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  1. A really good shooter from the Midwest who had Dan design a rig for him years ago and people liked it so much it became a regular rig people requested from Dan
  2. Does he have a website or do you have contact information for him?
  3. Can you buy just the clips for holding them on your gun belt? If so, where and how much?
  4. I load on a mec 600 #27 bushing with clays grey clsybuster wad and 7/8 ounces of 7-1/2 shot
  5. I’ve had some of the same issues. Sorry you are going through this. Prayers for healing!
  6. These look awesome, but are too large for where I have to mount them. any chance you do them split in half where I could mount one on each side of cart and in black instead of brown?
  7. Looking to get 2-4 black gun cart holsters. Needing the basic ones that I can attach on my cart with screws. I have some old holsters, but don't want to cut them up for this. I tried a google search and came up blank
  8. Does anyone have or know where a video is for instructions on how to use the ACES scoring system. Wanted to see if there were some pointers. Thanks
  9. I received your message, but don’t see the picture attachment. I messaged you my email. Thanks for your response!
  10. Looking to buy a couple of these shirts in XXL. Looks like they are no longer available new. Thanks
  11. I also use a mec 27 bushing with the grey 7/8 wad with excellent results
  12. Sounds like fun, I will let you know if Skeeter and I can make it Not being a smart alec, but I think you mean Pearl Drive. I do it all the time
  13. Are you looking for the factory brown wood ones? I have a couple pair.
  14. Will the sheath fit on a 2-1/2" thicker gun holster belt? Thanks
  15. Hey Scarlett, how does the app work in comparison to real BP when it comes to cleaning the guns? Do they need to be cleaned pretty soon after shooting a match like when you use BP? Or, can you shoot several matches like with smokeless before they have to be cleaned? Thanks
  16. Yes , Onsite dry camping camping. The contact info for camping is on the application
  17. Don’t forget your hat. That’s a common item that people forget. Have fun
  18. Man, I would love to have these!! Wish I had the funds!!!
  19. My wife is going to start shooting again and wanted to see if anyone has a source to buy one of the plastic tube speed loaders. Or a good you tube to make one would be good too. Thanks for your help!!
  20. After they spend a few nights in the box
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