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  1. I remember riding my bicycle up to the 7-11 with my .22 rifle strapped to my handlebars and buying a box of 22's for 50 cents.... A couple of times when I couldn't scrape up a half a buck he'd let me buy a 1/2 box for a quarter.... Those were Great Days !!!!!
  2. You've got both the Lonestar Frontier Shooting Club and Comanche Valley Vigilantes in Cleburne which would be the closest to you. And the Texas Ten Horns in Leonard. Plus the Arlington Sportsman Club in Arlington (not SASS affiliated but shoot CAS) And then there's the Texas Doughboys that shoot Wild Bunch.... I think they're up in Saginaw or Watauga
  3. Colorado Jackson ... RIP Jeffrey Dane Jackson January 7, 1966 - August 7, 2021 Colorado Jackson, Jeff, CoJak, CJ, Baby Huey, Fat Boy....... Whatever you called him, once you met him, you didn't forget him, he was One of a Kind! He will be Missed !!!!!! Till We Meet Again Pard !!!!! http://smithfamilyfuneralhomes.tributes.com/obituary/show/Jeffrey-Dane-Jackson-108524240?fbclid=IwAR3hDXQt_XtOTtaEOsmYikbFMo_241l7AIGL449IWtWV6IZdfo9G49OHJOo
  4. Not as Early as most of the pics here... Monthly Match at the CVV Club in Texas from 2005 It was filmed by a Japanese Film crew for a Japanese Gun magazine and I believe was shown on Nippon TV. CAS video.m4v
  5. I just placed an order for another one.... Not because anything is wrong with my 1st one.... Over 4 years and it still looks and works like New! But now I need another with Bigger Holes for 38wcf Rifle Ammo. These Loading Blocks Are Great!!! Thank You MM
  6. I'm sad to report that Waco Al passed away, monday the 23rd after a long bout with cancer. My Pard will be Greatly Missed ! Please keep his wife Susan, his daughter Jennifer (Hotshot Honey), all his kids, grandkids & family in your prayers. Services will be at Oakwood Cemetery in Waco Tx next Thursday
  7. SB, I use Lemishine & Dawn also when wet tumbling, I was experiencing the same problem youre having. I found out that the amount of Lemishine I was using was too much.... My brass was coming out shining like new, but was tarnishing badly within hours of drying. I cut back the amount of Lemishine to about one teaspoon per load & now the tarnishing is minimal. Any uncoated brass exposed to the elements will tarnish. If you want to keep it brand new bright & shiney you will have to put some type of polishing compound or coating on the brass.
  8. If it's Race Ready you did Incredible, but even if you have to spend another 300 or so to get 'er done you still did Really Good !
  9. I could'nt help but notice the extreme roll on dixie cup's of the enlisted..... That would have never passed in my Navy time
  10. Everybody will have a different opinion....... For me a short stroke '66 carbine in 38 spl is what feels the best. I'd say about 90% of cowboy shooters are not happy with their first choice of a long gun within their first year of shooting. Borrow & shoot as many guns as is possible before you decide what is correct for YOU !
  11. For me, I only load BP shotgun shells one time... then it's straight to the trash can.
  12. I've been trying to get on the website at Plum Creek to see if they have put up an appl. for their Annual.... I keep getting "Access Forbidden" Anybody know whats going on ???????????
  13. I'm not an ffl.... I sold a gun to a CAS shooter out there a couple of years ago and followed all the rules shipping as an individual to an FFL The dealer I shipped it to gave both me and the person it was going to such a hard time that I'm not sure it would be worth the hassle to do it again.
  14. If I lived in Chicago, I'd be lookin' for a Chicago Typewriter...... But since thats not CAS legal, a '92 will suffice very well until a '73 or '66 is in the budget. Most 73's are made by Uberti....... Taylor's, Cimarron etc are the importers. Just get a good Rossi 92 and shoot it for a year, by then you will Know what lever gun you really want.
  15. Griff, I didn't realize that they cleaned BP brass at Sonic, I love their Super Sonic Double Cheeseburger. Can they clean my brass while I'm having Lunch ???
  16. I have 3 SKB's.... I Love Em !! 1 for smokeless, 1 for BP and 1 for Clays Two of em I got before CAS discovered them and they were still reasonably priced. The 3rd I paid too much for, but the gun is worth it in my eyes....... I've also owned Baikals and Stoegers they wear and sometimes are hard to get parts for if you break something. I just finished completely taking down, cleaning and reassembling my oldest SKB for some way overdue maintenance After removing the years of gunk buildup inside the SKB and closely inspecting all the parts....... there is absolutely zero perceptible wear on any part of the gun. That is one reason that SKB's are so valuable.
  17. Nope... The one in the classified is a single trigger, Pit Bulls has double triggers. I've seen em before, they are rare. Its basically a Royal with less fancy wood & less engraving..... But it's an SKB!!
  18. Griff.. I have a minute to spare, That should be more than long enuf to hear everything You know. And since I don't know nuthin' any knowledge I can git would be a Huge bonus.
  19. Checked the THSS website.... Still no 2017 Application that I can find. Anybody know anything ????????
  20. In Silent Running he played a gardener/astronaut in charge of all the plants left on earth... I don't remember him being the "Bad Guy' in that one
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