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  1. Crapshoot Kev I have 2 for sale. They were on the wire. Not sure I ever got pics of the good one made by Tyger River Ray. I will try to get it loaded again tomorrow.
  2. Howdy pards, I have a small gun cart for sale that my son used from 10 to 12 years old. I have a standard box for ammo and supplies, and an umbrella that go with it. It is made of poplar so it is light. I didn't have a tape measure handy when I took the photos, but that is a Henry Youth 22 and a H&R Youth 410 in it. THE GUNS ARE NOT INCLUDED. I am near Charlotte. We shoot in Greenville, Columbia and Salisbury regularly. Scarlett Darlin is going to Hell Fire this month and MIGHT be persuaded to bring it along.
  3. Silver Sam, do you still have those Thunderstorms? And how much shipping? 

  4. Fatboy, I will take the Lightning rifle, just let me know what all you need to do the deal. You can PM me or most convenient and we will share contact info. Thanks, Solomon

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    2. Solomon Vaquero

      Solomon Vaquero

      I will try to get FFL'S info tomorrow.  How do you want funds? PayPal, mail certified check? I was trying to get to Winter Range, but doesn't look like we will make it. Long way from SC. But may know someone who is going. My number is 803-242-1702, Tommy Sutton.  Talk to you tomorrow.  Thanks 

    3. Solomon Vaquero

      Solomon Vaquero

      I have sent the funds Priority. Doug, my local FFL, said you were not aware you had to send from an FFL as well, nor was I. I put an extra $40 in the envelope to help out with that. If that doesn't do it let me know. Thanks for your help. Tommy

      Certified Check.jpg

      Priority Mail.jpg

      Tracking Number.jpg

    4. fatboy harley

      fatboy harley

      Rifle is going out tomorrow  UPS 1Z RPT 059 03 0000 6618

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