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  1. Have one, maybe more recent, also marked Kahr. (Didn't they buy Auto/Ordnance). So far, I like it, but it's my first 1911, so I don't have anything to compare it to. Price was right.
  2. Here are some pics of the modified 45Colt die insert for the SDB for crimping C45S. Just make sure you grind off the correct end! Bevel and Polish the new "bottom ".
  3. I run the SDB as well. For C45S I ground down a 45Colt crimp die (bought an extra one from Dillon) so that it would work with the shorter cases. I use a 45Colt sizer, 45ACP expander and seating die, and the ground down 45Colt crimp die.
  4. I sent it to SASS headquarters a year ago with that suggestion.
  5. Here's the latest version of my category matrix. SASS Category Matrix v2.5.pdf
  6. No photo, but I wear mine nearly vertical, maybe 5 degrees cant.
  7. I recently updated my category matrix by adding the costuming rules rather than just referencing the shooter's handbook for those details. I made this revision with some reservations. No one-page document can possibly completely describe all the CAS rules, so the choice of elaborating on costumes vs. legal firearms, or leather requirements, or safety rules, etc. was done with some trepidation. I finally decided to add the costume rules because I hear more questions and incorrect assertions about these rules than any other topic. So, at the risk of making this one-page document overly complicated but with the hope of adding some helpful clarification, I've added costume and dress rules. I have received quite a lot of positive feedback on the previous versions, so I'll leave it here for you to decide if this new version is helpful or not. Doc (Duc) McCandless has been helpful in promoting this on the SASS and CAS FB page, https://www.facebook.com/groups/247150769193328/ I sent the previous version (without all the costume rules) of this to SASS headquarters about a year ago for consideration to include something similar in the shooters handbook. So far no response... SASS Category Matrix v2.5.pdf
  8. I tried both grip styles before I bought any pistols. The Bisley fit me much better. Now have 3 pair...
  9. I load Red Dot in 45Colt. For CAS, where light loads are preferred, a fast powder is mandatory if you want complete (or nearly complete) combustion. I'm loading 3.5g with a 180g bullet.
  10. Tonic water (quinine) as a prophylaxis. If some gin spills in there accidentally, who am I to complain?
  11. My holsters are snug, but I occasionally apply a bit of KG9 leather cote, the stuff is slicker than snot and uncontrollable as anti-seize. A tiny dab goes a long way to let the revolver leave the holster without lifting the whole rig. Judicious use allows you to adjust degree of snugness.
  12. I run 14lb springs in mine. I use Federal primers and have no issues.
  13. Thanks for the analysis with Quickload. Interesting and consistent with my perceptions of the loads. Nitro 100 does feel "snappier" though I have to admit it may be my expectations rather than reality. After much testing with numerous powders, I've actually settled on 2.9g of Red Dot for a min 425fps, max 450fps, avg 425fps, SD of 12 IIRC. Meets power factor (68) and 400fps min. requirements. The Nitro 100 does burn cleaner, with almost no unburned powder. I get a few unburned flakes of the Red Dot, but nothing that's bothersome. The Red Dot gave me the most consistent data with lowest SD. To my way of thinking and based on 4 decades of reloading nearly all popular handgun cartridges with perhaps 2 dozen powders across the burn rate spectrum, (and despite OLG's ubiquitous insistence on Unique (with a very firm roll crimp!)) for all possible loads (just ribbin' ya OLG) Unique and Trail Boss are both slow (and hence, incomplete) burners in the pursuit of ".38 spl-class" recoil in a .45 caliber load.
  14. I don't see much of a downside in using 160g bullets vs. 180g or 200g in C45S. Perhaps, if there is one, it's the need for a faster powder to get clean burns, but that's not really a big issue for playing the game from a scoring standpoint. I've done load development with all three bullets and the 160g definitely has less recoil. I settled on Red Dot (or even better, Nitro 100 NF) for the 160g bullet, while Clays works well with 180g and 200g. Trail Boss is, IMO, too slow for the 160g bullet by a large margin. 160g has less recoil and good accuracy. I've had no leading and don't see any safety concern.
  15. I've developed a light C45S load for my .45 Colt NM Vaquero Bisleys. I use 2.8g Red Dot with a 160g RNFP coated bullet. Avg. 450 fps with a SD of 12 and min of 425fps. It's about as light as you can get with easily available components. I think it's pretty close to my .38spl load of 2.9g of 700x under a 125g bullet but slightly more than the same powder charge and a 105g bullet. I shoot either of these .38s in the revolvers but tend toward the 105g most of the time.
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