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  1. EOT is my "top of the list" shoot, with a close second to WR. CAC is, no doubt, hard to not be top on anyone's "small club" annuals followed by, in no particular order, Shootin In The Shade at Hot Springs, The Great Spaghetti Western by Texas TenHorns near Leonard, TX and any special shoot at Red River Cowpokes near Albany, OK (SouthWest Showdown aka Oklahoma State Championships and Shootin for the Brand). On my want- to list would be On the Border at Ft Smith, Hellfire, and Black Gold.
  2. I believe he posted something in the last year about a "dubious' vendor. ....maybe longer than year as times seems to get away from me these days. Yeah, yeah, I know, even in shooting a stages.
  3. As shown by Shooting Fox, category buckles were outstanding but if you were category winner and a non-resident of OK, those buckles were equally nice....and nicer than most state championship winners that I have seen. Molly's buckles are certainly about the best out there for the $$. Cowpokes had a really nice "prize pool" also with two guns per posse given away. There were nice side match awards, very unique "clean match" awards, and super Posse Marshall gifts. Thanks also goes to all the TenHorn club members helping cook, serve, and work the lines. Just an all out great match to put on your "go to" list.
  4. Billy this is Dee in Midland. Would you mind sending me the contact info for Fast Eddie. I have a BSS that needs some help



    1. Billy Boots, # 20282 LTG-Regulator

      Billy Boots, # 20282 LTG-Regulator


      Not sure Eddie works on BSS but here's some info...

      Fast Eddie aka Eddie Robinson
      Could not find his address.  Eddie runs the match at South River Gun Club in Conyers, GA. 
      fasteddie@hotmail.com  or streetprosorders@gmail.com 
    2. Dee


      Do you know a good BSS mechanic?? Does Fast Eddie work on SKB’s?  Since Johnny Meadows has retired and Goatneck passed away, I don’t know any shotgun smiths. This Browning is broke. It’s already slicked up, it just needs fixin. Thanks for you help



    3. Billy Boots, # 20282 LTG-Regulator

      Billy Boots, # 20282 LTG-Regulator


      Eddie is an excellent SKB guy but not sure about BSS.  Joe Brisco (Brisco Kid, Cowboy Shooters Supply... mbrisco@aol.com) shoots BSS and might work on them or at least know good mechanic for them.


      Eddie pretty much took over Dirt Merchant's SKB work who had taken over much of Shotgunner's work.  He is Slick McClade's SKB guy, as well as many others.


      I did read on the wire the other day about a guy in NMex or AZ doing shotgun work.  Don't remember his name.  Even worked on hammer guns.



  5. Yes indeed Dave, another fine SITS match. I have attended numerous of these matches over last 20 years. Thanks to Christmas Kid and a few others for getting them started and for those like Bulldog McGraw, Headstone Hunter, Rowdy Bob, and others for continuing to keep this great annual going. Each year just seems to get better. Great facility with excellent stages, target array, scenarios, pleasant mountain atmosphere, many sides, excellent Sat nite banquet at downtown hotel, and much more. Sassy and I have already booked room at Panther Valley for 2020. Barry, I believe "Professional Match" is very similar to Wild Bunch and an additional old military rifle long range side.
  6. I'll be a PM there. Looks to be good turn-out.
  7. On cool/cold days I will wear my chaps used in my previous ranching days (pine trees took place of cattle on ranch). Mine are shotgun type, but I do believe some shotgun chaps tend to have more "wing" than others. Mine are of such. These chaps have sue come in handy this year, especially at Winter Range. If buying now for CAS, I would probably go with chinks. For sure, Doc Akins at Doc's Old West would be my guy. Great work and he & Andrea are just awesome folks.
  8. So sorry to read this. Such a delightful lady to know and be around. May God comfort Ghost and the entire Golden family and the many friends. A true loss to the cowboy world we all love..
  9. L, believe you be right on one of those years, not sure which. And, I believe one of those years was the year you were honored with a black badge. Good times my friend.
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