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  1. One source of movies that I had never heard of until last week or so is IMDb I think you can access it from your computer or Smart TV.. I think it is owned or operated by Amazon. When I git amazon prime on and open the movie list, I arrow down a while and find IMDb, they have some good old ones. Try " Outlaw" it is not about Waimea the Outlaw bullet man. Jane Russell is good, some times the movie gets hokey. all in its worth watching it was made by Howard Hughes, about 1940. it has a different opinion on how Billy lives on. I am from New Mexico so I have read a lot of books about the Kid.
  2. on the Charles Daly 500 are the barrels choked

    1. Straight Arrow Hombre

      Straight Arrow Hombre

      The Charles Daly has sold. Thanks for your interest. 

  3. Ok I will buy them, 

  4. Did you get my reply that I will buy it now?

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