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  1. Could I see a picture of the forend from the bottom, please?
  2. My new pet peeve is all the pistol caliber rifles carried by cowboys with bandolier full of rounds that would never cycle through the action. Worst of all is War Wagon
  3. Yea Haw!!! l just got my refund for cancelling due to surgery. Now I can send it back to them
  4. Just today, I saw the two styles advertised as full and 3/4 design
  5. I believe the SASS r/p targets are 12x16, plate racks are all 9”(except the one at 100yds which has 3 in the center that are 6”), and the tombstone racks step down from 6” to 2” in one inch increments
  6. Standard size SASS (9) targets, 4 plate racks, 2 22Lr tombstone racks, 2x3 200 yd long range and miscellaneous novelty targets Clay thrower and 3 shotgun kds
  7. Got to start paying more attention to the classifieds
  8. No Penalty should not be based on an assumption. What is it if you “think it is a hit”?
  9. This!!!! And don’t ask me how I know. It’s much worse when it happens to your wife’s guns; again don’t ask me how I know
  10. A BSS is not Belgian. If it was a Belgian Browning SxS, cutting it would have been unthinkable. Most of us have never seen one
  11. I have two of these One is marked Daly and Moroku, and the other just says Moroku. I have no idea who the importer was on it. The first one was set up beautifully by Goatneck before he passed away. Like the OP, I am in the market for someone to set up the second one which is still bone stock.
  12. A friend of mine was having a gun talk with one of his shooting buddies. Their lady friends were in the room but not paying very close attention. Then one of the ladies broke in and asked just how many do you have, and the buddy answered her honestly. She said, "That is insane. Nobody needs that many guns." That relationship was soon dissolved. Later his buddy told my friend, " Heck, I just thought she meant; How many SAA's do you have?"
  13. I have a 4 ft 3 tube led over the bench in the center of the room and a 3 bulb track light unit on either side of it to allow highlighting specific areas
  14. I only have the store number and they are closed today

    1. Yusta B.
    2. Mack Hacker, #60477

      Mack Hacker, #60477

      Thanks but Goody beat you to it.


    3. Yusta B.

      Yusta B.

      I saw that - he beats me shooting too !!  :D

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