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  1. Well technically it's a 5" spinner but since I have yet to see it spin, I call it a gong!!! ...and nope, not at 300...lol
  2. Oh, I did want to say that once I get the POA for 225 yards, then I can adjust and write down all the numbers for each zero I desire. This 6x scope doesn't have all the "bells and whistles" the new scopes offer and the dials are a bit scary to turn...too easy for a slip and no way to zero the dials back out. If that happened, rather than start all over....I would remove the scope. So far, after many hundreds of rounds, it still holds zero at "200" yards....and I just don't want to touch it. Here is what I have documented so far on the trajectory of my custom loads when zeroed in at "225" yards. 25 yards = +4 1/4" 50 yards = +8" 75 yards = +12 1/2" 100 yards = +14 1'2" 125 yards = not yet challenged 150 yards = +13 1/2" 175 yards = not yet challenged 200 yards = +6 1/2 225 yards = working on it now 250 yards = not yet challenged 265 yards = - 28 3/4" Just for kicks, I placed a 10 shot 3" group, of 1992 Winchester Super-X loads, low left at 50 yards. This was with my Marlin 1894CB and open sights.
  3. Glad you asked. It is only a 6X scope and by the time I get the scope back on target, I missed seeing the hit placement. I could not see the hits at all. Every so often I would stop and rewind the video I had mounted to the spotting scope, but even through the small phone screen I still could not correctly ID the placements. A couple of times I did aim, then look at the phone when I shot...then I could see I was close. I thin decided to just shoot for placement and adjust for the next trip to the range. When I got home and loaded them up on my desk top, I could then see how ever so close they were. If I had known at the time, I would have. I was POA on the 5" gong and most hits were 5" low and slightly right. I had several videos going and when I put them all together, it was easy to see what I was doing wrong when I did try to do something else. In the video you can even see that once I held the rifle but and still hit in the same place. I even took a dry erase marker and marked the hits on my computer screen I am glad you can see the target at 200 yards. I can't...either the target is blurry or the sights are blurry and is why I had to switch to a scope. Also, I have the scope adjusted where I want it at 200 yards, my objective was to shoot for placement and use "elevation" only rather than adjust the scope. I have my POA set for 25, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, 265 and was setting it for 225. One camera at the target and one on me. I also have a gopro at the target. POA at 200 yards in order to place hits on target.
  4. I had a blast Tuesday morning. Had the range all to myself. Bryan - 0 Gong - 16 VIDEO
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