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  1. I'm a Southpaw and always used it 'as is'. Never felt it was an issue.
  2. Woody,

    Yes, it's a 12 gauge. No, Cap did not do the drop two modification (when I sent it to him all those years ago, the drop two had not been perfected, and I never got around to having it modded.

    The replacement barrel was installed at factory length, but there is no choke marking, I would assume cylinder bore. It throws a respectable pattern, and any misses were always my fa...

  3. Hey pard, I'm definitely interested in this shotgun. Let me know the answers to my questions and we'll talk. I won't be back on the wire until tomorrow, though. Thanks!

  4. I have some questions about your shotgun: It is a 12 ga, right? And did Cap do the drop two modification to it? Is the barrel choked or cylinder bore? Thanks.

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