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  1. Money in the bank! I bid on a consecutive pair on Gunbroker back in March. I think I went to $1800, and they sold for over $2000. Johnny Meadows had an engraved, short stroked pair for sale not too long back for $2500.
  2. Surely somebody must have a good used set of Hombre 1873's for $700 or less. There's a new one on Gunbroker right now for $379, BIN, and $30 shipping. DLD 2's Marlin is a pretty dang good deal, and it'll hold its value. Deals are out there, but ya gotta keep your eyes open - I picked up a pair of NIB Talo/Ruger Birdshead .45 acp sheriff's models on Gunbroker just today for $805.
  3. And the AMT Lightning had the s/n on the lower frame. I've heard rumors it was such a close copy of the Ruger, that the non-serial numbered AMT barrel assembly would fit, or was easily fitted to, the non-serial numbered Ruger grip frame assembly. I've never owned one, so never had an opportunity to try it.
  4. Three Foot Johnson: How about $450 for the H&R Target Classic 38-55 ? Will take it if that works for you.          

     Bulldog Brown  aka Vic Halls

  5. I've seen real estate, houses, cars, trucks, RV's, ATV'S, books, bottles, coins, antiques, and assorted knick-knacks for sale here, as well as plenty of non CAS oriented guns, holsters, belts & assorted other non-cowboy items as far back as I can remember. I have a couple non-cowboy rifles for sale here right now. Property taxes are due in another six weeks.
  6. OK, how 'bout this - I sent this off to Remington when I bought it and had a .500 S&W barrel factory fitted to it, AND I called The Stock Guy (local who brings THOUSANDS of stocks, grips, sights, barrels, rails, etc. to the gun shows), and he's got a brand new OEM replacement Buffalo Classic/Target Classic butt stock for $100. The whole package - rifle, extra .500 S&W barrel, and replacement stock for $850, insured & shipped. I was going to keep the barrel, but I haven't shot that barrel in years, and probably won't ever again.
  7. Yes, it comes with the bolt - I forgot to put it in for the pic. These are high-quality rifles, but just weren't big sellers for TC, so they dropped them and came out with the lower priced, synthetic stocked Compass and Venture.
  8. Yep, twofer @ $690, insured & shipped. Tentatively SOLD to Springfield Slim.
  9. Unfired, new-in-box TC Icon with 3 piece laminated walnut stock, .308 Winchester, 24" barrel. $600/offer, insured & shipped to your FFL. Original price at Sportsman's Warehouse was $969.99. I bought a LOT of stuff when I was Gun Room Manager at Sportsman's Warehouse a dozen years ago, and most of it has never had a round chambered, let alone fired. I've owned this rifle for ten years, and this is the first time it's been out of the box since the day I bought it. Also for sale locally in the nickel paper starting on the 16th.
  10. Unfired, synthetic stocked Stevens Model 200 .25-06, 22" barrel, Team Primos/Nikon Monarch 3x9x40 scope with bullet drop reticle, Weaver bases & rings, new Redding reloading dies, and 4 bags (200) new Winchester brass. $600, insured & shipped/offer. Also for sale locally in the nickel paper starting on the 16th. I bought a LOT of stuff when I was Gun Room Manager at Sportsman's Warehouse a dozen years ago, and much of it never had a round through it.
  11. 7 1/2", .44-40 - I sold the last two for $690, insured & shipped, so I'll do the same for these two. Typical of the post style front sights, these tend to shoot about 6" - 8" high, so use a 6 o'clock Bullseye hold for CAS, keeping the target up where you can see it, and you'll never miss.
  12. Very good condition, low round count - 200 or so. 28" barrel. $500.00/offer, insured & shipped to your FFL. I bought a Sharps or three shortly after I bought & set this up in '07, and haven't shot it for years.
  13. I shoot a double most often by a long shot, but a '97, '87, or even a single shot occasionally too. Even when shooting a double, I have several "sub-category" oddballs like a Darne, a Fox Patent Side Swing, a Davenport Central Hung Double, etc. There are a lot of odd old shotgun designs.
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