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  1. Shakes Peare, I have a four die carbide set for sale for $10 plus shipping. If interested let me know and send me your zipcode for shipping costs. Cumberland Mtn John SASS 40593
  2. Runamuck, I thought PMC was a South Korean brand????????????? CMJ
  3. Joe, what's the daily schedule for the KY State Match. I might visit and sell a few things before Black Gold. CMJ
  4. Hey , I don't know if you are hunting components but I have many hundreds of brand new Hornady bullets of various shapes and sizes. Don't know if your interested if so drop me a line. Make that a thousand bullets. Cumberland Mtn John SASS 40593
  5. Sometimes there is not enough room between the trigger in its pulled position and the trigger guard to put any wrap of any kind that would stop the problem. I've been there.
  6. Cumberland Mtn. John


    Here is the tracking info on your package:

    USPS:   9505 5265 3326 0129 4844 76

    The expected delivery is   MONDAY  5/11/2020



    Two Ponies



  7. What is the barrel length on the short rifle 20".

    If so we may do some trading.  Currently I have

    a high bid on one on Gunbroker.  We will see

    when the auction ends.



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