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  1. I have seven spares for sale. Sell you two or more at $6 a piece plus priority shipping. CMJ
  2. The boots arrived today and I am very well pleased with them. Thanks a bunch. CMJ
  3. I always loaded my 32 S&W long and 32 H&R Magnums with Bullseye. CMJ
  4. I have several hundred. How about $5 per hundred plus shipping. Cumberland Mtn John SASS 40593
  5. Greene County Regulators shoot just south of Rogersville, TN. Shoot first weekend of the month. Come on down we will give you a hearty welcome. Cumberland Mtn John
  6. Out of luck here for I have 500 pieces of new brass and surplus ammo with extra clips for the 8x56R. Sold my straight-pull carbine and am stuck with this. CMJ
  7. Shakes Peare, I have a four die carbide set for sale for $10 plus shipping. If interested let me know and send me your zipcode for shipping costs. Cumberland Mtn John SASS 40593
  8. Runamuck, I thought PMC was a South Korean brand????????????? CMJ
  9. Joe, what's the daily schedule for the KY State Match. I might visit and sell a few things before Black Gold. CMJ
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