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  1. I'm looking for Schofield in .45 Colt, preferably in a 5" version, if anyone has one that they want to part with. I have some in .38 Special and .44 WCF. I might consider a trade for one of the .44's for a .45. My .44's are one in 7" and one in 3.5" barrel lengths, both are blue finish and in VG-excellent condition. If you have one and you are interested in selling or trading PM me with a message please. Thanks pards, Doc
  2. I have a pair of OMV's in SS, 5.5" barrels that I might think about selling. PM with your contact info if you'd like to see them. Doc Red Dawg
  3. I have a Shilo Sharps, .45-70 for sell here on this forum, just search with my handle and you can check it out. Doc
  4. To me this looks like a Remington for their semi-auto/ pump rifles. (???) Doc RD
  5. Did find one yet? If not, I have a Rossi copy of a Winchester 1906 with a 16.25" barrel, not much finish left on it but it still functions and goes bang. I can send you some pics if you're interested. Later pard, Doc
  6. It's time to thin the herd some. I have some rifles that need someone to shoot them and some pistol parts to move out of my safe. It's been a while since I've posted any pics on this web so it would be easier for me to email or text any requested pics to you. So, if you're interested in any of these items PM me with your contact info please. 1: Shilo Sharps 1874 in .45-70 in excellent condition, 30" heavy octagon barrel and MVA site front and soule tang rear, French gray receiver, shiny bore, double set triggers. By Shilo's web sight the new replacement cost of this gun is > $4000.00 +/- and 1 year back-log waiting period. My price is $2800. + S/I. 2: Colt/Burgess rifle, .44 WFC (.44-40), round 20" barrel, very clean and shiny bore, excellent condition with a few minor cart/safe dings, it's unique form Winchesters and Marlins for sure. Made by Uberti and imported by Taylor's F.A. which list the price of > $1500.00. My lower price is now $1250.00 +S/I. 3: '73 Win. (Uberti) SRC in .44 WCF Sold to Mudflat Mike 4: Winchester 9422 XTR, .22 LR, excellent condition, checkered forearm and grip, 22" barrel with bright bore, circa 1981. $750. + S/I. SPF 5: Ruger S.S. Mini-14 Ranch Rifle, . SPF to Dusty Morningwood 6. Ciener 1911a1 Platinum Cup conversion Sold to Mudflat Mike 7: Ruger cylinder blank for Blackhawk. Sold to Mudflat Mike 8: Ruger Super Blackhawk Hunter, .44 mag/special, S.S, 7 1/2" ribbed barrel with Ruger ring mounting slots and rings, bore in bright and clear, original inner box, adjustable open sights, in Excellent condition, freshly updated by factory 2 month ago, so it almost looks new. $750. + S/I God bless, Doc Red Dawg
  7. I have 2 Colt SAA's one in .44-40, second generation and the other is .45 C, first generation, both is VG to excellent condition. PM me fi you're interested in either of these pistols. Doc Red Dawg
  8. I will buy that sight from you MM. I can PM or email you about info needed. Thanks, Doc Red Dawg
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