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  1. # might tell you in transit or at service center. Neither would matter much. Even "in transit" may mean it is setting in Coppell. Trust me, I have had conversation with postal employees about this black hole. Pitiful sometime. USPS has just been bad this year but due to C-19, other carriers have suffered heavily in some areas. # might give you idea if passed thru another center closer to you.
  2. If Jason's packages have to go to USPS center in Coppell, that could be hang-up. It is the "black hole" in NETx (referring to MAIL service...., no sly remark Goody). Don't really doubt you getting package JJ, but maybe longer wait than you would normally expect.
  3. Yep, that's the story I was waiting on. My first year at EOT was 2000, perhaps that was the year of his picket. I was not present year of actual golf cart incident but did remember the picket. I too met the gentleman at a Winter Range in one of my early years and under one of the mentioned alias'. He not only was good shooter, he had a likeable side in conversation. The reappearance as Ben Avery was cleaver and one had to admit rather humorous. As I remember the year as Ben Avery was the year of shotgun knockdowns with the "Queen Mary chains" at WR and he shot a reload in his 97
  4. Thought so. I believe somewhere in a few years there was even another alias. Kid Starrett maybe? Yes he was a great shooter.
  5. Was that the same gentleman who was the lone picketer at gate a few years later?
  6. well there was a time or two that last rotation did not make a 5 PM scheduled meeting, but that has been a few years ago.
  7. It was not unusual not so long ago to have more than 20 on posse so if 12 stages and three rotations then 800+ is possible. Granted, those numbers can sure lead to long days of shooting, especially for that last rotation, if a bog-down takes place during the day. Broken targets, re-shoots, rain showers, etc can happen....not to mention hail storms
  8. Here's another story...... I believe the year was 2002, maybe 2003. I wanted to fly a Texas flag on our fairly new Holiday Rambler motor home while parked at EOT so on the way out to CA I learned there was a Walmart in Gainesville, TX that had them. Less than three hours in the two day trip I pulled in and bought the flag to fly on a nice flag pole that had been donated to us by another pair of SASS members, Deaf Laws and Aimless Annie. On the way out of parking lot I did not negotiate properly around a big "decorative" boulder. Yep, caved in the side of motor home. I went back into
  9. Guess he could have stayed and helped the crew take down all that chain link fence. As I remember, they had already started the process. Your pard did seem to take the whole think pretty good.
  10. I bet the THREE are thinking, "be glad when this week is over". Besides running all the credit cards and writing up phone entries, confirmations got to take some time. Then after all this cools down and the wait until March 1st for those entries in that tier, there comes the sorting out of categories. Hats off to those gals.
  11. Are we predicting when they hit 500? I would not doubt close to it by end of day considering a certain number for late reply.
  12. Be good to see u2, been a loooong time since at Tx10horns, Greenville, TX. Heck, 10horns now at Leonard.
  13. are rates still going up? I realized I could leave on Sat so changed booking and rates had already increase in just a few days. You couldn't change at old rate.
  14. Billy and Sassy Boots are in. Cattle Baron FCD for me.....yea, that will probably slide down with the younger guys like Stone Creek, and he ain't young.
  15. Marty is indeed an elite GF. I remember shooting with him at GOA when Handlebar Doc and I ran one of the GF posses. Wow, what a bunch of entertaining gunfighters. Happy Birthday Marty.
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