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  1. Great idea. I will try to remember to ask her about that tomorrow at CAC.
  2. YL, sorry to hear that but certainly understand, especially considering the distance.
  3. Lincoln County Cowboys, Cushing, OK...Scott Wayne. Very nice facility.
  4. Thanks Goody. I thought the Eotech looked mighty similar and suspected the same. I don't think Bushnell's HS was rear popular but back in those day when I was writing and "in" with some folks in the industry I was fortunate to test some items. One that seemed to prevail in sights for me was the first gen Bush Holosight, second gen I questioned on a time or two. Maybe my first gen was just one that was better than others but you got to admit riding on top of a 6" 454 is definitely taking some "banging around" zipping out 256 grainers at 1850fps. I'll look more into the Eotech. While the 10/22 does not dish out recoil, I do like to know the sight will take the abuse I might put to it in the field or banging around in the side x side.
  5. Just won a new 10/22 at Southwest Showdown so interested in sight for it. I have had good luck with the now discontinued Bushnell Holosight so thought someone might have one they would be interested in selling. I run a first gen on 6" FA 454 and second gun on FA 7.5" 357. The first gen is probably the least popular but I like it so if someone out there has one they don't want please PM me. I would consider second gen if price is right and either guaranteed to be functional. Thanks for reading. bb
  6. The Mountain Valley Vigilantes lead by Bulldog McGraw, Rowdy Bob, Cheeka Bow Wow, Mimsey, Headstone Hunter, Smokey Joe, and others put on another outstanding match. It was again not only their annual shoot but the Arkansas State Championship. There were new targets and scenarios with some real "thinkers" in the mix like a boomerang sweep on a X stand of targets...OK, not near as bad as it appeared and read OR corners-center, middle-center on stand of nine. Aside the new things, the awesome commodore we have grown to expect and enjoy dominated the event. Covid might have changed "banquet" style but I personally found the casual "on-the-range" substitute a bunch of fun. Weather was outstanding and since Sassy & I and a few other Texans had chose to come here this weekend rather than Texas State Championships, we were saddened to hear talk at the match of the unpleasant weather our fellow Texans were experiencing. Some of us could certainly relate to a few bad weather times at Hot Springs also. Velvet Glove who has always been such a big part of SITS, was so missed and it was obvious of shooter's thoughts and prayers for her. Sassy was unable to shoot so used much of her "shoot time" to personally visit VG. I know during the course of the event, many made visits to VG. Congratulations to all the winners, top honors to C.S. Brady and Cheeka Bow Wow overall M/W Arkansas Champions. I want to also congratulate my Sassy Boots for being the first recipient of the newly established Velvet Grove Award. The presentation by Mimsey brought so many tears to the cheeks of fellow shooters who know and love Michelle Hunter, and understands the Battle she fights. Sassy is still just so humbled, as I for her. Thank You to those at MVV for establishing this award, may God bless Velvet to soon be able to personally present this award to another lady. (Note: Exprssion on Sassy's face reflects the feelings of so many shooters at SITS and within SASS, especially LOCAS.
  7. Thanks for post DD. Nice videos. Sorry I missed the match. Hopefully next year. BTW, congratulations on an outstanding performance.
  8. Good advice. I like Clays also but expect 231 would certainly work. I usually run a tad less of Clays that Randy at 2.7-3.0 grains and with 105, 125, 135, & 147 grain Hi-tek coated bullets. And, definitely in .38 cases.
  9. I imagine links are the issue based on above opinions however here is a "long shot" that pertains to a issue I have had a time or two. Although this relates to one-piece firing pin systems, I think it might happen in original systems also. There is a pin going thru bolt connecting the remaining part of firing pin system. In my case, if that pin is not flush with bolt the links can touch it and have the feel that they are locked up. Again, in my fix, a tap of that roller pin or better yet, install a new one, and make flush, and BINGO. Easy to check with plate off.
  10. I believe we are short in several categories such as FCD and ESD. No problem, it will still be a blast. Nice prizes, excellent range food, and awesome banquet. The Lone ESD C U there.
  11. Right at back floor of carrier in edge of the channel. Doubt of an advantage but gives me a little comfort and at least I think it makes things smoother. 2" of spring and 1.48" OAL should be good combination for that new carrier. Drop of oil might help "peace of mind" also.
  12. My aluminum carriers show a tad of wear on bottom back. In fact I often put a drop of oil there. Just one of those little things I do that in my mind, helps. I like a OAL of 1.44-1.5" for bullets from 105 thru 1.47 grain. Agree, to much spring is just not necessary.
  13. +1 for Bob at AAP. Did a great job on a old SKB I use, plating and some Cerakote for few parts and barrel.
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