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  1. Hello All, Mae and I will be processing applications again tomorrow. If yours was mailed earlier this week, look for an e-mail confirmation tomorrow evening. Thanks for all of you who have sent applications. If you want to shoot, but money is a little tight, please send your application in with a note and a post dated check. That really helps if you are part of a large group who want to shoot on the same posse. Flat Top
  2. Hi Chili We have plenty of space for you guys. We have never actually had to cut off entries, although we have had to place shooters on a waiting list a few times. We have always managed to get everyone who wants to shoot in. We probably will run out of RV spots with electricity and water. We look forward to seeing you. Flat Top PS: Our maximum is about 420 Thanks
  3. Hello Shooters, All applications that have been received as of February 10th have been processed and confirmation e-mails have been sent. We have more shooters registered now than at this same time last year, so we should exceed 400 shooters again. We also have several new vendors which is great, but the most encouraging news is the number of new shooters. We have many shooters with six digit SASS numbers which I am very pleased about. I hope all clubs are seeing this kind of growth. Flat Top Okie
  4. Hello Everyone, It looks like the postal service finally got caught up. We received about 20 applications today. If you sent yours in the past few days, you should receive confirmation tomorrow evening. See you all in April. Flat Top
  5. Hello Everyone, Just a note to inform you that the RV hookups at the shotgun range (with electricity and water) are close to being full. When these spots are full we will have spots at the main clubhouse, but they will all be gone soon. If you want to bring your RV, please send your entry as soon as possible. Thanks, Flat Top
  6. Hello Dee, Four stages 112 pistol, 40 rifle,24 shotgun should do you good Mini match, the difference between this and a side match is the number of awards No, the Wild Bunch RO class is January 25th See you in April Flat Top
  7. Hi Nichols, I think you have gotten this information by now, but in case you have not. The answer is yes for water and electric. Thanks, Flat Top
  8. Hello All, The RV camping sites on the cowboy range are all taken, but we still have spots at the main clubhouse and the shotgun range. These spots won't last long, so send your entry as soon as possible. Thanks, Flat Top
  9. Hello All, We had several phone entries today so we now have only 6 camping sites, with electricity and water, at the cowboy range. We have additional sites with electricity and water at the main clubhouse and the shotgun range, but if you like the convenience of the cowboy range you need to get your entry in. Entries are 15% ahead of last year at this time. See you in April. Flat Top
  10. Hi All, I will be watching for yours Jack. Mae and I entered apps. this evening and everyone should have received their confirmation. We are ahead of last year at this time and RV spots are filling up. Please send your entry soon if you need a campsite. See you all soon. Flat Top
  11. Hello All, Mae and I will be entering applications this evening so if you have mailed yours in the past week and have not received your confirmation, watch for it this evening. One half of the RV spots with water and electricity at the cowboy range are now reserved. If you are camping, please send your application as soon as possible. Thanks, Flat Top
  12. Thanks for the kind words Colt. I may be a little prejudiced, but I wholeheartedly agree. Flat Top.
  13. Hello All, It seems we have the kinks worked out in the software and all applications received have been processed and shooters have been notified by e-mail. Thanks for your patience and we hope you can all attend, what I believe, is the largest SASS regional in the country. See you in April. Flat Top
  14. Hello Everyone, Sorry for the delay in sending confirmations to those of you have entered. We will get caught up this week for all who have entered. We look forward to seeing everyone and are making plans for a great match. Flat Top
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