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  1. Have have you contacted the NRA they will help with some or most of the cost. It has been my experience that they support all shooting and shooting ranges.
  2. I bought one of these and the man who makes them backs them up great guy and company Redwing Trading company
  3. Ask what ever you want if it does not sell drop the price a little if it does not sell drop the price a little etc. The price of any personal firearm is what value you put on it not the market. Your not a retailer competing with other retailers for a living your just trying to sell a piece of personal property.
  4. Do you have any 45 cal 200 grain RNFP for trade. Heck the molds are 26 bucks plus tax and shipping when you can get them for a double rather trade. Rather not exchange money you pay shipping on what ever you trade and i pay shipping on the mold. You must have something i can use that you don't. . I shoot SASS with 45 colt and I shoot ICORE with 45 acp. Brass is good leather is good I reload many calibers you need to look in your reloading stuff. and SASS. If not pm your address and i will take 20 bucks for shipping
  5. I have a 452-160-RF lee double cavity in box will trade for federal # 150
  6. I have one double cavity I would trade for Federal 150 large pistol primers. Bear Run Butch
  7. Want to buy sky hook, make field dressing sooo simple, is that you Jose ??
  8. Your hat is worth every penny of what your asking I truly am sorry if you lost a sale because of me i will send you 10 bucks let me know BRB
  9. Sorry the shipping costs and actually getting it are concerns i have I think i will pass I do not trust shipping at this time I have had a string of shipments go lost or sent back because of shipping carriers errors they are busy folks these days with COVID and workers out sick. If it is still for sale when things calm down I will contact you. Again sorry and good luck
  10. I will buy this had once i know the shipping costs, just tell me the cost to ship to Washington state zip 98674. Also let me know on method of payment? Thanks
  11. The 6 3/4 warm weather hat shipped to Washington 98674 what would you charge for shipping thanks

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