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  1. I am a dominant left hander, and have always had right handed guns. Early AR's used to ping the brass off my forehead, but other than that they always throw clear. I do equip any 1911's with ambidextrous safeties, and have put left handed safeties on my Remington 870 and 11-87's. I got so used to using my support hand to run the bolt on rifles that as long as I'm not in a sling, it's nearly automatic.
  2. Specifications on the .38 and 9mm molds? Do you have the mold handles also?
  3. I'll take that as an "I'll take it". PM incoming. They are Sold!
  4. Got a pair of Old Model Vaqueros for sale. Smooth actions, aftermarket springs (Seven Springs) and grips. Original grips included (one pair simulated ivory, one wood). These guns were definitively not safe queens, have been shot and used for many years and many SASS matches. They may have even won a state buckle way back when. $500 each, or $950 for the pair, plus shipping to FFL.
  5. Woody,

    Yes, it's a 12 gauge. No, Cap did not do the drop two modification (when I sent it to him all those years ago, the drop two had not been perfected, and I never got around to having it modded.

    The replacement barrel was installed at factory length, but there is no choke marking, I would assume cylinder bore. It throws a respectable pattern, and any misses were always my fa...

  6. Hey pard, I'm definitely interested in this shotgun. Let me know the answers to my questions and we'll talk. I won't be back on the wire until tomorrow, though. Thanks!

  7. I have some questions about your shotgun: It is a 12 ga, right? And did Cap do the drop two modification to it? Is the barrel choked or cylinder bore? Thanks.

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