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  1. I just want to say J.S.S. is the man I received the ACTIV shells yesterday. Thank You so much. Moses Life #5964
  2. KC I don't know if I need 300 but send me a price with shipping to 85615 and we will see. I use these to load blanks for reenactments. Thanx Moses Life #5964
  3. BTT willing to pay a reasonable price for the spent hulls and or shipping. Thanx Moses life #5964
  4. I am looking for come ACTIV 12 ga hulls. No components just spent shells. I am using them for blanks so they need to be in good shape. Thanx Moses Life #5964
  5. CR Thank you the post had been moved from the time I found it till I went back for it. Thanks again Moses life #5964
  6. I saw masonic cowboy shooter pins for sale now I can't find them. I would like to buy 2. Moses life #5964
  7.  Moses, Can you send photos to me at leephl@yahoo.com and brief description of condition.

    1. Moses, SASS #5964

      Moses, SASS #5964

      Mine is cast iron. If you will send me a phone number I will send some pictures. I am currently using it 

      to load blanks with. I will take some pictures and try to post them here. I know I can send them from my iPhone.


    2. Cimmarron


      Moses, I have decided to go with a turret loader.  Thanks anyway Pard.

    3. Moses, SASS #5964

      Moses, SASS #5964


       I will get my handy helper and see if I can send them in the morning


                                                                                       #5964 life

  8. Red & Bill It will cost about $112.00 plus shipping to buy an equal amount of the 44mag brass that I need. That is where I am trying to get to. Red has the first chance to get this. Moses 5964
  9. I have about 650 45 lc blank starline brass. All have been used but are polished and deprimed I want to trade for like number of 44 mag brass. Each pay our own shipping. Moses 5964
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