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  1. The feed tubes in my presses have brass tips (I think from Uniquetek?) but the pickup tubes need the plastic tips, which is what the OP was talking about I believe.
  2. The lug on the barrels that engages the locking slide (operated by the opening lever) wears. Needs welded to build up then filed down to ensure proper engagement.
  3. We alternate sides on our targets. As we paint the fronts, we paint a white "X" on the back. Next match we shoot the "X" side, paint the new X on the back. Repeat.
  4. Here's the other local prop document from the Mattaponi Sundowners club in West Point, VA. 1775945143_MattaponiDrawPropsv8.docx
  5. I am not the author of the attached but I'm sure he wouldn't mind. Cavalier Cowboys in Montpelier, VA. Cavalier Draw Props v6 (Word 97-2003).docx
  6. Here's the rig I built to anneal 44spl and 45 colt brass. Can be used for other cartridges, of course. Found the plan on Elfster's youtube channel. substitute a deeper pan and it'll work on rifle brass, too.
  7. Here's some food for thought. I've been a member of a nationwide boating club for 28 years. United States Power Squadrons started in 1914. There are many local clubs throughout the US and many other countries where boaters have events, training classes, socials, etc. Membership has been in sharp decline since the late 1990's. It is now about 1/3 of what it was 25 years ago. Over those 25 years, this organization (that once numbered 70,000 members in the US--about the same size as SASS) has struggled to "grow the organization" or "reduce the cost of entry" through many programs a
  8. Would it be possible to see a picture of where you added metal to the locking lug of your stoeger?

    1. Ripsaw


      sure, here you go. once you add some weld metal, you need to file it down flat and put the barrel and stock together and then make sure the locking plate fully engages that lug. File it down until the locking plate completely closes over the lug. You can tell by how the opening lever behaves. Any play between that lug and the locking plate is not permissible because as that lug wears, the barrels will move.  On both of my stoegers, the locking plate, when new, just barely engaged that lug. So it wore it away a bit, creating looseness. Now it fully engages. I don't shoot this gun any more, have moved to an SKB. The area shown is dirty and a bit wonky, but it works fine. The little shiny flat spot under the tip of the pointer is the critical area, should be smooth and flat and have essentially zero clearance with the locking plate. 


    2. Procedural Pete
  9. I've also added some weight to the top of the primer follower rod. Keeping things clean, and replacing the primer tube tip periodically seems to be the answer. I get 5k to 10k rounds out of a plastic tip.
  10. I've not seen much this problem, though the last box of Missouri Bullet Co. bullets had two or three that were not properly formed. Out of probably 20,000 that I've used over the past 3 years, these were the first such poorly formed bullets. When I went to seat them on the belled case, they fell into the case. I didn't think much of it, as it was only a couple out of so many thousand, but the fact that they all occurred in a single box of 1000, seemed odd. If you have a bunch of bad bullets, I'd call the mfg and let them know. Most if not all will gladly make things right for you.
  11. Assuming you are not shooting B-Western, where you'd need a buscadero rig (low slung, double strong side) rig, then I'd suggest you get a conventional set up like Mernickle's High Performance rig and have him make you a third holster for cross draw. That way, you'll have matching gear for either double strong side or cross draw shooting. The extra holster is about $150 IIRC. I bought a B-Western rig before I really knew what I was doing, and used it for a year. Switched to the HP rig last year. Mernickle stuff is top grade, and Bob's a hoot to talk to on the phone. With the Mernickle HP rig,
  12. I have the Inline Fabrication tall stand with interchangeable plates. I have three SDBs and a rockchucker on insert plates, ready to drop in and go. I love it.
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