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  1. He is shooting CAC. If you have contact info for him, please inform him that Billy Boots has his lost front brass cover for pistol. Non Stop found it on stage one. I have it and will bring it in the morning. I start one stage one. He may have found replacement but I have this one that I assume is his. Thanks
  2. A lot of valid suggestions above. A couple are priority to me: *I try to make pose comfortable .If I do not know all on posse, I want to learn who they are as soon as possible and call them by alias or name they do not mind being identified. To add a comfortable atmosphere in a serious job with many duties, I try to be somewhat jovial. *As PM, as soon as I know who is on my posse I pick a few and ask if they would be TOs then at first stage briefing announce "the designated TOs". I find this eliminates confusion and allows a little piece of mind in acting out my duties, especially if called away from posse. I often know even before big shoots who might be on my posse and contact in advance. I may even ask them at what times they prefer to TO (first, middle, or last...I like to start with first few shooters). Although I do not have to worry about scorekeepers as Sassy Boots handles that and gets her reliefs. But, without her, I would have interest in knowing who is dependable and does not mind scorekeeping. Not all jobs are enjoyed by each shooters so keep them happy with their duties. Example, If a choice, I prefer to TO rather than count.
  3. Not much one can add to the great advice above. I too like one-shot drills but also practice different scenarios , usually with only five rifle (I'm cheap). I like some movement and plenty of transitioning in practice. Remembering to work in shotgun as much as you can is definitely a plus. It has been wisely said that "one can often win or loose with shotgun". I feel I have sort reached a point in time but practicing continue to try to gain closer to 100% in being bobble free. Hitting holster, smooth loading of shotgun, getting on target faster, smooth transitions , etc. Enjoy.
  4. Chicago screws are excellent for positioning holsters and other belt paraphernalia. I use them often. When purchasing screws, be sure and get good hole puncher (plier type or tool set). If positioning holster semi- permanently, be sure and consider different garments that might change actual position when tightening belt. As Mongo mentioned, T-nuts are very useful. Sometimes more so than Chicago screws. Pay attention to treads when purchasing both.
  5. The crew at Mountain Valley Vigilantes hosted another super Shootin' In The Shade Match (also Arkansas State Championship). Weather was awesome with much cooler temperatures than most of previous years I remember. Stages were excellent. Targets sets were moderate, not to far and not to close, and most targets were I am guessing 16-20 inch squares, black with white border. I thought Bulldog McGraw did an excellent job in scenario writing with start choices and several that offered options for shooting "dirty" if one chose. Posse One was lots of fun with guidance from our PM, Aint Dunnit. Appreciated Cleve's expertise as starting TO per stage. And a special thanks goes to Jubal for those shooting tips for Sassy. She is still talking of those pointers. Sassy and I are already planning our return for 2024 as soon as we know correct dates. If you have not made a SITS then put it on your "to do" match list. Hots Springs offer much to do and see when not shooting. Congratulations to Slick McClade for overall champion mens and Fired-up Fannie Sue for Ladies. C S Brady and Fired-up Fannie Sue for Arkansas State Overall champs)
  6. I have used much the same method for years with success. I do find it easier and less awkward for me to lower rifle some from being tight against shoulder. I find that to occasionally load your 73, say at loading table, with left hand helps in training for this reload technique. Yes, even with rifle flat on table the left hand reloading is good practice. Lightened loading gate spring certainly is plus.
  7. IMO, the best. Sassy and I both favor Doc Noper shotgun belts. I have two with leather double loops and canvas chartridge loops. Sassy prefers elastic loops. Sassy has awesome holster rig by Ain't Dunnit. In my many past years of CAS I have used five Kirkpatrick rigs, two JM, one Big Ed, and, one Lone Rider with no complaints to any of them as they were what I chose at time. Now my go-to rigs are one of two Doc Noper's or one by Ain't Dunnit. As to Mernickle, they make really nice, quality rigs good for fast long lasting work. See many of them used, I just have not tried one. Family are super to shoot with and be around, not to mention such excellent contributors to SASS.
  8. I will stray a little more from OP which I will answer once again. Yes, to me 800 fps with 125 grain bullet in 38 special is to much FOR ME. At 78 shooting duelist with small 4.25" barrel revolvers it is to much felt recoil for my comfort. With that said and all the chat about knowing velocities I might add this. My "plan of attack" for satisfyingly load is accuracy and desired velocity for my particular game (hunting, silhouettes, or whatever I want to be competitive and successful at). CAS has an extra caution in rules which is PF. I find accurate load that is comfortable then check velocity whether it be with Crony, Competitive Electronics Pro-Chrono, or Oehler and work the math for PF. But, as Big Boston touched on, since we/I load the bottom side of minimum capacity we have to deal with "space". This nets "position sensitivity" which at our distances I do not find it to affect accuracy, but can sure change velocity. If running on border line, this can place you below legal PF. Try it over your chronograph. Lets say you run 620 with 105 or 125 with muzzle up then down to sight line to screen versus muzzle pointed down then up to sight line to screen. If as in some of my recent testing with smokeless, velocity could change enough to not give me correct PF. No, we do not get checked but I think we all want to be right. If you want to run 750 fps or whatever then you are probably safe. Bottom line is that it is good to know your velocity near enough to not have doubt.
  9. as a duelist, the 38 125/800 fps would be more than I would desire.
  10. Will miss you once again my friend. And the band.
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