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  1. My holsters are snug, but I occasionally apply a bit of KG9 leather cote, the stuff is slicker than snot and uncontrollable as anti-seize. A tiny dab goes a long way to let the revolver leave the holster without lifting the whole rig. Judicious use allows you to adjust degree of snugness.
  2. I run 14lb springs in mine. I use Federal primers and have no issues.
  3. https://www.richmond.com/news/local/photos-scenes-from-the-gun-rights-rally-at-capitol-square/collection_9dba409a-4f0d-57ee-93eb-5da72a50ebbe.html#49
  4. VA 2A rally was a massive success but I expect you won't here that in the news. Zero problems and no visible counter protesters. No official crowd estimates but had to be over 50,000 based on what I saw. The one picture looking up 10th street toward the Capitol building is only about 20% of the crowd. Every street surrounding the 2 block square Capitol grounds was packed like this. We met people from NC, PA, MI, WV. I heard many if not most of the 50 states were here. We sang the Star Spangled Banner, God Bless America, etc. Calls for Governor Northam to resign, some Trump supporters, and an ethnically diverse crowd. All the Democrats had left town, as did the Governor himself, ostensibly to "safe houses" due to "threats." So there was little chance to lobby the legislators. They are clearly afraid, as a proper government should be, of the people they work for.
  5. Here's the latest 2A sanctuary map. Albemarle County (Charlottesville area) is the large county in the middle of the map. UVA being located there is probably an influence in that situation. Of course, the DC suburbs have a huge population compared to the rest of the state. Interestingly, Virginia Beach, the largest city in the state (over 400k population) voted to be a sanctuary, undoubtedly due to the large military presence in the area with all the military bases.
  6. I put my pistols in the outside pockets of a tactical gun case with the two long arms inside. It's a VooDoo tactical case previously recommended here on the wire.
  7. Here's VA situation in a snapshot. The lady in the video is very emotional, I understand that, but she overstates the situation from a status standpoint. There was a committee meeting that was held with very short notice to try to keep the patriots away but the hearing was swamped by thousands anyway. Despite passionate arguments from citizens and Republican legislators, the Dems pushed through several bills to the next step. No actual bills have been approved out of the General Assembly. Some (Red Flag, One handgun/month, Universal Background checks) have passed the judiciary committee and have gone to the senate and the house of delegates. Both houses need to approve them, then they need the Governor to sign. Laws go into effect July 1 of the year in which they are approved. One of the worst confiscation bills SB16 was withdrawn but an even worse one HB961 was substituted--allows keeping your AR if you register it but creates a greater than 10 round magazine ban (a felony). ANY magazine including pistols, rimfire, and tubular magazines (as in your 1873). Among other restrictions. It has not passed any committee as of today. the wording of this bill (and the one tabled) is vague and open to lots of interpretation regarding the definition of "assault firearm." The wording states that components of an AR (such as a forward hand grip, a folding/telescoping stock, etc., individually constitute an assault firearm.) Of course, the "you can keep your AR" prohibits the next generation from ever owning one. New bills to outlaw indoor ranges in buildings with more than 50 employees and outdoor ranges within 500 yds of residential zoning areas are still in play. The indoor bill seems to target the NRA in Fairfax specifically but affects several other large indoor ranges in the state. Seems like a punitive measure. Ahead of the January 20 rally and Lobby Day, the legislature banned firearms, even with a concealed carry permit, within the Capitol buildings. The governor declared a state of emergency, blaming outside militia threats, and banned all weapons including firearms on the Capitol grounds (about 4 square blocks). This is being challenged in court as a 2012 law specifically prohibited banning firearms in a state of emergency declaration. Seems our blackfaced governor even voted to approve that bill back then as a state senator. The streets around the capitol are still open/concealed carry with just a couple restrictions (no magazines more than 20 rounds--a specific Richmond City law). The VCDL (VCDL.ORG) is expecting 50,000 to 120,000 people on Monday. I'll be one of them, as will many of the area Cowboy community. With nearly the entire state declared as a 2nd Amendment sanctuary (other than the DC suburbs and a few cities such as Richmond, Roanoke and Norfolk), if the laws go into effect, expect widespread non-compliance and a slew of legal challenges. Efforts to recall specific legislators as well as the Governor are underway. Talk of the Boogaloo starting here is widespread on social media. Some counties are organizing actual militias. Sales of ARs have been brisk at local gun shops, perhaps twice or three times normal volume.
  8. If you look a little deeper, this $250k allocation in the budget kind of "automatic." Each bill is required to specify the costs associated with the implementation. In the absence of an actual estimate, they used $50k, a default number used when a better estimate is not available. So the $250k is the sum of 5 bills, each with $50k. The actual numbers, if they were to really estimate them, would be so high as to make the bill untenable. I've seen estimates of as high as several $billion/yr, depending on the level of resistance and the fervor with which the laws are implemented.
  9. I've used mine in the past week to: 1. Sharpen a chain saw 2. Cut the coil spring feed tube for my Double Alpha Academy cartridge marker 3. Enlarged the lamp opening in a flashlight so I could install an LED bulb to replace the incandescent Haven't used it on any of my guns that I can recall.
  10. I've been waiting for a 45LC "in the white" for six months. Apparently, they don't make many of them...
  11. There are also local, state-level groups that deserve our support. For example, in Virginia, there is the Virginia Citizens Defense League, VCDL.org. They also deserve our support. If we as gun owners are to effectively combat Soros' and Bloombergs' billions we need to contribute heavily to these organizations (as well as NRA-ILA). Check your state for a similar organization and support them if it makes sense. So many states have seen restrictive gun laws enacted. More will follow if we don't step up. If each of the 150 million gun owners in the US donated just $10, we'd raise $1.5 billion to fight for our rights. VCDL is leading the fight against unconstitutional new laws in Virginia. I suspect you won't see much about what is happening in the news but it's a volatile situation right now. Check vcdl.org if you want to follow the situation or VGOF Virginia Gun Owners Forum on facebook. If things get shut down on FB, it'll all shift to MeWe. Lots of supportive YouTube channels are carrying info--Guns & Gadgets, Liberty Doll, etc. so check them out for the latest. Those channels are prepared to move to Gunstreamer.com (or have already mirrored their content there) should YouTube censor them. Pray the S doesn't HTF here.
  12. Rockingham County meeting the other night. Stunning.
  13. The state senator who penned SB16 has now admitted that he really had no intention of his proposed bill being passed by the General Assembly. As a result of his reckless use of his power as a state senator to submit legislation, he has caused, by some measure, a panic across the state. There is now an official effort, with an attorney leading the effort, to recall that state senator. He is in Fairfax county, a blue area, and ran unopposed in the last election. They need 4000 signatures from District 35 residents to go to court. https://www.facebook.com/virginialawoffice/videos/2787726394611129/
  14. There is an effort now afoot to recall the governor.
  15. The point is, these citizens have access to firearms and did not use them to harm others. We ain't screwed yet.
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