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  1. You can purchase a tool from Brownells that holds the spring in place and makes it easy to disassemble a Vaquero and hold things in place. Wouldn't be without one.
  2. Could you explain your technique? I am still bored.
  3. If you never had a bidet installed on your stool, you must. The greatest invention since stirrups on a saddle. Healthy also.
  4. Do you mean skipping bolt notches? I have not heard of them doing such. Neither old or new.
  5. Thanks. You are a gentleman and scholar. I just might pull this off.
  6. The holster is a left-hand model with gun situated for right hand. Now there is yet another idea to ponder.
  7. Not found on the sites Wilbur. Can you provide location for me to put in my GPS? Will be grateful.
  8. Mine easily detached from my notice. It fits in my wallet just fine. Some people would complain if they had a pot of gold, but it didn't have a handle. Costs are a factor with thick plastic cards.
  9. We need this process to change target size.
  10. I have spent 2 1/2 winter days perfecting a Taurus Thunderbolt, and have finally solved the issue to bring perfection operation, but how do I solve mechanical operation inconsistency by the pilot?
  11. That could be added to SPOTTER'S responsibilities. Shouldn't slow the Shoot down as this could also be done at the loading table, much like looking at guns to make sure they are properly loaded. Just a quick glance would suffice.
  12. To be Period Correct. All the True West seem to have button fly. Why does Levi have 501?
  13. In my observation I have been quite puzzled at the unusual locations of belly buttons. SASS certainly has a lot of members who possess strategically located ones. The only way I see to monitor this would be for all shooters to shoot topless or have a stage examiner in addition to spotters and posse marshal and score keeper. I guess it could be done at the loading table. Anyway, I am for doing away with use of the shotgun---it's a real time waster and hurts the ladies' shoulders.
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