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  1. Any info on when registration will be avliable and will it be electronic or paper forms. Thanks RT
  2. Send me contact info on Snake Oil George. Thanks RT
  3. Thanks all. Guess I'll contact Snake Oil George. Send me a pm with contact info. Thanks RT
  4. Irish Pat, this is Rootin Tootin.  Please send me the contact info for Snake Oil. I want to get octagon barrels put on the extra set of original Vaquero's in my safe.  

  5. Header says it all. I want to talk to him about octagon barrels for original vaquero's. Thanks RT
  6. I would like contact info on both. Thanks.......RT
  7. Years ago I was thinking about octagon barrels for a couple of original Vaquero's. Never did them but thinking bout it again. Slick McClade was doing them then. Who is doing them now? Thanks RT
  8. Thank you to all. I assumed the answer was yes but before I start buying more guns I wanted to be sure. I've seen lots of changes since joining SASS back in 97 and after reading the shooters manual again and reviewing my RO1 and RO 2 material I thought I'd put the question out there for confirmation and as an informative question for other Duelist style shooters thinking about an aged based categories.
  9. The question is can I shoot duelist style with adjustable sites as a Cattle Baron, NOT in a Cattle Baron Duelist
  10. I have info on the Winchester 97 but I'm assuming there will be some differences internally with the Chinese version. Thanks Not Dead Ed. RT
  11. If I shoot Duelist style as a Cattle Baron can I use adjustable sight pistols? Book says any shooting style except GF and any approved guns. I'm getting older and many events I attend only offer Silver Senior Duelist or Elder Statesman Duelist. I'm approaching 80 and been shooting Duelist for almost 25 years and not wanting to become a 2 handed shooter. Thanks RT
  12. I recently purchased an IAC 97 but can't find a tear down procedure on line and they cowboy I bought it from didin't have any info. I want to inspect bolt, receiver, and carrier for wear and clean them as well. Also are there an issues I should be looking for when I take it apart. It's a Coyote Cap CB. Thanks RT
  13. No, Joe. I did find one yesterday from a local cowboy. Thanks... RT
  14. Been getting them from others. What is your interest. RT
  15. Thank you Fireball.  Check is good.  Send to

    Paul Reinartz

    6153 Christie Ct

    Davenport, IA    52807


    I'll get bolt in the mail. Do you need it right away?  Send me your info so I can get it into the mail ASAP


    Thanks again..It's a complete assy including Ubeti fire pine.    RT

    1. Fireball #7709 Life

      Fireball #7709 Life

      I'll get a check out today.  I'm buying it for a back up bolt, several pards around here have broken tabs on old style bolts lately and I'd like to have a spare around.  Save us some down time while the broken ones are being fixed.  As such, I'm not in a hurry, but thanks for sending it out.  My info:


      Craig Meyer

      1940 Eldridge rd

      Cottondale, Fl 32431



  16. Thanks for the clarification. I got the same answer from Cap. I called him after this post. Thanks to all. RT
  17. Has anyone heard of these and what are they like. I'm familiar with the IAC 97 but never heard of the HAWK. I have found pics but can't find any info on reliability. Thanks RT
  18. John, I didn't expect you to leave the 97 on GB after I sent you a message about buying it when it was listed in the Merchants section. Please let me know when you get another IAC 97.  I would like a CB if possible and if not then one with a number of 08 or higher

    1. Barleycorn Outfitters

      Barleycorn Outfitters

      Sorry about that, I did not get the message until after it was bid or I would have pulled it down. We were at dinner for my sons 5th birthday. I don’t get notifications of messages from the merchant corner. I have a 97 coming in later this week. It’s supposed to ship out tomorrow 

  19. Randy, Pm me with the details when you have a chance. Thanks RT
  20. Randy, good to hear from you. Did you ever get your stuff back. I remember shooting with you and all your stuff was stolen when we were at the banquet a couple years ago. About the shotgun What price range are we looking at and dose it have chokes?
  21. Heard you deal in IAC Coyote Cap 97's. Do you have any for sale??

    1. Rootin Tootin

      Rootin Tootin

      I'm not interested in your Winchesters unless they have a coyote cap on the bolt. What I'm looking for is an IAC 97 with a number 08 or higher or a CB 97.  Not interested in a 93/97. I already have one. Great gun, only shot it once and was told it isn't legal in a cowboy match so it's been in my safe for 8 years.  Only good for WB

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