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    White 73

    I have two '73s in the white, one .357, the other 45 Colt. Both are Cody-matics. I've been shooting the .38 in matches for 3 or 4 years. I clean my guns every 10 matches or so. There is no obvious rust on the gun, maybe just a few little specks on the side of the hammer, or on the muzzle crown. I do wipe them down with an oily rag occasionally, and some oil spreads over the gun from handling while cleaning and other maintenance. But no special care other than what I do with my blued/CCH Cody-matic. No special care, no rust. And I live in coastal Virginia. I think they look beautiful in the white, and they match my stainless Rugers. I just wish SKB had made a stainless version for Ithaca.
  2. The Cavalier Cowboys hosted, for the first time, the "Gunfight at the Double-C," the Virginia State Cowboy Action Championship, at a centrally located range just outside Richmond, Virginia. The Cavalier Rifle and Pistol Club is a rural 525 acre site with over a dozen shooting ranges, a lake, a campground, and an active shooting community that hosts nearly 200 shooting events annually, covering many popular shooting disciplines. The Cavalier Cowboys is the resident CAS Club. (Cavaliercowboys.org). Over 80 competitors from all over the East Coast and as far away as Indiana, New York and Georgia participated. The weather was fabulous. Congratulations to Christian Mortician as Top Overall shooter, to Jack Sazerac as the men's Virginia State Champ, and to Happy Valley Harlot as both the Top Overall lady and Virginia State Ladies Champ. As we are proud to say, "We're big and close, and on the East Coast!" What? You missed it? Maybe you can join us next year? Mark your calendars for Labor Day Weekend 2023. Cavaliercowboys.org
  3. I use a mount to elevate the 750 above the bench, but since I have several presses (6 actually) I opted for In-Line Fabrication's mounting system with a 9 inch base and removeable press attachment plates. Bolt the press to one of the removeable plates, and then drop the press with the base plate into the elevated stand, tighten two thumbscrews to hold it in place. Remove the press and put in in a storage rack designed to hold the press. If you have a standard height work bench, an elevated stand for the press puts the press at a better height while standing. Standing gives you better leverage than sitting.
  4. 3.5g Red Dot with a 180g Hi Tek coated bullet for Rifle/CAS. (I shoot C45S in pistols). I bump it up to 5g (same 180g bullet) for Wild Bunch, to meet power factor.
  5. Lubed, Rem Oil or similar on sides of carrier and the bolt.. A gun grease on the end of the lifter during installation.
  6. Since money is not a concern, then by all means, get the short stroke along with the action job. You'll find the gun more fun to shoot and it will be capable when you try your hand at "10 rounds in 3 seconds" which I bet, 100%, you'll try to do. It's just like having a Corvette and the irresistible urge to give it a bit of excess throttle from time to time. "Yeah, I'll take the Corvette, but I really don't plan on driving it fast, so just give me the 6 cylinder.." Nobody ever said.
  7. put the grip frame or entire gun in the freezer. Or oven. Differential expansion might loosen things up.
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