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  1. Buster, If that color is not accurate in Evergreen's guns, maybe you will have a chance to beat her on a stage or two.
  2. I need to try that trick. I believe this was my first rifle squib in match in my 20 years so pretty good record. I load on 1050 with bullet feed so guess out of luck for powder check. If I put in my hearing aids, the funnel trick might be good idea. Not sure powder check would not be more valuable than bullet feed as I get frustrated with it some times. Thanks for suggestion KJ.
  3. Much truth here Dale. I have high management for rifle rounds much because I do not want Sassy to experience a jam or squib in rifle. Not only designated color of bullet, I chamber gauge and visual rounds for splits. Perhaps I put to much trust in my Dillon 1050 system as for as throwing precise powder amounts, but the fact we use such a small amount of powder maybe increases odds of a rare squib. Whether the squib was from distraction while loading and/or a undetected split, one does occur sometimes, fortunately not often. The squib incident was not only mishap of match for me on day two in regards to loading and I am thankful neither was in the hands of Sassy. Third stage of day I had a case split so bad that the extractor would not remove it resulting in a serious rifle jam costing me six rounds and time. Second stage later, the squib. So much for my chamber gauging and visual. Perhaps fault, other than bad visual detection and/or distraction in loading. was that I knowingly used some old brass that had been loaded many times. Brass was very used and not visually seeing the appearance of a split does not mean it is going to be a good round to fire. So, I think here is a lesson to be learned, "when a batch of brass is known to have been used 20-30 times, and especially detecting small splits, toss it . The price payed for saving it may come back to haunt you". As to shooting out squib, it can easily happen in the hands of a veteran shooter such as myself (shooting competitively for 40+ years). The shot was certainly all on me, TO called it but I suppose my desire to finish stage in style after jam incident had me to focused to react to his voice. No doubt, I did finish the stage "in style". The slight bulge felt with patch when cleaning barrel will be a long time reminder.
  4. Yes, I have a nice squib rod. NotSoSlim used to make some real nice ones. Shooting the squib out of barrel was not in the plan, it just happened.
  5. UPDATE........I have a small round swinger of about 4.25" at 22-25 steps and since i have not been much of a "paper puncher" in many years, this is my accuracy target for CAS guns. I nailed it consistently off rest with 105s, 125s, and 135s. Can't remember rifle being any more accurate before so pleased. I will get a reminder each time I clean however, feeling that step in barrel with patch.
  6. Yep, did it once with one of my FA Model 97s (38). Front sight came off but barrel was fine. Guess the sudden change in harmonics send the front blade flying. This incident was Uberti 73 with 125 gr coated bullets. "Ring" can be felt with patch at about 7 inches from muzzle. I feel certain gun is safe to fire. Tests will prove if any accuracy was affected. I have felt this type of " barrel ring" in a 73 before at about same place, and that rifle shot plenty accurate.
  7. Have you, or know someone that, in "heat of battle (stage)", or whatever the reason, fired another round on squib round in barrel (only speaking of cowboy load and more specifically a 38 coated bullet)? I'm sure both bullets came out, but what is generally the damage, ring, bulge, both? (yes, I know, maybe some damaged pride ) Did it affect accuracy? Seems to me the incident would not be extremely rare in our game.
  8. He sure does great work on 73s, no doubt if working on shotguns, the work would be superb.
  9. My suggestion for Baikal work is Texas Gunslinger or Boomstick
  10. Don't forget to add pockets as they were not normally on the "period" capote . Sassy has a capote looking much like the Fringed Witney posted at suggested site. We bought it from Hipshot and I bet Blue Eyes misses it when cold. Sassy finds it very warm but the lack of pockets is nuisance. I believe mittens attached together with long piece of material and worn around neck was used by mountain-men and such back in that period. I have e-mailed the site posted by C Rick inquiring about such an item. Good luck.
  11. You going to carry single action on the job? Bet you are about as fast with it as semi.
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