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  1. For all you cowboys and cowgirls that have loved Fall Roundup at the Milan Rifle Club, IL, this will be the last year, until further notice. So if you loved it before you'll love the last one just as much. We have dug out some older props, from SASS early years, for a fun filled event. Come enjoy the fun September 23rd thru the 25th before we retire it until further notice. Registration form attached. registration form 2022.pdf
  2. Snake Oil George contact info is 918-729-0430.  he turned mine around in 3 weeks.    Enjoy   RT

  3. Scarlett, I bought some Clean Shot from you in TN 2 years ago. Do you still have some in inventory. I'd like to buy 10 or 15 lbs.  Good stuff...  Thanks   Rootin Tootin  21707

  4. Hey Flat Top.  Rootin Tootin (21707) here. I sent my registration in with three of my friends that arrived with you folks on Tuesday or Wednesday. My 3 friend, Badlands Charlie, Wicker Nash, and Popcorn Kelly all have received confirmation on their entries, but I have heard nothing. So I filled out an online registration to be sure I get in.  I'm not sure what happened to the first one, so you may see I'm registered twice at some point and give me a refund. My check hasn't cleared yet so I'm guessing you lost the first one or maybe things are so hectic that you just haven't got to it yet. Either way I want to be sure I get in.   Thanks  RT

  5. Irish Pat, this is Rootin Tootin.  Please send me the contact info for Snake Oil. I want to get octagon barrels put on the extra set of original Vaquero's in my safe.  

  6. Thank you Fireball.  Check is good.  Send to

    Paul Reinartz

    6153 Christie Ct

    Davenport, IA    52807


    I'll get bolt in the mail. Do you need it right away?  Send me your info so I can get it into the mail ASAP


    Thanks again..It's a complete assy including Ubeti fire pine.    RT

    1. Fireball #7709 Life

      Fireball #7709 Life

      I'll get a check out today.  I'm buying it for a back up bolt, several pards around here have broken tabs on old style bolts lately and I'd like to have a spare around.  Save us some down time while the broken ones are being fixed.  As such, I'm not in a hurry, but thanks for sending it out.  My info:


      Craig Meyer

      1940 Eldridge rd

      Cottondale, Fl 32431



  7. John, I didn't expect you to leave the 97 on GB after I sent you a message about buying it when it was listed in the Merchants section. Please let me know when you get another IAC 97.  I would like a CB if possible and if not then one with a number of 08 or higher

    1. Barleycorn Outfitters

      Barleycorn Outfitters

      Sorry about that, I did not get the message until after it was bid or I would have pulled it down. We were at dinner for my sons 5th birthday. I don’t get notifications of messages from the merchant corner. I have a 97 coming in later this week. It’s supposed to ship out tomorrow 

  8. Heard you deal in IAC Coyote Cap 97's. Do you have any for sale??

    1. Rootin Tootin

      Rootin Tootin

      I'm not interested in your Winchesters unless they have a coyote cap on the bolt. What I'm looking for is an IAC 97 with a number 08 or higher or a CB 97.  Not interested in a 93/97. I already have one. Great gun, only shot it once and was told it isn't legal in a cowboy match so it's been in my safe for 8 years.  Only good for WB

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