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  1. When I took it apart to clean everything, yes I clean my fire arms, it was brass.
  2. Alao to answer questions above: the 73 is chambered for 357 and I got it used and do not THINK it has a short stroke kit in it, but without a stock rifle to compare it too I cannot be positive. Frustrating but honestly a lot of fun! At keast until it starts costing me more money!
  3. Thanks 4 all the advice. It gave me things 2 consider BEFORE I spent money. When I took it apart the lifter arm and all seemed fine. I ordered some springs. If that does not do the trick I will cut my losses and take it to a smith. I was probably going 2 do that eventually anyway but thought I would make better decsions on what to have the smith do if I had shot it for a few months. Again, thank you all very much. If the springs fix it I will post, otherwise it's off to the rifle Doc!
  4. Slow but happens at either speed. I am planning to order new springs but wanted to get some ideas b4 throwing oarts at it! I will look at the lifter cam to see what it looks like I think I saw a video that showed what the cam is supposed 2 look like.
  5. I have an 1873 problem. I picked up an Uberti 1873 project gun and I am stumped. About every 4th or 5th time I cycle the action the lever gets stuck because the lofter did not go all the way down so the bolt hits the lifter. I have messed with the stock leaf springs and gotten no change. When the lifter is down it will slip up a quarter inch or so and block the bolt with almost no pressure. Is that normal? Also, to me the lever has to much wiggle in it. I have a 92 and have had some 22 lever but this is my 1st 73. It was made in 2008 and I knew it had issues when I bought it but it sounded
  6. Those are beautiful carts!
  7. My 2 cents on springs is; dont buy new springs until u do 7 or 8 hundred trigger pulls. I firered about 150 rounds trough mine when I got it a month or so ago. Super stiff. But I have dry fired it about 25 times a night since then and they loosen up and are fine...after about 800 times! Cheap easy and effective though.
  8. Stayed 4 lunch then meandered about 4 awhile b4 I found my way out.
  9. Thank you to the Oakwood Outlaws for a great 1st SASS experience! Just did a morning shoot. Great fun and immensely helpful people. Really made things easy for a newcomer. I hope to visit the Texas Troublemakers soon but will definitely plan to repeat at Oakwood, next time with my sugar-booger. Thanks again from East Texas!
  10. Small world though. I just sold Robin a 22. Now she gets the cart I was eyeballin. Too funny
  11. Doc Moses here 111066. I am taking a group to Israel next March. Just wondering if we have any people there. If sobit might be fun to meet up some evening.
  12. If u still have a cart I am interested. Thanks!
  13. Thanks everyone. Glad that is clearedbup for me.
  14. Doc Moses 111066. I am new and reading throuhh the accepted styles and wht not, comparing that to videos. The videos show people shooting revolvers 2 handed. Off hand cocks the hammer. In the rules I only see directions for shooting onehand at a time in duelist or both hands in gunfighter. What am I missing? Which events allow you to cock and support with your off hand? Thanks for your help and time.
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