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  1. Here is a similar video of the Custer Battlefield
  2. Here is a video I made of the 44 Henry and 44-40 artifacts located in the Reno-Benteen Defense area. I think you guys will like this!!
  3. 20.8gr of Sharpshooter 44-40, The Smokeless Powder Transition Years
  4. At is an absolute addiction! Painstaking countless hours searching the net many times a day every day for the past ten years! I NEED A LIFE
  5. I finally got one! 1903 44-40 W.H.V. Draw Set. 20.8gr Sharpshooter CL - 1.304" AOL - 1.5895" DIA. - .426" WT - 201.8gr BL - .6025" SD - .322"
  6. I would say these two of the 225gr Henry bullet design, pulled from the Custer Battlefields during 2007 survey that link to 108 Henry/66' rifles. This is only two examples of some 250+ recovered during surveys from 1984 to 2013.
  7. Boy that's a long title!!! I started this project back in 2018 and quickly stopped. I just recently started back again. As many of you may already know, I have been researching (on line) recovered 44 caliber artifacts from the site. I plan on making overlays for the while area but for right now, I have just started Last Stand Hill since it will probably be the easiest. One I get some good references placed, I want to add the artifact location points. The location points will first be of 44 caliber artifacts like Henry, 66' and 44-40 cases, bullets, etc. The
  8. I have no idea, I can't remember that far back...LOL
  9. Here is a bit of an update. The yardage is impressive, effective or not! unfortunately, this is only noted inside the park boundaries. I'd sure like to see them search outside the boundaries. The Reno-Benteen Defense Line is also intriguing once you see the effects of the .44 cal. lever actions used to help pin down the troops. It is noted with arrows that the Indians were attacking from 7 sides. Unsure how accurate that is, but... the 44-40 Winchester was used on at least three sides although they may have been few. Note the amount of .44 cal. bullets recovered from this area. A
  10. Another thing I was thinking of is that if you don't want to use a 73' because you feel it won't handle full loads.........curious how much "hunting" type shooting you plan to do with full loads. I doubt seriously ten shots a year would be worth not getting what you want. The 357 MAP loads are listed for revolver use which are weaker than any rifle part. "I used MAP this time since we are not allowed to use MAX in here any more by certain users). Personally I have the Marlin 1894 in 357, but it is not a slicked up fast shooter.
  11. Well lets take a look at the specs. I feel modern rifles would be built better than older brother's but who knows nowadays with the way quality is. Photo below is from about 1926, Small Arms Technical Publish Company, refers to the 44-40 barrels Steel Barrels - 22,000 cup Nickel Barrels - 30,000 cup Revolver - 15,000 cup Don't forget the 357 mag barrels are thicker than the 44-40 information. PSI Piezoelectric standards weren't born yet so in this case, psi is from the CUP method of testing. Today SAAMI publishes both cup (Copper Crusher) and psi (Piezoelect
  12. I have six Uberti's. At the time they all averaged about $350 each. 2 - 44-40s, 2 - 357's, 1 - 45 Colt, 1 - 44 Magnum. All have been road pretty hard over the past 10-13 years. All from various importers. One has been handled nearly every day. Only one of the 357's needed work and it was bran new. It was rather "ruff" when the action was manipulated. Took them home, opened them up and cleaned them. Smoothed everything down and it/they were fine. The 44 Mag broke a "hand" and it looked to have started from a ruff-cut that was not smoothed out. I eventually slicked most of them, not that they
  13. Although the date codes apply to all calibers, I am currently just collecting 44-40 caliber dates. For years collectors try to play process of elimination to date boxes. Availability in catalogs are a big help but do not really pinpoint dates. The best we can do now is use the stamp codes that seem to be rather consistent. With this I am narrowing down box design availability dates. Sometimes there is a transition period to thin out surplus boxes. Currently I have been trying to get a beginning date for the 44-40 "Orange Banner" box. Supposedly available from 1983 to 1995, I have found b
  14. Oh by all means, I have a stupid supply of handloads ;-) I just stopped shooting with the stupidity of primers.
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