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  1. Hi Joe, We will all be glad to see you. Maybe we will pick up a few shooters who are not able to attend in April, but can make it in October. Flat Top
  2. Hello All, In case you have not heard, The 2020 Southwest Regional Championship has been postponed until October 28th through October 31st. It will be a great match. The weather in Oklahoma is usually very nice in October and the banquet will still be held at the National Cowboy Hall of Fame Museum. Please send your entries if you have not entered yet. We expect approximately 400 shooters. See you in October. Flat Top Okie
  3. Hello Everyone, Even though the new date for Land Run is six months away, we are receiving entries everyday. We still have space for shooters so if you are considering attending The Southwest Regional Championship in October, we look forward to seeing you. Flat Top
  4. Hello All, I am pleased to announce that we have had very few cancellations due to the date change for Land Run and we are receiving applications even though the match is more than six months away. Mae and I entered applications this morning so anyone who sent an application in the last few days should have received e-mail confirmation today. Thanks again for your support. As always, we will do our best to provide you with a great match. Flat Top PS: Colorado and New Mexico shooters, please join us since your regional match was cancelled.
  5. Looking for a pair of Ruger .32 cal. Single Sixes with fixed sights for a new shooter. E-mail me at jr@unitedmech.com with price and condition if you have a pair you would like to part with. Thanks, Flat Top Okie
  6. Hello Wrangler, October 14, 2020. Thanks for asking. Flat Top
  7. Hi Edward Send email to missourimae@gmail.com. Our camp sites were all taken but I am certain there will be a few cancellations because of date change. Hope you can make it. Flat Top
  8. Hello Friends, I am sorry to say that Land Run has been postponed until October 28th -31st. This was the only date available to us, at the National Cowboy Hall of Fame, that didn't conflict with the various state championships in our region. We were all hoping that conditions would improve in time to allow us to have the match on the originally scheduled dates. Unfortunately, that has not been the case. Anyone who has already entered but will be unable to attend will have the option of applying their entry fee to the 2021 match, which will be April 21st-24th, or receiving a full refund. If you have entered and will be able to attend the match in October, you do not need to take any action. If you unable to attend the match in October, please contact Missouri Mae by e-mail with your instructions. There is additional information on our website. Thank you all for your patience and understanding.. Flat Top Okie
  9. Hello Everyone, This seems like a good time for an update on Land Run, The Southwest Regional Championship. At present, the match is still scheduled for the original date. We are hoping that next week we will receive word that the Corona Virus situation is under control and we will be instructed to resume a somewhat normal life. Obviously, the safety and well being, of our participants and guests, is our primary concern. We do not intend to put folks in harms way. If the situation does not improve or worsens, we will reschedule the match. We will not cancel the match. If we must reschedule, and the new date is not convenient for the shooters, who have entered, we will either refund your full entry fee or apply your paid fee for 2021. This will be your choice. If rescheduling is required, we will send e-mails to all participants with the new date as soon as possible. We appreciate everyone's patience and understanding. Thank you, Flat Top Okie
  10. Hi Al, What are you interested in trading for? Text me at 405-409-9442. Flat Top
  11. Hi Hoss, Thanks for your concern and understanding, but from my perspective as a match director, i want everyone to know that if Land Run was forced to cancel or postpone we will offer full refunds to all participants. While i certainly don't look forward to writing and mailing 400 checks, I don't want anyone to refrain from sending their entry for fear of losing their money. Thanks again to all who voiced their opinions on this topic. Flat Top Okie
  12. Hello All, Mae and I processed applications today and while they have slowed somewhat we are still receiving some everyday. All applications received to date have been entered. W e are still working under the assumption that things will have calmed down and the match will be held as planned. Our website coordinator will be updating the shooter list this evening. We hope to see everyone in few weeks, but we also understand the reluctance of some folks because of health issues. Thanks again for your support. Flat Top
  13. Hello Shooters, We have received questions pertaining to the status of The Southwest Regional Championship (Land Run). At this time, Land Run will be held as scheduled. If changes become necessary, we will notify everyone through e-mail and the SASS wire. The match is still 51/2 weeks away, so we do not expect issues. Thank you for your concern. Flat Top Okie
  14. Hi Hoss, We will be looking forward to seeing you. Flat Top
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