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  1. i have shot with him before and he is a GREAT guy!
  2. I am not a good shooter now, but years ago I shot my best when I shot matches all the time. Especially larger matches with fast shooters on my posse. It pushed me to shoot faster shooting with them. Not able to shoot as much now so I guess I am going to make some time to practice.
  3. If you are looking for less recoil and money savings you might look at using a lighter weight bullet.
  4. Agree. Thats why I hate the vertical staging racks after the loading table before you get called to shoot. I even had the mod done on my skb to help it stay open based on this rule.It works 95% of the time
  5. What is the inside diameter of the hole? What size umbrella pole does it hold? Looks like a cool product
  6. I started putting a light coat of vaseline on both sides of the gasket and it helps a lot
  7. Do you have any shotgun levers that bend to the right? Thanks
  8. I think Cheycast has them if no one else does. I have ordered from them and great quality!!
  9. Did you check Ebay? I have bought Dillon, Mec and Lee parts off Ebay several times.
  10. Someone is going to get a nice set. Love how the triggers are set back far and little trigger travel
  11. After a suib or two on every stage before lunch, i told a shooter that I would not time him for the balance of the match unless he got some different ammo. I even offered to let him use some of mine.
  12. We all threw in some cash. He was very surprised with the amount.
  13. Could not agree more! Awesome young man. Hope to see him again one day!! Plus the look on his face when he opened the bag with his gift was priceless!!!
  14. We will be mailing mine and Skeeterbites apps Monday. Been too long since we last shot with you guys in TN! Cant wait!!
  15. Would someone tell me the days of the main match? Friday and Saturday? guessing side matches Thursday? Thanks
  16. What are the temperatures normally like this time of year there? Much humidity? Thanks
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