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  1. I just bought 4 guns from Long Hunters and Jim is still very much involved in the business. He told me that he has closed the store front to the public as the majority of his business is online. He called me when the guns were ready and I met him at the shop. They are still very busy with work. Great guy to work with. Love the guns and would not hesitate to have his shop do future work for me.
  2. Any interest in a trade? Got a pair of consecutive #'s NMV in 357
  3. As a full time RV'r with no home to return to. I have been keeping a close eye on this situation. We are changing our travel plans and are heading back to where our kids live to be closer if need be. We have not had a problem getting reservations at places and most parks are accommodating rapidly changing travel plans. They have cancelled all social gatherings and closed common area's. Most are leaving the restrooms and laundry facilities open. People have pretty much been staying at their respective campsites. We'll see how this thing goes but hopefully it will be under control soon.
  4. Oh darn it, that is the weekend before we arrive in the area. We live full time in our RV and there is a FMCA rally at the Pima County Fairgrounds the last week of March that we are attending. Sure would like to join ya if we could. Have fun.
  5. Thanks PaleWolf, that clearly covers the topic. Good resource.
  6. We will be in Tucson in a couple weeks. Good to see that we can get free admission by wearing our gear.
  7. I'm still new at this so you are probably correct but in my mind, the instructions are dump 9 rounds on target 1. If the shooter only shoots 9 rounds and ejects 1 I have trouble seeing were it matters if the extra round that isjacked out is the first round or the 10th round. He still only fired 9 shots. It good to read how these are scored to prevent me from making a mistake.
  8. And a miss for not hitting the target with the first 9 rounds. the stage instruction was "dump 9 rounds on target 1" wouldn't jacking out any round have saved a penalty?
  9. The way those guns are in the OP's photo, peoples feet would have to be under the cart. This type of cart is used in many other shooting sports. I shot trap for many years and the shooters rest the muzzle on their foot. I'm all for safety, shooting sports have inherent dangers and we all need to work to minimize risk but let's not get carried away.
  10. Welcome to the posse. I recently started myself and I can tell you that going to a match and letting them know your interested is great advice. I went to watch a match on a Saturday. Everyone was so friendly and invited us back the next day to visit some more. We showed up Sunday morning and the next thing I know, I was loaned 2 pistols, a shotgun and a rifle. The club would not take my money for match fees, said the first one was on them. The cowboys that loaned me the weapons stayed with me the entire match and explained things as we went. Neither one would take a dime for the ammo that I shot, just said it's the cowboy way. One of the shooters wife took my wife around and showed her what was what and everyone was extremely friendly. GO TO A MATCH, your only regret will be trying to figure out how you can get in the game faster.
  11. 3-5 gallons is a really big bucket. Most well buckets would be 2-3 quarts.
  12. Jim "Long Hunter" Finch in Amarillo Texas.
  13. Condolences to the family and friends. A good pard is a cherished gift.
  14. The racks have a rubber strap that hold them pretty tight. I have only done some test runs. We'll see what happens. It is pretty light weight and folds up pretty flat.
  15. That ole guy was easy to woop the long guns go in the ATV racks on each side. They have a rubber strap that holds tension. Here is a pic with pistol holsters and loading blocks.
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