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  1. Im looking to trade a set of Dillon 38/357 dies for a set of Dillon 45 colt dies, ..anybody?
  2. Thanks for all the timely responses.
  3. Im currently using a Pacific (Hornady) shotshell loader and looking to upgrade. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I cannot afford a Spolar! Thanks
  4. I have one set up for each caliber I load. They are a lifesaver! (lock out die).
  5. For those of you who dry tumble brass, how often do you change your dry media?
  6. Thanks everyone. Have a Happy and safe New Year!!
  7. I am kickin around the idea of pouring my own bullets for CAS. Was wondering what 4 cavity mold would you all recommend for 158 grain rnfp. As far as quality and longevity? Thanks MMC
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