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  1. I agree with Doc. I have an El Malo 2. It has the Thunderbolt grip and octagon barrel. They did (do) make an El Malo with the Army grip, but every '2' I have seen has the small grip. And I have been searching for a mate to mine so I have looked at a lot. But things change...
  2. Here is the Buckaroo cart, does not include the ammo box. $125 for this one. I don't have pics of the other 2 on this tablet but I will add them asap.
  3. I, like many, am holding out for the SASS models. I will order the trike with gun racks on the rear.
  4. Hatless, I have a small gun cart I built for Lightfoot when he started at 10. I also have a full size one for sale. I have a 20 gauge Stoeger I am about to tune. Don't let anyone tell you a 20 kicks more than a 12, just not true. Let me know if you are interested. We could meet ftf at the Greenville or Belton matches, or?
  5. FYI, the Greenville Gunfighters are shooting Sunday. There is usually a pretty good turn out and new shooters and spectators are welcomed. There are often shooting irons for sale, too.
  6. PM me on this one please. Thanks Gundertaker
  7. Thanks for that catch, Diego! Feel like an idiot.
  8. Pards, I am looking for a 45 rifle with the 'in the white' finish. I have not seen a nickel plated one, but they may be out there. I would like to match my nickel pistols. Whatcha got? And yes, I have seen them on Gunbroker. I would rather buy from a cowboy if possible.
  9. I am in need of a Miroku buttstock with the straight grip for a 73. Condition is not real important. I want to shorten the length of pull and go to a square butt. But I want to keep my original just in case. I also need the same for my Uberti pistol grip. Many thanks for looking. Solomon
  10. I have to disagree with Marshall Dillon. I bought mid price guns to start, then had to replace the long guns within a year. I did get lucky and buy Ruger pistols to start. If you want to go fast, and think you have the skills to do it, then buy good guns to start. My advice is to buy "stock" Vaqueros, Winchester 73 (plenty available on Gunbroker.com for about $1100 shipped), and a Baikal double barrel. You will ALWAYS be able to get your money back on those if you get out later. When your talent catches up with those, you will have great guns for one of the talented gunsmithing to trick up.
  11. Whiskey John I have a cart for sale if you need that. It was built by Tyger River Ray. He built quite a few for shooters in the Carolinas, but this was his personal cart and the last he sold.. Unfortunately he passed not long after he sold it to me. If you are interested I will send you some pics. We will be at the SC State Championship in Belton, SC next week, not too far from you. That would be a great place for you to check out, lots of things for sale at the larger matches. Glad you are joining in the fun!
  12. Johnny, I thought I saw somewhere that you have a 22" SKB, and I see a 20" on Gunbroker.com.  I would like a 22" if you have one. But if not I'll have to take the 20. The Sears are worn completely out on my son's  double so I'm giving him my Baikal. Thanks,  Solomon 

  13. Silver Sam, do you still have those Thunderstorms? And how much shipping? 

  14. Fatboy, I will take the Lightning rifle, just let me know what all you need to do the deal. You can PM me or most convenient and we will share contact info. Thanks, Solomon

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    2. Solomon Vaquero

      Solomon Vaquero

      I will try to get FFL'S info tomorrow.  How do you want funds? PayPal, mail certified check? I was trying to get to Winter Range, but doesn't look like we will make it. Long way from SC. But may know someone who is going. My number is 803-242-1702, Tommy Sutton.  Talk to you tomorrow.  Thanks 

    3. Solomon Vaquero

      Solomon Vaquero

      I have sent the funds Priority. Doug, my local FFL, said you were not aware you had to send from an FFL as well, nor was I. I put an extra $40 in the envelope to help out with that. If that doesn't do it let me know. Thanks for your help. Tommy

      Certified Check.jpg

      Priority Mail.jpg

      Tracking Number.jpg

    4. fatboy harley

      fatboy harley

      Rifle is going out tomorrow  UPS 1Z RPT 059 03 0000 6618

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