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  1. Sassy Dancer and Whirlwind Wendy top 16 shootoff.
  2. Lassiter and Ray Heartless top 16 shootoff.
  3. Cody James and Echo Meadows top 16 shootoff winners.
  4. Skrap P shooting 12.24 vs Gut C Gunman shooting 10.53 Second fastest speed pistol. Cody James beat this on his first try - the only one that counts.
  5. Bordertown was a whole lot of fun!! I really enjoyed seeing so many impressive shooters. Even though the targets were big and close, they weren't all easy patterns, no stand and delivers and every stage had 4 shotgun. So it was pretty cool to see great shooters getting 13 seconds and under stages. Congrats to Ray Heartless, the overall winner and fastest 49er. Very impressive and consistent shooting. His average stage time was 14.8 sec. Smokestack came in second overall and fastest Wrangler. He was less than a tenth of a second behind Ray. He is so fun to watch, especially his crazy fast rifle shooting. Of course he won the speed rifle. He had crowds of spectators camped out watching and filming. It would be tough shooting in that environment. Skrap P was 3rd overall and fastest Buckaroo. He had 2/3s of his stages 13 seconds or less. Gut C Gunman was 4th overall and fastest Young Gun. He had a 10 second stage and won the speed 97. I thought his speed pistol was crazy fast but it wasn't fast enough. Lead Finger was 5th overall and fastest from Arizona. He shot clean and was very consistent. Cody James was 6th overall and the fastest Cowboy. He is always fun to watch and his revolver shooting is insane. He did win the speed pistol and speed double barrel . He also won the top gun shoot-off. He shot super fast but had too many silly issues like not being able to put his revolver the right way in his cross-draw holster, which was pretty funny. I'm sure he will be back and ready to win everything again next year. Chicken George was 7th overall. He must have had a really good match because he is normally not that fast. Lassiter was 8th overall and fastest Senior gunfighter. He won the speed 87. He is always fast and consistent. Brite N was 9th overall, fastest overall Lady and fastest Lady Young Gun. She won the speed rifle. She is a very fast and impressive shooter that I haven't seen before, but I expect to see her as a top lady a lot more. Sassy Dancer was 10th overall, fastest lady from Arizona and fastest Lady Silver Senior. She is always fast and consistent.
  6. I definitely agree! Not only more fun to shoot more but more fun to watch and see some real speed.
  7. Go as much as you want but only the first try counts.
  8. I really like the simplicity and leniency in which the stages were setup and written. "The shooter may stand in any manner as long as they have their hands where indicated". You are given a certain area to shoot from but don't have to stay behind a table or whatever. There are no foot faults. On the mine stage, you can shoot your rifle and revolvers from anywhere in the whole mine shaft. Most stages are shooters choice on gun order. The placement of guns, props and targets are what dictate where you shoot. I would like to see more of this type of stage writing at more matches.
  9. Thanks! The confusion had to do with someone saying that it should be different than a double because it isn't in the chamber.
  10. Order is rifle, shotgun, revolvers. After shooting his last shotgun shot with his 97, he pulls the slide back all the way, the empty hull comes all the way out of the chamber but does not eject. He puts the gun down and starts to run to the revolver location. Someone yells "hull, hull". Visibly annoyed, he comes back and removes the hull. Afterwards, he asks if he really needed to fix that. No one seems to know for sure.
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