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  1. Thanks Hoss, We have a deal, just bring it with you. See you in April. Flat Top
  2. Hi Hoss, If you don't trade it before Land Run, I will trade you my .38 barrel for your .32 barrel FTF. Flat Top Okie
  3. Hello all, Shooters must really like being able to register on line because Mae and I entered another 15 shooters today, with no mail service. We now have 285 paid with 20 waiting to pay. I think we will have a full house. April 7th is cutoff unless we reach 420 before the cutoff date. Flat Top
  4. Hello All, Confirmations for todays applications were sent by e-mail. We have 268 paid entries and 17 waiting to pay. Cut off date is April 7th unless we reach maximum number 0f 420 earlier. We have 40 categories with enough shooters to be able to order buckles at this time. Remember, if your category does not reach minimum by February 1st, your buckle will read "Category Champion" instead of listing the category: example "Senior Classic Cowboy". Please send your entry as early as possible. Thanks again for the great response. Flat Top
  5. Hello All, Mae and I entered applications today and we have 255 paid and 20 in the waiting to pay file. Remember the last day to register is April 7th. Thanks for the tremendous response, but remember, we can only accommodate 420 shooters with our 10 stage, two flight format. This means we may have to stop accepting entries prior to our posted date, so please send your application or register online at your earliest opportunity. Next year, for the National Championship, we will be shooting 3 flights of 4 stages each flight over three days, so we can accommodate about 650 shooters. See
  6. Hi Tucker, Do you really believe any could have kept John McEnroe in check? Flat Top
  7. Hi Bill, Our records indicate that we sent you a confirmation on December 3rd. You are signed up, paid and have a reserved camping spot. See you in April. Flat Top
  8. Hi Joe, I haven't received a pm from Reb. Flat Top
  9. Hi Guys and Gals, We have over 200 shooters signed up for Land Run and everyone who has registered on line or mailed their application should have received a confirmation. If not please contact Mae at missourimae@gmail.com. If you have not registered, I would do so as soon as possible. We will need to limit entries to 420. Thanks, Flat Top
  10. Hi Billy, Thanks for the kind words, if you are talking about me. If you are talking about someone else, please send me the scoundrels name. Flat Top
  11. Hi Jack, Thanks for the kind words. Unless someone has been the match director for a large match they probably don't know how much work and organization is done in the months prior to the match to insure that it goes smoothly. We are lucky to have someone like Missouri Mae who is so detail oriented. Thanks again for the kind words. Flat Top
  12. Hello All, Mae and I just finished entering applications and everyone who has mailed or registered online should have received your confirmation. We look forward to seeing you all in April. Flat Top
  13. Hi Hoss, The schedule of events is listed on cowboy.okcgunclub.org and the distance is 250 yds for single shot and 150 for lever gun. Flat Top
  14. Hi Tombstone, All of the campsites, with power and electricity, at the cowboy range are taken. We have RV sites at the main clubhouse with 50 amp and water. Call or e-mail me. jr@unitedmech.com 405-409-9442 Thanks, Flat Top
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