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  1. For those that are interested you can click here: Category List to see the number of shooters in each category. Please Note, this is what shooters have requested, not the final list. Categories will be collapsed to fill the SASS minimums of 10 for open and 5 for women on the dates listed above. As I said earlier, shooters requesting categories that do not reach minimum will be contacted.to discuss options. Thanks, Flat Top
  2. Hello Fox, That sounds like a good idea. I will get it posted and then tell people where to find it. Flat Top
  3. Hello Everyone, Please remember these dates. July 15th- We will notify everyone if their chosen category does not reach minimum requirement and discuss options. August 1st-Final deadline for category change request. August 12th-Last day for a full refund. Notification by e-mail required. September12-Last day for 1/2 refund. Notification by e-mail required. If you have not entered and you plan to, please enter as soon as possible. We only have about 30 openings in Cowboy at this time. See you in October. Flat Top
  4. Hello Shifty Jack, I will take your SKB. PM me with where you want the funds sent. Thanks, Flat Top Okie
  5. 2023 LAND RUN NEWS FLASH (SASS NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP) We have about 50 spaces left for the Cowboy Match. To check the shooter list click here: shooter list for your name and any friends who have entered, to be sure they are listed. If you or you have friends who want to come , but have not entered, please enter as soon as possible. We will be consolidating categories soon and I will contact everyone who is entered in a category that did not reach the minimum requirement, to discuss their options. Thanks, Flat Top Okie
  6. Hi Brandon, A shooter at our club has a set for sale. PM me with a number and I will pass it on. Flat Top Okie
  7. Hello Kathy,

    We have a new shooter at our club who might be interested in your .32s if you still have them. Are you flexible on the price and if so what is your best price on cash with face to face delivery, shipping not necessary. I know they have been on the classified wire a long time.

    Flat Top Okie

    1. Kathy Ross

      Kathy Ross

      I currently have an interested party that I am waiting to hear back from. I will let you know either way.



      Bisbee Kate

    2. Kathy Ross

      Kathy Ross

      Hi guy. The pistols are still available if you have someone interested. The other fellow changed his mind. I can drop the price to $1850.00 for both.


      Bisbee Kate

    3. Flat Top Okie

      Flat Top Okie

      Hi Kathy,

      Sorry but they found a a pair last week.

      Flat Top

  8. Thanks for the P.M.. I will send you a check Monday. Flat Top
  9. Hi Al, I will take the two timers. Tell me where to send money. Flat Top Okie
  10. Thanks, but I am helping anew shooter get guns so I will have to pass. Thanks anyway. Flat Top
  11. Hi Charlie, If you will cover shipping, I will take this pistol for $900.00. Thanks, Flat Top Okie
  12. Al, You made it with some time to spare. You could have had another drink. I think you were camper number 23.. Thanks, Flat top
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