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  1. Wait, so a full bp load in 44-40 would blow up a single action?? So much for one cartridge for rifle and handgun.. Unless you're referring to the 44-40 HV (high velocity) smokeless powder load that pushed a 200gr bullet to 1600. I'm not interested in those lol.
  2. Has anyone tried to chronograph the full powered Winchester 44-40 Super-X ammo from a handgun? I know the Winchester website states that rifle velocity is 1190fps (probably from a 24" test barrel). What about from a revolver? Anybody know? Does it compare with full house black powder loads from a handgun? I know originally, the 44WCF achieved just over 1300fps from a rifle. How fast would that shoot in a handgun? 1000? Anybody make anyour good defensive hollowpoints for it for reloading?
  3. Thanks to everyone for your input, this is exactly why I love coming here
  4. Hi everyone Didn't mean for this to be such a highly controversial/divisive topic. I was just looking for some recommendations. I've owned many guns in the past. Most stock. Some custom. Some priceless/sentimental. I'm aware that not everyone agrees that it's worth the money. I'm okay with that. I'm a big fan of custom guns, so it will be worth it to me. It's my money, I get to decide how I want to spend it. No, it won't be for hunting. It won't be for CAS. I like what I like So thanks to all who contributed. It appears there are no custom smith's for Henrys, yet. I'
  5. Yeah i figured it would cost a pretty penny, but im okay with that as long as i get what i want. No, it won't be for hunting. for recreation. Henry big boy 44 mag. I know it's a complicated process that's why I was hoping that anyone here would know of a smith that does custom work on Henrys. I know they are out there for all types of other guns. I know smith work is expensive, but it will be worth it to me. If need be, I'm sure there are barrel makers that specialize in turning custom lever action barrels.
  6. I'm looking for a levergun smith to see if he could install a 24" bbl and an extended tube magazine since Henry only makes them in 20" from the factory? I'm really interested in picking up one of their rifles but I gotta have that 24" bbl.
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