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  1. I understand your idea/desire, and suspect cycling A-zooms thru 73 to be less "damage" than live ammo. I find it a pain to find all the little suckers when in a hurry. And, they are a little pricey to loose. I like one-piece firing pin systems which I believe to cause less wear on system for dry firing, but at a loss to your goal. Tyrel's suggestion is a good one, but again not what your intent is. In fact, Palo Verde (Gunworks) offers a nice "dummy" round just for this purpose, one made with nice "primer". I do like A-zooms and use them in a number of revolvers.
  2. Lefty and C&I has certainly been combination that works for Sassy and I. Just have a hard time keeping Lefty in Texas all year.
  3. Not sure I have ever felt a 73 actually done by Boogie, with all his tricks, but would like to, so maybe in the future. You are certainly correct on difference in many doing much the same work. I have even felt noticable difference in same smith's work on different 73s. I've decided some work just turns out better on particular 73 jobs, same smith or different. No doubt some smiths turn out above average on majority of their jobs, others perhaps exceptional jobs on lesser amount of jobs with majority being more just acceptable. Of course much in the hands of user as to "greatness
  4. KK, Sassy and I have a few of those FE SKBs also, but I would not mind having another so if yours is a 200e, I'll go 2000 primers, and even GM200Ms.
  5. Glad you got in Scout. I believe Texas Jim Henry signed up today also. Hope you two get on as good a posse as you were at Paradise Pass. Better sign up for 2022 Warm Up at Livery for the trip out.
  6. Heck of a deal. I believe Miss Ann and I stayed at corner of Bell and 17 my first year out to WR (2000). Seems it was a Best Western then. Remember someone staying there with Dan Nabbit on back of truck. Ed and I became friends and sometimes I even see him over at the mounted arena. Super fellow. I have stayed at the Studio Six a number of times. Remember came in late one year with Longhunter and seems there was some kind of mix-up in booking so they gave us a handicap room, real big and convenient on bottom floor. A number of shooters stayed there and Red Roof, but I suspect t
  7. Better plug in real dates. Hotels have increased, some almost weekly at times, for last month or so for EOT dates. Seems as though someone mentioned training camp dates starting about then also. Rental houses are disappearing fast unless at considerable distance.
  8. He listens with such kindness........................ yes it is a .P, NEXT SHOOTER.
  9. I agree on the 15-16 monthly and 19-20 for the biggies. I find it nice to have a dedicated scorekeeper or two, possibly even a non-shooting spouse who knows the game and knows ,or quickly learns, the shooters.
  10. Wasn't there a video of Wes taking out several desperados walking down the street?
  11. Often hear the term, "priceless" used. I think Wes' friendship is certainly a place where I can say, "priceless". Wes was one of the very first CAS gunsmith's I met over 20 years ago thanks to Rattler John. He is the only gunsmith I ever remember that I let work on my Freedom Arms revolvers other the gunsmith at the factory in Freedom, WY.
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