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  1. Here's the latest version. SASS Category Matrix v2.3.pdf
  2. Great catch. I'll update to reflect " .40 to .45 rimmed and .36 to .45 cap and ball" Thanks!
  3. Not sure why. I just downloaded it and opened it. You have Adobe?
  4. Yes, indeed. Also added it to the document in a header. (Next release).
  5. Here's an updated version. Got some good comments and moved Cap and Ball to the pistol column. If you see anything amiss, please let me know and I'll make any necessary corrections. SASS Category Matrix v2.1.pdf
  6. Thank you, Allie Mo, for doing an initial review and providing valuable feedback to the original version.
  7. PWB suggested a couple minor edits. Here's an updated version. SASS Category Matrix v1.2.pdf
  8. Here is what I have created. Just interested in some feedback or suggestions for improvement. Would this be helpful to new/prospective participants? SASS Category Matrix.pdf
  9. I, too, gauge all of mine and, like you, I find on average one per box that won't gauge easily.
  10. Cabela's has them for $80.74 per case with free shipping. Rogers usually puts them on sale for less, but not at this time it seems.
  11. I think Buscadero refers to the holster being fastened to the belt by a wide loop that fits in a slot in the belt. If the loop goes over the belt, it's not a Buscadero but can still be a drop holster if the loop is long enough to put the butt of the pistol below the top of the belt.
  12. For me, (and probably not everybody else and possibly nobody else) the handbook would be easier to understand if the descriptions of legal firearms were up front, followed by the descriptions of the categories, which repeatedly reference firearms requirements. Rather than the other way around. However, I recognize the challenges either way. When I have something I'm happy with, I'll contact you and email you a copy for your review. Seems a lot of new folks get confused. When I first started, I thought you needed to have traditional cowboy boots with smooth sole shoes for every category. Now, looking back, I wonder how I ever got that idea. So I can see how some of the old timers here are incredulous that someone could misunderstand the rules. But the fact that so many new folks experience such confusion is a clue that there is room for improvement. Everybody process information differently---some like pictures, others prefer tables, others are happy with a detailed narrative. To effectively reach a higher percentage of the population, it's best to provide the data in multiple ways so there is something that "clicks" for each type of person. Even if that seems redundant in a publication, it's the only way to effectively reach everyone, or almost everyone.
  13. I'm working on the matrix I mentioned earlier. Will share after it's been reviewed locally by those smarter than I.
  14. Would be nice to have a matrix in the handbook that listed the categories down the left side, and across it would list ages, costume requirements, calibers, firearms allowed, etc. When I first started a few years ago, I found the handbook a bit confusing.
  15. Timely discussion. Just picked up a JM Marlin in .44 mag/spl for possible WB or BW. In process of .44 spl load development now. Have quite a bit of Trail Boss, but have not contemplated using that. Was looking at Red Dot, Clays, 700x, Bullseye, etc. My only concern about Trail Boss is powder feed in my SDB. It works, but the powder is so "fluffy" I am skeptical of consistent load drops. What are you doing to ensure consistent powder charges in a progressive press with Trail Boss? Or is it no different than other powders in your experience?
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