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  1. I get away with 1.44" but I believe C&I suggests 1.45" Caboose's standard of 1.46" is good insurance.
  2. Correct. Really senic drive from Cimarron to Taos...and on to historic Chama (numerous movies filmed here using the train going to Cumpres Pass If I did not stay in WC's RV park or their cabins, I often stayed at Budget Host Motel on North side of Raton. Then they gave discount if attending the Whit Center. But, that was 10+ years ago. Lots of motels in Raton and good food.
  3. I used to attend an event called The Shootist Holiday each year until that event interfered with my attending EOT. I liked the Center and would recommend seeing it. Cimarron is not far and you might enjoy a road trip there.
  4. +1 Joe....now us "over the hilll"...make that way over-the-hill pards don't have to try to stand in an uncomfortable erect position.
  5. Good pics FJT. Really bringing back memories.....remember this one?
  6. Understand. and you are shooting with some good ones for sure. I also had Stoeger broken lug trouble in early years.
  7. b, as you can tell by the many posts of varying preferences, you really need to try different pards guns. If you just swing them and open/close them, get an idea what YOU like. I don't know the seriousness of your competitive drive but much can be spend on a shotgun to make it a "race gun". Most any good shotgun smith, be it Fast Eddie, Lefty Wheeler, Boomstick, Johnny Meadow, Doc Noper, or others, will recommend polishing chambers, beveling chamber entrance, tuning springs, lengthen forcing cones, etc, so there will be near as much expense in getting it genuine competitively ready as cost of gun alone. Cutting barrels is a major issue in order to get it like you want, but more than likely a "small pea in the pod" to final money spent. I, personally, like Briley's work in lengthening forcing cones in combination to back bore of barrels. Certainly not a must in CAS, but something I have grown to favor. I tried choke tubes on one of my first SKBs that Briley cut and preformed their expertise to but found far more than needed in CAS. However, the back bore process and short barrels I still find pleasing. I'm sure you have already seen CAS is just another emphasis on "kids and their toys"....we're just big kids when it comes to enjoying this great sport.
  8. I have had many a SKB cut. I personally like 20" but suggest that most like 22". Each has its slight plus versus other, 20" perhaps easier to handle, 22" has little more weight at barrel end to help in barrel dropping open. I don't have problem with 20" dropping but if one did small shot can be added in channel between barrels to give weight.
  9. agree...H110 as top choice for 44 mag and 454. Of course not for SASS but great for hunting and IHMSA. Not really up on Marlins but would a 44 special in 44 mag feed properly? There is issues with 38 special in 357 Marlins. All fixable though.
  10. In reference to pics in above post: I had insert installed by SOG on a hammer that Lefty had already jeweled, but because of the hardness of the insert it would be difficult to jewel insert portion properly anyway. As bolt goes forward in stroke and hammer falls, contact on firing pin that is protruding (assuming round in chamber) will be on the insert.
  11. Very interesting. I look forward to taking a first hand look at these rigs soon. Hope to see you both at WR.
  12. Superb Colt...not sure I have recognized any less thru the years of seeing holsters you have done. So many improvements over last 20 years but even 20 years ago you made a rig a world class shooter would like. Hmmmm, to think, it happened to a fine young man who happens to be "the best CAS in the world" and several more in that "upper crust". You know how I like spots and tooling so especially fond of your work. I really like the two tone of first rig shown and the "beefed up" lip overlay. I, personally favor the drop and cant on Slick's for my style of shooting. The idea of inserts has so many advantages in grip and less worry of loss of conformity in storing and travel. Besides the uniqueness in function, for some of us, cosmetics do mean something....may not make us shoot any better but sure makes us look good in trying. All just outstanding, congratulations on two more masterpieces .
  13. Tail N Kid in OK was probably not first person to think of the 1-piece firing pin system, but first I know who stayed with idea until a satisfied completion . He showed me the idea many years ago but I just did not see it so appealing AT THE TIME. TNK was persistent with idea and talking to fellow Oklahoman, Snake Oil George, who put his Master Machinist abilities to work eventually producing the desired finished part option. So, although nothing extremely new in our ventures into options on our toys, specifically to this post, the '73 or 66, the 1-piece FPS has been around for several years. I have them in several 73s and do like them, but I was wondering how others feel who have tried or might be considering the addition. I like the concept and in addition find the need of dummy round in dry firing not particularly needed. Some might suggest one negative to be that the steel of pin is harder than hammer so over long periods of use one usually develops small indentation in hammer where pin hits hammer if round is in chamber. Although, other than the cosmetics of indentation, damage does not seem to affect firing. A hardened insert can be installed in hammer to cut down on this issue IF it bothers you. Two of my match 73s do not have hammer inserts, but insert is on my most recent upgrade in SS of an older 73. Incidentally, Lefty Wheeler preformed his expertise in the upgrade with my choice of C&I 5th gen and SOG's hammer insert modification along with his 1-piece FPS. What's your thoughts? Is it worth money spent? Personally, I think if such an option gives a competitive shooter a tad of "piece of mind" in their shooting then it is worth it.
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