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  1. Thanks to everyone that came out for a great shoot! We had just over a 100 shooters. It was a little hot but otherwise a fantastic weekend!!
  2. Drifter, there will be 6 of us joining you. Me, Whiskey Belle, Tinhorn Timmy, Marilyn, TJ and Alex. We look forward to seeing you!
  3. Plan to shoot Wild Bunch for the first time!
  4. Whiskey Belle, Tinhorn Timmy, his wife and I will all be there.
  5. Join us for a great match in Evansville IN. 5/12 through 5/14 will be the 2022 edition of the Spring Roundup! The Westside Renegades have worked hard over the winter to make improvements to the range. Our cowboy town is looking better than ever! ROUND-UP-application-2022.pdf Round-Up-schedule-MAY-2022.pdf
  6. Should we get a confirmation email once our entry is received?
  7. I have a Uberti 1873 rifle, the action is very smooth and easy until the firing pin extension starts to break over the top edge of the hammer. Then it take significantly more force to complete cocking. How can this force be reduced?
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