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  1. Guys are getting pathetically lazy about the joys of cleaning guns!!! Been using 5.4gr with a 250gr LRNFP for years....no problems. Anything less, just go shoot the match with a BB gun! https://www.hodgdonreloading.com/data/pistol
  2. Two wrongs don't make a right! So we hate all cops because of one bad cop? The owner of the gun shop needs to grow up too!
  3. The M die, there is no excuse for a bullet to not be seated straight.....at least by hand... To be fair, I have only had problems with "bulges" from bullets not being seated straight from trying to use .427 dies with .428-.430 bullets. Folks gotta understand that a 44-40 bullet is technically .4255-.427 while 44 spl/magnums are .428-.430. Trying to shove a .430 bullet into a case that is only expanded to accept a .4255 bullet is going to bulge due to the thin "weak" brass. Weak meaning not strong enough to withstand the extra pressure used to cram the .430 into a .427 expanded neck.
  4. First I must ask what cal and what loads? I assume light loads as most do for cas. My 38 CAS loads are not even close to accurate @ 50-100 yards and are are set at 25 yards for CAS. Attempting 100 yard shots is a waste of time My 44-40 loads work well out to 75 yards...100 yards has a bit of a drop but do well with open sights on large gongs with max trailboss loads. I also shoot AT 200 yard targets for fun with the Winchester 73'...44-40 Trailboss loads, 25 yards and 265 yards I have a special 44-40 load that groups 6" at 265 yards with my Marlin 1894CB....but we can just leave that one out! 44-40, 265 yards GolfBall Shots
  5. Lyman "M" Die 44 Mag for .428-.430 bullets 44-40 for .427 bullets Bulging eliminated
  6. Great post Driftwood....should be a "sticky"
  7. It's not what you use but rather how much you use it. 99% of people with a "CCW" seldom shoot/practice....to include gangsters/criminals https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=criminal+gets+shot
  8. To make ya'lls brains explode with disbelief! If you see an old man walking around with a single action army on his hip, I suggest you leave him alone......
  9. Any chance all of the 44-40 data is the same as in Lyman's 49th? I guess I need to get a 50th!
  10. You said "Who says it came out of a Marlin?" No one said it did!!!! So put a cork in it!
  11. If you would actually take the time to read what I posted...I didn't say it did....I said IF it was a Marlin! But I did find some photos of Marlins...again.....IF...with rails screwed into the barrel.
  12. I guess it could have had one of these at one time then plugged. https://www.forgottenweapons.com/mosin-nagant-factory-pressure-test-rifle/
  13. If it's a Marlin, the front screw would be drilled into the barrel, rather than the the top of the receiver. Educate me!!!
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