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  1. Rico, Total cost of #3 - 1917 Lefty sent to 45693, please. Email me ~ redriver1951@yahoo.com Thanks, Shorty
  2. __ Dawg, I'll take it!!! Just sent you an e-mail on your regular address, that is more detailed. Thanks so much my good friend. You are truly "one of the best" ! Shorty
  3. Looks like a good idea. I've sold a dozen and now I want to gift one and my supply is dried up. No worry, it'll all work out. many thanks, Shorty
  4. Dawg, No problem, I'll come up with something. Glad you are home and safe. Adios my good friend, Shorty
  5. Ramblin Rob, Thanks pard. I'll see what Dawg comes up with, but I'll check out BTLW too. Just got my 4th Wrangler Wednesday. Fantastic SA's for the money and Ruger tough! Many thanks again, Shorty
  6. I'm looking for a right hand cross draw holster to give a friend. He just bought his first single action and I'm anxious to support his new interest. He needs something for a 4.75 inch single six, Colt scout or heritage frame revolver. Looking for something inexpensive and basic to get him started. He has no idea I'm doing this, wanted it to be a surprise. Any help will be appreciated. Many thanks, Shorty
  7. Dawg~ Good buy, my good friend................with that plaque you'll be quite the "huckleberry". Adios, Shorty
  8. Asa, In the S&W group you have a "one pair of cheap stag grips". I'll give you $20 for those grips (and screw) if you are willing to sell them separate. Let me know and I can get the funds headed your way. Thanks, Shorty ps ~ please reply at my regular e-mail........... redriver1951@yahoo.com
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