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  1. I'm interested. I was hoping for blue but how much are you asking for the pair?

  2. I will have 2 stainless new vaquero birds heads as soon as I get my guns back. I am changing the plow handles out. If you still need them I will shoot you a PM or email
  3. I will buy the 45acp if you still have it PM me with details. Thanks
  4. I agree with Barleycorn 100% for my entire career I have used either new state issue or new from the manufacture state issue gear. I would not gamble on used gear in the line of duty especially a weapon retention holster pard.
  5. Yes I’m going to be running my 45acp vaqueros for monthly shoots just to save on my 38 ammo to stretch it out
  6. Let me know if your buddy ever sells those horned gun grips they would go great on my back up pistol
  7. If you still have them I’ll send the funds this week
  8. I’ll take your last 100 PM me your address I’ll mail some coin thanks
  9. you might want to call Kirkpatrick if your trying to save money, they have a blemish room and you can get a good deal, they make a quality product. If you are seriously wanting the next level of holster I would look at Colt Faro's stuff. His work in my opinion is second to none.
  10. If you haven’t sold them bring them to my annual next week pretty sure a couple shooters will jump on that
  11. I sent you an email if you still have the pistols I’ll take them
  12. If you still have this I am interested and will purchase them.  CK

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