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  1. I found a used Baikal Bounty Hunter II online from a place called "Delta Ammunition", for a ridiculously low $250, shipped. The URL started with https, and had the lock icon beside it, so I went ahead with the purchase, then got the following email: ******************************************************** Hello Xxx Xxxxxxx, We have received your order. I will want to inform you that Delta Ammunition is and international company and our head office is based in France where all payments are to be made. Hence your card will not be charged. You will have make payments through a bank deposit into our companies account indicated below; Account holders: Delta Ammunition Name of the bank: Societe Generale Account number: 00050174383 IBAN: FR76 3000 3016 5700 0501 7438 319 BIC: SOGEFRPP Bank address: 95250 BEAUCHAMP Country: France After payments you will have to send a clear scanned copy of your payment receipt an you will receive a hone delivery of EAA BOUNTY HUNTER II 12GA STAGE COACH including one packet of its bullets withing 2 to 3 working days. Thanks Delta Ammunition ************************************************************************ I called US Bank, cancelled the card, and have a new one on the way.
  2. 3/4" pipe, an end cap, and a sharp knife. I glued a short piece of dowel in the cap so it screws onto the pipe tight and the shell isn't loose. The shorty is for 1 3/4"ers. These were old, used pipe nipples, hence the pipe wrench marks - I don't use a pipe wrench to tighten 'em in the cap. Tough to get enough friction/heat with a vintage hand-cranked roll crimper to get a nice roll - buy one you can chuck in a drill, as suggested above.
  3. Still looking... I need one more - Model #05147, catalog #KNV-44S, stainless 4 5/8" .44 special (New) Vaquero. Not interested in 3 1/2" barrel, blue finish, or other calibers. Also looking for a 5 1/2" full-size 1873 .32-20 Cattleman revolver.
  4. 25 yards, but I shoot them at 100 yards to know the drop and be able to hit those bonus targets. Depending on the caliber, bullet weight, and velocity, point of impact will typically be 12-18" low at 100 yards. If you're shooting at an 18" target, hold half a target high.
  5. My RCBS 3 die .45 acp die set has a sizer, beller/deprimer, and a seater/crimp die. The "crimp ledge" is .740" from the die mouth. The dies are stamped '78, and I bought the taper crimp die (not pictured) a few years later. (edit) I found a die lock ring, and loaded five rounds with the pictured seater/crimper die, and it does NOT apply any sort of sufficient taper crimp before hitting the roll crimp ledge to allow the finished round to drop into my EGW chamber checker block.
  6. I remember a time when taper crimp dies were either non-existent, or hard to come by, and we'd use a roll crimp die to take the bell out, but certainly not to put a crimp on the bullet.
  7. The plane has landed, and Wade is at St. Patrick's hospital in Missoula, and shortly on to his home in Stevensville, south of Missoula in the Bitterroot Valley. Newscasts are showing an astounding number of police and emergency services vehicles from all over the state, Yellowstone Park, Wyoming, and Idaho forming a homecoming motorcade. Flags hanging from ladder trucks, cranes, and overpasses, and well-wishers along the streets in Missoula and all the little towns in the upper Bitterroot along the route home. Due to left-brain trauma, he is still unable to speak, and experiencing partial right side paralysis, but is responsive, recognizes people he knew before the shooting, and the long-term prognosis is good. In Salt Lake City earlier this morning.
  8. With all the mention of crimping above, I was starting to doubt my limited experience of half a century at the reloading bench.
  9. Half the formula is 4.5 Bullseye, but I use a H&G #68 SWC, so the overall length is determined by the bullet shoulder - looks to be about 1.240".
  10. I have a "neighbor" (1.6 mi) I grew up here with who was a Navy combat corpsman in Vietnam, and... DAMN. First thing, cover or remove the red cross from everything you can, toss your helmet overboard, and get a plain green one. Some of his stories are heartbreaking and some are downright miraculous. Even today, he occasionally gets a letter or email asking if he was the one who patched them up in so and so battle on so and so date, and there's no way to answer, because few of them really stand out after half a century.
  11. I would think the inflation calculators would be based on the purchasing power of a dollar, rather than on what a person's income was. Like a gallon of gas @ 25¢, times 9.5 to come up with $2.37 today, or bread @ 20¢ times 9.5 equals $1.90, and so on.
  12. About $175 today, according to an online inflation calculator.
  13. Stock capacity of the 18" .357 and .45 Colt 1873's are both listed as 10+1 on Uberti's Website. Since the '73 isn't chambered in .38 spl, there is no stock capacity for that cartridge listed, but the 19" 1866 .38 spl is also listed as 10+1. I suppose the capacity of a given rifle could possibly be 11+1 with a shorter bullet or modified spring and/or end cap.
  14. Both the .357 and .45 versions are listed as 10+1 on Uberti's Website. It doesn't show the .44 mag or .44-40 as currently available with an 18" barrel. Forty five Colt, .357 mag, .38-40, and .44-40 are all within .020" in case length, and .38 spl & .44 spl are only .005" different. Overall lengths are listed as 1.59" for .357 and 1.60" for .45 Colt, so only .010" difference, or a tenth of an inch in a magazine of ten.
  15. Alaska is the only state I haven't been to, so I've got an Alaskan cruise booked for September. And right smack in the middle of it, my youngest daughter's first baby is due - my 6th grandchild.
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