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  1. Cumberland Mtn. John


    Here is the tracking info on your package:

    USPS:   9505 5265 3326 0129 4844 76

    The expected delivery is   MONDAY  5/11/2020



    Two Ponies



  2. Two Ponies, It went out in todays mail. CMJ
  3. I need your address. Mind is John R. Redmon 231 Norfolk Circle Harrogate, TN 37752
  4. I don't do Paypal . I need to send you a money order or a check preferably a USPS money order. CMJ
  5. I'll take the offer. Just tell me where to send the money order. CMJ
  6. What is the barrel length on the short rifle 20".

    If so we may do some trading.  Currently I have

    a high bid on one on Gunbroker.  We will see

    when the auction ends.



  7. I have a 1894 Marlin Competition Rifle for Sale. Just came back from the gunsmith with completely clean innards. Other than that the stock has the usual array of dings. $1200 plus shipping and insurance. CMJ
  8. It is JM stamped as all of the limited amount of Competition rifles were. It is chambered for the 38SPL only and has been slicked up by Widder and Curly Bill. They are scarce and bring a premium. CMJ
  9. I have a Marlin 1894 Competition for sale at 1200 dollars shipping included. It just came back from the gunsmith clean as a whistle inside and the stock has cart dings. No pictures yet but will try to get my daughter to take some when she comes up this weekend. And of course this is a JM stamped rifle. CMJ
  10. Would you in any way be interested in a trade for your Sporting Deluxe Rifle? CMJ
  11. I have seen several old autopsy photos from the old west showing where people were shot many times before they expired and the bodies showed many bullets just under the skin. They evidently were shot a lot and still had fight left in them before the fatal shot. CMJ
  12. Joe, please disregard last message my funds were for BlackGold not the KY State Match. CMJ
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