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  1. Thanks guys. Neurosurgeon said the same thing, no Trap, 5-stand Skeet, Sporting Clays for 6 months. He also said no Cowboy Shooting, I told him " I understand your a great doctor if your having a stroke and I can give the others but you can kiss my A$$ about Cowboy Shooting. Like I said the nurses voted that I needed to go home after 3 days in ICU and 1 day in private room. His words not mine. I'm not a good patient. I won't be run over. My cardiologist and I have been together for 18 yrs since the Heart Attack(Widow Make) in 2001. He said go for it. Shooting Cowboy is not going to hurt me. I lived on this Forum since the stroke at night and day reading. It kept my mind busy for 2 months. I couldn't see so good and had trouble doing any typing so I just read. As my eye site got better and my memory got better I broke out and loaded some ammo. Real slowly . My right arm and leg ache and I get tired after 3 stages , but I keep going. I love this Sport and the people in it. I ask about the changing to left handed shooting because I was born left handed, but my father said there will be no south paws in this family. But during little league when I was kid, I would switch hit and kill them . I have tried the 97 left handed and it seams natural and getting faster then right side but I have trouble with the rifle. The Eye specialist is going to make me some new Bifocals with larger lower part reading and shooting lenses . I use cross draw holsters and in the process of making me a new set of holsters for left hand. My left eye is mostly back. The right is 75% , Thats why I have cuts and bumps on my head from doors and cabinets. I'm just here for the friendships ,shooting cowboy guns and the clothes. I will never be fast.
  2. In the Fall I had a massive stroke. They aren't cheap $100,000. The Clot Buster was $28,000. The nurses voted for me to go home when I left ICU. I was going anyway. I couldn't drive for a few months and Nurse Crachett would not let me out of her sight. But as soon as They let me after my 3rd eye exam( couldn't see reel well for a couple of months) I was ready to shoot. . I'm still cant see real well out of right eye. Of course it effected my eyes and my right side. Sort term Memory is the worst. I dug out a set of 32 H& R mags . Pretty weak on right side that helped. Put bigger front sites on 97 and full buckhorn on rifle. Have any of you switched to shooting left handed since your stroke? Did you change anything else to help. Rev
  3. Sam, Thank you for reminding me of that Bill being passed. I had for got all about it. I have to get one light PaleWolf. I got one years back at the convention, Kat and I was walking around conversing with Capt Baylor and he noticed one in a booth and said that would go great with my outfit for the judging contest. And I made Kat put her switch blade in the safe. Now she can get it out. Forty Rod I still heard there are horns under Allie's hat. The guys say she is mean, I hope you run fast Rev
  4. Newt, Tell me about the muzzle loader trail walk. Hows it set up and scored. Here at Tulsa Gun Club, We are building sporting clay ranges over across Coal Creek. We have another 260 acres we are building it on. Some of us on the board have been wanting to build one and now are in the process. With access after building a bridge, I would look into adding a muzzle loader walk on the South end. All 260 acres covered in large trees and foliage, Sounds perfect for muzzle loaders to come and shoot. Rev
  5. I have gotten mad, but with myself for being stupid or not paying close attention. I have CRS bad anymore. Its always my fault not the RO and we have some good RO's. Bones Z is one of them. When I'm running the timer and someone messes up, I try and explain in a professional manor. But if its his fault and he gets mad at me, he can get over it. That guy that went from stage to stage waiting and pushing the posse, and did not help at all the posse is what I got, would not have lasted long at all with me. You all know why Allie wears those tall hats? HORNS Rev
  6. Ranging Thunder, In my Gun room I hung Board across one wall up high with 13 wooden dowels for hanging all the holster rigs, you can hang a couple per dowel. On one wall I hung another high for my suspenders ,ties and Huckleberry rigs, another next to it high for our dusters,below hung another for all our short jackets. Off my office in the house was a walk in closet and next to it was another walk in closet from the guest room, Took out the wall between them. 2 large safes and 3 small on South wall. A door to come in from either side. Rev
  7. I had medals with our logo on them for our last 2 Oklahoma State BP Championships, Just looking around for maybe something different for our match in October. I like the Mug Idea Rev
  8. Colorado Jackson, What colors do they have? Their website doesn't say. I would like to find someone that has multiple colors in Oklahoma to try them. I use the bullet tubes for my Hornady LNL with lead bullets and for the most part works just have have to use a cleaning rod once in a while. But these would be the cats meow. have to find some 32's for Kat's and granddaughters 32 Rugers. Rev
  9. Dawg, I pray for your speedy recovery. Try and Do what they tell you, I had total knee replacements done on both knees the same day. If I had done just one I would not have done the other. If they bring you a bending machine , use it all the time. Not just when they expect you to. A month after I had them done I started the kitchen remodel on a walker. Did they put in the grease zerts Rev
  10. Reuben, You can do that. Turn off the main, That will stop the back flow to the meter. I always pull the meter, thats just me. You wouldn't believe how many people do not know what you do. Rev
  11. I was a supervisor for Public Service Co, the states largest Electrical utility, based in Tulsa. I worked 21 straight days, 18 hrs a day. Since retired 2 yrs ago after 41 yrs in the business, 30 yrs as a lineman. I have to ride it out just like you all now. We stocked up a few days ago with gas for the generator. I just hope people that don't have a over throw switch installed, pull their meter so the generator doesn't back feed . Putting 120 back out through the secondary side of a transformer creates 7620 v on top side of transformer and back down the line. We had a young contractor killed during that storm ,because of that. Rev
  12. I would build a climate controlled Dome over Tulsey Town and look out the windows watching all the prima dona skeet shooters sweating their you know whats off. Rev
  13. Calico, Move to Tulsa, Oklahoma. 5 Sass clubs . 2 in the Tulsa Area. One in the city limits is Tulsey Town Cattlemens Association, home of the Oklahoma State Black Powder Championships 3 day match. 1 a 1/2 hour West is Indian Territory Single Action Shooting Society, home to Oklahoma State Match 4 day match and Pursuit in the Osage at world famous Woolaroc Museum 2 day match. 1 hour down the Turner Turnpike is Is Oklahoma City Marshals, home to Landrun, 4 day match and also Red Dirt Rampage the SW regionals 4 day match. Lincoln County Cowboys in Cushing Sw of Tulsa. Rattlesnake mountain Rangers South of Tulsa in Checotah. You can shoot any weekend with a short drive anywhere. Many great towns around the Tulsa Area. Housing is really good, restaurants are abound. Hospitals, doctors and clinics , med centers are on every corner .Data entry positions ,and accounts payable should be plentiful. Cheaper cost of living and the lowest gas prices in the country. The weather is usually nice most of the year, Winters are short here. The biggest reason to come here is we want you here . A added plus is this is the Reddest state in the union. The Democrats haven't won a county in the presidential election for ever. Rev
  14. The company retired me at 60 after my last surgery. That was 3 years ago. I spent 41 years in the Electrical Line trade. USA ,Canada and the Caribbean. I have more titanium and plastic in me than most. 26 bones broke, 3 knee surgeries and then got total knee replacements (both knees the same day)2 heart attacks, 2 reconstruction surgeries the company said I needed to go home before I tore something else up. An old man told me that you would be more busy after retirement. Charlie is absolutely right I got a whole lot more done before they put me out to pasture. The first thing was learn to say NO when all your relatives and friends call to come and help them since your retired and have nothing to do. Yea Right. Kat( The Irish mafia) is retired also and she has only threatened to kill 2 times, She usually tells go to the Gun club or get in one of my 2 shops. Go ahead the water is fine. Rev
  15. I never worried about PaleWolfe. The good, sweet and lovable leave us early in life. PaleWolfe and I will live to be 100 Rev
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