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  1. By the way, it is a very powerful cleaner so you don't use much at all. That gallon will last us for years.
  2. D-Lead is the most common brand but the one we are using is Clean-all because it is cheaper... http://www.buycleanall.com/index.aspx It is only $15 per gallon plus shipping. It is a liquid and made as a hand and body soap which we use it for that too. But on their website they tell you how to use it for clothing. Just add a little in addition to your regular laundry detergent and do an additional rinse.
  3. Kids have thinner and more permeable skin than adults. My doctor said my kids were definitely absorbing the dust through their hands although most places say that you can't. Unfortunately, the kids are the ones that are asked to pick up brass and set up targets. I have gloves for them to use when doing that. We also use a product called "gloves in a bottle" when shooting. My doctor tested it and said that it does help prevent absorption. We have also become better at keeping our shooting clothes separated and wash them with a special lead removal soap. We found that it previously wasn't all coming out in the wash. Which caused lead to get into their other clothes and even bedding.
  4. Yes! Please and thank you!!! My boys have been focusing on shotgun lately and they have been running us out of everything. Between that and all we used at WR. They used well over 2 cases just at the speed event.
  5. How well do those Federals hold up to reloading compared to AAs? We really just need a lot of shells right now.
  6. No, but I will. Hopefully my Walmart carries them.
  7. I buy AAs when I can get them cheap and when they have their rebate. We reload them. But when we need a bunch and they aren't cheap I have bought the cheap Herters low recoil from Cabelas and they have always worked great in our 97s. I was just going to buy some and didn't realize that they have discontinued them! How come no one warned me so I could stock up? Now I'm really gonna have to watch the sales.
  8. I bought the 15 liter and they are way cheaper on ebay. It has 6 sets of transducers and is definitely powerful. I used to wet tumble our brass but I like this a lot better. I don't miss having to separate the pins. I haven't done a lot with cleaning my guns. I think I could do my long guns, half at a time. I've done a couple revolver cylinders. Last week I threw all the small parts of my 73 in with water and some degreaser (maybe a little too much). It worked a little too well as it took off the anodized coating on my aluminum carrier. Hard to tell but it may have also lightened the case hardening on the side plates.
  9. We all know about the new Winter Range awards policy. My son was second place in his category with the first place winner being a foreign shooter. So my son became the national champion in his category. My son told all his friends when he got home that he is the national champion but he doesn't have any proof. The buckle he got is a gold version of the top 10 buckle and the trophy says second place. I can't find anything in the scores that says who the national champions are. Is there a national champion list somewhere? CG
  10. Hi Outlaw Gambler! Since no one else has answered this, I'll give it a shot... I'm not sure if they limited the number of shooters to WR this year but I know they sold out the last 2 years. I think they said that they limited it to around 750 the last 2 years. So I'm assuming that they bumped it up this year. The WR scores showed 728 shooters for last year and 749 the year before. Seems like Misty said that EOT could handle up to 1200 shooters so I'm guessing that it has never sold out. Last year the total numbers of shooters at EOT on the scores was 616 and the year before was 600.
  11. My boys are wanting to start trying out the pistol, rifle, and shotgun speed events at these major matches. We haven't watched them before and don't really know what to expect or prep for. Do you just get one try? Do they usually have the same starting position? Do they usually have a similar number of targets? I assume the patterns won't be known beforehand but has anyone kept track of what they have done in the past? CG
  12. For our first couple matches, we used a cart like you would use in your garden with gun cases on it. Someone saw what we were using and offered to make us a "real" cart. Get to some matches and let it be known that you are looking. There are used carts around and no one wants to ship them. I bet the worse your rigged cart is the sooner someone will help you locate something better. Also, if it is a big match like WR or EOT, you can rent one.
  13. I'm still not understanding this... So a foreign first place category winner will get the big statue trophy and a "regular" buckle. What is the regular buckle? So the highest placing citizen will get the national champion buckle and a national champion trophy in addition to the buckle and trophy they get for their overall category placement? What is the national champion trophy? So if a citizen wins first place will they get 2 buckles (the national champion buckle and a "regular" buckle) and 2 trophies?
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