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  1. Dawg~ Holster came today and is fantastic. Now I'll be practicing my "Liberty Valance" draw! Thanks amigo, you always do a pard right. talk soon I'm sure, be safe Shorty
  2. Yur the TOP HAND! Many thanks, funds will go out. Shorty
  3. Dawg~ Recon you might as well send that lefty down here in the south pasture. I'll take it and put it to good use. You know the address and I'll get the funds headed north as soon as I get to town. Always a pleasure to own some genuine gear from the best pard around. Stay safe and it's always a pleasure dealing with you, Shorty
  4. Thanks Cobra, they are a little short for me ~ but I thought about reworking them someway. Anyway, thanks for the clarification. Many thanks, Shorty
  5. $30 each or all 3 for $30? Shorty
  6. John, May have something you'd consider. E-mail me at redriver1951@yahoo.com Have 2 pair of unique original vaquero grips at a very reasonable price. Shorty
  7. Good buy Tyrel. Shoot them strait! Shorty
  8. Gritz, I'll give that a try too. Thanks and I'll let you know what happens. I could actually use some extras. Gracious, Shorty
  9. That's why they call "YOU" the best. Dawg I appreciate all you do. I'll check in the tomorrow and see what you find. I'll return the favor. Talk to you then, adios Shorty
  10. Gritz, They offer them at $4 each and $5 shipping, just hoping to find some here. Thanks for the possibility pardner. Shorty
  11. Title says it. I'm looking for 2 to 6 grip "panel" screws for Ruger SA's. I need factory screws, to use in factory grips. If you can help me with any amount, I'm your huckleberry. Let me know what you have, how many you have to sell and how much $ you need to ship them to 45693. (Southern Ohio) Blued or stainless will be fine, as long as they are factory. You can e-mail me at................ redriver1951@yahoo.com PM here is fine, I just find the redriver e-mail easier for this oldtimer. Thanks for looking, Shorty
  12. Hey amigo, I sent you an e-mail. Yer box here is full. Shorty
  13. Buckshot, Go to the RugerForum.com classifieds. Jussbad has a black strong side and matching crossdraw for 5.5 inch single actions with a 38/357 matching belt size 35" at the center hole. Plenty of pictures and the great part is.........................$60 shipped for the whole outfit. Get there quick. I don't have a dog in the fight, just trying to help. Shorty
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