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  1. Man...I wish I could! Love the length and I am a 44 guy. Someone is going to be happy happy happy!
  2. That is the Hebrew letter 'tav' on the right and a 'tzade' on the left. Must be Israeli.
  3. If we keep 22 as a category that will help new shooters out. Would have been appreciated when I started a few years ago. 22s aren't super popular. I don't see them every taking over but it is a nice option. Easier to do than having a stack category. When I bring a friend I let them shoot my 22s. Good intro to the sport but they all want to move on the the 'real' guns! I like my 44s better too!
  4. So...what is it? I have a Mid 624 that could use one
  5. Hag semeach to you and yours haver!
  6. Oh well. I am one of the odd ones that actually likes the hammer block safety. I like to load 6 when I walk about in the country. Thanks for looking though. Surprised it has not yet sold. I love the brushed nichol look and I am told they wear really well too.
  7. Indeed. The Taylorite are the most dangerous sects.
  8. Hey hey hey! Watch that language in the saloon! Only Martins here.
  9. I bought this 73 as a basket case. One issue, no stock. The aftermarket one I bought was way better walnut but really dark even b4 refinishing. Existing fore end was that crazy red. I couldn't get the stock to match the red so I just re-did both. Much better. The pics look red but they are actually browner.
  10. Humm. I have a shortened stock on my 73 that I might trade. I refinished it though so it might not look the same as your fore end. If u wanna pic let me know.
  11. Thanks. I will look at the Garand group and the forum. Can't do glock. They r part of the evil empire. .
  12. Is SASS a CMP organization? NRA is not. Form requires membership in a org. Thanks.
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