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  1. Those that I am aware of are Mr & Mrs Cloud, that be Cherokee & Silver,, and the legendary Texas Gunslinger. I'm headed down that way in the morning. Perhaps the only entry in FCD, but I need to get to practicing for WR.
  2. JJ, I noticed today that I failed to answer your PM. Marked it sold on forum but did not follow through with important details to you. I apologize. Still yours if interested. Sent you PM.
  3. Primer kits are for conversion between primer size for a Dillon RF 100 auto primer tube filler. These kits also give an extra tube to be ready for loading. Keeping several of the tubes filled speeds up the reloading process. Thanks for interest.
  4. Bump again. Perhaps I should consider BladeForum for knifes. I felt mine reasonably priced considering shipping these days. Maybe not. Dillon items are bargain if one was in need. Thanks for looking.
  5. Hey Nate, Now you know filing on back side of my FA cylinders just ain't going to happen. I figure if LT "officer" can not see the empty chamber when I show it to them then they need to have their wages cut. Heck, can't be much harder than seeing in gap behind hammer when loader points the Ruger up and air for officers observation. Two things I file on my FAs...front sight for zero and usually front hub of cylinder & back face of area where cylinder pin slips into cylinder (for wiper effect of black powder residue to ease cylinder rotation). How you been?
  6. No knowledge of these revolvers but I sure do know recessed heads as I have shot Freedom Arms Model 97s in CAS for 20 years. For inspection at loading table I just roll cylinder just to point where observer can see empty chamber. This is of course not so much to advance in cylinder notch so once observed then cylinder is gently rolled back. Easy trick once learned, and perhaps a harder understanding from some "observers". At point of observation, for my own satisfaction, I have probably already fully rotated cylinder checking for no high primers and to see that only five of six chambers are loaded (although load from Jax ammo bag with designated five round strip for each cylinder).
  7. Sorry, did not mean to imply discount for those who travel far. Just curious if fees were the same. Did not expect. It is all trying times for sure.
  8. Curious....was match fee reduced to off set your 4 hour trip? Large shoots such as Winter Range will suffer from many shooters just not sure of "political unrest" (especially the sway in AZ to blue) and the shortage of ammo/components With lack of entry fees I'm sure there is a crunch in prize/trophy purchases.
  9. RF 100 primer kits $50 each, large and small...both $95. Shipped Klickitat Bob SKB 100 forend cover, great for BP shooters. Hardly used. $40 shipped .....SOLD to Jasper Jack Buck 119 knife and sheath. Like new. $75 shipped Case DeerHunter 524-3 1/4 in the tin collectors box unused. $75 shipped Cobalt knife and sheath US Open 2010, unused $35 shipped
  10. Sent you an e-mail. Plan to see you in Tombstone on the way to Winter Range. bb
  11. Hey Windy, With these chjnks having both front and rear belts, adjustment is about eight jnches. 36 inches would be about tightest to 44" widest. If I let back belt out one hole from center then that makes front convenient for up or down couple of inches. I consider a good fit for me, pen to most used hole in shotgun and holster belts, at 39". If you need more pics let me know. 25 to 26 inches is not a particularly long chink but probably a standard. And, the fringe is only two inches where some have fringe much longer. Regards to your Sassy.
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