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  1. Funny you ask...,.NO. You should appreciate the story though. A few years go I decided I might try out some NMV, mostly due to their lack of flat hammer springs and popularity. Friend Jimmy Spur knew about it and while not fond of short stroking Rugers knew that was my desire with my short thumbs. He built me a set with about every "race" trick he had (jeweling, Dolley Gang grips, Belt Mountain pins, etc) including Bisley hammers. So nice, but I just could not shoot them as fast as my FAs. Truth is, doubt I put 100 rounds thru each of them but gave up on trying while at same time wanting to stay competitive with FAs. Well, if that was not enough. Around the same time I had opportunity to get another pair of NMV in trade deal. These have now had Snake Oil George's ultra short stroke and lowered SBH hammers, some of Boomstick Belle's bead blasting and jeweling, Belt Mountain pins, & more. These overused also with about same amount of rounds thru them as Jimmy's. I hate to part with most any guns, but at my age sometimes I just have to understand to stick with what works. O, and I had a chance to buy another set of FAs for excellent price. (Yea, FA poor.)
  2. So saddened to read this. Bill was such a nice, caring guy, and a real "hoot" to be around too. I have a hat rack hanging near me now that Bill gifted my late wife, Miss Ann, for our RV. He understood her cancer struggle and that must have been close to 15 years ago. He battled it for so long, and many of those years still being asset to Kirkpatrick Leather and SASS. I believe the last time I saw Bill was the year after Miss Ann passed away. That would have been while at 2007 SHOT Show in Florida. May he rest in peace and God give comfort to all the many friends and family.
  3. Agree, very sad indeed. Been considering pulling some safe queens out for sale myself.
  4. HK, Reminds me of a Colt I bought from friend, "Sherriff" Jim Wilson, many years ago during my IHMSA days. I think I bought it because he offered and I thought I should have a Colt. It was a nice Colt of probably early 2nd gen, don't really recall knowing, ivory grips and 45. Soon thereafter I got into CAS and mentioned to Jim of my shooting 38s for the game, interestingly, he told me that that Colt actually originally was 38 (possibly 38-40)and that he had had it converted by a gunsmith acquaintance, as I remember from Abilene. I decided I did not need a Colt so bad and sold it to friend who wanted it more than I.
  5. Do my Ithaca/SKB shotguns count? They are the oldest I shoot in CAS. Don't believe I have a single firearm that is truly pre-1899. The hammer L C Smith my dad squirrel hunted with is not even that old although close.
  6. I remember one year Peter Brown, Bruce Boxleitner, and Alex Cord were in the AA Bullet tent for beer and socializing at EOT in CA. (A keg would show up sometimes on occasions after five when cold range was declared.) Pleasant gentleman to chat with. Fast forward a number of years and I see Alex at Boots Fits' bootshop in Whitesboro and we reminisced a little. I asked Boots about him just the other day and he is still around there. Watched Pale Rider just last night and made comment to Sassy about The Lawman.
  7. S, Sorry to get this news. Great canvas products, and I enjoy visiting with Leona at WR and EOT. Thanks for post and update.
  8. As Dean (Dillon) and Vern (Gosdin) would say..."Set'em Up Joe". Congratulations Noz.
  9. Good luck Ringer. I had one hand done a few years before other and both done by orthopedic surgeons. I believe I saw a neurologist for tests first in both cases but surgery done by OS. Before I got the second hand done my original surgeon moved so I found another. The second I still use for other orthopedic issues. In fact, some time after I started going to him I began dating Sassy, his mother-in-law. Guess one could say he is now my son-in-law and he has not kicked me off his patient list yet.
  10. So many of us find poke/pick not bad in final analysis and certainly producing more of a trouble free process.. New question, do any of you p/p guys use the more expensive, heavier Dillon tray or stick with the plastic RCBS style trays? I still use the square RCBS tray but have considered the Dillon. I think the cost keeps me holding back.
  11. Good question. What a beautiful group of ladies.
  12. No, just the RF-100 and the RSE type. I would like to hear reports on them though. I remember years ago when on one of my visits at Longhunter's when he lived at Hartley he had a nice primer tube filler of some kind in his reloading area that he was pleased with. Perhaps the one as #4 mentioned. I may try some of the suggestions above and see if I can get better satisfaction with the RF but since I have several tubes the RSE method is pretty error free for several hundred loads before filling..
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