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  1. Cholla Thanks for the input I will have to send him a message and see if he is in the mood for as West Fargo told me a major head ache for anyone that got to close to one of these. Moses # 5964 life
  2. Looking for someone good with these. I have one of these with a broken bolt. I have a new one and it needs to be fitted. Moses #5964 life
  3. HMM The first set of ruger grips with the large emblem are what I saw come factory on the sheriff's model when they first came out. Moses #5964 Life
  4. I will get pictures as soon as I can. I will be in San Antonio in June if someone there is interested. Moses #5964 life
  5. Lots of looks , no comments Moses #5964 life
  6. I have a C. Sharps Creedmoore #2 target rifle, It has a single set trigger, AAA wood, 45/90 dies, brass, ammo, high polish round barrel and target sights. Want to trade for 2 Uberti Schofields in 44/40. Blue with 7.5 " barrels plus some cash to be determined. Must be face to face in Az. Moses 5964 life
  7. It is fired brass. probably fired over 40 years ago. I never had a 348 so I got this probably in the 70's and kept it thru at least 4 moves. All I had for pricing was on fleabay. Moses 5964 life
  8. Is there any interest in 348 brass. I have been carrying around this for years. I have 100 rounds I will ship in bags of 25 for $60.00. Moses 5964 life
  9. How about convert 2 nice ruger 3 screws from 357 to 38/40. then to bisley configuration. All because I had an original 92 in 38/40.
  10. Doc I have a friend looking for the Colt Burgess rifle. Would it be possible to get some pics. Moses #5964 life
  11. FG I may have some more. If you are interested I can see what I have and let you know. Moses #5964 life
  12. Sold to Bullet Boomer pending funds. Moses #5964 life
  13. I have 1600 rnds of 38 sp brass I will ship all for $80.00. Moses #5964 life
  14. DD Are you looking for factory or after market grips. I will have to look but I have some factory grips. Moses 5964 life
  15. WBP Preacher Mike indicated that he was working on another deal and said to not hold them for him. So they are yours if you still want them. Moses 5964 life
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