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  1. Thank you SASS and Misty!! They are very nice buckles. Much appreciated!
  2. It really was a great match. They always do an amazing job!! I only have the first page...
  3. I ordered some Ginex SPPs from Capital Cartridge about 2 months ago. They took 10 days before they shipped. Primers look good. They are a little more stiff than I hoped. They were inconsistent in all the guns we used them in. Best we could get was about 1 in 20 would need a second hit. They've all gone off with additional hits though. Our guns are pretty light. We've always used federals so they are harder than those but not sure how they compare to others. Your results may vary.
  4. My wife was shooting the pistol speed event at EOT. She shoots duelist using double duelist style. She asked the person running it (one of the match ROs) if she could do a run for gunfighter while shooting double duelist style. She was told that in order for it to count, she would have to pull both guns out of leather before shooting. I have never heard of this requirement and I see nothing that supports it in the handbook. Was this just an EOT side match thing, was this person incorrect to require it, or is this a real thing? My wife is now being told that at an upcoming match, they don't have enough duelists and she may have to shoot gunfighter. She is worried about not being able to shoot how she normally does even though I've assured her that she is fine to do so.
  5. Can we get an update on this? Will there for sure be an announcement? Any idea when?
  6. This is what they gave out for the top ten and first place buckles the last 3 times at Ben Avery.
  7. I have three Cimarron Pistoleer 4.75" revolvers in 357 magnum (NI BS/TG) all exactly the same. They are brand new, in the box, never fired or dry fired. We won these in the raffle at the last EOT. I really like the look and feel of these. The hammers are light and I am sure they would shoot well without any tuning. I'm tempted to keep them but we have 2 sets of similar guns that have served us well as our main match guns for years (still mechanically stock). I'm asking $1375 plus $50 shipping for all 3.
  8. I have them now. Somebody took a picture of it...
  9. Last I heard, Widder wasn't doing guns anymore. Eric Slater (In House Guns) used to order the Henry, Widder would do the short stroke on it and slick it up and then Eric would do the trigger job and ship it out. Widder trained Eric to do everything now. I can PM you Eric's number if you are interested and can't find it.
  10. How about the speed events?
  11. Had the same problem with mine. The pins also wear thinner and get too long. Kept having to grind the ends down. I eventually made new stronger pins. I usually smash one end of the pin so it stays. Also, we had to start putting a piece of leather in for dry firing because we would get a bulge around where the firing pin comes out on the inside.
  12. I tried to put it in 5 other .357 vaqueros but it was too long for any of them. It did fit in a couple of .45 vaqueros and did skip in both. I assume they would be the same.
  13. I put the original cylinder latch/bolt spring back in. It is a lot stronger than the spring in the boogie kit. It still skips. I swapped out the "u" spring and also a latch from another gun but nothing helped. After checking out everything really well, I don't see how anything besides the cylinder could be improved enough to make a difference. I mean the gun is pretty much new. I will check with Boogie, Jim Bowie and others at EOT but I'm betting I will have to send it to Ruger.
  14. The slots don't have any metal peened in them. The latch looks pretty good, fits in them well and locks up tight when going slow. So it is close and maybe something could be adjusted a little and save it. The spring makes sense that it could be contributing so I will definitely check that out. I think I will file the top of the latch a speck to see if I can get the stopping edge a little sharper.
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