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  1. I was wondering how a single-barrel shotgun shooter would clear a suspected squib from the barrel on the clock... I also assume that doesn't include a 97. Not sure how you and the TO would verify a 97 is clear...
  2. It is 700x which I know is a little temperature sensitive. But it was very warm on Saturday and we had it inside until right before. The load is not that light nor the bullet and we have shot this same load like crazy for years and never had this problem, even shooting in very cold temperatures. For us to have this all of a sudden happen twice in one day, something has to be different and the only variable I can find is the crimp. I am calling this case closed. If I'm wrong and it happens again, I'll let you know. We will be shooting again tomorrow.
  3. I went through the ammo that we had and found several that the crimp was so loose that I could wiggle the bullet and even slide it up and down a bit. Even in our match ammo already loaded for Winter Range. I'm so glad we had that problem and figured that out now!! I adjusted my crimp die and we ran it all through again. We should be good now! Kirk James, thanks for all your support! We are all well and looking forward to seeing you and your family at WR.
  4. I just dug through my spent brass and found one of those that had backed out. I removed the primer and it didn't feel any easier to get out. I measured it and it wasn't any bigger of a pocket.... Thanks for the info!! I have used this load for a long time and this is the first time I've had this problem. I have noticed recently that some of my ammo wasn't crimped well. So that's got to be my problem. My crimp die must have come out of adjustment. Thanks again!
  5. Twice today with 2 different revolvers on the first shot the primer backed out and locked up the gun. The shots (38s) were normal and the primers weren't high when loaded in the guns. This is old brass so I was thinking that the primers may have been loose in the primer pockets. Is that the most likely cause or are there other possibilities? If loose primer pockets is the cause, how loose does it have to be before this happens? I'm wondering if I could have checked for this. If I took my ammo and hit the base of it at an angle on something hard, would the primers have fallen out? Or when reloading if I deprimed my brass and stuck my primer pocket swager in, would it be pretty obvious that it is loose?
  6. When I got my daughter some wranglers I put in springs that made the hammer pull similar to our other race guns that we shoot 38s with. They weren't setting off 1 or 2 out of every 5. I had lots of different brands of 22 ammo so I tried everything I had and couldn't find anything that was better than others. I ended up with 17 pound Wolff springs which in my experience are the lightest you can get away with.
  7. Yes, they had buckles in 2018 and 2019. It was 2017 that they gave out top 10 badges.
  8. My boys managed to break their shotgun again. Has anyone seen this happen before? I emailed Outlaw Gambler and I'm hoping he has what I need. I got the broken threaded piece out. But what is the trick to taking the slide and handle off? Is the piece on the end of the handle just threaded on? Is there a special tool needed?
  9. I had the same problem mid match at EOT a couple years back. Ran it over to Boomstick Jay and he quickly reground the hammer seer to the correct angle. It hasn't been a problem since.
  10. If you create discussions like this, you are going to make it even harder to get in next year. I'm already mad at myself that I didn't spend the extra $ to get the absolute fastest mail delivery option and we didn't get in this year. We had so much fun last year!! The best part is when you walk up to the range the first time and see how big and how close the targets are. I couldn't stop laughing! I love CAS because I think shooting as fast as you can at reactive targets is the most fun type of shooting and BT is the epitome of that. It's the only match that I've shot clean. It's fun to do sightseeing and learn some history in Tombstone. The match is one of the cheaper ones yet they give out good awards and a ton of prizes, making you feel like you got your money's worth. I have never shot at my own state championship, yet I, along with people from all over the world (how did they get there apps in fast enough?), want to shoot someone else's state match, knowing that I won't win the state champ buckle. I think that says a lot. There is a reason that they sell out so quickly every year. They definitely know what works!!
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