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  1. I had to go to 19lb springs to get consistent ignition slip hammering. Seventeen lb. springs worked fine gunfighter or duelist.
  2. I've found it most comfortable to have a near zero cant, maybe 5 degrees, and wear the holster in front of my left leg. I bought a rig with three holsters, two strong side and a cross draw, can switch them out if desired.
  3. OK, switched out the 15 lb springs for 17s and then 19s and the guns will slip hammer reliably now. I don't know why I didn't try heavier springs before asking this question.
  4. I tried a 14 lb spring first and had FTF's. 15lb spring works fine. It feels like the trigger is impeding the fall of the hammer--you can feel the trigger move as the hammer falls when slip hammering.
  5. Discovered my new Wranglers don't fire by the "slip hammer" method. Anyone know why? Is it me or are they designed this way? Thoughts? And how easy to change? Already put 15 lb hammer springs and lightened up the trigger a tad. Otherwise nice little guns. As with some other clubs, due to the ammo situation, we are allowing competitors to shoot .22LR if they want. Thought I'd get a pair just to get familiar with them in case we get competitors who shoot them. (Any excuse for another pair of revolvers...LOL)
  6. Our Walmart has stopped selling ammo. It's unfortunate, living in a rural area, I am about 50 miles from the nearest (small, rural) LGS, and 100 miles to a store of any size. Walmart was the ONLY local retail source for ammo. I used to occasionally pick up LNLR AA's there, but no more. I understand that many other Walmart stores have also removed all ammo.
  7. Here's some food for thought. I've been a member of a nationwide boating club for 28 years. United States Power Squadrons started in 1914. There are many local clubs throughout the US and many other countries where boaters have events, training classes, socials, etc. Membership has been in sharp decline since the late 1990's. It is now about 1/3 of what it was 25 years ago. Over those 25 years, this organization (that once numbered 70,000 members in the US--about the same size as SASS) has struggled to "grow the organization" or "reduce the cost of entry" through many programs a
  8. I'm no gunsmith but I repaired one of my Stoegers and one that belonged to another pard. The lugs were not completely broken, just enough of a chunk of metal was worn off to allow the barrel to open on the first shot, preventing the second hammer from falling. Added some metal with my MIG and filed it down to a good lock up. I think one of the problems on the Stoegers is that the initial fitting is done such that the sled which engages the lug is fitted to just barely engage the lug. The two I repaired were engaged less than 1/16 inch. When I repaired the lugs, I got the lugs fi
  9. Not claiming to be fast, but I use the Sure Hit no-bite trigger. Have not speared my finger since. I tried the straight trigger and did not like it at all but know people who love it.
  10. I like automatic indexing so I'd suggest the 750. The other benefit of the 750 over the 550 is the extra die position which allows you to run a powder cop/powder check if you use separate seating and crimping dies as most of us do with pistol ammo. Also, Double Alpha Academy sells a lot of the Dillon stuff so if it's on back order at Dillon you might check doublealpha.biz.
  11. Can't deny that the XL750 is an upgrade to the Square Deal, right? LOL. I actually have four (4) square deal presses for various pistol cartridges but always loaded rifle on a Rockchucker. Finally pulled the trigger on a XL750 with a case feeder in 38/357 which I load the most. And added 300AAC and 5.56 tool heads. It's actually fun loading for the ARs now, and I'll be shooting a lot more now that loading is a lot less tedious. Need to order some more tool heads for the other rifle cartridges now. I resisted the progressive press for rifle for many years, but now
  12. https://www.doublealpha.biz/us/dillon-xl-750-with-case-feeder-and-caliber-kit looks like it's out of stock now, but I ordered one three weeks ago and it came in a week.
  13. I really am digging the XL750 upgrade kit for the Square Deal B. Got mine from Double Alpha Academy (doublealpha.biz).
  14. Yes, I drilled out the seating stem. Camera off ebay, like this one:https://www.ebay.com/itm/1-5M-5-5mm-6LED-USB-Waterproof-Endoscope-Borescope-Mirco-Snake-Inspection-Camera/382082850627?epid=501597574&_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item58f5e99f43:g:rVoAAOSwPW9dH5xA&amdata=enc%3AAQAFAAACcBaobrjLl8XobRIiIML1V4Imu%2Fn%2BzU5L90Z278x5ickkxFtV7J5P58ubuVigtBH%2Fey8MH4JHaGmBrP2%2BHlopFZGygwCAlpzCJSJn8mwxC1JquGTbRLC6JDHbddT2ZHnItX%2F7gWBjnAo080SL2GMdz2P61MoaXjLnB4UOdWyKIr5ennF%2F5bLMZMljeRK3B59BevRTGh93%2FLZuPw%2Fr%2BaIot7kvPDHvtqAsw5%2BL7L6pK%2BFgXekrgxxd9hveQZMyHONMZkYwvEjVd6EM6MaDdLGG9b8Vuikx8
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