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  1. 35e is no picnic either.......... I think your best option would be 35w at night. If you have to do it in daytime on a weekday, just flip a coin & pray for the best. On the bright side, if 35w is too frustrating you can pull off at Cabelas for an hour or so and go look at guns
  2. Thumbs Up for Lefty Thumbs Way Down for Buster
  3. I think it will take a bit more than Flitz to Help Marauders SAA......... But maybe there is Hope...... below is one of Mine that was in equally as bad a shape when it was rediscovered in a Barrel with a bunch of Rakes, Hoes and Shovels about 20 years ago.................. I shoot it fairly regular now..... In Fact thats it I'm shooting in my little dime size photo to the left....
  4. It don't take long for em to get a Good Patina if you shoot BP. I usually let mine go for a year or sometimes two without polishing em up.... Then I pull out the Simichrome and start over. I just cleaned em up after shooting WR.... I think they look Spiffy
  5. All Sold to Danger Russ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did we set a record for speediest Sale ????? Just what the title sez.......... All my stuff that dont fit me NoMo And I dont want to piece it out and mess w/ pics and try to keep track of who gets what !! So, it's the whole Kit-n'Kabootle or Nuttin...... $100 smackers & $20 to cover shipping 4 pair suspender pants 1 pair Wranglers 8 shirts 3 vests 2 suspenders Shirts & Vests Mostly XL and XXL and maybe one L ..... all different colors and patterns Pants 40 & 42 ..... all different styles Vests all black & silver L to XXL ..... all showing wear one especially has lots of "character" 16 lbs total Some is like New, some very worn....... overall, good clean usable condition. I am heading for WR soon and could deliver it there or ship it w/ I get back.
  6. Maybe Conventioneers on the "who's comin" list ????? I'll go get a drink & think about it......
  7. I call it a U-Turn.......... I'm not sure who first came up with it, but the latest (shortest) short strokes use that area in the links for the lever pin to not bind as it stops and then starts going back the other direction at the end of the lever travel.
  8. Please back away from the Rifle and sit your Dremel tool down Sir !!!!!!!!! You're about to ruin a perfectly good set of Links. My guess is it's out of time.... If it was timed properly before and is now out of time something may have bent Before you do anything you need to understand how a Link rifle works..... Heres a good place to start.... follow the Links !!!! click below..........
  9. I just need to know.... If I wuz ta shoot a 38 Short Colt cartridge in a pistol designated .357 Mag..... Will I Go to He!! ???? Dang this weather............... I wanna go Shoot!!!!
  10. Yep, The Cowpokes up by the Red River are canceling too.............. I remember shooting in Much Colder weather.... when I wuz Younger. We're gettin' Sissyfied
  11. I would Love to shoot it..... but unfortunately for me, the Only way I can physically shoot a pistol safely is two handed.... (Gunfighter is OUT.... Maybe a very slow left handed duelist, but it would'nt be pretty) So If they make exceptions for Old Geezers with motorcycle wrecked hands and wrists.... Then I'm In!!!!
  12. Here Ya Go............ https://static1.squarespace.com/static/568c9cb70e4c114023d8d3fb/t/5699e98a1c1210c8102873cf/1452927387648/SS_Kit_Install.pdf Pay special attention to sections 8 and 9
  13. I've used all of the above recipes and they all work well, but none work as good as Dawg Wizz 1 part Murphy's Oil Soap, 1 part Hydrogen peroxide, 1 part rubbing alcohol .... and 1 part water "optional" It takes very little to clean up and a batch lasts a Long Time. Black Dawg Powder Company use to sell it & Wally the original Dawg Nose gave me the recipe.
  14. I asked the same question here on the Wire a few months back and Slick McClade and a few other folks recommended Bob Cogan at APW Cogan... https://www.apwcogan.com/ I sent Bob my old USFA Rodeos, the nickel was badly worn. They stripped off the nickel and re-did em in Hard Chrome... I think they look Purdy Nice
  15. Go to the SASS Merchant Corner, I'm pretty sure there is a vendor there that can fix you up. And there are plenty of other Stock Makers that could do the job. Or go Low Tech and put a leather wrap on it.....
  16. Billy, The "pointy" cocking levers are on guns with Ejectors (like the 200E) and the "rounded" are non ejector (like the 100)
  17. Billy, All of the Ithaca /SKB's of the period that we use in CAS are based on the same receiver. They made some minor changes (sometimes not so minor, like single to double lug) on that receiver throughout the years that it was produced, but the basic design of the receiver was unchanged. Each gun was hand finished and the barrels were fit to the receivers one at a time, so each one is slightly different. YES, sometimes a barrel will interchange with another gun and sometimes it wont... But there is No Way that you can predetermine IF a barrel will fit on a receiver by using the Model or serial number. You just have to try it and see how close it is and if it can be made to work. As you know, there are two types of forearms, splinter and beavertail. And two types of forearm Hardware, ejector and non-ejector.......... For your situation I think the easiest solution would be to have a new wood forearm made to fit the hardware that is on your gun.
  18. FTO...... My appl is on the way........... Lookin' Forward to it, as Always !!!!! 103 Days left, if my math is rite. PS........ Ask Missouri Mae to save My north side by the gate dry spot for the "tiny" camper
  19. Always one of my Favorite Matches !!!! Sent mine today....... YeHawwwwww
  20. Well, That makes sense, cuz what you got in the pic is an SKB, not a Fox !
  21. Just wondering, But Lookin' at your pics and I've never seen an Ithaca/SKB that sez "Fox" on it somewhere ?????
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