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  1. Only if there were some bodies hanging from it from previous trespassers.
  2. If you have an Amazon account and are a Prime member you get it. If not you don't get it.
  3. Hopefully you all realize these people and most of the others mentioned in this thread are DEAD.
  4. For what? Shooting doves? Seriously as I said earlier any shotgun can be used for any shooting sport. However an 11-87 is generally not considered a trap gun, not considered a skeet gun and not considered a sporting clays gun. Go to some matches and you will be hard put to find an 11-87 on the line. The question gets back to what the OP intends to do with the gun. An occasional trip to a clay range or some serious shooting? Ports in shotgun barrels were a fad and most competition shooters don't like them. They are loud and a PITA to clean. Don't know if the gun you are looking at is new or used and the ports are factory or aftermarket. One reason could be because the lower barrel tends to push straight back when fired as it is more in-line with your shoulder. The upper barrel tends to lift a bit because the sight line is higher and the ports could have been an attempt to lessen barrel rise.
  5. This is the key. Any shotgun CAN be used for trap, skeet and sporting clays but they are different games. I have several dedicated trap guns and aside from being single shots the stock shape and POI are all wrong for skeet and sporting clays. I also have some shotguns set up for sporting clays. Also, what kind of budget are you talking about? The old Auto 5 is a great gun but the old long recoil mechanism will beat you to death if you shoot a lot of clay game matches with it. Again before I could make any kind of recommendation I would need to know the price range you are looking at.
  6. After watching the first episode it was 50% commercials. If it was free I would watch another episode to see if it grows on me. Right now I would not pay to see it.
  7. The only opinion that matters is yours and you have answered your own question.
  8. It is working FINE. Bear quit sweating every little MINOR detail. I would not remove any material. Especially if parts are hard to get down under.
  9. I looked at their website. 980 fps so they duplicate the AA LNLR load which also uses 26 grams of shot. (About 15/16 ounce) They do have a roll crimp and are only 2.5" long. I am surprised there is enough CAS in Australia and New Zealand for someone to gear up shells. All of the rest of Falcon's product line looks like standard 2 3/4" shells.
  10. Just got back from Safeway. They are on the magazine rack. Barnes & Noble also has them. I don't know why anyone would buy one the loading data is free on the Hodgdon website. https://www.hodgdonreloading.com
  11. Meaningless without some specs. Shot weight, velocity.
  12. Nope, I have had them do that on the first loading. For some reason it seems to happen a lot with .32 Mag. It is interesting that they split i the middle of the case but the case mouth does not split. I got one batch from Starlline where one out of four split on the first firing. They replaced the intital loss but that batch of brass continued to be a problem with subsequent loadings.
  13. What's the point? You trying to sell it, trade it, give it away?
  14. Same here. I price my stuff fairly and if someone offered me 50% my response would get me banned from the wire. No further conversation even if the bozo offered me full price on his way out the door.
  15. From what length? You can't shorten a 5 1/2 or the sight slot will protrude into the muzzle. On the longer barrels you can do it but given the price of a new barrel vs. the cost of labor it may be cheaper just to buy a new one. What brand of gun?
  16. Useless trivia - Charles Rolls, co-founder of Rolls-Royce, also loved aviation. He bought a Wright Flyer and was the first Briton killed in an aeroplane crash when the tail broke off his plane and he crashed in 1910.
  17. Unfortunately the link is to a site that you have to have a subscription to view.
  18. I thought this was going to be a serious thread. Turns out it is.
  19. The bolt/trigger spring is easy to inspect. Initially just take out the cylinder and push on the top of the bolt. Does it feel "springy" or has it lost tension. If it feels funny take it out and look to see if it is cracked.
  20. About the same time you blokes start driving on the right (i.e., correct) side of the road.
  21. You had to drive 30,000 miles to get into town? Australia is even bigger than I thought.
  22. The biggest difference with the 64 models was they used some stamped parts. The carrier was stamped and was junk. If you look in one of the post 94s with the lever down it is just a flat piece of sheet metal. Several years later they realized the error of their ways (sort of like when they started making controlled round feed model 70s again) and went to a cast carrier that at least looked like the old one and functioned better.
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