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  1. Very sorry. I thought it was sold. I got your address message. What do I owe you and I will send a check.
  2. Thanks all! I had a couple of offers, none ftf but still any of them would have worked. I took the first one and will have a Henry 22 to complete my 2 sets for the students. If I run n2 any other issues I will post them here in case someone has a great solution. I will also post the clubs that can host us when I get that nailed down. Hosting is a bit of an imposition since we have to do our shoots on a week day. I appreciate those clubs that can make that happen. Thanks again.
  3. That is very kind! Thank you! Gary Gardner 405 Aspen Circle Tyler TX 75703
  4. That's why I am hoping to get a solid trade. I could buy one but I'd rather not spend the cash if I don't have too! Especially since I am open to any make of 22.
  5. Please! Help a pardner out! A couple of years ago I got to spend a week taking 9 HS and JH students through a week of CAS. Super fun! This year I have 20 signed-up! We do 22s and I need a second full set of guns to keep things moving. I have 4 wranglers and 2 Stoeger SxS. Only one rifle, a Henry. I am hoping to trade for another 22 rifle. Any make including a pump will be considered. One or both of these pistols are up for trade depending on what you have. The Bersa 380 is a kinda rare model valued between $300 and $400 new. Made for concealed carry. Comes with two 8 round mags and whatever ammo I have, about 70 rounds. (I had it up for sale a few months ago and had it sold...then I screwed-up. Had to have some dental work done and forgot to tell my buyer I was not coming to the match we were to meet at. My fault and I apologized but...I still have the gun.) The other gun is a CAS legal 4 click Uberti in 44-40 with an extra 44 special cylinder made around 1998 as best as I can tell. The gun is stainless with a nickel plate from the factory. The plating is in good but not perfect condition. The 44 special cylinder is carbon steel with a home done nickel plate. The 44 special cylinder does not look real great. I did it and it was my first try. Does look better than a blue cylinder in a stainless gun like before though and the nickell should protect from rust. The barrel has been cut to 4.5 inches, also done by me. Shoots well but these are not professional modifications. Look at the pics and you decided. I want everyone to be happy. Very fun gun to shoot and the quality seems good to me but I haven't owned a lot of clones. I am a Ruger guy. FTF strongly preferred. I am in East Texas and am off next week. I will be going to Oklahoma thru Dallas and coming home thru Eastern Oklahoma. Off all week so I can meet you somewhere. PS If your range can host us for a week day shoot let me know. We will pay range fees and can do set-up! March 6, 7, and 8th. Children are our future!
  6. I'll take it! Send me your info and I'll send you mine! Thanks
  7. If its still around I will take it. Pm me your address. Thanks!
  8. If Hillbilly changes his mind let me know and I'll take it.
  9. The founders of Israel were intensely what we would call liberal. They had guns because they also were realist (realist and liberals, a weird combo). They knew every one wanted them dead. Every decade of peace led to more guns removed from the civilian population. When I visit I am always surprised. Hopefully some good will come out of this attack and Israel will acknowledge that ever human has an inalienable right to be able to defend themself. The gun rules got particularly bad about 10 years or so ago. Oh, and yes Israelis serve a 3 year mandatory hitch in the IDF but that is only required of Jews. Many of the super Orthodox religious Jews get out of it. Arab muslim, druse, and Christians can serve but do not have too. The Druse almost universally serve. Christians and muslems at a lower rate.
  10. With guns I have now? I could do a pistol/rifle combo with 40, 357, or 44. I like the 44 best but...just for fun I picked up and old Ruger 45 colt. Big mistake. I LOVE shooting that gun! Do I need to get a rifle so I can pick it?
  11. To answer your question without commentary; no.
  12. Got a friend who has one for him and another for his wife. Super fun. Loved riding his. When the cost comes down they would even be a good option for people starting out in a big city
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