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  1. You are probably wondering about the fuzzy faces on the photograph. Well here is the "tale" on the photo - Taken around 1868 (colorized for modern viewing) the Posse was so anxious to head out in pursuit of the outlaw Jesse James, who was reported visiting his uncle Drury James at the La Panza Ranch near the Camatta Ranch where this posse was based (and the PRVC Annual is held), that they were shaking in excitement and the photographer could not keep them still so the faces are fuzzy. The Posse then reported Jesse high tailed it out and they did not catch him. However by coming to the PRVC Annual you will hear similar exciting stories of comings & goings on the 32,000 acre Camatta Ranch. Look forward to seeing you in May!
  2. Thanks Yul Lose & Badlands Bob. That was our call just wanted conformation. SWB
  3. After a stage was clear a spotter went down range to set a popper target. In the process of bending down to load the target, his pistol flipped out. It broke the 170. It of course was empty. Any call? No call? Have not had this happen before so I put this to the experts. Thanks. SWB
  4. Chase...33-34 is my norm but willing to risk it. How about $60 for all three including shipping to California?
  5. I want to jump in and add the we now have all NEW AR 15 steel targets making them the most ricochet UN-friendly targets available! Not that there has been issue's with the old targets...but we just like the best for all our shooters at PRVC! Rumor also has it that if you sign up early for the annual, Roger Rapid will send you - at no extra charge I might add - an extremely valuable autographed photo of him making the video! As you know the Golden Globe awards were just given out - so he just missed the deadline for the best director award in the category of : Old time video, with a futuristic theme, filmed on location, with REAL cowboy actors (unpaid I might add...cheapskate), on a limited budget, using key grips that had no idea what key grips are suppose to do (and I don't mean the one's on your revolvers), completed on a non-shooting weekend (that took a lot of convincing...and a donut or two) all while under the $2.00 budget (the donuts were a day old )! That is a category for an award isn't it?? Hope to see many of you cowboy/cowgirls at this years Annual!
  6. Long guns from private parties are not a problem shipping to CA FFL (as long as they are CA Legal...and to my knowledge...all our cowboy guns are legal). Hand guns are a different issue. CA DOJ does allow SAA 's and other single action handguns from a private party to FFL's in CA but other handguns most FFL's will not accept (must use a FFL from the senders state). However some FFL's are not aware of the single action exception and may not accept ANY handguns from any O of S private parties...so CA buyers need to be sure their local FFL's are aware of this. Don't write off CA because of 4 crazy counties...there are 54 other counties that are not so nutty.
  7. Thank you Jefro & Jailhouse Jim for the input and leads! I have received several other suggestions and will get to work on restoring them. SW Bill
  8. Thank you for the response. I will did a bit deeper and see. Will just live with it to keep them correct to the original revolver. Colt letter coming on the 1862 and see what it comes up with.
  9. I recently acquired 2 original 1860 Army revolvers. The one manufactured in 1862 (4 screw version) is in great shape but will not stay at half cock. The other manufactured in 1867 (civilian 3 screw version) stays in half cock but does not index well and the cylinder does not line up with the hammer. With the 1862...the cylinder & hammer line up perfectly and index very well. Any idea what parts I need to get both these running smoothly? Or anyone who works on them? Thanks for any advise/suggestions! Happy New Year to all.... SWB
  10. Thanks for everyones advice. Getting a Colt letter is the next step. One was manufactured in 1862 and the other 1868. Happy New Year to all...
  11. Thank you for the information Coffinmaker...these will stay in the family. Just want to do some research and get information for my father-in-law and he hopes I get them to a point where they can be used at least one more time...as does my son where they will go next!
  12. For Christmas my father-in-law gifted both his original 1860 Colt Army's that were his fathers pride & joy. I have a great father in law! He used them last in the 1960's. I am trying to identify them and get more detail. I have no experience with revolvers of this type. Both my father in law and his father were born in Texas and presume the guns emanated from there. The butt end of one appears to have been used as a hammer. With the other one the serial number is still readable. With both...the barrel, stock, cylinder and butt (one at least) serial numbers all match. Everything appears original. 2 missing screws at the trigger area on one (the other does not have the screws at all) and the one is missing a pin holding the rod under the barrel. Any help on these guns or a good source for research would be great! Hope all my cowboy family had a great Christmas like I did! Hope the photos come through... SWB http://s1281.photobucket.com/user/SidewinderBill4/library/1860%20Colt%20Army
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