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  1. No worry Colt..Phil probably picked up some bad habits on his "tour" in Texas.
  2. If you do not find the Belt Mountain as you want, I have a couple of pairs of stainless #5 for NMV. I often order several pair when I order. PM me if interested.
  3. Not sure if OP was specifying Marlin or '73 but I will offer comment as to 1P in 73. My find in the difference in 1P versus stock 2P in 73s is not a great one and the pros mentioned above for Marlin are similar. (Not sure Blackfoot's take on "the why" is not highest on list.) I like the idea of the 1P and I do believe I can run slightly lighter main spring with excellent ignition on primers (Fed 200s). I have several of Snake Oil George's 1P FP for 73s. Snake Oil has a slightly new design which seems to wear even less on hammer as earlier ones did, and they are easier to install after his modification to your bolt. One of the few cons (negatives) many had with the 1P was that the harder firing pin protruding at rear with loaded round in chamber could cause a dent into the hammer on the hammer strike (hard firing pin/ softer hammer). If this was dissatisfaction to the user, SO would, at no charge, place a harder insert into the hammer as fix (Snake oil is that kind of guy.). I am finding that the newer version seems to not produce such a dent in hammer and I am more pleased with it. (Note: the dent I mention into surface of hammer did not seem to actually cause a problem, it just produced more of a cosmetic "flaw"....yea, I like nice cosmetics...in my shooting toys.) There are those who may offer a con opinion of 1P FP for 73s , and I would like to hear any pros and cons offered. So in a 73, Is the 1P better than OE with addition of stronger firing pin? Perhaps only slightly and more in the mind of the user....but, I am a user who likes the difference, especially the belief that I get a lighter main/hammer spring for equal ignition. Such satisfaction in my "toys" is a plus for my enjoyment of this great game/sport. If that little "piece of mind" makes me think I can go faster, well that's one of the things that keeps our vendors happy.
  4. That is good to hear. Tombstone and The Livery is a favorite stop for Sassy and I on the way to WR.
  5. IMO, snap cap use makes sense. I like those made by A-ZOOM for my 38/357 FAs. I do believe they are a little overpriced but in the long run, good for my peace-of-mind and hopefully for preserving life of some parts. However, other than having the appearance of a cartridge in plastic or very light metal form, they seem to just have a silicone cushion for firing pin to hit. If that is the true advantage of the A-ZOOMs, what would be the disadvantage of using a spent case with primer removed then pocket filled with silicone? Just asking? One could add bullet and/or put paint/marks for caution and identification. (Silicone in primer pocket is what I use in making my shotgun dummies for dry firing...along with some weight inside and often a piece of wood dowel in end with more silicone to seal.) https://www.amazon.com/ZOOM-Special-Snap-Cap-16118/dp/B0014VVI1E/ref=sr_1_2?crid=JFXS9SO5TSMD&keywords=a-zoom+38+special+snap+cap&qid=1553954941&s=sporting-goods&sprefix=A-zoom+38%2Csporting%2C1669&sr=1-2 https://www.amazon.com/ZOOM-16318-Revolver-Special-Packsage/dp/B07DP44RGB/ref=sr_1_3?crid=JFXS9SO5TSMD&keywords=a-zoom+38+special+snap+cap&qid=1553955003&s=sporti Also offered by many other sources...Brownells, Lyman, Midway, Cabellas, etc
  6. Sorry to hear Allie. Betting they did not tell you that before surgery. The fact that my old Lasik procedure would be be obstacle seemed to not be mentioned to me. Not sure it would have mattered a lot though as I needed the cataract surgery before damage was worse. At least I have clear lens and vision is correctable with glasses. Hope better news for you soon.
  7. P, M, SDQ...and banned from shooting Duelist. no call
  8. http://www.cowboyshooterssupply.com/ http://www.goatneckclemgunsmithing.com/
  9. Great comments guys. Just what I thought many will find interesting in thread. Creeker and Clay, you are so "right on" in your points...and thanks Clay for mentioning feats of Nick and Billy...super performances, and great individuals. Before I first got "my feet wet" in CAS, not to mention as duelist, my late wife and I were on a visit to Freedom Arms and the home of Wayne and Mariam Baker (around '99). There we had the pleasure of meeting Handsome Valentine. We became good friends and perhaps because of his recent duelist title and the fact that my handgun silhouette shooting actually focused on one hand hold, the category seemed for me. I often teamed up with one of the top Texas Duelist, Texas Paladin, so sort of learned from one of the best, but I also began to always check the carts for performance of others in the category at EOT & WR. Buckskin Frank Leslie, Bull, Durango Kid, Dan Nabitt, & Sasquatch are names that come to mind now but it was not many years until the name Macon Rounds hit the board and I mean EOT Top Twenty- five Over-all list. Soon the likes of FJT rose to winner's circle and then my friend Nuttin Graceful, who became first duelist to break into top 10 at EOT as I recall. An awesome feat and to think Pecos Nick at 4th. WOW. Even now with the speeds of the GFers and traditional shooters, names like El Muerto Negro and Hair Trigger Hayes show up extremely high on over-all postings. Great Duelists and Gunfighters are a treat to watch, as are many two-handed shooters, or in my case convenience of watching a CC such as T-Bone Dooley at my home court. To watch the best in your chosen category is not only a super experience but the knowing most any one of them is open for advice to you just make this sport we love so great. Keep the comments coming.
  10. Thought I would start this thread so as not to high-jack another couple of recent threads that has brought up some interesting points in both DD & GF methods. Lets first establish what was emphasized in other posts, strong side Double Duelists is generally the faster of duelist methods, much to the net gain in transition times in most stages. IMO, the GF and DD both equal in ability with rifle & shotgun and par per shot with revolvers, the GF will win out simply because the category places that shooter shooting both revolvers at same time. Now here I am speaking of the best of the best of each and as much as I love to see a fast DD, the GF's mental ability to engage a stage the way some do with their revolvers blazing is awesome. But, where can a DD gain on a GF ( let's say a GF who is not so fast in par time on revolvers)? Is holstering both revolvers at same time a disadvantage to this GF? An example stage-- some 16-20 feet from A to C, A to B a good three steps. Scenerio of left to right, revolvers first (I'm not trying to give edge in shooting order but for example here, two shots on five targets). If DD shoots right gun first, holsters right quickly as left gun is out and firing, he/she then turns right and as they move they are holstering on way to long gun at B. Can they gain on the GF who struggled a tad in revolver shots? IMO, the holstering of both guns before move is critical whether it was a DD or this GF in example. My caution point here is the holstering of that right gun if turn is made to right to soon. Even with a quick muzzles down before turn to not break 170 with muzzle to outside, didn't the DD who holstered left"inside gun" on move gain in time? Hope I made myself clear and can generate some good points pro & con to those interested in DD and GF. Holstering is certainly a part of overall transitions of a competitive shooter. The "missed holster" is time, as one has to re-focus on the next "stab".. the clock is ticking and there is suddenly a mental interruption. Widder made a valid point in a thread to the DD who was not quick in holstering, that they might consider placing first gun on an available surface if convenient, then holster both as a GF would. Good idea, but personally, I think I can holster faster and without the interruption of thought that gun could spin on flat surface. (My thought pattern to cadence and rhythm is fragile. ) Of course if revolvers are shot last I do not have to even holster first (assuming it is dry)....here placing first gun on surface could be a gain for DD.
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