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  1. H, Do you find use of KG 12 much with your CAS guns or just use it with jacketed bullet guns? The KG 9 LeatherKote is excellent to slick up one's holsters also. bb
  2. Brisco recommended it to me so got a bottle. Seems like a very simple product that works. KG does make some fine products. Like you John, I have so many bore cleaners but truthfully, seems this KG-1 and Windex/v are my real "go to" ones. If copper fowling was issue then choices would of course change.
  3. I do not find that need at all, but do like to run a couple of patches of Windex down barrel every couple of stages. Heck I did that when shooting CB Goex and Black Dawge bullets.
  4. Even equipment, I have been trying to find a RCBS lock out die and even those are unavailable.
  5. Anyone use it? I am a big fan of Windex (with vinegar) or a generic version but had this KG-1 carbon remover recommended sometime back and have been giving it a try. I have been very impressed with its removal of barrel "residue", be it with smokeless or BP...and with the Hitech coated bullets I use. Seems less patches needed for same results as expected from Windex.
  6. Been using Cimarron coated ( Hitech) coated bullets (105, 125, 135, and 147) for several years....Triple Seven 2F. All four plenty accurate. for me.
  7. Another great match by the Territorial Marshalls. They just keep getting better. SASS Nationals should be outstanding. Thank you all.
  8. I told PW I thought it was on a base or near one. Remember the year?
  9. Childhood dog was Stinky then after getting out of college, married, and a serious bird hunter, I started raising Brittany Spaniels. First one I named Duchess (Red River Duchess) then later kept one from a litter and named it Judy (have no reason why Judy). Dogs are long gone and pretty much all the quail are gone in our area.
  10. PW and I were thinking about it only a few days ago. I was wondering when RO training started. Seems RO2 was later and we, the potential RO instructors, were hosted at a range outside of Vegas for our initial training. I believe you was there. I can not remember if it was while at the Frontier Summit or later at Summit during convention. My TG beginning was for Texas Tenhorns and I went to Summit at Frontier, seems like around 2002, but not sure if even RO1 had started at that time.
  11. Meeting at the Frontier Casino....wow, that is showing some age. Been there, done that. Does 2002 and 2003 sound about right?
  12. Have not seen that abuse so far, except in terrible heat there are some clubs near who OK the lax in shirts. You and I both used the same sweet lady to make some of our pants at one time (and I dearly miss her) so with some of those pants just getting the age, I have gone to wearing Wrangler more and more. However, I install suspender "buttons" so to wear suspenders and look somewhat the part.
  13. Should see Red Knee tomorrow or Thursday. Hope you continue healing well from surgery and it was extremely successful. You are quite right about Bart's writings. I also always thought Jim copied/followed Skeeter's style of writing to success. They were friends. For writer's and especially those I knew. Larry W was one of the best at keeping one's attention to the end of a story yet may have starting story telling the conclusion, usually not a good idea but Larry could do it. Take care of yourself.
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