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  1. I measured and it looks like 40 inch tip to tip where the gun belt would rid.
  2. Howady all, I am looking for a leather rig for two Uberti cattleman’s and a 12 gauge shot gun belt. Looking for a good starting rig. My regular everyday belt is a size 34
  3. I wanted to thank everyone!!!! Got the 311 off of Texas Maverick
  4. Thank you all, working with Texas Maverick on the 311
  5. Thank you everyone for all of the advice, I really appreciate it!!!!! HIH
  6. Got a pair of Uberti Hombres on the way... excited to get them. A special thanks to HM Murdock
  7. Howdy all, New shooter looking for a nice Double Barrel 12ga for under $600. Thank you Hot Iron Hill
  8. Thank you all!!!! Got a great pair coming. Thank you
  9. Thinking I want to go hammerless and 12ga....was looking for a reliable gun to last me a long time but not break the bank.
  10. Howdy all, I was wondering if I could get some shot gun advice. Starting to look for a double barrel and was wondering what everyone preferred? Hot Iron Hill
  11. Howdy all, I found great deal on a New Marlin 1894CB non-JM in .357. Are the non Jm’s okay? Hot Iron Hill
  12. Saved for money up can bump up to $800 for a pair if anyone out there has anything? My original post I had $600
  13. Happy News Years all!!! Is there anyone out there that have a pair of revolvers out there for under $800 for sale? I would perfer 38 caliber. Thank you everyone.
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