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  1. I have a Winchester Model 12 shotgun for sale, very nice condition as pictures will show. Serial number shows it was born in 1952. Wood is crack or split free and only some light marks on wrist of stock as shown in pictures. Bore is very nice, exterior metal is also very nice with lots of blue. Action works but since I have never worked on a model 12 I'm not sure if the carrier is working correctly. It doesn't seem to move into correct position to allow shells to come out of mag tube. I loaded 2 in the tube and then moved the carrier all the way down with my finger. Then the gun cycled both sh
  2. I went thru my ammo and came up with some that I can part way with. If it helps you fill a need then it serves a better purpose than holding my shelf down. No pictures, just descriptions. I don't get to look at this web page continually during the day so if you leave a message here I may not see it until the next day. So a timely message will reach me if sent to outlawgambler@gmail.com Shipping cost will be determined based on what you purchase. I will accept pay pal, money order, personal checks. 1. 45 Long Colt, 250 gr JHP Nosler, maker is Top Notch, one 50 round box, $
  3. SOLD Uplander side by side, 3" chambers, Cones opened, Chambers polished, Action work, Opens easy, 12" lop, Rubber butt pad, double trigger, Recut barrels & added new front sight, 22" barrels, Recut barrel face for easier loading, Refit barrel lugs to receiver, Open angle of barrel to receiver for faster reloading, Refit top lever & tune lever spring for faster 2 shot string, Readjust safety for CAS, Refit & Hone all internal parts and replace springs, original box and papers. Like new in serial number matching original box and wrap. All of the work was done by Goatneck Clem.
  4. SOLD Having sold the Winchester 1886 I don't have a need for this ammo. Two boxes of 20 rounds, 40 rounds total, manufactured by TEN-X. 260 grain, lead RNFP. Original Ten-X boxes with their SASS cowboy label on each. I will ship to you for $150.00. Pay Pal, money order, personal check, Here is a link to the ammo with the specs. contact me at outlawgambler@gmail.com https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1001930250
  5. RIFLE SOLD Marlin 1894 rifle in 32 H&R. Excellent condition and comes in original box with papers. This rifle was recently sent to Widder to spin his majic on, and boy did he. Action is smooth, feeds, cycles, ejects very well. It has a total of 10 rounds thru it since he worked on it. Wood is like new, no cracks, chips, splits, as you can see in pics the metal and bluing in very good condition. SPF Photos in lower part of this ad. Pair of Rugers in 32 H&R. SN 38571 & 48389 and come in original serial number matching boxes with literature and spent brass. 4.65" Barrels,
  6. $17.50 shipped to you. Contact outlawgambler@gmail.com
  7. ITEMS HAVE SOLD. I have TWO, I found the second one. Wolff Ruger Single Action Revolver Hammer Spring - 18 Lb Reduced Power. New in original package. $7.50 delivered. PLEASE CONTACT ME AT OUTLAWGAMBLER@GMAIL.COM
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