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  1. Rusty Remington-overall Fast Eddie and Dang It Dan were on my posse for one category and they believe both shot in top five in both their categories. I believe Cooncan was High Lady
  2. I feel fortunate to be able to get a good supply from you Tell. See you at Land Run.
  3. Also convenience store just east of beer/liquor store on 82 for essentials and gas if needed.. Tad over 4 miles from beer store to Bar-3. drive safe.
  4. Thanks Griff. Right would have been out in ranch pasture.. Store is also on left when get to 82. Headed that way this morning. Will miss you.
  5. Ice at beer/liquor store in Annona maybe 5 miles. Go west on 114 from Bar-3 approx 1.5 mile to 44, turn LEFT and go about 4 miles. Store is on your LEFT at corner of 44 and Hwy 82.
  6. Johnny, Bar 3 does have a building with restrooms and shower. Water is available but not per site so by very long hoses and/or containers. Not sure if any site delivery trucks this year but do expect septic truck to be available on certain days. Not sure if any sites left with electricity but possible. Should be plenty of room for you with generator. Give Cowboy Guns 2 a call. see you there. Drive safe.
  7. Hey Cous, Sent you PM. Texas Gunslinger is good Texas choice.
  8. Another excellent SITS put on by the Mountain Valley Vigilantes. Great food vendor, stages, awards, etc. Congratulations to all the AR State Champions as well as match winners. Special "Way-To-Go" to Fired-up Fannie Sue and Billy The Avenger as Overall Match Champs. Not sure how many SITS matches I have made (guessing 15+) but Sassy and I highly recommend this shoot. Beautiful setting in the mountains, nice "fronts", targets, and scenarios. Good match.
  9. I live 90 miles west of Texarkana and know about as much as anyone. Even little to be known from Cowboy Guns 2 (T-Bone) on the matter. Most is negative. There is a building being built just west of Clarksville (TX) and good sources say it is Wilson's (Bill) and something to do with ammunition. If for only loaded ammunition then he has to be getting primers somewhere. If primers bet he is ahead of the Texarkana "operation".
  10. Guess that made Hickok's Colt "dead-on" for Tutt in 1865. Not sure it is documented to Model and caliber Colt used by Hickok that day. He was credited to have been fond of '61 .36s as I recall, but also known to have converted to cartridge conversions latter. Bet my friend Tame Bill knows the answer. As a Western Historian, and excellent FCD in SASS, he has simulated the shot for a television production (Outdoor Channel and/or History Channel) but I do not recall the caliber and model revolver he used. He made it look easy.
  11. W, Was the message suggesting you to open up message and look at a couple of photos THEY thought you might find of interest? I got such e-mail supposedly as forward from another shooter who I did not think would have sent such. I informed him that I thought he had been hacked. bb
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