarshal.com and I will get it made ASAP. I am very sorry about this. Happy Trails Missouri Marshal
  4. Howdy Eyesa, Here are the pictures of your loadin blocks. You should get them Saturday (hopefully). Thanks for your support.
  5. Thanks Sam. Here are three that were won as door prizes at Guns of August. Still waiting for the 4th recipient to order theirs
  6. I can normally have them in the mail within 7 days or less.
  7. Howdy Marshal Hardtack, They will be in the morning mail.
  8. $30.00 each plus shipping. I've updated my OP Thanks for the order.
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