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  1. Since you cast your own, look at the RCBS 45-225-CAV I found it cycles like butter in my Rossi.
  2. That looks like a very sensible design Joe. What alloy do you use may I ask? What size does your mould drop? I was considering trying the #8 180 gr Cowboy bullet from Missouri bullet. It looks very close to the Accurate 45-180D. Just when I wanted to cut down on moulds, this new project comes up!
  3. It is about that time of life where I need a little bit of help hearing. Any advice on muffs that work well and can be used with a cowboy hat? Hans
  4. What dies do you use for bullet seating and crimping Captain? Also, if anyone cares to share bullet and loading data please shoot me a PM. Thanks Pards Hans
  5. Yes, good plan on the lightweights. I cast my own, so I would need a mould. The throats were reamed on the Rugers, so .454" bullets work best. I will try the trimmer and see how it goes.
  6. Any advice? Trim dies are pricey and require an extended shellholder. I am blessed to have a Lyman power case trimmer though..... I may only make 2-300 and only for Ruger pistols. We'll probably use 200-230 gr .454" bullets with Red Dot or 700x. Thanks Hans
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