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  1. Made by Renegade Leather. Unlined 2" belt with 410/45 and 32 cal loops. A 32-20 fit real well in the loops. Belt holes measures 28" to 33". Two strong side holster also unlined. They are closed toe and a full sized six shooter will fit well. Will deliver via USPS priority mail for $135.00. Payment by USPS money order or personal check. Contact me at outlawgambler@gmail.com. First "I will take it" on this ad gets it.
  2. Here is a 3" wide belt with full suede lining, has a extension sewn in to lengthen it. Belt holes measure 43" to 48.5", loops are 357/38, two holsters are held in place with a chicago screw so they can be moved. Two strong side and one cross draw holster. The belt was originally a drop style and the loop is still there. Holsters are for full sized six shooters. Contact me at outlawgambler@gmail.com if you have questions. First "I will take it" posted on this ad will get it. Delivered to you via USPS priority mail for $175.00. Payment by USPS money order or your personal check.
  3. This rig was made by Big Ed Douglas from San Pedro Saddlery. Very nice set up in good condition, loops are for 357/38, belt is 2" wide and overall length is about 44. The belt is not lined. Holes run from about 36.5" to 42". Stamped with celtic hearts and hardware. This belt was made for a female as you can see the curvature of it. Holsters are for smaller guns, not full sized like vaquero's. I will deliver the belt and holster via USPS priority mail for $200.00. Email me at outlawgambler@gmail.com if you have questions. First one that says "I will take it" on this post will get it. Payment by
  4. Winchester 1897, 16 gauge, take down model, E series, 30" full choke barrel, very good bore, made in 1919, serial number 663,xxx. The take down extension locks up tight to the receiver with no movement, comes apart and goes together easy. Nice patina on the metal, wood forearm is good, stock has one hair line crack in top right of wrist as can be seen in the picture. Action is very smooth and ejects very well, the only thing it needs is ammo. $875 delivered to your FFL unless you want it shipped to Alaska or Hawaii, then add $25. If you want the barrel shortened and a new #4 brass bead si
  5. I don't know what they are but before I discard them I will make them available to anyone who might want them They are free but $6.50 for shipping. Here are pics of the lot. Just post on this ad if you want them.
  6. ALL ITEMS IN THIS POST HAVE BEEN SOLD. Selling as a package deal only. VTI Uberti Rear Link Pin for 1866, 1873, Henry Pioneer Gun Works, TWO Extra Length Firing pin each with a spring, for Uberti 66, 73 & Henry Original Uberti mag spring & folower for 66 and 73 TWO Kleen Bore Brass Cleaning Jags, one is for 44-45 cal other is 357/38/9mm Two Kleen Bore Phosphor Bronze Bore Brush, one 16 ga, other is 44/45 handgun Pro-Shot 45 cal Stainless Steel Brush Brownells pack of 3 new 44/45 pistol special line B brush Brownells pack of 4 used 44/45 pis
  7. Here is a listing of what I have for sale. Price listed does not include shipping as I will determine shipping once an order is placed. Take on or take all of them. I will use this ad posting for you to say I want so and so. I will entertain reasonable offers. Winchester 32 Colt New Police, 98 Gr Lead, 50 rounds per box, I have 2 boxes, $45.00 per box Remington 38 Long Colt Smokeless, 148 Gr, unopened old timey antique cardboard box, 50 rounds, $65.00 Remington 25 Auto, 50 Gr, 33 unfired bullets and 18 empty fired brass, $25.00 Remington 32 Smith & Wesson, 88 Gr, Lead,
  8. how do I contact anyone interested in purchasing 25-20 ammo I have several boxes. alanbrugger@hotmail.com, in Medford Oregon

    1. Classic Old West Arms

      Classic Old West Arms

      good question as I would like to find a buyer for older collector ammo. All of the sites I find are only selling and not buying due to the prices

  9. One 38oz and one half of another 38 oz coffee can full of uncleaned 45 acp brass, shipped via USPS priority flat rate. $40.00 delivered.
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