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  1. I have a set of original colt black checkered grips with the colt horse on them have no idea if they would fit. pm if interested
  2. Well I do not know about shipping or selling them but as far as price by todays costs of material per 100 10.00 bucks in primers 3.00 bucks powder 20.00 bucks brass 12.00 bucks bullets your time ??? Without your time 45 to 50 bucks per 100 would be a good deal
  3. Maybe you have one and don't like?? Maybe you bought one and wish you bought something else?? Maybe you bought one and wish you had two, then you would be like me?? Maybe you know where I can buy one and then I will have two?? Any help you can give me will be appreciated. Thanks for reading BRB
  4. I have a New Orleans Ace, Duck Foot, Sneak eyes, Pepper box, and Philadelphia Derringer. All built I would sell if the price is right. Todays prices I have no idea. What are they worth to you. BRB
  5. Thanks OnTarget your customer service is outstanding, I had a hard to fit Uperti Thunderer and OnTarget worked with me until the correct sight was made. No extra charge. If you have a need to see your front sight better contact OnTarget great folks to work with. Thanks Tom Bear Run Butch aka Phil Tamburlin again great job.
  6. OK but I do not do Zelle so send personal check to

    Phil Tamburlin

    220 Grayling DR.

    Woodland WA  98674 

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    2. Bear Run Butch

      Bear Run Butch

      I received payment yesterday Thanks you Shipped today to you 

    3. Three Gun Jake L19348

      Three Gun Jake L19348

      I put the double boxed box of 400 pieces of brass in the USPS mail today. I hope it arrives in better shape than the previous box! The tracking number is 9505-5143-9357-1152-5400-17 and is due to arrive on 6-4-2021. I also put your check in the mail today, so we'll see which arrives first!


      Keeping my fingers crossed!!



    4. Bear Run Butch

      Bear Run Butch

      Copy that and thanks Bear Run Butch

  7. Tgodley ask and your shell receive thanks for reminding me Bear Run Butch
  8. I would like to sell my new Uberti 1873 Cattleman II SASS Pro 45 long Colt Revolver 4.75 inch barrel. The gun comes with factory short stroke. The gun is is very smooth nice gun. I purchased this gun for my wife to shoot Cowboy action, but she is not going to shoot. It as been fired 25 times. After she made her decision I cleaned it and back in factory box. The gun is new in box. I paid 739.00 new. So it's up for sale asking 600.00. Open to offers and trades. Thanks for reading
  9. I have 2 sets of AJEX fake ivory do not remember if they were for my old Vaquero or new model. It's tuff getting old however I can watch a movie and a month later watch it again and it's almost like watching it for the first time lol. ptamb220@gmail.com Bear Run Butch
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