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  1. I think I reached this point about 15 years ago when I was driving away, after the deal went down, and my wife said, We’ll, it’s finally come to this; we’re swapping guns in a Wal-Mart parking lot with someone named Bubba Gomez.”
  2. You don’t say, but I assume you are talking breech loader
  3. Ted I have about 20 “ belt round” dummies already laying around in the reloading room somewhere. You are more than welcome to a handful of them. If interested, give me a call, if you still have my phone number or PM me Mack
  4. I could do that, but it puts too much pressure on the spotters. They like my times
  5. First United Methodist Church Grapevine Sat Aug 12 2:00PM
  6. Caddo (Ken White) passed from this world on July 26 following a hard fought battle with cancer and complications from surgery attempting to fight that dreaded disease. His passing came 3-4 days after he entered hospice care in Dallas. He will always be remembered as an outgoing person who would make new friends anytime, anyplace. I was fortunate to be one of those friends for about 45 years. Just over 10 years ago I introduced him to SASS. He shot his first match as a Elder Statesman and never looked back. He became my travelling pardner for many trips to local matches, Texas state championships, S W Regionals and Winter Range Nationals. He was a member of several central and north Texas clubs. A memorial service is being planned at Grapevine United Methodist Church on August 12, 2023. . .
  7. I have three NRA American Rifleman binders. Each contain 12 issues of the magazine. For some reason I have 1973,75 and 76. Have no clue where 1974 went. They have been in storage for 25 years but are in pretty good shape. They are free if you pay shipping cost
  8. Good evening, Sir!


    As stated, I'll take all 500 pieces of your .32-20 brass for $250.


    I'm just NW of Coleman so I'd bet we can arrange a face-to-face and save the hassle of shipping.


    Got to run to Abilene in the morning on a couple of errands; can finalize our plans once I return.






    Mark Price

    1051 County Road 462

    Coleman, TX 76834

    325-636-3855 (cell) 

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