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  1. Splitthumb has some good ones. Me and several of my pards run Splitthumb specials for cowboy and wildbunch. I actually use one for my LE shoots. He is honest and does good work.
  2. Ebay usually has cheap black ones that would work for your cart
  3. Stainless 4.75 OMV. One 38-40 the other 40 s&w with converted cylinder to 38-40. Both have full Boomstick race job. Superblackhawk hammer welded, transfer bar removed, short stroked, rear channel opened, solid brass front sight installed, and shortened cylinder pins installed. Both have custom elk angler grips. Black powder is just not for me. According to my research the black box 38-40 is 1 of 119 and the 40 that I converted to 38-40 is 1 of 39. Both shipped to your FFL for 3500
  4. I’ll take it PM me with address and details pard
  5. Yes a buddy of mine has one made by Uburti not a lot out there but they make it
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