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  1. Hmm, just reread your OP, you have a Marlin 94. I had blowback (into my face) problems with bullets under 200g and loads under 4.5g in .44 special brass. You'll need to experiment a bit with lighter bullets and soft loads. My rifle may have an especially loose chamber, I don't know. You can certainly load lighter bullets in your pistols.
  2. By your comment that your loads are too hot, I'll take it that you are looking for a low recoil load that would help you get more competitive. 180g bullet with 4.5g Red Dot is a nice soft shooting load. You want a light weight bullet, so you will need a fast powder. Clays, 700x, Bullseye, are other possible choices.
  3. Can't compete with you guys. All the mess is inside the cabinets. As are the other 4 reloading presses. (3 more SDBs and a Rockchucker).
  4. Count me in the Fast Eddie SKB camp. The switch from a Stoeger to an SKB shaved seconds off my times. Not as much as the switch from a Rossi 92 to a CodyMatic '73, but probably as much as having Lassiter work on my Rugers. Finely tuned tools make the work more fun. In skilled hands, they make the work easier and faster. Whether it's a hand plane, a saw, a fly rod, a chef's knife, or cowboy guns. Whether the cost is worth it to you is an entirely personal decision.
  5. Ripsaw

    Clubs on Parler?

    We all need to move to Freedom Media, FB>MeWe, Twitter>Parler. I have accounts both places. Youtube will remain fine for entertainment but it won't be long before lots of conservative youtube content leaves for another platform. Shooting sports already migrating to Full30 and gunstreamer.
  6. I put one down the center of my bullet seating die in my Square Deal press to see the powder charge before I put a bullet on the case. The Square Deal press geometry doesn't allow you to see a small charge in a .38 spl case. This solves the visibility issue.
  7. Sounds like nearly any "grounded" firearm warrants/permits a reshoot. What would you consider "abuse" of the policy?
  8. You know, it's just a game, so local rules can be anything the group agrees on, SASS or not SASS. No issue with that. If I'm understanding correctly, some clubs allow (limited) reshoots for malfunctions other than squibs as we've been discussing. I'd be interested in hearing the types of malfunctions that warrant a reshoot and those that don't and how that is decided during a match. Perhaps a list is published ahead of time? Any grounded malfunctioning gun? We've wandered some distance from the original topic of TO (incorrectly) calling a squib.
  9. I guess for a monthly, that wouldn't bother me enough to not shoot, but for a larger/annual match, I would not care for that. Either way, it's not SASS. Part of the game is managing the reliability of your ammo and firearms. No alibis....
  10. Lots of fraternal and civic organizations start each meeting with the pledge. My boating club, Richmond Sail and Power Squadron, a unit of United States Power Squadrons, a 106 year old international organization of avid boaters, starts every meeting with the pledge. When I was involved in Scouting as a child and then again, 40 years later, as an adult leader, every meeting started that way. Imagine in most rural areas, that is still the case.
  11. Me, too. I found Red Dot much more consistent without increasing charge weight. Of course, lots of factors, primer, crimp, gun, etc. so YMMV.
  12. If the TO calls it, and there is no squib, shooter gets a reshoot. If the shooter calls a malfunction, no interference, no reshoot. At least that's how we play the game in our neck of the woods.
  13. I've done some load development for C45S using a few different powders. Clays, Clay Dot, 700x and Red Dot all do quite well. Clay Dot, loaded with identical charge by weight, provided the most energy, and Red Dot the lowest velocity standard deviation. They all run well with similar powder charges in the 3 to 3.5g range with 160g bullet. I found 700x and Clays virtually interchangeable. I load all my .38spl match ammo with 700x and all my .45C and C45S with Red Dot.
  14. Ripsaw

    Dillon 650 vs 750

    Lead time on the 750 is estimated at twenty (20) weeks. So is the case feeder.
  15. Can you convert it from inertial trigger to mechanical trigger?
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