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  1. I could use some help for the Winchester "1948" box. These red and yellow boxes have been divided into three groups by collectors. These collector's names have been around for years but it has only been recently that the box codes have been broken, reveling actual packaged dates. "1946" - The 1946 box can be dated up to 1948ish. They should all carry the caliber code of K4412T on the end labels "1948" - The 1946 box ( I have yet to see one) should bare the caliber code K4412C on the end labels "1954" - The 1954 box shows the Olin Mathieson call-out on the red side label.
  2. I am going to call that an MG52, which should translate to 25 July 1997
  3. A large dent has been put in the data sheet but we could still use many more examples. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Jy0pGqWPRx2HOQqufbcnEM1lv6tCWBJsCOB8vLIDOIg/edit#gid=1860800684
  4. To all you airplane buffs out there. I am just as passionate about the Fairchild 24 aircraft as much as I am about the 44-40. I have started a website for the Fairchild 24's. I owned and rebuilt sn#2929 many years ago. Fairchild 24 - https://sites.google.com/view/thefairchild24saga/fairchild-24-g/2929 44-40 - https://sites.google.com/view/44winchester
  5. Lee data shows a date of at least 5-2-2003 Also, I added the Hercules and Alliant data.
  6. Anything on that chart is safe for all firearms chambered for 44-40. I will get a better photo
  7. Awesome Dave. You won't see any signs of "overpressures" until about 25,000psi......don't load until you see it. Well, in a 73', you will probably blow the toggles before seeing high pressures signs.
  8. I did one even better, ran them through the Pressuretrace II strain gauge program. link Reloder 7 Pressuretrace II Results SAAMI Max PSI is 11,000 with a MAP of 11,300psi. Each test is the result of a ten shot group.
  9. Can't tell back in the day how much flack I got about mentioning 240gr bullets for the 44-40. Then to use Reloder 7 along with it. Not that it would be a good combo for CAS, but it did exist. Hercules and Alliant published the data around 1995-2005, respectively, and so did Lee...and look at the velocity! 10% to 20% more power than the 200gr factory loads back in the day. Safe for the 73'.
  10. How about the 38-40? The 44-40's are various too. From probably 1W primed black powder by 1911-1915 to early smokeless 1W primed powder. The UMC is more than likely black powder with the omittance of the "U" on the primer. Don't know much about the 44 S&W variants. The 38-40 is also 1W primed so it could be smokeless or black powder
  11. Marlin 44-40 Century Limited 24" barrel. CRISP! Was saving this as a spare but I don't have a limited, just a CB. I just couldn't put a limited barrel on a CB anyway. $350 + shipping lower 48 only please. Paypal okay as long as guns & ammo is NOT documented.
  12. Thanks Baily this gives my brain a work-out! It is hard to translate that one not seeing the box, hard to get the year. If the format is LM1, it could be 1 November 1936, 1946, 1976, 1996 or 2016. The box graphics would help narrow the year. You said you got it 40 or more years ago so that rules out anything newer than 1980. 1936 would be the late "1932" blue non-mercuricc box 1956 would be the late "1954" red and yellow box 1976 would be the Winchester yellow-X If the format translation is incorrect, I would need to see the box, or you describe the box "colors"/f
  13. Thanks Baily but I have the book as well as the WRACo books Vol I and II. They don't get into the date codes of late, only the early label dates. I already know how (with some exceptions) to translate the late codes. What I need is for folks interested, to look at their later 1928 to present day boxes for the actual code on the box as in my examples. I really thought all these cowboy shooters that using factory ammo would be interested but I can certainly understand if they are not. It is a weird hobby...lol!!! The later boxes are just as hard to find as the older ones. I just can't afford
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