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  1. Was wondering weather to cut down stock 30 inch solid frame barrel to a 24 inch or leave stock? Which might y'all prefer and why? Thanks.
  2. Howdy, Would you consider $2,000. For both pistols and both conversion clyinders? Thanks

    1. Hawg Runner, SASS #61139

      Hawg Runner, SASS #61139

      I thought you had the conversion clyinders also, me bad. S would you take $1400 for both Ruger pistols? Thanks.

  3. Well, that can go either way. Save on a devoice lawyer? Or a little more loving?
  4. Howdy, Hawg Runner here. I'll take the carrier from ya ,let me know where to pay pal funds to ya. Richard Craparotta, 130 Lake Mike Conner Rd., Collins, Ms. 39428. Thanks.

    1. Hawg Runner, SASS #61139

      Hawg Runner, SASS #61139

      Dropped in mail 0800.

  5. As I understand, ( might be wrong ) anything 1898 and before not required ffl.
  6. Richard Craparotta, 130 Lake Mike Conner Rd., Collins, Ms 39428

  7. Okie Dokie, I'll take both grips, let me know where to send Pay Pal. Thanks.
  8. Seeing on how there are no dowel pins on the Uberti frames, what prevents these from sliding around on the frames?
  9. would any of them grips fit a old model single six 3 screw?
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