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  1. I have cast and used the Snakebite bullet for many years now but mainly in revolvers. I have started to use them a bit more often of late in a 73 19 inch short rifle. 38 Spl works fine with about 17 to 18 grains of 3fg. I used this load and annealed the brass but got the occasional hard extraction and moderate fouling in the action. I settled on using 357 brass unannealed with an overall length of 1.585 inches and 20-21 grains of 3fg. This length is beyond the crimp groove so a nice snug roll crimp is required. Since the 357 brass fills the chamber I have experienced very little fouling. The rifle has run 5 and 6 stages without attention. Use a good lube that gives a greasy star on the muzzle and yer off to the races! YMMV
  2. Heard this one recently. A group of owls is called a parliament.
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