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  1. Randy, Pm me with the details when you have a chance. Thanks RT
  2. Randy, good to hear from you. Did you ever get your stuff back. I remember shooting with you and all your stuff was stolen when we were at the banquet a couple years ago. About the shotgun What price range are we looking at and dose it have chokes?
  3. Heard you deal in IAC Coyote Cap 97's. Do you have any for sale??

    1. Rootin Tootin

      Rootin Tootin

      I'm not interested in your Winchesters unless they have a coyote cap on the bolt. What I'm looking for is an IAC 97 with a number 08 or higher or a CB 97.  Not interested in a 93/97. I already have one. Great gun, only shot it once and was told it isn't legal in a cowboy match so it's been in my safe for 8 years.  Only good for WB

  4. I want the IAC Norinco 97, NOT the 93/97. Interested in CB or CC 12 guage
  5. While cleaning out my parts box I came across an old style bolt assembly for a Uberti 1873 rifle. Complete with firing pin, extension and extractor. Lower tab in good shape. $55 shipped.......... 357/38
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