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  1. Widder's always saying how he's old and can't shoot fast anymore. But he'll probably show up at the match like this...
  2. There were 21 youth shooters that shot at EOT this year! They said that was a record. The future is looking bright for SASS. It was really cool to see and meet some of those families. Fill Yer Hand is just getting his kids started. He brought his daughter, Echo Sackett, who is 7 and very small for her age. She didn't shoot the main match (not included in the 21), but shot the warm up. She shot her dad's 12 gauge hammered double. We were all very impressed! She handles all her guns well and will be an excellent shooter before long. She is the first of what will be a large SASS shooting family. I believe they have 5 kids. I always enjoy seeing Evil Dogooder's family. My wife enjoys visiting with his wife, Little Miss Lou Who. His kids, Little Evil and Evil's Little Angel are becoming great shooters. Bush Ax Jack and his parents are always very friendly. He is an amazing shooter, usually getting into the top 16. He won the Junior Boy category. Hayfever Hart couldn't make it, but his wife, Thin Mint, brought their daughter, Calamity Gray and son, Hawkeye Hart. They are twins and I believe they are 10. The whole family is super friendly and outgoing. Mesquite Jenkins' family has already been mentioned, but we thoroughly enjoyed meeting them. They are wonderful people and true cowboys! We missed seeing Bucky Buckskin's daughters, Oakley Rose and Bellamy Belle, this year. They are both extremely good shooters. We also missed Joshua the Kid and his sister Brite N this year. Both excellent junior shooters.
  3. Does Iron Cowboy have his shoulder surgery scheduled yet? I really hope he can recover quickly and completely. Looking forward to meeting you all!
  4. You should be getting a Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter app from NM shortly.
  5. We were told in the PM walk through that no guns could be on the board.
  6. It was very hot and they shot a lot of side matches after already shooting 4 stages of warm ups. It didn't take too long before they decided they'd rather hangout in the shade. So everything stayed how I said it. Skrap P managed to keep his fastest pump shotgun title.
  7. I will neither confirm nor deny where my location may be while in TN due to my alias and close proximity to Tennessee Williams.
  8. I've never met Longhunter but would like to. His videos were helpful when I was starting out and his store has a lot of great stuff that I've needed. I can't remember the guy's name in his store that always bailed us out at EOT and WR. He fixed guns and knocked out squibs. Would never let us pay him anything. I think he was a son in law and married to Trixy Trigger.
  9. Garrison Joe is definitely a great asset to our sport. He's helped me solve quite a few problems. Been able to posse with him a couple times and he is such a nice guy. A true gentleman and a scholar.
  10. Gut C Gunman really wants to take that title back after Skrap P took it from him last year. Gut C also currently has the speed pistol and is in a two-way tie with Deuce Stevens for rifle. Skrap P currently has duelist and gunfighter. They are sharing an Outlaw Gambler, CB 97. Skrap P is doing the grab 2 and Gut C is loading over the top with 3 and sometimes also grabs one with his right at the beginning. Starting position is gun in hands.
  11. One of the TN State warm ups is going on right now (EOT). There is presently a battle going on at the speed event for pump shotgun (4 shots). Skrap P got a 2.73, Gut C Gunman came back with a 2.68. Then Skrap P with a 2.58, Gut C with 2.56 and now Skrap P with 2.55.
  12. I've never been able to find it at scrap yards but the closest place told me that if they had it, they would sell it for seventy something cents per pound (if I remember right). When I used to have it shipped in flat rate packages, I would try to get it for $1.20 per pound, delivered. I've never paid more than $1.50 delivered, and that was for really nice stuff.
  13. I have called everywhere listed in both areas and couldn't find anyone that has any at the moment. Thanks.
  14. I'm in southern New Mexico. I guess I was hoping someone could just send some in several flat rate USPS boxes. I used to buy quite a bit that way. Lately I've had it shipped freight.
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