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  1. I am currently shooting two Fast Eddie SKBs. Both flawless. He calls himself an SKB mechanic, I think he's an SKB magician. I had and sold a Johnny Meadows SKB. It was fabulous, too and I liked the hold open feature. But he is moving, told me he might start up in a very limited capacity after his move. Not sure when that might happen. Given JM is getting out of the business, I'd go back to Fast Eddie for another. Actually have another virgin 100 in the safe...
  2. I check all my AAs with a case gauge. Get about ~4% failure rate, 1 per box on average. Both of my Fast Eddie SKBs shuck them fine.
  3. I think Trail Boss is a bit slow in terms of burn rate for very light loads. I prefer faster powders such as Clays, 700x or Red Dot. Was wondering if anybody had tried the Alliant E3 powder? Looks like a good candidate for our game. burn-rate-color.pdf
  4. Ripsaw

    Entry reloading

    Something to be said for auto indexing in a progressive press. I use a Dillon Square Deal for all my CAS ammo.
  5. No reason NOT to open carry in remote areas, agreed. In fact, often advisable. And I can see the possible deterrent effect of open carry in public places. But the guy in body armor carrying an AR anywhere in a public space is just asking for trouble. Does our cause no good.
  6. IMO most open carry is intentionally meant to be provocative. I see no reason to do it except the rare situation when concealed carry is prohibited or otherwise impossible. It's not prudent as you'd be the first target in any shooting situation.
  7. Our local Walmart is the only retail source for ammo within 30 miles of my house. Might be a business opportunity here for an enterprising person.
  8. Ripsaw


    I just built this one for my .45 Colt and .44 spl brass.
  9. Match tomorrow, Sept 1 at Cavalier Cowboys in Hanover County, VA. ~20 miles northwest of Richmond, VA. See cavaliercowboys.org.
  10. Where in Virginia? Approximately? There are 4 clubs around Richmond, one in Fredricksburg area, one in Charlottesville and another near Roanoke plus one in Fairfax.
  11. My rigs are all Mernickle, and I'm pretty sure theirs are metal between two layers of leather. Kydex would be good too, and probably lighter.
  12. I like the holsters that expose most of the trigger guard and enough of the top strap to allow easy draw for transfer to the other hand. I like metal lined holsters that hold their shape, suede lined belts that don't slip around, adjustable holsters that allow you to move them and secure them where you want them on the belt. Last couple rigs I bought I ordered 3 holsters, two strong side plus a cross draw so I can change them out as desired. Don' t need bullet loops on the holster belt. Use a slide for reloads. The rig needs to comply with the category you shoot, drop holsters/buscadero rig for BW, for example. Roller buckle. Tooling, conchos, color to match your mood/outfit/persona.
  13. Thanks again for all the info. I passed all this along to my brother and he has decided NOT to load smokeless in the brass shot shells after all. It was an experiment that he's decided is not worth the effort for his purposes. I'm happy I was able to find folks in the Cowboy community who were willing to provide such good advice and guidance. He's much appreciative of all the comments, suggestions and links. He's back working on another project now. .327 Federal Magnum or something...
  14. Thanks. Shoots great, too. It's a Cody Matic.
  15. My 1873 in the white. Often asked if it's stainless.
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