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  1. I picked up a 36 Cal Uberti 58 Navy cap and ball and the grip just doesn't feel right in my hand, guess I am a Colt guy. It's new in the box, just some minor wear from turning the cylinder, $275 shipped to the lower 48.
  2. I have a full set of the parts Ruger took out of a 3 screw Blackhawk, still sealed in the bag is returned from Ruger. Asking $85 shipped.
  3. If you change your mind on shipping, please let me know. After all the things he did to help me when I started this sport, it would mean a lot to me to have one of Wes' guns.
  4. Mine are both Blackhawk hammers by measuring it out. I have one set where everything but the hammer appears to be for a single six. Pm me if you want pictures.
  5. I'll measure when I get home, I have a couple sets of pre safety bar parts but I'm not sure if they are single six or Blackhawk.
  6. That's the ultimate question. If the cost to have a cylinder modified is $200-250, it would make sense. Any higher and I'm better off waiting for the right revolver to come along.
  7. I've seen people say that, but it honestly doesn't make sense to me. The rim diameter of 44-40 isn't much more than 45 Colt and the base diameter is actually smaller. How much smaller is the diameter of a new vaquero cylinder in comparison with a Colt?
  8. Seeing if it would be a cheaper option to end up with a stainless 5.5 vaquero. From everything I've read about them, they used .429 barrels and owners were typically having the cylinders worked to match that.
  9. Contemplating the idea of having a 44mag rechambered to 44-40, but haven't found any gunsmiths that advertise that they would do it. Any leads? Would this even be cost effective? Thanks! Shifty
  10. I have two sets of the original pre transfer bar parts for Ruger Old models. I was told that the hammers from the blackhawk and single six are different sizes, could anyone give me some details on measurements or how to tell them apart? I do not have any 3 screw models at hand to compare to.
  11. I'll take half or all, whatever is left. Shifty
  12. I've seen a few comments trashing these saying they are junk. Are they really that much worse than the IACs? I had one when they were first imported in the mid 2000s and was not impressed. Did the quality of IACs go up?
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