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  1. Grr! I just looked and sure enough I ordered the 66 extractor and pin! I hate it when things r my fault. I may try the old one and the old pin. The pin is super lose though. Will that work or do I need to rough it up or something?
  2. Okay. Bought a 'project' uberti 73. Big mistake. Would have been cheaper to buy a new one but...pretty fun to work on. My issue. It was all working well, (after I had a REAL smith finish up the work on it) then...the extractor came off. I found the old extractor pin after I ordered a new one. The pin and extractor on the right are the ones I got from Taylor's. On the left is the original. How lose is the pin supposed to be in the extractor? The new extractor is different from the old one. Will it work? Should I use the 'new and improved' or go back with the old one? Do I just slide the pin in then re-assemble the rifle? Oyveh! U get the idea. Advice is appreciated. Thanks
  3. I have all the parts to build a 5.5 inch 44mag SBH. All I need is an actual frame to hang them on. I believe the frame would have to be sold as an actual firearm and ship to my FFL but if anyone knows where I can find a frame please let me know. (Not a grip frame, I have that.)Blued or stainless, either is okay. I think it will be fun to build my own 'back-up' 44. Thanks for your help.
  4. I have one...they shoot well right out of the box but...they are rough as a cob. I got mine used and it had been sent to Steve Young so it is fantastic! I have more expensive rifles and faster rifles but the Steve Young Rossi is honestly the best lever I own at this time. Great shooter in 44 and lighter than some of my higher quality guns. I love it!
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