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  1. I've had one for a long time, what would you like to know? We love ours! I also have a Competition Electronics timer that we haven't used since getting this one. The Commander has a huge sensitivity adjustment range (10 levels of adjustment) and can adjust for echo delay so it can be more or less sensitive than other timers depending on what it is set to. Once I got ours setup right, I don't think it has ever missed picking up a shot, even from a 22 rifle. You can program different settings for 5 different presets. So one preset can have the settings you want for plain dry fire, a
  2. Because it can help you get more out of your practice.... You can adjust the sensitivity to the point it picks up dry firing. Turn the beep volume down when you don't have ear protection. You can set multiple par times so you can compare multiple things at once with dry fire. With shooting it saves the last 3 shooter's times and you can compare each shot side by side right from the timer. You can tell the timer to stop recording so you don't accidentally pick up extra shots. And of course the Bluetooth is it's best feature, putting your total time and every shot, straight into prac
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